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NAME: James Carmichael

AGE: 18

D.O.B: 08/07/1996

SPECIES: Genetically modified human


DESCRIPTION: Tall with light brown hair. Well built. Green eyes and tanned skin.

ORIGIN STORY: (as given by subject)

My name is James Carmichael and I come from a small town in Scotland, called Lanark. I was a shy child as I grew up, often wanting to keep my head in a book, than interact with others around me. Lanark was one of the few areas of the country which still offered Grammar Schools, so when I was in Year 6, I passed the 11+ exam and got a place at Lanark Grammar School. Again I refused to join in with the activities of my classmates, preferring to sit sown and get on with my work. However, one day my life was going to change forever.

I was 15 at the time and I had gotten myself a job at a local scientific research centre over the school holidays, just before my final year in school (I was in the last year allowed to leave at 16). It was my last day, as school was beginning the next day. I had been assigned to work with a team who were investigating a new drug for sick animals. They were testing it on a variety of species which were in holding pens along one side of the room. We had injected all but one of the animals with the new drug, when my supervisor turned and asked if I would like to do the last one. I jumped at the opportunity and took the syringe from his hand. I uncapped the needle and stepped into the pen. The animal in this one was a wolf who had previously lived at the Highland Wildlife Park. It was getting old now and cancer had started to appear in it's body. I kneeled down next to the wolf and gently rubbed it's fur. I slid some of it back on its neck and placed the needle onto the skin. Carefully I pushed it in and pressed the plunger down, injecting the solution into the blood stream. Within seconds it would have circulated the wolf's circulatory system and started work on helping his body. The drug was designed to be fast acting, with results supposed to show within minutes. I handed the syringe back over and kept rubbing the wolf, comforting him just incase the drug didn't work. However what happened next, wasn't expected.

The wolf suddenly leapt to its feet, snarling and foaming at the mouth. Before I could move, it closed its jaws around my arm and bit down. There was a sharp pain in my arm and I saw a trickle of blood start to seep down from the resulting wound. The scientists in the room were in panic, calling for a stun gun. The next thing I knew was the darkness that surrounded me.

I woke up and found myself laying in an unfamiliar bed. There was a nurse standing over me with some swabs, that were coated in blood. She was cleaning the wound that the wolf had inflicted upon me. She noticed I was awake and called the Doctor over. He explained to me that the wolf had reacted badly to the drug and had lost it's mind. They had managed to put it down and get me out of there. They had bandaged my wounds and given me a Tetanus injection. They were pleased with how I was doing so I would be able to go home that night.

I got home and had to explain to my parents what had happened and they looked after me, making me eat a good meal and then putting me to bed. However that night I felt very strange. I tossed and turned in my bed, sweating really badly, the bite on my arm itching like mad. My skin seemed to bubble and burn, causing me agony, but still I would not wake up. By the time that morning came, the horrible sensations that had overtaken my body had died down and gone away. I woke up in sweat drenched bed clothes and PJs. I climbed out of bed and instantly felt different. I felt stronger, more nimble, my sight and hearing also improved. I went and stood in front of my wardrobe which had a mirror on the door. What I saw amazed me and I almost collapsed in shock. I was ripped and I mean that. There were more muscles on my body that I had ever seen on anyone. I was a scrawny kid before and now I was more toned than any of my class mates who worked out. I twisted my body round to try and look at every angle and I looked like I was made of marble. What had happened to me. Suddenly I heard my mum and dad talking. It sounded as though they were in the room. I looked over at my door and saw they weren't. I later discovered they were downstairs in the kitchen. I could hear their entire conversation as clear as anything. I ran into the shower and washed myself, hoping to wake myself up, thinking I was dreaming. It turns out I wasn't. I dried myself off and threw on my school uniform. I grabbed my bag and PE kit and jogged downstairs and into the kitchen.

Mum and Dad greeted me with surprise, thinking I would be too poorly to be going in that day. Mum made a fuss over me and asked to look at the bite. I had forgotten to look myself, being to preoccupied over my new muscles. I rolled up my blazer and shirt sleeves to reveal a completely healed arm. There were some puzzled looks amongst the three of us. We put it down to the treatment I had had the previous night, but none of us could truly believe that was what it was. I grabbed a bite to eat and then left the house, walking to school.

Later that day I stood in the PE changing rooms, ready to start a new term of sport. I hated sport, to put it bluntly. It was freezing cold outside, being Scotland in the autumn, which I hated. Whenever the cold nights drew in, I could never get warm. My mum had bought me a set of thermals to wear for PE, but they had always been baggy over my skinny form. Now as I pulled the red top onto my new muscular form, it fitted snuggly, the tightness showing off every detail of my torso. I pulled my PE polo top over the thermal, trying to hide myself from any inquisitive people wanting to know how I had changed so much. I pulled the thermal shorts on and again, they showed more than I wanted them to do. Thankfully, I would have to put my normal shorts on over them, so nothing was to obvious. Today we were playing my least favourite sport, Rugby. I hated Rugby because it was so violent and really suited to the fit and bulky boys in the group, not the scrawny ones like me. But now I suppose it was different, I was different more able, much stronger.

We went out to the field and were sent to jog round the school field twice, an activity that would normally have me out of breath after five metres. However I kept going for the whole thing, barley out of breath by the time I returned to where the teacher was standing. In fact to top things off, I was the first one back. I was never the first one back, I was always last. What was going on with my body? We got on with the lesson, I was completely aware people were whispering behind my back (I could hear them), wondering if I was on steroids. We got down into playing a game and I suddenly found myself really getting into it, almost becoming animalistic in my approach to the way I played. I looked down at my hands and almost had a heart attack at what I saw. There was hair sprouting from it and my nails had become yellowish claws. I glanced at the right sleeve of my thermal shirt to see a small tear by my bicep and more brownish hair poking out against the red material. What was happening. I hid my arm from view and made my excuses to the PE teacher. I ran back into the school and to one of the boys toilets. I shut the door and locked it. I ran to the sink and stood over it panting. I looked in the mirror that sat on the wall above the sink. What I saw will never leave my memory. My eyes had changed from their normal green hue, to a yellowish tinge. My ears as well seemed to have become slightly pointed. I glanced back down to my arm where there were more tears in my top and the hair poking out was thicker. What was happening to me? There was a sharp pain in my mouth and I looked back in the mirror to see what it was. There before my eyes, my teeth were lengthening and becoming sharper.

I felt myself beginning to really panic and I tried to calm myself down, by breathing slower and taking deeper breaths. It actually started to work. The hair on my hand and arm began to retract, as did the claws. My ears returned to their normal shape and my eyes returned to being green. I had enough, I wrenched the toilet door off of its hinges and then ran to the PE changing rooms. I grabbed my stuff and then legged it out of school, heading home. I was scared, really scared. What was I becoming? Should I go home? Will I hurt my parents. That made my decision easier. I ran into the house and grabbed a selection of my clothes, stuffing them into a satchel. I slung it over my shoulder and ran downstairs. I hastily wrote a goodbye letter to my parents and ran. I just kept going until I reached the open countryside and the nearest wooded area.

I spent the next two years on the run. I saw the news clips when I ventured out of the forest to the local village. My parents sobbing, pleading for me to go home, the police searching for me. The first few months, I had to keep moving to stay away from their search areas. The transformations got worse, until I was fully turning unaware of what I did in my, what I know now to be, werewolf form, often waking in the morning to find myself covered in animal blood and surrounded by carcasses. As the months went by, I began to gain control over the beast inside, until I was able to transform at will, retaining complete and utter control. I wasn't going to return home though. I had changed so much, my parents wouldn't recognise me. Anyway I was used to living out in the woods now. I didn't know what I could use my new found abilities for. That was until you came and found me. And you know everything from that point onwards. How did you find me anyway?