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Whistler was amazing. Shane had never been on a mountain that big, a run could take over half an hour, unlike what she was used to in California. It was nearing on 3 o'clock and the mountain was closing soon, and of course she had to get ready for her wedding soon. She was giddy thinking about it. She had been skiing and hanging out with Bette, Tina, Helena and Alice all day and really needed to get one run in without them, so they had headed back and she was taking one more run down the mountain. She was going down a black diamond, one of the best runs she had ever been on, when she saw a very distinct silhouette up ahead. Quickly she built up speed, knowing that they wouldn't stop if she yelled. She saw them disappear around the turn and she kept her speed up to try to catch up. Then she realized she was approaching the turn, and she was going much too fast. There was no way she was making this turn on her feet.

Swoosh. Thump, "Oof."

She was down. She could feel a throbbing in her leg and her head and snow was getting into her jacket and pants.

"Oh shit, are you ok?" She could hear a voice call out. A hand reached down to pull her out of the snow. Then there was a moment of recognition.

Carmen hadn't noticed that the reckless snowboarder who wrecked behind her had been Shane, the girl she was to marry that afternoon. The one person she wasn't allowed to see. "What the hell were you thinking? You could have died!" Carmen yelled, as soon as Shane was out of the snow and sitting on the hard ground.

"Well, um." Shane couldn't formulate a response.

"Did you want to die? Or just mutilate yourself before our wedding? And Jesus Christ, we aren't supposed to see each other at all!" Carmen freaked, turning around to grab her skis.

"I couldn't wait. I wanted to see you." Shane replied.

"And crashing and almost killing yourself was the only way?" Carmen replied.

"Well, I had to catch up. But you know, you were far ahead."

Carmen then turned back to face Shane, noticing that her face was bright pink and there was a small cut across her cheek. "Oh sweetie, are you ok?" She leaned over to inspect Shane's face closely, switching instantaneously from angry and frustrated to caring and sweet.

"It's fine, no big deal. Anyway, I was going to look too traditional at our wedding anyway, now I'll stand out."

"Yeah, you look too traditional." Carmen joked. She then leaned farther over and cupped Shane's face in her hands. Shane leaned into the contact. "Well, now we're screwed." Shane looked puzzled. "You've seen me."

"But not in the dress, isn't that the real issue?" Shane said. Carmen was surprised that she played along with her superstitions. "I don't think this counts against us. Anyway, it's good you were here to pull me out, otherwise you may not have had someone to walk down the aisle to."

"Ok, so good luck after all. Just no sneaking in to see me later with the dress."

"Deal." Shane said, pulling Carmen towards her and kissing her quickly but deeply on the lips. She missed that, just one day without it was tough for her. "Besides, this superstition is very infuriating."

Carmen smirked. "Well, we better get back, they are expecting us, and you and I have to get ready."

"Fine." Shane sighed. "You first, lets not tell them we saw each other."

"I love you, and I'll see you soon." Carmen said, then she grabbed her skis and headed down the mountain.

Shane sat for a moment and thought about how much she wanted to not have to go another moment without being able to kiss and hold Carmen. She shook her head to get rid of the silly thoughts and grabbed her board, following Carmen at a distance down the mountain to find Alice to get ready for the evening.

Alice was freaking out about her face as they walked into her room.

"I mean fuck, Shane. Carmen is going to flip! I guess you do look pretty badass." Alice ranted.

"Yeah, it'll be a memory to carry with us, how I almost missed my wedding by crashing into the trees on Whistler."

"Ok, fine. What are you wearing tonight anyway?" Alice said. Shane had made a point to make sure that nobody saw her outfit before the wedding.

"It's no big deal, I don't need any help with it." Shane said, vaguely.

"Hey, It's my duty as best man!" Alice said, "It's my duty to be here. Anyway, It's not like anyone else needs help, and I have to get ready too." Shane noticed that she had brought her things into Shane's room.

"Ok, but I get to decide how I look and you don't tell anyone what it is." Shane warned.

"Fine, as long as you do my hair!" Alice teased. Shane grimaced and went to get her stuff.