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Alex sat at his desk watching his computer screen, tracking the GPS locator that was in Jason's suit, the other's had bunked down on some make shift beds, using the time to catch a little sleep. He had watched as they crossed over the United States and then over the Pacific Ocean towards Australia. They had been flying slower than he thought they would, but he guessed that both Kara and Jason would want some time to catch up with one another. He was completely unaware of what had happened once they had entered the laboratory, when Jason and Kara had a little fight. This is because the laboratory is in a different location, fixed in place, not actually able to move in time or space. The doorway however, is able to be transported anywhere and allow the crossing between the two locations.

"Alex are you there?" Jason's voice crackled over the communicator.

"Yeah I'm here. How are you doing?"

"We're great. Kara says that we are about to come in now. Give us two minutes and you can come on out."

"Ok, thanks."

Alex continued watching the screen and saw as the altitude reading began to descend rapidly before suddenly jolting to a stop. A second later, the reading went dead. The League base must be shielded from external signals, Alex thought to himself. He waited for a moment longer, then pulled out his remote and pressed the button. Walking over to the door, he pulled it open and stepped out to face Jason and Kara.

"Good journey?" he asked them.

"It was a little windy over the west coast, but as we moved across the Pacific, it calmed down," Jason replied.

"Are the other's alright in there," Kara asked. "It is very quiet in there."

"They were feeling a little tired, so bunked down for the flight. We probably ought to get them into some proper beds. What time do you make it now?"

"It is 3:30 in the morning. What time will we be going to meet Kylie?" Jason replied and then asked.

"I think mid to late morning sometime, just to allow everyone some rest," Alex replied. "Is there a mission room here?"

"Follow me, I will take you too it," Kara said.

Alex and Kara moved off through the HQ, leaving Jason to move into the lab and wake everyone up.

"Are we here then?" Ben asked.

"Yep. We thought you might like a bed for the next few hours before we head out," Jason replied.

"Where are they then?" Stephanie asked.

"This way," Kara said as she reentered the lab.

"Ahh, good I'm glad you're back. I was going to be stuck without your help," Jason said.

"Come on then, I will take you."

Kara led them out and pointed the rooms out to everyone. When they had all been placed and were settled, she returned to where she had left Alex. He was beavering away at the computers, entering data and seeing what returned back to him.

"What are you up to?" Kara asked.

"I am running some variable tests to see what might have happened to the League. I want to see if the computer system can give me any clues as to their fate and why we are on this mission."

"Have you got any results?"

Alex sighed and stopped typing.

"Absolutely nothing. It just seems so impossible. There is no clue as to what happened."

"Why don't you get some sleep and think about it tomorrow when we have the full team together," Kara suggested.

"It's fine, I have had a sleep saver pill. I can go another 24 hours without sleep and feel fine. The only side effect is that I have to work constantly."

"Sleep saver pill?" Kara asked.

"It is a pill I developed to help people go longer without needing to sleep. It is only in its testing phase, but it is proving quite spectacular."

"Hang on, you are testing a compound on yourself? Are you mad?"

"Just a little. Don't worry, I have been over the chemistry, run numerous computer simulations and subjected the compound to many other tests before even ingesting it. The technology in my lab is far superior than any other lab on planet Earth and I am able to synthesise many compounds in a fraction of the time. So, no reason to panic."

"If you say so," Kara said with uncertainty in her voice. "Well I need to sleep, so I will bid you good night."

"Night," Alex replied, without even looking up from the computer.

Kara moved off to her room and settled down for the night.

However, Alex kept tapping away at the keyboard, inputing data and analysing it.

"Where are you?" he said out loud as he slammed his fist into the desk and sat back in his chair in a huff. "It is almost as though someone has purposely deleted you from the system!"

An idea flashed into his head. Jumping up, Alex began to run a different check, writing the code for the programme as he went. The League were a secretive group sometimes and would want to make sure that if they were ever breached, there would be secure information locked well away and hidden from prying eyes. If the League were alive and and a position to do so, they might have access to this information on a bank of secret servers. If the algorithm was correct, Alex might be able to geolocate them from anywhere in the universe. All he had to do, was hack into the Green Lantern data banks. Luckily, Hal Jordan had been very chatty one day and had let slip several key pieces of information about these banks and how much access he has to them, from Earth.

Pressing the final key, Alex had completed the link to Oa and the software began to do it's job. The only issue was the security on the League's servers. It was going to take days just to hack through the firewalls that Batman had put in place. It may take even longer then to extrapolate the data and use it to track possible movements of the League, disregard those unimportant results and then focus on those that presented real possible leads. The only thing to do now, was for Alex to retreat back to his lab and ensure that everything was ready for the morning and their trip into Coconut Grove.

A long way away, there sat a figure watching a computer screen and the green text that was streaming across it. Suddenly the screen began to warp and the colour of the text became red.

"He is in," said the figure, as they turned their head to another person behind them.

"Then you know what to do," came the reply. "They can not be allowed to ruin the plan by finding the League. They must be slowed down until the plan has been seen through. Then there is nothing that can happen to stop what will come."

The seated figure tapped away at the keyboard and began to implement the protection protocols. The computer programme began to slow down until coming to a snail like crawl. They weren't able to stop Alex's software completely, but slow it down enough that it would now take months to crack the system.

"There it is done."

"Then lets go and rendezvous with the rest of the group and finalise the plans."

The figures left the room and the computer keeping the New Justice team at bay.

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