Fairy Tales Done Hot


I introduce my first co-written story with Hamm-Ram. I hope you like it, and remember to give him credit as well.


We currently find ourselves in a vast magical forest that surrounded a single bed in the middle of it all. On this bed layed a gorgeous blonde haired woman that wore a blue colored corset that hugged her moderate sized c-cup breasts.

In this forest, we find the friend of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell enters, buck naked. She then flies between the woman's legs, and licked her, making her awaken with a moan.

"Ahh~! Now that's the way to wake up." yawned the woman stretching out her body, emphasizing her large melons. That's when she turned towards the viewers with a surprised face.

"Oh, I didn't see you there. Well, welcome to our little party. Today, we're gonna tell you the fairy tales you all know and love, but with a sexy kick to it, and Tinker Bell will help me to tell them."

"That's right, and who better to help tell sexy fairy tales than a sexy fairy?" Tinker Bell said as she thrust out her bum.

"Indeed. Now sit back, relax, and don't get too excited, cause the fun has just begun." grinned the woman. "Oh, I almost forgot. I'm the Blue Fairy, so make sure you read and I might grant your wish." she winked at the readers before grabbing a large red book and opening it up.