Chapter 2: Evil appears. An encounter with the their enemies?

Silver's POV

It's been only two weeks since I first met team RWBY. But no matter how I look at it they seem to want to know more than they should.

"Come on tell us!" Yang and Ruby said in unison. I shook my head and continued to eat my lunch.

"Why not?" Ruby asked sadly.

"Why do you think?" I asked annoyed."This is literally the twentieth time you've asked me about it today and I've already told you I don't want to talk about it!" I shouted.

They've persisted on asking me about my past. Though I've been rubbing them off as annoying pests. Was being on a team really this annoying?

"Okay then we won't ask about it anymore. Just talk to us at least. Even Blake talks more than you do." Weiss said glaring at her teammates."Or at least take part with team activities."

"What 'activities'? All you guys do is talk about things I would find little to no interest in. Besides there hasn't been any team assignments recently so I can mind my own business 'till then." I said angrily, but not so much yelling to not draw attention to myself. I glared at the group in front of me as I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Girls bugging 'ya? You'll get used to them, I've had to." The one they all knew as 'Jaune' said in a harmless tone. I huffed and rolled my eyes.

"Be nice Jaune. Hi guys." Said the girl next to him, her name was Pyrrha.

"Hi Jaune, hi Pyrrha. So how've you guys been?" Yang greeted them.

I stood up in my seat and walked towards the buffet, that's right, it's a buffet. To grab myself another meatball sandwich, only to be stopped by Glynda.

"If you eat to many of those you're gonna throw up." I shrugged at her and grabbed a turkey sandwich instead."There you go." She said smiling. I walked back to my seat as Yang's face lit up with excitement.

I quickly turned around as Ruby and Weiss grabbed my hoodie and pulled me back to the table.

"Sit down." Weiss said pointing to the chair. I sighed and took my place at the table as they sat on either side of me as the evil glint in Yang's eyes only grew.

"So Silver, you doing anything later?" She asked, I had just taken a bite of my food and ended up choking slightly as I heard her.

"Why?" I said rubbing my throat.

"We're going out to dinner today and were wondering if you'd like to join us." She said smirking. My curiosity was lost but she continued."And you can bring any one person you want, wether it be someone like Cardin or Ozpin." She said regaining my attention.

I stared at her wondering what I should do. If I were to invite Glynda things would go south pretty fast. Either that or I could make an excuse. I didn't have anybody else to invite at the current moment or any idea of who else there was besides maybe the other teachers.

"I'll think on it." I said simply.

After that they didn't bother me at all. Nor did they even talk to me! Only time they did was when they asked about my opinions on the teachers when the discussion went to the classes we all took. Finishing my food I stood up in my from my seat and Weiss handed me a note. On it wrote "come to our dorm at exactly 7:30 later tonight if you're coming", which I smiled after reading it.

I walked into the empty classroom where I meet Glynda for training to find the blonde standing there waiting for me.

"I hear you're getting used to the girls." She said happily as I smirked.

"Well then, you're hearing things." I said putting my fists up."Oh afterwards I have something to talk to you about." I said charging.

"Whoa hold on Silver. What is it you need you need to tell me?" She asked side-stepping my attack.

I paused, not wanting to mention it to her. Now I regretted saying I wanted to talk about it.

"Uh... this is a bit out there and sudden, but... you wanna go out to dinner later?" I asked. Her face flushed the deepest red I've ever seen, even redder than when she's at her angriest.

"W-W-WHAT?!" She stuttered, panting from shock. I smiled and got down on one knee as a joke.

"Would you, Glynda Goodwitch, like to accompany me to dinner later tonight?" I asked Romeo style. She welled up from embarrassment and I fell over laughing.

"That's not funny!" She shouted trying not to laugh herself."Of course I would love to."

"Oh and by the way... it's kinda a team outing so-"

"WHAT?!" Her expression faded being replaced with anger."You're inviting me to dinner with them?!"

"Hey they said I could bring anyone I wanted so..." I paused for a second as she calmed herself."Look Glynda as much as I like you and all, which I still do, I doubt it'd stay a secret for very long anyways." I said. The only reason she was angry was because we originally wanted to keep it a secret.

Our reason being, I may not be a minor, such is contrary for most of team RWBY, but I was still much younger than her. So much so that she thought Ozpin and the other staff would be against it. As would everybody else.

"I know but... we'll say I'm your advisor!" She said in realization."After all you're not allowed off school grounds without a teacher right?"

I guess I almost forgot about that bit. So much has happened my memory just couldn't keep up.

"You have a good point... I'll only go if you go." I said shrugging lightly."Meet at their dorm at seven-thirty. But wear something casual." She nodded and she left the building.

I thought about the decision of actually agreeing on this little shenanigan the girls were more than likely doing. As much as I disliked them they were giving me a great opportunity to go somewhere, not necessarily to meet people but to enjoy myself.

I was also contemplating on what clothes I should wear to the dinner. I may have told Glynda casual but I already knew she had a dress waiting. How do I know this? When I got stuck in her apartment I decided to do some 'reconnaissance' around the place and found a dress hung up with a note that said "Till the hopeful first" which either meant she could predict the future or had been planning this for a while but either way I didn't care.

Back on subject, I didn't know whether casual or formal though I could try to do a horrible mixture of both I thought about what would happen if I showed up with a shirt and tie with five girls all at likely the same table or booth in hopefully an actual restaurant.

I let out a smooth sigh."What have I gotten myself into?" I asked no one in particular as an oddly deep and somehow omnipresent sounding voice answered me.

"This is your fate. You have two choices, one you can deal with whatever goes wrong thus making you an altogether better person and gaining the trust of the humans. Or you could just forget about the entire thing, and be a free man. You never cared about the other students anyways why would you now?"

"I see your still ready to corrupt me, Temp." I said referring to the nickname I gave to my VERY active evil temptation who responded with a laugh but turned into a raspy cough.

"Just give this old geezer something to heal himself?" The voice loomed over my body as my silver hair flew over my eyes as I felt an incredibly painful shot of burning pain in my chest as I got on my knees.

I muttered out in an airless gasping voice."Hell no you demon." I said and the pain silenced."The professors and teachers are looking for progress, though I may never be fully trusted I can at least gain the loss of their worries." I said shaking the little pain that was left over off.

"Impressive, not many can trump temptation with logic in that state of resistance. If you would've taken too long you'd have been gone though." I looked over to the classroom door to see Ozpin himself standing there with an almost smirk like ghost smile on his face.

"I can handle it for now-"

"However, you obviously are starting to have trouble with that now due to the attraction of the opposite gender. Don't worry I'm not banning you from any of them. I just want you to take it easy, where the demon out instead of going for it." He said as if he were preaching to me about the 'God' that supposedly existed in this world.

"With all respect meant, Sir, but how would you know what I'm going through right now?" He stepped forward and put a hand on my shoulder.

"My friend, if I may call you that, I have made many mistakes in my lifetime that I will never be able to take back. Do you know why I did those horrible things?" He asked, which turned a fake question because before I could answer he continued."Because I couldn't hold back the temptation, and I did it the same way you did." He paused then and looked at me with eyes of sympathy.

"You can call me anything you want. But again Sir I am not like you. I've been doing this for years and it hasn't gotten worse and I've learned the hard way not to let my guard down." I said as a look appeared on his face. One that was somehow indescribable from my perspective."After all I was caught and sent to you to be your problem right?"

"Well there's that. But remember this is a prestigious school and wether it be for security or legitimately you got in. And no student is going to leave here without proper training and education. Now get to class." I nodded and bounded off.

"Clever boy that one." The little demon said in the mans head."Are you going to tell this one stories too?"

"Shut up you monster, you've tortured my soul long enough." The little demon appeared behind Ozpin and he slammed his cane into the face of the creature sending it into nothingness.

"Damn it Ozpin the demon's right and we all know it. If the boy doesn't know soon enough he could ruin possibly the best relationship both him and Glynda will likely ever have." Oobleck said stepping forward.

"I know Barth, I just can't bring myself to tell him he's-"

"Now now he may still be nearby, the demon was also right about that, he's a crafty one he is." The green haired huntsman said chuckling.

"Damn, formal it is I guess." I said stepping in front of the mirror for the umpteenth time.

I've never felt myself so nervous in my life over something as simple as clothing... somethings getting to me I know it. I just don't know what it is.

This time a voice that didn't belong to greed spoke aloud."Personally I think formal may as well be hoped of the other girls."

"Yeah that's because we're the same person." I said quietly putting on a light grey dress shirt."Besides your my only wall if Temp ever gets close enough so stay on high alert." I said to my conscience.

I looked over to the clock and thought, 7:10... almost time to leave. I buttoned up the white trimmed tux over the light grey dress shirt and dusted my black dress pants. Sometimes I wonder why I even had a tuxedo tucked into my closet but now I'm glad I had one. My apartment was rather small meaning I had to have a limited wardrobe as well but I somehow managed to keep the odd colored tux.

Just then I heard a knocking at the door, much to my resent. I stood up from the bedside and walked towards the door and opened it to find cat girl standing there in front of me, all dolled up prettily. In other words it was Blake in a dress, I called her cat girl because that's what she reminded me of.

Ruby reminded me of a little sister that of course I never had, nor quite frankly thought I needed. Yang was sort of an older brother type figure oddly enough as being a girl and all, being the cocky, prankster, gangster older brother you'd find in most any teenage boy. Weiss was even weirder, from the depictions of other students she seems up tight and a bit prissy, but, whenever I'm around the group she seems none of the above. But that could just be because of her boyfriend named Neptune. I'll likely never understand that guy.

"Yeah what?" I asked her coldly as her once stoic and quiet look turned into one of a more timid and somehow shy nature. She never answered my question however as time seemed to have stopped and mere seconds felt like hours."Blake, do you need something?" I asked changing my tone slightly to stern.

She opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out and her face went beet red. I sighed and looked at the clock, 7:25, I had to hurry out or I wouldn't be able to meet up with Glynda. I turned around closing the door behind me locking it and I started down the hallway leaving a flustered and still Blake behind.

"Are you coming?" I asked, trying to hold back the smirk of amusement back to no avail. She nodded and we exited the building.

Just what in the world came over me?! I felt so stupid not knowing, and even stupider not being able to respond to anything he said.

I just kept shouting at myself, "Pathetic pathetic pathetic!" but no matter what I couldn't bring myself to speak. And the worst part is when we arrived early. The others had probably just changed and were on their way now. I myself had already dressed myself beforehand having finished all my classes.

I was wearing a black and purple formal dress with a shorter skirt that stopped just at the knees, and much to my chagrin and reluctancy I was also wearing a pair of black high-heels.

"Where's everyone else? At this rate my guest will be here before them." Silver said as if almost disappointed.

I wanted to respond but once again I somehow couldn't.

"Blake... I know this is kinda sudden. And that it may make things on the team awkward but I have to come out with it." He said pausing for a moment."Remember a few weeks ago when you... uh...-"

For the first time I answered."I know. But I don't exactly want to remember." I said to him and he looked at me gently.

"Yeah to sum up what I'm about to say... I have a girlfriend so I'd be happy if things just stayed friendly between us." My heart sank.

'He has a girlfriend?!'

He chuckled for a second before the rest of the girls walked up to the two of us. We had been waiting in the dorm lobby and the rest of my team and... Ms. Goodwitch walked into the building. I knew what the other girls were wearing but what SHE was wearing caught many eyes, and oh how I hated it.

She wore a dress similar to mine with the exception of the colors, hers were white and pink, another thing about hers that was different was where the dress showed skin. Mine was in a shorter skirt, hers was a REALLY low V neck revealing a lot of her larger cleavage.

The others except for Yang wore the same thing but with different style. Ruby's had black and red whilst having a tutu similarity and Weiss had hers with a white wool sweater. Yang was the only one wearing something different, a yellow short skirt that went half way up her thighs, and she wore the under shirt for the school uniform but unbuttoned and like Goodwitch, showed off quite a lot of cleavage.

"Ladies I'd like you to meet my guest, Glynda." He said gesturing to the woman, who in turn curtseyed. And I glared at her.

"Is something wrong Ms. Belladonna?" She asked and I shook my head. If she wanted to play that game then I'd be one to play as well. I grabbed hold of Silver's left arm and hugged it tightly, she fumed at my show of affection thus proving my tactics a success.

However my moments of triumph didn't last long as he shoved me off him.

"Blake I just talked to you about this. Please." He said pleadingly. Glynda walked up to him and grabbed his right arm shoving in between the cleavage.

The worst part about that was despite his face being beet red he didn't do anything about it.

"My turn!" Yang shouted as he quickly darted away leaving us girls alone in the building, minus Yang who chased after him.

I glared daggers over at Goodwench who did nothing but smirk. Ruby and Weiss backed away slowly worried of what might happen.

"I didn't expect to see you here Ms. Goodwitch?" Weiss said curiously.

"Well you girls haven't been filled in with the rules of the deal we made to keep him alive. So just to enlighten you." She paused for a moment then continued."Silver's only allowed here because the military has no other way of keeping an eye on him, and he may only leave academy grounds with a teacher or staff member. And to top it off he may very well be in danger." She said worriedly.

"Danger?" Ruby asked dumbly.

"There's someone after him, or more accurately, his abilities. He can absorb Dust and has Grimm blood. He's got more power than even he thinks."

"With the power to trump Man kinds only weapon against the Grimm and him being part Grimm...-" Weiss mumbled.

"Wow." Ruby gasped quietly.

She left the building starting after Silver and Yang.

"That's really amazing, but it's also scary at the same time."

"Who do you think is after him?" Weiss asked me and I came to a realization."You don't think-"

"Yeah I do. But if we're right about this, there's no where for him to be safe." I said thinking to myself about the possible outcome.

"If the White Fang ARE after him we gotta do somethi-" Ruby spoke but was stopped by Weiss who whispered in her ear."Right..."

Just then Silver walked in.

"Are you guys coming or not?" We all nodded and left the building.

This was fantastic, perfectly and utterly fantastic.

After we arrived at the restaurant everybody went quiet. Making an awkward situation. I thought they were gonna ask me questions again which probably would've been the case. Even Yang was shut up.

"I'd like to know why you guys dragged me out here." I said coldly. Then I received an answer from Weiss who seemed to be the only one that would've answered.

"Because we wanted to ask you some questions, just as an example what was your past like other than being saved by the Dragon Grimm?" She asked and I thought for a moment.

"Well besides that I lived in a village outside these supposed Safe-Havens. We lived fine for a long while. Even so long my parents said they grew up in the same place I was born." I paused for a small second to look at the girls, their attention seemed to have been driven onto me I continued."Things were often tranquil for the most part. But sometimes we'd get paid visits from the dragons, the visits were only for hours but those hours felt like days when I played with them."

"The best part about it being the dragon that saved me, her name was-"

"Her?" Glynda asked me oddly, a bit of jealousy in her tone. Interrupting my sentence.

"I say her because there really isn't an appropriate way to tell a dragons gender besides their name. Plus do you think I ever cared? I was only five or so back then." I said chuckling."Anyways yeah the dragon that saved me, her name was Azuré. And every time the dragons came to visit she would always play with me. Like an older sister almost."

"When I was about ten years old she came to visit for an entire day. I was so happy. But that's when everything went bad..." I stopped, my memories of my parents flooded in and I felt like I was about to cry. But I didn't want to cry in front of them so I dismissed them."Any other questions?"

"Why don't you like hanging out with us?" Ruby asked. That question must've been lingering on for quite a while cause the girls all nodded.

"I can't give you a straight answer to that but as you may or may not know I've been having trust issues lately when it comes to you guys." I said looking over them."After all aren't you still hiding things from me?" I asked and they all turned away at once.

"Okay fine, a secret for a secret." Ruby said trying to stare me down."We tell you our secrets and you tell us yours." She said smugly.

"Great idea Sis!" Yang said in a cheery tone.

I could feel the mood immediately improving as Blake and Weiss both smiled happily.

"You guys first." I said worriedly.

"Okay. Yang wanted to be a guy when she was little." Ruby said jokingly as the yellow haired she-demon's face turned beet red as she screamed at her sister.

"That's not a secret Ruby." Oh how I wanted to fall to the floor in laughter. Though annoying sometimes she can be the most hilarious out of the group."Fine I'll go first. What did you have in mind?"

"Who's your girlfriend?" Blake asked raising a suspicious eye brow.

"Well there's one I was expecting, and to answer she's sitting to my left." I said gesturing to Glynda, who let out a slight yip and a deep blush. As did Blake and Yang."Yup now you know my secret, I'm into older women." I said grinning. I wanted to laugh but this time I couldn't hold it back and went out full.

"A-a-are y-you serious?!" Weiss asked in shock and I nodded.

"Wasn't expecting an answer were you? I decided to make it known since you guys would've found out somehow anyways." I said with a sigh, putting an arm around Glynda and pulling her in to kiss her. But as I got closer I whispered in her ear."Play along please, I have a plan." I said kissing her cheek.

"And Ozpin's allowing it?!" Yang asked and Glynda nodded as I moved back to my seat.

"That's adorable! I feel so happy for you two!" Weiss said smiling gleefully. Earning a glare from Yang and Blake who sported looks of jealousy and anger.

"Now it's your guys' turn. Why does Blake wear a bow like that?" I asked and everything went quiet. Glynda looked at me and shrugged as I asked again."Hello? I answered your question now you answer mine, a secret for a secret." Ruby, who was sitting to my right, whispered in my ear the answer I never expected to hear.

"Because she's a... faunus."

I paused for a second to think to myself whether I should make a joke out of it or just laugh. Though I surprised myself when neither happened.

"And that's a problem because?" I asked and looked to the cat-girl."Why would she be ashamed of that? I mean it's one thing to be picked on for it but another when you know it's bad which in my case is exactly that."

"You don't understand, I want to hide because there're things I've done I don't want anybody to know about-"

"Like a few weeks ago when you tried to pin me on the bed? Yeah trust me Blake you're not the only one." I interrupted her. She put on a look of shame."Don't even start. Next question." I said changing the subject to keep things from going gloomy. As much as I wanted to hate them, seeing them sad wouldn't be too good since it's a negative emotion.

And god knows what'll happen then.

"Okay... what do you think of us?" Yang asked helping with the subject change.

"Well that depends. I have different views for each of you. For instance Ruby's like the little sister I never thought to want. You're a pest, Weiss I haven't really gotten to know all that well, and Blake's the girl that nearly raped me."

"A bit too specific don't you think?" Yang asked and I shook my head."Okay then."

"My turn again, but this will probably be the last time. You guys are always gone after school, what are you doing?"

"That is one question we can't answer-" Weiss began but was interrupted.

"But one that I can answer." Glynda said glaring at the girls."They've been trying to go against these bastards called the White Fang recently and have been obsessed with them."

"We're not obsessed!" Ruby said pouting slightly, admittedly her face was kinda cute like that... Never mind.

"Really? Even by going out EVERY day to find out information about them?"

"Well if you say it like that..." Yang said shrugging.

I wasn't sure whether I was seeing things or not because her entire body started flowing intensely as if she was some kind of illusion. Just then a small pain started to build up in my neck until it was to painful to bear and I fell out of my seat and I lost all feeling in my body.

"SILVER!" I heard multiple voices, then gunshots, then explosions, then the screams and I could feel the panic and fear. I looked up as best I could to see a man standing over me. He wore a white trench coat, had bright orange hair and wore a bowler hat.

"Why hello there, we're gonna have tons of fun aren't we?" He asked me as I looked past him.

Glynda was being pinned to a wall by her throat by a giant man in some kinda of robotic exosuit. Weiss was holding her sword against another giant man in the same kinda robotic exo-suit, he had a giant chainsaw and was trying to cut to her. Behind her was a fainted Ruby being held by Yang, Blake was charging the man standing over me but was blasted with a giant ball of fire.

"Good work. Now get him out of here." I heard a woman's voice. My body was lifted off the ground as I slowly felt the feeling in my body come back. As I was carried away I was able to see the back of the woman, she was wearing a crimson and yellow dress.

I tried to move but I still had yet to regain my full strength. The building shrunk in the distance as the man tossed me onto an aircraft and smirked at me hopping in himself. Then he held something in his hand, a vial, and jabbed it into my shoulder chuckling evilly as I blacked out.

I couldn't see anything, but I heard voices. But only barely.

"And... we... because... orders..." The voice was slightly muffled and a sharp pain drove through my head as I tried to scream, all my body did how ever was flinch.

Just then I felt a hand on my head and suddenly the pain was gone and I could hear properly.

"Now just open your eyes, careful now." The voice sounded like it belonged to an angel, but of course not the good kind. More like a seductive, dark, and evil angel. However I obeyed and opened my eyes very slowly and looked up to see the same woman I saw before. I sat up slowly glaring at her."Well now you're awake at least."

"It might not be safe to be that close to him Ci-" The man with orange hair and the bowler hat began but was interrupted by a glare from his companion. I looked at how close she was and thought of something.

"He's practically harmless after those shots, normal people fall close to dead with one of those shots. We hit him with eight." She said in a cocky tone.

"Well you're right about that." He admitted twirling his cane.

"Now that you're awake it's time to maybe answer some questions, if you have any that is." The woman said smiling at me.

I didn't want to speak. My hand darted upwards clenching her neck in my hand as the man raised a gun to my head. But before he had the chance to pull the trigger I pulled her in front of me. She laughed slightly as I grabbed her hands and pinned them against her back.

"Is that any way to act? You're our guest after all." I squeezed her arms interrupting her and she gasped.

"I don't think you're in any position to make demands lady. You guys kidnapped me and this is just me returning the favor." I said angrily glaring daggers towards the man ahead who held the gun.

"Go ahead, kill me. But if you do this entire building will be after you. Unless you can kill us both fast enough. OR you can let me go and we can talk this thr- AH!" She gasped again as I squeezed her arms again once again interrupting her mid-sentence.

"Kill them. You know you can do it anytime you want! You're just as dangerous as any army these two could easily have!" I heard the demonic and evil voice of Temptation in my head.

"No! Let it slide and talk it over, wait for an opening! If you bide your time we can get out of this alive and with as little trouble as possible!" The voice of my conscience rang.

"Well?" She asked, the man was shaking of fear as he aimed the pistol. I let go of the girl as she stepped away from me."There you go. Now then at least you have a brain." She mocked as I shrugged.

"I needed a bit of time to look around. How was I supposed to know you wouldn't have shot me with those tickle darts." I retorted making her glare."So what do you guys here at the White Fang headquarters have in store for me?" I asked and they both went wide-eyed.

"How did you-"

"Ears bro, like I said I needed time to look around. I used the voices of the faunus posted around this little camp and listened to their conversations. It's incredible how stupid your soldiers are." I put my hands in my pockets, only to realize I had none.

Instead of my clothes or my tux all I was wearing was a pair of white skinny jeans. I had no shirt on revealing the tattoo that was on my chest. I smirked at the two of them once I realized this too.

"Okay then... I actually had a request for you. Well SHE does anyway." The orange haired man said gesturing to the woman with his cane, he still held onto the gun tightly.

"And what might that be? Just wanted to know before I trash this place." My smirk only grew as the woman laughed.

"Alright tough guy. You know those two voices in your head?" She asked as my confidence vanished."The voice known as Temptation is talking right now right? Do what it says."

"Sorry ma'am but I can't do that. Now where's the exit?" I asked grabbing my necklace. I put the chain around my neck and turned back to them."Or would you rather have me trash this place?" The woman glared at me as if ready to stab me with something as the orange hair aimed towards me and pulled the trigger.

The sound of a gunshot rang through the camp as an alarm was sounded and I felt a slight impact on my shoulder. I looked to where I was hit to see the bullet smashed against my chest, stuck due to the random sweat of the oddly heating room. I looked back up and put a nice cheesy, creepy, insane looking, grin on my face as he dropped the gun and ran out of the tent as the temperature in there rose intensely.

"I have to say I agree to disagree with both." She said, her amber eyes glared at me. The amber color turned to more of a yellow and small flames flowed out of her eyes like some type of eyeshadow or something.

"Fire huh? So you're one of those people who- excuse me but I'm not done talking." She swung at me her hands alit with yellow and red hued flames. However I caught the punch before it could do anything."You can use Dust but like this you're ultimately helpless." I said uppercutting her stomach making her cough and spit up blood.

She fell over curling herself up as the tent was lifted. The camp was rather large. Giant robots and guys with both firearms and swords stood around me. A good fifty of each and four robots.

I pounded my fists together, using my flames this time. My entire body emanated a light blue coloring around me as my hands alit with large blue flames.

"Who's first?" I asked as two robots and half the men and women ran at me. I held out my left hand in front of me, balled it into a fist and hammered it into the ground. A small explosion surrounded me as I was launched into the air. I put my right hand downwards towards the first two robots and the last of the remaining half.

I opened my fist and released a large blast of blue fire towards the ground destroying the robot and eliminating the other half of White Fang standing too close. The rest retreated, as did the orange haired man. The other two robots stood between me and them.

"COME ON SILVER! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO! KILL THEM, KILL THEM ALL!" Temptation said to me in my mind, the sound and demand was overwhelming. But in listening to it would make things too easy for that lady, and I didn't want to do that.

"Silver don't do it!" ( This: underlined means the figure is small and/or more silent or distant).

I glared up at the two remaining robots as they pointed their large cannons towards me. I darted forwards the robots as they fired their weapons. I blasted one and jumped up to the other and drop kicked it to the ground.

I jumped backwards as the two robots stood back up. One of them charged and lifted it's foot making a resemblance to a drop kick. I put my arms up to block as the robots foot collided with my arms. I pushed forward tripping it and pulled a fist back and alit it with blue flames and punching forward at the bot.

It exploded and the other robot ran forward and pointed the gun at my face at point blank range. I side-stepped avoiding the shot and alit my foot with blue flames and kicked upwards sending it backwards destroying it.

I then fell to my knees from exhaustion as I looked around the camp, the place was burning and there were still Faunus retreating after seeing the two large robots being destroyed. I rested for a moment and looked towards the city of Vale and grinned.

"That felt great. Maybe next time though I shouldn't overdo it so much." I said standing up. Off in the distance I heard the howls and screeches of Grimm closing in on the area as the screams of Faunus become overwhelming. I looked around and saw the White Fang members getting torn to pieces by the Grimm that had arrived.

A giant Beowolf suddenly appeared in front of me. It didn't move at all it just... stared. As if curious about wether to kill me or not. I glared at it and lit my fists with the same blue flames as Faunus ran past and hid behind me.

"What the hell's wrong with you?!"

"You're a huntsman right? HELP US!" One shouted and I rolled my eyes and punched the wolf in the stomach as the sound of crushed bones rang out. The Beowolf was launched away and into a tree as the rest of it's pack stared at me for a second.

"You all want some too?!" I asked as they backed away slowly. I looked around at the eyes of my opponents to see... fear, the one emotion that fed these monsters was being shown in their own eyes at the sight of me.

The largest one howled as they ran off. I then turned to the members of the White Fang who also were sporting the most frightened looks on their faces. I approached them as they didn't dare to move.

"Not to be inconvenient but, I'm out." I said leaving them.

When I arrived on Academy grounds I headed towards the dorm building. It was rather late so I'd suspected Glynda to have gone home already. I knocked on team RWBY's door and waited for an answer.

Surprisingly enough Ruby was the one to answer the door."Hi Silver." She said quietly rubbing her eyes. Then she gasped and I put my hand over her mouth. She muffled."SILVER?!" But thanks to my hand it came out as a loud mumble.

"SHH!" I hushed her and she nodded. And in a yelling whisper she exclaimed.

"How'd you get back?" She asked and I sighed and pointed to the inner part of the dorm room."Oh! Hurry in then!" She said as I walked in.

I looked around, the room was empty except for Ruby herself and the lights were off signaling the girl had just woken up.

"Well?!" She asked and I sat down and shot her a slight glare."Sorry." She said in a speedy voice.

"I had a little fight with these guys called the White Fang. And from what I suspect it's those people Glynda was talking about when I asked you about them." Ruby rubbed the back of her head and laughed nervously."Ruby, if you want me to trust you guys you're gonna have to tell me about these things. Besides, I think I may have made an enemy out of them myself." Ruby stopped and looked down ashamed.

"We were worried about what would happen if you got involved." She said sadly and I smiled lightly.

"Well it's a bit late for that now. Where're the others?" I asked and she shrugged.

"Yang's probably out stress eating, Weiss is probably out still searching for you and Blake's in the hospital for her burn wounds." She said.

"I didn't know things would end up so badly, I expected as much from Glynda but not really from you guys."

"Of course!" She said as if surprised."You're a member of our team! And the first person to catch my older sisters... 'interest'." She said slyly. I sighed and flopped myself onto the bed I was sitting on. Ruby sat down next to me and laid down.


"You're in MY bed, I don't see a problem here." I rolled over giving her room as I sat up to switch beds. But when I did she grabbed my wrist. I cringed and laid back down as she giggled hugging me.

"This must be what it's like having a younger sister... IT SUUUUCKS!" Temp said in my head.

"Oh quit complaining, you'd normally tempt him into doing something like raping the poor girl. But it's kinda nice don't you think Silver?" My conscience asked and I self-consciously nodded.

'Yeah... I guess so.' I grinned to myself as I heard a slight moan from the small girl. I turned towards her to see a sad look on her face.'Wow she's out already!' She squeezed tighter and blushed feeling my bare chest on her face. I swore some sort of blush as well but considering I had been in the situation before not as much. I sighed and let myself drift off quietly.

I was woken up by the unpleasant sound of the dorm room door opening and Yang yawning out a sentence.

"Sis we're back. But we couldn't find hi-OH MY GOD!" She shouted as Blake and Weiss walked in behind her. Blake glared at the scene before her as I pulled the covers over my head covering the light.

"Aw how cute!" Weiss exclaimed giddily."If of course he hadn't told us himself he had a girlfriend." She added slyly.

"You think this is cute?" Blake asked her slightly angrily.

I sat up throwing the covers over the red-head I had slept with. Causing her to wake up. They all gasped at the sight of me without a shirt on.

"Oh give it a rest it isn't the first time you've seen me without a shirt." I said annoyed at the oddly hormonal glares protruding from their eyes.

"But... your wounds!" They said pointing to the bruises and scratches I had on me.

"Nothing I can't handle." I said as Ruby ran to dress herself leaving me alone with the last three girls.

There was an awkward silence between the four of us. I looked around at them but whenever I made eye-contact they turned away. Except for Yang, she returned my gaze with a glare of hatred and anger.

"You realize my sisters a lot younger than you right?" I nodded."And that she's a minor?!"

"Romeo and Juliet law." I joked causing the golden blonde to fume up at my response. I let out a slight chuckle as Ruby walked back in. But she also had an extra pair of clothes with her.

"Here you go!" She said handing them to me. There was a pair of black skinny jeans and a white button up shirt along with a light grey T shirt. I walked out to change into the clothes.

And a few moments later I walked back out in my new clothing and of course my silver chain necklace. I gave a confident grin towards the ladies in the room as half them blushed. Ruby smiled and Weiss gave me a thumbs up.

"Now we head to class, thanks for the clothes Ruby." I said walking out the door.

"Stupid girls, at this rate I'll never lose my virginity to an older woman." I stopped choking on my breath as Temp said in my brain.

"Do you mind?! This poor boy may be of age but he doesn't want that! Right? Silver?" Conscience asked me and I self consciously nodded and resumed my walking.

"Sometimes I think my demons have their own minds." I whispered to myself sighing."Sorry girls I'll see you later. I should probably go see Glynda-"

"Yeah she's probably worried sick about you." Yang interrupted me sarcastically.

"Actually yes that's why I'm going to see her real quick. You don't have to be rude." I glared at the blonde who let out a huff and turned away."Or are you just jealous?" She squeaked lightly and her face went so red it seemed to be a maroon color.

"H-h-how c-could y-you Ruby!" She cried as her sister grinned happily.

I approached the BTS(Battle Training Stage) building and opened the door. Ruby and the others waited outside and I closed the door behind me.

"Glynda?" I asked as the last students left the building after their class. She jumped me and kissed me.

The kiss lasted for quite a while as we both pulled away for air. I stared into her eyes and hugged her. She sobbed on my shoulder as I smiled.

"Missed me that much huh?" I asked and she nodded, tears came full force and the sobbed turned into actual crying."It's alright. Grown women shouldn't cry this much unless their watching some sappy romance movie." I joked and she backed away and nodded blushing lightly.

"Are you sure you're okay? I mean you were kidnapped and stuff and-OH MY GOD!" She looked at me clearly and gasped.

"It doesn't hurt Glynda I'm fine." She played with my face as I said that. Her face was worried sick as her eyes widened when she saw the wounds. She let go of my face and sighed as calmly as possible.

"Okay then, I'll tell Ozpin you made it back alive. Now get to your classes." She said nervously as I nodded and exited the building and walked to the main building to my next class.

There waiting for me was the happy go-lucky team of young huntresses. I smiled as they waved towards me.

'I guess they're growing on me a bit.' I thought to myself as I walked in the building.

"NO NO NO! THEY ARE NOT GROWING ON YOU!" Temptation yelled angrily in my head.

"And so what if they are? Silver doesn't seem to mind." Conscience stated happily. True, I didn't mind at all, it was a chance to change myself from the demon that I don't want to be.

End of chapter