Dark sibling love

Jake and Haley

Welcome folks, and let me present a spin-off of my other story, Mother's Dark Love. This one is slightly different as it focuses on sisters drinking a potion that gives them a more yandere-like personality. So I hope you like it, and if you have any suggestions, go right ahead and let me know who you want to see. I also might do cousins as well. And yes, I'm putting the prologue in the first chapter.


(Alternate world)

"Finally! After years of research, I've done it!" yelled a figure in dark robes.

"Georgie! What are you yelling about?!" called a grown woman's voice upstairs.

"Mom! I'm trying to have a moment!" yelled George up to his mom.

"Well wait until after supper! We're having fish sticks!" yelled his mom.

"Oh yeah!" George ran upstairs to get some supper, and had forgotten to put his new potion away, which happened to be right next to his portal generator. The vibrations from him slamming the door caused it to not only fall down and roll into the opened portal, but that single potion had split into numerous copies and ended up in different realms.

Things just got interesting.

American Dragon Jake Long

Note: This takes place in the first season before they redesigned everyone.


In a small room that looked like it was splashed with pink paint is where we find a small young girl with black hair in the shape of two pigtails that looked to be of Asian descent.

This girl was Haley Long, little sister of Jake Long, American Dragon. She was currently organizing most of her plush animals.

"There, all done." smiled Haley admiring her work. Since she did such a hard job, it was time for a drink. She turned around to head to the kitchen, but stopped when she noticed a small vial on her table with a pink drink inside.

"Hmm, what's this?" wondered Haley holding up the vial. She took the cork off and was surprise that it smelt sweet. She licked her lips before downing the entire vial and wiped her mouth clean.

"Yum." Haley threw the vial away and headed out of her room. That drink hit the spot. On her way to the kitchen to grab something to eat, she noticed Jake taking a nap on the couch. His skateboard gear showed he must have been doing some tricks. Normally she would ignore him like this, but she found herself walking over to him and smiling.

'Awww~! He's so cute sleeping like that.' thought Haley who rubbed the top of his hair softly with a smile. This was completely out of character for her, but she didn't care. Right now all that mattered was being close to him.

Haley saw Jake turn in his sleep and left his arms opened, which Haley took as an invitation and carefully joined him on the couch while holding onto him.

Jake noticed the sudden weight on his chest and slowly opened his eyes and noticed the familiar raven locks of his younger sister.

"Haley? What are you doing?" asked Jake to his sister.

"Cuddling~!" replied Haley holding Jake tighter.

"Um, well can you let go?" asked Jake.

"But I don't wanna~!" replied Haley not wanting to let go of her cute brother.

"Seriously?" Jake asked himself as he went to his dragon form and pried her off...only for her to transform as well and latch onto him! "Really?!"

"You're so funny~!" sang Haley latched onto Jake's body with her long body like a snake.

Jake began to struggle and ended up with them falling down stairs and made their way to the kitchen.

"Get off me, Haley!" grunted Jake trying to get his sister off him.

"Nope! I don't wanna~!" She sang again.

Jake struggled even more, but then got an idea. He reverted back to his human form and had even room now to get out of Haley's grasp and bolted upstairs to his room and locked the door.

"Jake, please open the door~" Haley asked still in her dragon form.

"Not happening Haley! Not until you chill out!" called Jake from the other side of the door.

And so Jake didn't hear anything, making him think that Haley left, and so he didn't notice his window open and a certain female dragon coming in.

"Hello~!" came Haley's voice. Jake turned and began to run from his sister who chased him around his room.

"H-how'd you get in here?!" Jake asked as he transformed to dragon form.

"You left the window open." She answered before catching him.

"Haley, I'm serious, let go." Jake tried hard to get out, but found he was too tired to break free from all the running.

"Don't worry~! I know just what you need!" grinned Haley.

"And that is?" Jake asked annoyed, but he didn't expect his sister to kiss him!


Jake tried to push Haley away, but her snake-like body kept him in place. He soon felt his mouth begin to open from Haley's tongue as it pushed inside and began to taste the inside of his mouth.

"You're tasty, big bro~!" Smiled the younger dragon.

"Haley, I'm serious." warned Jake.

Haley just kissed him again while her tail went down and began to tease the sheath where his cock was.

Jake began to moan, never expecting his sister to be THAT good as she soon went to see his full erect cook.

"Wow Jake~! You look good enough to eat~!" cooed Haley making sure her head was positioned close to his cock and began to eagerly lick around it and suck on the tip.

"Haley...d...stop..." The red dragon gasped as his sister continued instead.

"Why? Doesn't it feel good? Besides, I bet Rose has never done this for you before." smiled Haley increasing her sucking, trying to engulf as much of his cock as she could.

Eventually after a few minutes Jake wasn't able to hold it anymore and came in his sister's mouth.

"Hmm~! Yummy~!" cooed Haley making sure all of it was swallowed. While she had sucked on Jake's cock, she failed to notice her body loosening up and caused Jake to stand up. "Huh?"

"So you like to take your brother like that, huh?" normally Jake wouldn't think about doing what he was about to do, but Haley's sucking made him horny, and he was gonna get laid!

"Yes, why?" Suddenly Haley found herself being lifted by her brother and his cock was near her insides.

"I'm gonna show you why I was called the american dragon." grinned Jake as he began to gently push himself inside Haley as he didn't want to hurt her. But he stopped when he felt her hymen and was hesitant.

"Please big bro, just do it..." The smaller dragon reassured before Jake went all the way in.

Haley felt extreme pain from her hymen being torn by Jake, but managed to deal with it by kissing Jake who held her there and waited til she was ready.

"Go ahead, Jake." begged Haley.

Jake nodded and began to slowly pull back and out of his younger sister and felt like his groin was on fire.

'She's so tight!' thought Jake blown away from the tight pussy he was screwing, even if it was his sisters.

Haley meanwhile was feeling like if she had died and went to heaven as her brother kept fucking her.

"Ahh~! Keep going Jake!" begged Haley feeling nothing but mind blowing pleasure as her tight inner walls held onto her brother's large member. "How is it? Have you ever done this with Rose?" asked Haley.

"No...I haven't..." Jake grunted.

Haley was relieved to hear that and reached up towards Jake's face. Jake lowered his face and they both kissed while tasting each other with their tongues.

"Haley...I'm gonna...cum.." grunted Jake thrusting faster.

"I-inside, do it inside!" Haley said.

"B-but then won't you get preg-"

"No, I'm still young so that won't happen for at least another decade!"

Jake couldn't stop if he wanted to and pushed as far as he could into Haley and began to pump his seed in her until it began to easily overflow her pussy.

Haley almost fainted right there from the cum flooding her insides.

Jake felt drained from his first real orgasm and picked Haley up and plopped them both on the bed after they returned to normal. After pulling the blanket over them, they went to sleep right as Haley put her arms around him. It was also the exact moment Susan opened the door and saw the cute sight.

"Aww. I'll just let them sleep." whispered Susan turning the lights off and closing the door. It was so nice seeing her kids get along that she didn't even notice the smell of sex in the room.


"Yeah, Rose? It's Jake. Sorry, but I've some plans for tonight. Maybe next time. Bye." Jake hung up his phone and sighed.

"What's wrong? She take it hard?" asked Haley.

"Nah, but she is getting persistent." replied Jake smiling down at his sister who was currently sucking him off.

"Well who needs her when you have a cute sister like me~!" Haley took half of Jake's cock in and began to rub her pussy.

'Damn, she's pretty good.' thought Jake who would normally be disgusted by his relationship with his sister, but decided to look on the benefits. Now whenever he needed to get laid, his sister was right next door.

Haley herself was just glad to be taking Jake's cock while thinking to herself. 'That girl couldn't love him as much as me. I'm his cute sister. And he's mine, MINE!'


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