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Getting herself to the front of the tent with the minister was terrifying. She knew she wanted, with all of her heart, to get married, but the wedding itself was scaring the crap out of her. The idea of standing in front of a bunch of people and opening up, sharing the part of herself that she held locked away so deep, was actually making her question the sanity of the idea.

"Move it, Shane, you are holding up the wedding, literally 20 more feet to go." Alice whispered to Shane, pushing her towards the center of the tent.

"Cut it out Alice." Shane said, taking a deep breath as she walked into the tent. Her mind was set on Carmen; she was going through the whole big wedding thing for Carmen. She got to the center, in front of the minister and next to her closest friends.

Then she saw Carmen. She was awestruck. She knew she had that dorky look on her face, the one people talk about when a groom sees his bride walk down the aisle; the face that no sane person would let anyone see, at least in Shane's book. She knew she had that face on, and she didn't care. Carmen was beautiful. Her dress accentuated her figure, and she had the most glorious smile on her face. Shane was star struck.

As soon as Carmen saw Shane the butterflies in her stomach disappeared. This was really happening, she was marrying the love of her life. She couldn't stop staring at her. As she walked down the aisle she made eye contact with Shane and all the thoughts flew away. Every worry, doubt, overthinking idea, was gone, all that was going through her head was this undying feeling of love and realization that this was happening, that this was actually going to be the rest of her life, with Shane.

As she reached the end of the aisle her ever-so-traditional mother handed her off to Shane, making both brides giggle quietly.

When they were finally standing at the front, holding hands, Shane whispered "You look beautiful," receiving a quick "and you look very handsome, and sexy" from Carmen. They both blushed a little and looked at the woman marrying them.

"What are you doing?" Alice asked Shane, she had been in the bathroom for a while already.

"Nothing, just wait a bit, I'll help you with your hair." Shane yelled back. Alice, of course, wasn't having it and barged into the bathroom. There she found Shane sitting with foil in her hair, obviously in the middle of dying her hair.

"Oh my god! You look great!" Alice said, and started laughing.

Shane just gave her a meaningful look.

"Well, it's good, the frosted tips thing wasn't working so well." Alice said.

"Whatever, Alice."

At Shane's snide remark Alice looked away, only to see a tuxedo hanging from the shower curtain. "You are wearing a tuxedo?" Alice almost screamed in astonishment.

"It's not a tuxedo." Shane argued.

Alice walked over to the tux and started to examine it. She conceded that it wasn't really a tuxedo, but it was a three-piece top, a button down, vest and jacket. The difference with this was that it was quintessentially Shane. The jacket was black with a jagged edged thin, long lapel and underneath a silk, dark red vest with, underneath, a button down white shirt. Alice was pleasantly surprised by the outfit, and excited for how it would look on Shane.

"I think the shirt is excessive." Shane said, not looking at Alice, but instead in the mirror, putting eyeliner on.

"Really, Shane? Shouldn't you be wearing a shirt in your wedding?"

"Hey. Carmen said I could pick what I was wearing." Shane snapped back. Then she clarified, "I'll wear it, with the tie, I just think it's all a bit much, but I want her to know that I am serious about this, and I don't want her mom to make me change."

Alice laughed, only to receive a glare from Shane. She knew Shane was on edge with this whole thing.

"Are you nervous?" Alice chuckled, trying to lighten the mood by teasing.

"Shut up."

She then realized that Shane wasn't in the mood for teasing either, so she changed the topic back, to something she was genuinely worried about. "What shoes are you wearing anyway?" Alice asked, and the conversation continued back and forth until Shane was dressed, Alice's input not impacting any of her choices.

Shane then finished working on Alice's hair, making it just how she wanted it. Before they knew it, it was time for the wedding.

They just stared at each other. They knew that the minister was saying beautiful things about love and commitment. They knew that these were things they were supposed to be paying attention to, but instead they couldn't stop just staring at each other, smiling and giggling by just looking at each other smile.

The crowd noticed, after the minister had started the second half of her speech that the two brides weren't paying much attention to their surroundings. Finally though, they had to pay attention. "Now each bride will read their vows, Shane?"

Shane looked up and then grabbed a piece of paper from her jacket pocket. "Carmen, you are the love of my life. I never knew that I would get to have this, to have someone with me who knows me and loves me for who I am. I didn't think someone existed for me, but then I found you, and you convinced me that I could trust you and fall in love with you, and I did. I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with you, and I am so thankful to have you in my life, because you believe in me more than I ever have, and more than anyone else ever has, and that means the world to me. I love you so much." About halfway through Shane started crying, her voice cracking through the last sentence.

As soon as Shane started crying, Carmen did as well. "Shoot Shane, you got me going, now I'm never going to get through this." She chided as she got a piece of paper from Alice. "Shane. I knew I was going to fall in love with you from the moment I first laid eyes on you. I knew you were going to break my heart not soon after. I am so grateful to have you in my life, and I seriously don't know what I would do without you. You are my best friend, you are my heart and soul, and you are my inspiration. I love you more than I could ever explain or show, but I will try, forever." She did a good job of not crying too much, as she was looking down at her notes, but when she looked up she saw Shane's face covered in tears and that just made her cry some more, admittedly not as much as Shane. Carmen reached up and wiped the tears off of Shane's cheeks, crooning "Awe honey," quietly as she did so.

The minister soon interrupted to say, "Now for the rings," Each bride was then handed a ring and the minister went on, "Carmen de la Pica Morales, do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?" Carmen giggled and smiled, "I do." And Shane slipped the ring on to her finger, where it fit perfectly, like it belonged there all along.

"And Shane McCutcheon, do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?" Shane smiled from ear to ear, "I do," she responded. Carmen, hands shaking, slipped Shane's ring on her finger, noticing how out of place, but perfect, it looked.

"Now, I declare, by the Province of British Columbia, you are officially married! You may kiss the bride!"

The two smiled a mile wide and then went in for a sweet, passionate, kiss. With a couple hoots and hollers, the two broke apart and then looked out at the group of people that had travelled so far to witness them getting married. They were on cloud nine as they walked back down the aisle, just their hands touching, but the feeling of electricity jolting through both their bodies.