Every night since the Breach, Neptune would dream about a mysterious woman with raven black hair outside in the courtyard, facing her with a Grimm-like mask hiding her face, and the quiet tinkling of bells taking up the silence as they would only stare at each other.

He didn't know why, but he felt something, a sense of memory, distanced by time and galaxies, no longer remembered with precision; she's more like a sound or a vibration he could feel - like an echo.

Nothing would actually happen, they would just stand there for long, drawn out moments before she would finally tilt her head back and say through the bone, "You won't survive till the end".

It was the way she said it, low yet not unkindly, that had him shivering that had nothing to do with the gentle breeze. It was like she knew, even if she was a figment of his starry dream, like what she was saying was some sort of warning, an omen of sorts - but she would stare back, this raven-haired woman, and then vanish into thin air, like warping out of existence, melding.

Every night he would have this dream and wake up, and he would just carry on with his life, with his day like nothing had every happened, until another moonlit night came and sleep beckoned with such temptation that he would succumb, and repeat.