Dark sibling love

Spike and Twilight

My Little Pony

Author's note: Yes, I know there's already a chapter with these two, but that was way before it was finally established in the show they were siblings, where as other people thought it was more like a mom and son relationship.


We find ourselves in Equestria, with another beautiful day ahead of ourselves as per usual, under the peaceful reign of Princess Twilight Sparkle.

The young fillies, colts and other creatures gave a chuckle as a bird pooped on the petrified statues of Tirek, Chrysalis and Cozy Glow. Some of them even took pictures or made faces besides them.

That's when they noticed Spike walking by.

"Hey there Spike! Been a week since you left!" Said Minuette.

"Yep, can't talk right now, I just wanna get home to my nice warm bed."

It was a few months since the coronation so Spike hasn't grown that much.

Spike stretched and smiled envisioning his bed, and was passing by Applejack pulling a cart of apples. "Hey Applejack."

"Howdy Spike, just gettin' all these barrels of cider to the castle."

"The castle? Did Twilight order all those?"

"Yup, and this is the hard stuff."

"Twi's that stressed?"

"After bein' crowned the official princess like that, wouldn't ya'll be stressed?"

"...does being seen as a hero for the Crystal Empire?"

"She's not gettin' pampered all the time for it."

"Oh, right." Spike scratched his head.

"You know, while ah load these into the kitchen, ya'll can just grab one whole barrel and roll it to her room."

"Sure thing." Spike took a barrel and rolled it into the castle.


Twilight was busy listening to some nerd.

"But please!"

"No! No Mane 6 hug pillows or sex dolls!"

"But Princess Twilight, I REALLY feel ponies would get some...friendly use out of them. You know, to help keep them company if they're by themselves."

"Then look for a cheap bootleg!" she yelled with narrowed eyes. "Now leave or I'll have you removed by the guards."

"Mint markets!" The nerd cursed before he ran off.

" And that will not catch on!" she yelled before sitting back against her throne with a groan. "Sweet Celestia, my head is pounding."

"Life is hard, but at least we can drink our troubles away." Said Spike, bringing the cider in.

"Hi Spike, is that the cider I asked Applejack to get?"

"Yep, she should be loading the rest into the kitchen." Said Spike before placing the barrel down.

Twilight opened the barrel and brought out 2 mugs. "Well I could go for a little break, care to join me?"

"Of course, I'm pooped after my latest trip."

'Which wasn't as stressful as dealing with horny pervs.'

Both took a mug, then dipped it into the barrel, but unaware to them both was the faint pink glow the cider gave off.

"Cheers." They toasted their mugs and then drank. Both humming at the extra fruity taste it had.

"That's so good." Twilight commented.

"Well AJ did tell me this was the hard stuff." sighed Spike with a burp. "Woah, extra hard." Spike licked his lips while Twilight felt something.

"Wow, I hope I'm not already drunk."

"You better not, I wanted to spend today talking about Grundles and Bushwoolies."

"How'd that diplomatic mission go?" Asked Twilight, getting some more cider.

"You want the good news or bad news?"

"Let's hear the good news first." Then Twilight took some loud gulps.

"The Grundles suggested they play a game of kickball to celebrate the newfound peace."

"Bad news?"

"The Bush Woolies were offended due to their ball shape."

"Please tell me they didn't declare war."

"They did, but..."


"I convinced them to stop fighting and find compromise."

"What kind of compromise?"

"They both really liked each other's girls."

"Wait...they didn't start an orgy, right?"

"They did. Right there in the bloody battle field."

"Oh good gods." Said Twilight as her eyes glowed pink.

"They at least became friends, the hard part was trying to escape the field of white land mines if you know what I mean." spoke Spike rubbing his head, his own eyes glowing pink while feeling an ache in his head.

"At least you got home safe and sound."

"Yeah, but I feel like taking a hot shower, that diplomatic mission made me feel really uncomfortable."

"Go ahead, I'll try not to drink all this cider on my own." she joked.

Then Spike got up and left and as he did, Twilight stared at his ass, licking her lips.

'Wait, what the fuck? I shouldn't be thinking that, he's my brother!' she shook her head and looked at the mug. 'Maybe I really am drinking too much. I should make sure I don't get hooked like Rainbow Dash.'

Then a nerdy looking Unicorn and Gorilla entered the throne room.

"Princess Twilight, do I have an offer you won't ref-"

"I will not approve of Canterlot's first ever porn studio, if you want that, go to Las Pegasus."


"Now scram!"

"No! I have a gorilla that will force you to-" Then the nerd and bear got blasted by an extra large laser!

'Magic beats gorilla.'

The 2 then walked away, covered in soot. Twilight then sighed as someone else came in.

"Princess Twilight?" Said a unicorn with glasses and mane in a big bun.

"Yes Raven?"

"Break time."

"Oh thank gods!" Then Twilight teleported out of there, leaving behind a sign that said "Back in 40 minutes". She appeared in her room and let out a heavy sigh before plopping on her bed. 'So many horny guys and so many idiots thinking I can just approve tearing down an orphanage.' she rubbed her head. 'Did Celestia and Luna deal with all this? Wait, does Cadance have to deal with it too? I should send them thank you letters for all their hard work.'

Meanwhile with Spike, who was in the shower...he was singing a song.

"I wanna fuck Rarity, I wanna fuck Gabby, I wanna fuck Smolder." He sang but then his eyes glowed pink. "I wanna fuck Twilight, I-" he stopped himself and shook his head. "Woah woah woah, where the Tartarus did that come from?" He said to himself, now making the hot shower even hotter to wash his dirty mind. 'That's messed up! She's your sister Spike.'

After getting out of the shower, he decided to just lay down in his room and start writing a letter to Gabby about his latest adventure.

"I gotta try and get my mind on something else."

That's when he noticed instead of a letter to Gabby, he wrote a poem about Twilight's mane.

"What the?" Spike ripped up the letter and threw it in the trash. "That was stupid." He said. "Twilight's mane is too beautiful to put into words...what happened to me?" He shook his head while Twilight herself was getting under her sheets to take a nap.

She closed her eyes and then started dreaming...of Spike. She grumbled in her sleep, but said dream showed the two on a romantic candle lit dinner date.

"This is delicious...what is this?" Twilight asked.

"I believe they called it bacon..." said Spike.

"Mmm, I wouldn't mind having more."

"This wine is pretty good, hopefully I don't get red wine drunk, that's the worst kind of drunk." Said Spike before they turned to look at some drunk idiot fighting a waiter.

"I toldsh ya, I wanna talk to yours manager."

"You are in no condition sir, you'll have to leave now."

"So Spike, I've been thinking...maybe we should share a room again."

"Oh ho ho, you wanna share a bed too?" he teased making her blush. "Is it because you still think I'm little, or is there another reason?"

"I want that dragon dick!" she screamed before tackling him to the ground.

Then she woke up! "Ugh, what is wrong with me!?" she cried with wide eyes. "Why would I have a dream like THAT?!"

That's when a guard knocked on the door. "Princess, are you okay!? We heard you screaming!"

"I'm fine...just a weird dream." Then Twilight looked to her clock. '20 minutes left...I guess I can see how Spike is...no, he's the problem, best thing to do is to avoid him today...but how can I? He's so cute and cuddly.`

She shook her head and pulled the sheet over her. 'I'll have to force myself and forget about the dream!'

Meanwhile in Spike's room, he was looking through a bunch of dirty magazines.

'Dammit, no matter how much I try, I'm having trouble thinking of any mare's ass but Twilights'.' he thought while catching a few looks and pin ups of Fleur De Lis, who could do a lot of hot stuff and even boring stuff, but be smokin' hot still. 'Dammit...okay let's try...the gangbang doujin.' Spike thought, pulling out an unauthorized doujinshi starring Little Strongheart. 'This one's a classic, it'll do the trick.'

"So little lady, ready for an Applelousan welcome?" Asked Braeburn.

"You know I am."

"Good. Alright boys, whomever gets their hooves on her, hold on tight! Yeeeeeehaw!"

"This gonna be one heck of a hootenanny."

"No, this here's a hoedown."



Then the stallions started hitting each other before the sheriff broke them up.

"Stop it you igits! Just get in there!" He said as stallions swarmed Little Strongheart! Kisses all over her cheeks, lips, neck and dicks competing to enter her ass and pussy!

"Aw yeah, getting to the good part." Said Spike...

But then the stallions all turned into Spike and Little Strongheart turned into Twilight!

"AHHHH!" Spike then ran out of his bedroom! "I NEED TO GO FOR A WALK!"

He turned a corner only for him and Twilight to run into each other.

"D'ow!' Both went before falling back! They then got up and screamed at each other.

"Why are you screaming?!"

"Why are you?!"

"I've been having weird thoughts about you!"

"Me too!"


"I don't know!"

They kept on screaming until...

"Oh would you guys shut up? I'm trying to tentacle fuck Fluttershy!" Said Discord appearing between them. "Honestly is it too much to ask for some peace and quiet?.


"Discord help!"

"I keep having sexual thoughts about him/her!" Then both went silent.

"Well, sounds some royal incest is about to happen, have fun." Then Discord teleported them to a love hotel in Las Pegasus.

Both of them looked at the other with bright faces and nervous looks.

"This...is a bit awkward, always thought I'd go to one of these with Rarity...Gabby, hell, maybe even Smolder."

"Yeah, with me I thought it would be Bic Mac, Braeburn, Flash, and the one small crush on Shining Armor..."



"So um...were you really having sexual fantasies about me?" Spike asked.

"Yeah, you?" Twilight asked.


"Well, we better get some therapy, maybe that will help with what's going on with us."

"Yeah, because this is way too weird. And I mean WAY too weird."

"And I know just where to get advice."



"Thanks for telling me, I might barf now." Said Starlight Glimmer.

"Well we didn't know who else to turn to."

"Princess Celestia and Luna didn't pop up?" she raised an eyebrow.

"Let the elderly enjoy their retirement." Said Spike.

"You're really lucky they're not here to hear you say that."

"So any advice?" Asked Twilight.

"Yeah, you 2 are siblings, don't go the way of bumpkin romance!"


"Achoo!" Went Applejack. "What in tarnation' was that?"

"Hey AJ, you wanna threesome with me and Sugar Belle tonight?"

"Shoot, ya'll know Ah'm sayin' yes."

Back to Spike and Twilight.

"That's all you can tell us?"

"If you don't like it, then why not purchase some chastity belts or find dates, not each other, real dates."

"Let's try the date thing first."

"Good, now get outta my office, I'm expecting Sunburst and Trixie here in 10 minutes for a threesome."

"...can I-"

"No you can't watch." Then she threw them out!

"Why'd you wanna watch? I thought you were crushing on me." Said Twilight.

"I am, but I'm also curious on what a threesome between those three is like. Kinda wanna know if Trixie is the dom or is secretly a sub."

"I'm totally a dom." Said Twilight, putting a hoof on Spike's hand.

"Hey!" Shouted Starlight, making Twilight backoff.

"Right, no relation dates it is."


Signs saying "win a date with Twilight and Spike" was standing over a booth.

"No." Said Twilight.


"Sludge, you just wanna cuck Spike, and that's not cool, just like how you're not cool, now leave me and my loved ones alone or it's execution."

Then Sludge flew away.

"Sorry Gabby, but I friendzoned you the moment we met."

"Awww, but we haven't even kissed." Then Gabby flew away.

"Come-on, I've been waiting for the old bat to retire...please?" Asked Blueblood.

"Go away Blueblood, nobody likes you. Also you got that Royal Guard Captain by default because Celestia pitied you. I've seen how you fight, you're as effective as smearing a banana in another pony's face."



"But I'm your biggest fan!" Shouted a Crystal Pony.

"Sorry, don't date fans."


"Don't cry, let's take a selfie."

"*sniffle* Okay..." They took the picture and then Spike wrote his autograph on it. 'At least I can use this on my friday nights.'

"Big bro, no, I can't be in a thrupple with you and Cadance, I'm trying to avoid incest..." then she turned her head to Spike. "...as best as I can."

"Aw, well I'll let Cadance know, see you next month for the family supper."

"How'd you get unpetrified?"

"Uh..." Then some guards grabbed Chrysalis. "Fuck!" Then she was petrified again.

'Wait, would that even be legal? I mean she's older than Twilight for sure, so does that make her a foal filcher?' wondered Spike.

"No." Said Twilight.

"No." Said Spike.

"Gunther no." Said Twilight.

"Wank, wank." Said Gunther.

"No, and also I'm allergic." Said Spike.

"Sorry but I don't date awkward looking nerds." Said both, making Poindexter and Frazzle Rock walk away disappointed.

"Ugh, this is hard!"

"I know." sighed Twilight. "Maybe we should try again tomorrow."

"Or...we can just get it over with." he suggested making them both blush before she shook her head.

"You have no idea how much I just wanna get it over with." Said Twilight.

"Same here. Oh! I got it!" smiled Spike. "Maybe I can distract myself if I try to go on a date with Rarity."

"Isn't she very busy in Yakyakistan? Maybe she met a buff hunky Yak."

"I'm sure."

"Sure of what?"

"That she's still single." 'I hope she's not.'

'It may be the strange feelings talking but guh, I feel jealous!' Thought Twilight.

Spike made his way out while Twilight herself teleported to her own room.

"What am I gonna do? I wanna have sex with Spike so badly!" Twilight shouted, then she saw a vibrator. "Maybe if I make this look like Spike, then I'll feel better." She said to herself before transforming it to look like Spike. "Alright, not too bad, but I wonder if it'll match up down there." She said to herself.

Meanwhile with Spike...

'Please don't be fucking yaks, please don't be fucking yaks, please don't break my heart!' he thought while he was on a train leading to the nation as he twiddled with his claws. He then got off and then looked for Rarity's boutique.

"I know it's around here, I just saw it when it was built." He saw it and knocked on the door.

Rarity then opens the door. "Yes? Oh, Spike, what a surprise."

"Hi Rarity, are you busy?"

"I just finished an order and was about to enjoy a nice long break." she yawned with him smiling.

"Maybe I could help. You know, maybe you're a bit tense and need a massage to unwind?"

"Oh heavens no, I could never ask that of you after you came all this way." she shook her head. "Why don't you come inside? I'll make us some tea."

Spike walked in, and Rarity got 2 cups ready. She poured some tea in both.

"So how's Twilight these days?"

"She's...been alright..." Spike replied. 'Don't tell her about the sudden lustful feelings for each other.'

"Well that's good, and what about you?"

"I've been great, traveling the world, meeting creatures I haven't seen before, going to places I haven't been to you yet. Discreetly taking funds from the castle so I can have mini vacations in case I'm sent to a tropical vacation spot." he listed making Rarity chuckle.

"Well I certainly hope Twilight doesn't find out or she'd make you pay it all back by making you clean up the entire castle."


"Did I say something funny?"

"I've cleaned that castle before." Spike replied. "That is not a punishment, that's an afternoon, maybe a morning if I make it fast."

"You're absolutely right." Said Rarity. "So what would you see as a punishment?"

"Never being allowed to see you whenever I want."

"Aw, that's sweet of you."

They then both laughed it off as they drank tea.

"So I think I've seen a bunch of yaks looking fashionable, especially Prince Rutherford."

"Right, some protested at first but eventually came around after a quick glimpse in the mirror. Many are even attempting to be suitors for my hoof in marriage."

Spike should've felt jealous but...

"Well that's great news. Have you considered it?" he asked curiously.

"Considering 3 of them right now, out of the 86 that I received since I've gotten here."

"Nice. Only the best for you, right Rarity?"

"But of course." she smirked with pride. "Yakyakistan has been very delightful despite all the loud noise featured in their traditions."

"Surprised you don't have any bags under your eyes."

"Thank you for letting me know that the make up is working darling."

Then both of them laughed again but still...Spike wasn't feeling those feelings he had for Rarity.

'Huh, usually I'd be jealous or irked, but I actually wanna see her happy. Besides, she has earned the chance to be her own princess, even if it is with a yak.'

Then Spike got up from his seat. "This was a great talk, but I think it's time for me to go."

"If you see Twilight tell her I said hi."

"Can do." he nodded and made his way out, all the while not sounding or feeling sad. 'Huh, I guess my crush on Rarity really is gone. Oh man, does that mean I'll keep fantasizing about Twilight?!'

Then Spike tried having some pervy fantasies. Pervy wedding:

"You may now fuck the bride infront of everyone." Said Mayor Mare as Spike tackled the bride!

Spike then took off the veil.

"Gimme an heir in front of all of our friends."

'Ah! No!'

Pervy detention:

"Are you ready for your punishment?" Said Twilight in a slutty teacher outfit.

'Okay admittedly that was an easy one to put Twilight in.'

Pervy version of Snow White.

"Bros, a beautiful princess is in our bed!" Said one of the 7 Spikes.

"Let's give her one heck of a wake up call!" Said another Spike.

They then started grabbing Twilight.


Pervy painter:

Spike and another mare had just poured paint all over their bodies.

"Ready to make some 'art'?" Spike asked.

"Let's get real messy!" Replied Twilight.

'Dammit, again!'

Pervy slipping:

We see Spike slipping and a mare slipping! His dick and her pussy interlocking their bodies together!

"Gaaaaah...sorry about that Cadance."

"Uh, I'm not Cadance, but please fuck me!"

'Yeah that was stupid.'

While that went on, we cut over to Twilight.

Twilight made a Spike looking sex doll with the vibrator as the dick, but she laid thier disappointed.

"I actually went and made this, even though I kept telling myself it wouldn't work, and it's true." she groaned while plopping her head on her bunk. "I need to get my mind off him or else I'll lose it, like Celestia when she discovered what porn was."

Some years ago...

We see Twilight waking up in Celestia's bed with Celestia and 10 other guards. "Ugh...what happened?"

"We celebrated you getting your wings, that's what happened." Said Rainbow Dash in a separate bed with Spike, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy, Luna, Cadance and Shining Armor. "And got pretty drunk."

Flashback over...

'That was quite a night."'She thought. 'You know, that night made me realize I was able to take 2 dicks in my pussy at the same time...no, no, no, you're trying to not do that with Spike, but maybe I can ask some guards.'

She stood up and made her way out of her room and spotted some guards down the hall. She walked over to them but then started imagining them as Spike. "Uh, hey you two."

"Good evening princess." One guard replied.

"I need to forget something so please get me books. I need a lot of them to keep me busy."

"Yes princess." they saluted before walking off.

'I'm sure if I try to expand my mind I'll be able to keep it together, right?'


Years later, Spike was now at tween age.

"No! We don't wanna see how Spike is like at cringe age." Shouted Pinkie Pie.

Years pass and now we see Spike at teen age, what-teen? J-just teen. And at said age he has grown taller with longer limbs, with all the girls drool as they see him flying by.

"Man, who knew Spike would end up so cute?" Said Minuette.

"Spike's lucky, cute ever since he was born." Said Moondancer. "I should know, I use to babysit him a few times."

"I wish I did." Said Twinkleshine.

"I'd go for it, but he'd probably just friendzone me." Said Lemon Hearts.

"Maybe not. I heard ever since Rarity got married, he's been single." Said Fleur De Lis as she walked by them.

"Really?" the mares perked up.

"Yes, which means he's ripe for the picking."

Then they saw Sassy Saddles walking over to Spike. "Why hello there Spike. I couldn't help but see you flying by and thought maybe you could do me a favor."

"Ah, Sassy Saddles, how may I help you?" Asked Spike.

"I was just wondering..."

"Are you gonna ask me out? If so, I'm gonna have to say no." he held a claw up.

"Wha-?! B-but, why!?"

"Sorry, but I'm married to my job."

"Your job? But what about your free time?"

"I get free time. Sometimes I'm partying on a cruise ship with the royal generals of Mount Aris, or I'm chugging apple cider upside down with the sheriff and buffalo chief in Appaloosa! Or, I could be surfing on lava in the Dragonlands with Dragon Lord Ember." he listed off nonchalantly. "You know, Rarity said she's planning on expanding her shops to Saddle Arabia, you could come with me, you'll talk business there for Rarity while I talk about having them not strike first at Griffonstone."

"Sorry, but I'm gonna be too busy." Said Saddle, smiling awkwardly while walking away.

'Damn it!'

"What a lady killer." Said Lyra.

"Good thing we got each other." Said Bonbon.

"Then why did I see you staring at his ass?" the unicorn raised her eyebrow.

"Lyra, you were staring at it too."

"...yeah...I was..."

Spike tried to keep it together as he got more stares, but each time he saw a mare he saw Twilight's face. 'Fuck, how'd me and Twi keep it together for so long?'

Meanwhile with Twilight...

With said princess, who had gotten taller and bigger like Celestia with the similar crown and jewelry, she was in the library reading through a book on how insects mated.

"Nice." She said, as she looked at flies humping. "How fascinating, and not at all sexual. It's purely just research and scientific." She lied to herself before getting to dragonflies. She bit her lip seeing a picture with one laying eggs and felt her mind start to wander. 'I want heirs to compete for my throne, but none of these guys are worthy of making babies with me...none except...him!'

She imagined Spike and felt herself drool with the image of how grown up he was, but used her wings to quickly blow away the cloud. 'Keep it together Twilight, it's almost time for idiots to advertise thier dumb products.' she thought taking deep breaths. 'Maybe you'll get a good laugh out of it.'

Later in her throne room. 'Celestia help me, what Tartarus did these weirdos spawn from?'

"And that is why I think we need some sort of connection to reach out all across the world using these crystals. Where anypony can say and post anything they want."

"You're only exposing the collective stupidity of the world if I approve this."

"Yeah but-"



Then the next guy came in. "I have a line of dildos called Filthy Drake."

"...go on."

"After spending some years in local dragon orgies, yep this is the perfect shape of a dick. smiled the stallion holding out a dildo in the shape of a dragon's dick which made Twilight gulp.

"This guy's getting both hooves outta here." Whispered a guard.


"Wait what? Really?"

The look on everyone's faces, unbelievably dumbfounded.

"Yes, really."

"Oh, in that case, how many would you like?"

"I'll take one of every shape and size."

"Yes your majesty."

"What just happened?" Whispered Gallus.

"I have no idea."

"Thank you your majesty."

"Guards, please find a shop for this merchant somewhere in the more sleazy parts of Canterlot."

"Yes your majesty."

"Thank you, your highness!" Said the Stallion. Then another came in, a Diamond Dog.

"And what do you have to say to me?"

"After finally making peace with dragons and sharing gems back and forth...I've created a sexual drug that'll be especially effective on dragons."

"Go on."

"She won't..." Gallus whispered.

"Excellent, your majesty."

Then a female dragon walked in.

"Here you go honey."

"Thanks." The dragon ate the drug and then attacked the Diamond Dog! Guards ready to fight, but then saw the mutt caught in a mating press!

"Hey, not in front of the princess you two!"

"Get a room, but still, sold." Said Princess Twilight. "Guards, get a room for these 2 lovebirds horndogs."

"Yes your majesty."

That's when Gallus flew to Twilight.

"Princess, teacher, what's gotten into you lately?"

"Don't worry Gallus, I'm fine. Now send in the next inventor."

"But shouldn't you-"



"Send in the next inventor!"

"Fine..." He relented and flew to the doors and opened them. "Next."

"Hello princess!" Greeted a unicorn mare. "Have I got a product for you!"

"Which is?"

"A drug I call 'Perfectly Compatible', now we can crossbreed as much as we want! If you don't believe me, check out my cross breed babies."

Then 2 Yak/Pony crossbreeds appeared.

"Kids, say hi to the princess."

"Oh my gosh, they're so cute! Sold! Sold! Sold! 5 gallons! Hey guards, you have an interspecies lover? I just bought you a bottle."

"Me first!" Said Gallus.

'Which means if me and Spike took it, we could-NO! NO! Bad Twilight!'

"Come on, give it here! Me and Silverstream want a kid!"

"Go ahead, go nuts."

The guards all took a bottle until there was one left.

"That will be mine. As for you, I expect every hospital and pharmacy in Equestria to have these."

"Thank you ever so much princess."

More and more inventors continued to enter.

Meanwhile with Spike, he was just getting out of the shower. An extra extra EXTRA cold one mind you.

'Alright, that got my mind off of that idea, now let's see if I can sit down and read my favorite comics.' Spike thought.

As he dropped his towel onto the floor, Discord suddenly poofed into existence. "Hello Sp-oh my Twilight, put that thing away!"

"Discord?!" Spike gasped. "What are you doing here!?"

"Remember that secret mission you guys gave me years ago?"


"Something has happened to us that is making us have incestous feelings for each other, figure out the culprit and bring them to us!" Said Twilight.

"Yessiree!" Said Discord before poofing away.

Flashback over!

"Oh...yeah, I forgot about that." Said Spike. "So where's the culprit?"

Discord then stood aside to reveal Applejack.

Said mare looked nervous and gave a wave. "Heh, hey there Spike."

"Applejack...what did you fucking do!?"

"Can we git Twilight bere before ah start explaining?"

"No!" he growled while stamping over to her with her ducking behind Discord.

"Spike, please calm down."

"No Discord! Because of whatever she did, I c-" Then Discord knocked Spike out with a tranquilizer dart!

"Let's wait till after hours so Twilight can hear what you tried to pull."

"Ah swear Ah didn't mean for it to go like this!"

"I'll be glad to hear you plead that to princess Twilight later."

Later that night...

"What!?" Gasped Twilight. "Applejack, how could you?"

"Sorry Twilight, but…"

"But what?"

"I wanted to try something out."

"And just what was this 'something'?"

"To show inbreedin' aint that bad."


"Can yah blame a gal for tryin'?"


"Ah thought it didn't work since you 2 weren't fucking, so ah gave up, that's a bright side."

"Applejack, it did work, we are in love, but we know it's wrong!"

"I approved some very sexual products without hesitation because I sometimes have trouble keeping myself under control today!"

"Well ah dunno what tah tell you two, ah didn't make a cure when ah thought it didn't work."

"Applejack, doing something so stupid...you'll be going to the dungeon."

"How long am ah gonna be down there?"

"When Rainbow Dash and the Wonderbolts finish taking turns with your body."

"Aw come on! Ah already do that with Big Mac!"

"Except he's fucking Sugar Belle now." Said Spike.

"And you're only doing this because you miss it." Added Twilight.

"Oof, they got you." Said Discord.

"Eh shut up!"

That's when the Wonderbolts appeared!

"Alright AJ, hope you're ready, because...I've actually always wanted a piece of that candy apple flank of yours." Said Rainbow Dash.

Applejack went with them without any resistance.

"Ugh, can you believe her?" Said Spike.

"I know, she might think it's okay to inbreed, but we don't."

"Yeah, and even if we are adoptive siblings, it's still not right."




"Oh who am I kidding? I've had romantic fantasies of Shining Armor before that cider!" she groaned holding her head. "I always thought it was fun and normal, and I even drew pictures of us at a wedding!"

"You'll take me now right? Shining Armor's married, I'm not!"

"Of course, let's go to our old room!"

"Already on it!" he spread his wings and pulled her close before taking off down the hall. They flew past Spike's room, flew past Twilight's room, they were heading to the old castle in Ponyville. When they got there Spike kicked down the doors.

Twilight and Spike then started kissing as Spike walked over to the bed. He dropped her on it while she wrapped her legs around him.

"Can we just skip foreplay?"

"No Spike, so says your ruler." she spoke while feeling something poking her. "Get on your back and let me have a taste."

"Get ready, I'm gonna paint your fur white." Spike declared. He got on his back with Twilight getting a look at his dick and felt herself start to drool.

"Wow...bigger than Flash Sentry's."


"Oh...I kinda went to the other world without you once when we were younger."

"You went to the other world without me!? That tears it, I'm gonna fuck you so hard you'll be in crutches for a week."

'That sounds both scary, but hot.' Twilight then started licking Spike's dick. The whole thing gets harder with each lick.

Spike sighed and laid his head back while feeling like he could finally relax. "You have no idea how much I need this, all the negotiations I made with stubborn delegates." He moaned.

"Go ahead and tell me." Then she started putting the whole thing down her throat.

"Last week, the Saddle Arabians were this close to waging war with the Griffons because of how they kept on charging so much. They were warned that a vacation there would be expensive." he groaned while rubbing her head. "If I didn't come up with a small tax drop every so often, they'd probably be tearing each other apart right now."

'I should send more bits to Griffonstone if their community was this needy.'

"Ugh, and then the next day after that, I was gonna have a chat with Ember about the upcoming Equestria Games and who her team is, but then for some reason, the changelings swarmed the Dragonlands and started humping everyone!"

Twilight looked up at him while bobbing her head. Surprised from what he said.

"Yeah, you heard me, I walked in on Thorax and his bro Pharynx spitroasting Ember! It was nuts, the dragons were very close to making the changelings go extinct because of how annoying the humping was, but then we figured out what the problem was."

"What was it?" Twilight asked while she licked the sides of his dick.

"The Flim Flam Brothers sold them air fresheners for their caves to smell better, but that air freshener had Changeling Pheromones mixed into it."

"Wow, did they get caught and locked away?"

"More like they used the pheromones on the Flim Flam brothers."


"It was a crazy week Twilight."

"You poor dear, how about I deep throat this whole thing?"

"If you don't I'm gonna throat fuck you myself." he growled in lust.

Twilight stared hungrily up at Spike as she went all the way down to the base of his dick. She was practically salivating on it as she slid her head up and down, making him jump and hiss. 'I gotta suck fast and hard, I want this thing to ram me!'

"Ah! Princesses fuck! Your throat is better than I dreamed!"

'Thank you so much.' Then Twilight moaned.

"Ah! I'm gonna cum!"

Then Twilight pulled her mouth off and stroked it with her magic. "Paint my fur white like you promised!"

"Ahhhh!" Spike shot a huge load all over her, coating her face, her head and rolled down her fur to replace more purple with white.

She hummed with a wide smile while Spike panted and felt amazing. Twilight used her magic to get a towel from the bathroom.


"Ugh, so many papers to grade." Groaned a sleepy Starlight Glimmer. She then saw the towel float last her. "Hallucinations huh? Glad tomorrow's a weekend."

After getting it, she rubbed it all over herself. "So much cum, guess I was the only girl in your thoughts."

"You know it." Then Spike pecked her lips.

Twilight giggled before getting on her back and spreading her legs. "Why don't you put all that extra seed in here?"

"You know I'm gonna!"

"Wait, before we do..." then Twilight opened a portal, where she grabbed the products she approved.

"What are those?"

"A dragon shaped dildo for my butthole, a sexual drug that makes dragons extra horny, and a drug that'll allow us to crossbreed."

"But aren't kirins proof we can crossbreed?"

"Yeah, but let's make super sure I get pregnant!" She took her drug.

Spike took his, getting extra horny and then pounced her! He growled while feeling all sense of rationality leave him. He slammed his dick into Twilight so hard that the castle shook! Twilight shrieked as it slammed into her pussy!

Starlight woke up. "Huh?" She said getting up. She looked to Trixie who slept on the right side of the bed, then to Sunburst who slept on the left side. 'Probably just an earthquake followed by a student losing their virginity. Note to self, lecture students on safe sex next week.' Then she fell back to sleep.


'Yup, next week.'

That's when Spike covered her mouth with a kiss! After making her stop, Spike pulled back. "Keep quiet, Starlight's gonna see we went against her advice." Spike whispered.

"B-But your dick is so big!"

"In that case, I'll just shut you up with another kiss." he claimed her lips again and shoved his tongue inside, making her gasp and shudder while blood leaked out. 'Blood huh? Guess they only went as far as foreplay, good, Flash never deserved this anyways.' Spike thought before he thrusted even harder!

'I hope my subjects accept what we're doing, and if they don't, guess I'm making a bunch of executions later.' Thought Twilight as she deepened the kiss. 'I'm going to go wild with Spike and let him fuck me six ways to sunday!'

Spike then kissed just as deep while thrusting even faster! 'I'm gonna fuck Twilight 6 ways to Sunday, and what a funny coincidence, it'll be Sunday in 2 hours.'

Twilight moaned into the kiss while feeling his girth get bigger inside. 'Oooh, I can feel his greed inside me!' Thought Twilight.

'Spike want to impregnate big sis!' Thought Spike as his muscles also got bigger! Spike then pulled his lips away and whispered to Twilight's ear. "Gonna cum."

"Do it! Give me it all!" She whispered back.

With one last extra hard thrust, Spike's dick pushed against the walls of Twilight's womb as he filled her pussy with his dragon spunk!

"AHHHHHH!" She held the scream for 30 seconds and surprisingly Starlight Glimmer didn't wake up.

"Nice." Spike whispered before planting a kiss on her neck, making her giggle.

"So, when should the wedding start?" Asked Twilight.

"Let's wait till the anniversary of when we saved Equestria from Chrysalis, Cozy Glow, and Tirek." Said Spike before laying next to her.

"Agreed." Then they kissed each other goodnight.

Months later, the citizens of Equestria wait anxiously...

"Should I be worried we all came to basically show our support for incest?" Asked Luster Dawn.

"Hey, respect your teacher kid." Said Smolder.

"I'm only saying what we're all thinking."

"Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy." Said Fluttershy.

"Fluttershy, are you worried?" Asked Discord.

"No, I hope it's a boy."

"Oh..." Said Discord. "Well what if it's a girl?"

"Then we'll make a boy."

Discord blushed. "My, someone's hooked on me."

"Don't forget, extra tentacles."

"I won't forget."

"Uh...babe?" Asked Flash Sentry.

"Yes?" Asked Sunset Shimmer.

"Why's that old guy leering at The Dazzlings?"

"Oh right, he banished them to this world in the first place."

"Oh, wow."

"Why are you 3 back?" Said Starswirl.

"Come on Starswirl, Twilight already took away our ability to sing." Said Adagio Dazzle.

"Okay, but pull any funny business and you're being turned to stone like the other 3!"

"Flank scratchers?" Called Pinkie and Cheese Sandwich. "Get your flank scratchers here! Only 1 bit!"

"Flank scratcher!" Called Donut Joe.

"Flank scratcher?" Replied Cheese Sandwich.

"Flank scratcher!" Called Garble.

"Doc, what's with the Spike sculpture?" Asked Derpy.

"This isn't a sculpture." Said Dr. Whooves.

"I just wanted to see what my future is like." Said past Spike.

"Ah! Spike got cloned!"

"Derpy calm down, it's just Spike from the past."

Applejack had a sour face.

"Hey honey, what's the matter?" Asked Rainbow Dash.

"They said incest was wrong, but now suddenly incest is right just because our ruler comitted incest."

"You still on that? Look, how's about later we take your nephew to the barn for some fun?"

"Fine, but if we get caught, you're taking all the blame."

"Of course." Then they kissed.

"Mom? Dad? Does this mean-"

"For the last time Flurry yes, you have a cousin now." Replied Shining Armor.


"If it's a boy..." Thorax started.

"Yes, yes, we're gonna ask if they could consider an arranged marriage with our daughter." Said Ember.

"Yes! Thank you dear."

"I swear you would have talked my fins off for the rest of our lives if this didn't happen."

"So...Rarity, heard princess appointed you to making her child's baby clothes." Said a yak.

"I will not tell you the gender of the baby." Rarity replied.

"Awwwww..." all the yaks standing with her said.

Meanwhile in the castle...

"Have I said how much I fucking hate you guys?" Said Starlight Glimmer.

"Yes, when we announced we were expecting." Replied Twilight.

"Sorry for not listening to your advice." Spike added as they carried the baby to the balcony.

"Yes, don't listen to a professional psychologist, that sounds silly." remarked the unicorn sarcastically. 'How's about I undo all your work and start brainwashing folks again?!'

Then when they were on the balcony...

"Citizens of Equestria and beyond...look, you obviously don't approve of incest, but can you blame me when you have a brother this hot?" She then gestured to Spike who was pushing the baby carriage.

The audience mumbled amongst themselves.

"Well anyways, our love has brought us a new life, a new heir, a new pri-"

"The end, you won't get to figure out if it was a boy or girl!" Said Li'l Cheese. "How was that mommy?"

"Great 4th wall break, son!"