Hello my lovely fans I need help. I am currently working on a new story and I have no clue what to call it so heres a little preview and if anyone has any suggestions PM me please, DO NOT REVIEW THE SUGGESTION. Oh I have no clue when I am going to post it, probably when it has more chapters (It currently only has 2)

Mama started to teach me little things like holding a knife properly, hiding in the shadows stuff like that. It was fun and they told me I had a natural talent for the dark arts, personally I think it made them sad to see how fast I was progressing. After being taught the basics by Mama, she asked Cross Marian to teach me more. Him and Mama were taught by the same teacher and they had been friends ever since. Those two years were absolute hell. If I weren't learning something I was in a pub playing (cheating) at poker in order to pay off Cross' debt. I will admit he was a really good teacher, when he took the time anyway. By the time my training was complete I had earned two things; A scar that ran along the left side of my face from forehead to cheek and a reputation, they call me crowned clown because they would always hear me laugh as I ran across the roofs after my target was taken care of. Master thinks I'm insane for wearing white while making a kill and he made it know once and my response was "The blood looks much too pretty on the colour white." I don't think he knew what to say after that.

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