Fairy Tales Done Hot

Alice in Wonderland part 2


Alan started to wake up at the moment he felt the sunlight hitting his face. He groaned and slightly shook his head until he opened his eyes.

He saw Diana and Nora's sleeping faces right up close to him and felt their breasts rubbing up against his arms. They looked so cute while they slept, with their gentle smiles providing a bonus to their adorableness.

He smiled while enjoying the embrace while seeing Diana's tail drape over his legs. The young Kingsleigh felt her tail touching him there and couldn't prevent himself from blushing. 'Oh man, I hope they don't roll over on me, otherwise it'll touch my penis and wake them up.'

"Alan, let's have lots of babies." Nora said in her sleep.

His face turned beet red hearing that.

"Give me a litter of kittens." mumbled Diana.

The boy turned his head to his former pet and thought nearly in shock: 'What? You too, Diana? What's gotten into you two to want to become moms so badly. I mean, I want to be a dad too. But the way you're saying, it's like you want hundreds of babies, if not thousands.'

The two smiled and cuddled closer to where he couldn't move in between them and his arms were engulfed by their breasts.

'Okay, now this is getting tight.' he thought while feeling like he was getting squeezed. He tried wiggling his fingers next to the breasts making the girls hum in their sleep and get more comfy.

"Alan, not in front of the children." the rabbit girl moaned with a soft giggle.

'Maybe I should let them wake up now.' He then leaned to Diana as much as he could and spoke in a low tone in order not to startle her: "Diana, wake up."

"Hmm, give more minutes." she mumbled as she slightly tossed around for a second.

"Come on you two it's time to wake up."

Still, the girls remained asleep.

Seeing that his way of waking them up wasn't working, he then decided to use something else...

He gave out a smirk and spoke: "Diana, Nora, either you wake up or there will be no sex for you today."

Both of them jumped up with wide eyes before looking around making Alan sigh in relief.

'I'll keep that in mind to use later on.' he stated in his mind. "Good morning you two." the little human greeted them. "Did you sleep well?"

"Yeah, but what was that about no sex today?" frowned Diana.

"Oh, that was nothing. It was just my way to wake you up since you were insisting on staying in bed."

"But it's cozy." pouted Nora.

"But aren't you feeling a little hungry?"

That's when the two girls felt their stomachs let out growls.

"Fine." sighed the rabbit as she got up. "You win, Alan."

He smiled before he and Diana got up with Diana stretching out. Once they got to the kitchen, Nora asked her guests as she prepared to start cooking: "Well then, what would you like to have?"

"I'm open to whatever you have." spoke Alan.

"Milk if you have it." replied Diana.

"Okay. You can go and wait in the living room, if you want to." said the rabbit.

Alan and Diana did so and sat on the couch while leaning against the other with smiles.

"It's a good thing Nora had invited us over to her home last night." commented the cat, wanting to start a conversation. "I wouldn't want my fur to get all wet again."

"You said it."

"And you still haven't forgotten about what we've agreed last night, hm?"


"That, after breakfast, we should "play" again." the cat clarified with a tiny purr at the end.

"Of course, I'm a man of my word."

"I'm happy to hear that." She smiled before licking his cheek.

Her action made the young Kingsleigh to look straight to his feline companion with a shocked expression. "Diana, what was that for?"

"What? Just a little sign of affection, is that bad?" she mock pouted.

"No, it's not." he responded. "But with such a sign, I feel like you're asking me to get to bed with you. Even though we just got up."

"Oh come on, I can show you affection without trying to get in your pants."

"True, you can do that." he stated with a nod and then gave a sweet smile. "And I think it's only fair for me to return the favor."

With those words spoken, he then leaned his face to Diana's and gave her a peck on her feline mouth.

She smiled before nuzzling against his cheek with a purr.

One minute later, Nora came out with what they wanted for breakfast and set it on a small table close to the couch they were sitting on. "Here's your meals."

"Thanks." smiled Alan while Diana leaned down and started lapping at her his cat was having her milk, the boy was having a plate of a few toasts with homemade strawberry jelly.

"Mmm, this is really good, thanks Nora."

"It was my pleasure." the rabbit smiled in gratitude. "There's more if you end up still hungry."

A short time after finishing his meal, the cat decided to add something more for him.

"Are you feeling thirsty, Alan?" Diana spoke with a grin.

"A little bit, why?"

She giggled before massaging her bosom for a moment and presenting him her lactating boobs: "Then drink my breast milk."

His eyes widened at the move before blushing with a gulp.

"Go ahead, Alan." she permitted, moving a little closer. "I have plenty, even to spare."

He moved his head near the nub and latched on before he started to slowly suck.

The cat felt pleasure as soon as he started drinking from her breasts. "Hmm, there you go Alan, drink up."

Nora, who was watching the whole ordeal taking place before her eyes, ended up having a bit of a red color on her face.

Diana hummed with her tail swishing making the rabbit look at her own chest.

'Could I be able to breast-feed him too?' Nora wondered to herself in her head.

"Oh! That tickles." giggled Diana feeling Alan's tongue.

'Okay, I think that's enough drinking. Before this situation goes somewhere else.' Alan thought, believing that he was satisfied. He let go and wiped his mouth. "Thanks Diana, that was delicious."

"No problem, if you ever want more, just tell me."

The boy then turned his attention to both of the females and spoke: "I had a dream that I had a group of girls surrounding me, as well as loving me."

"You mean like a harem?" asked Nora.

"I... think so. Although, I never heard about that word."

"It's where a person has a group of women or men as their lovers or wives."

"Oh." he blinked his eyes as he began to understand while feeling a tad embarrassed. "Well, I guess you could say that, I had a harem in my dream. And you, Nora, Diana, were part of it."

"Who else was in it?" asked Diana.

"I... I don't know." Alan replied as he did his best to remember the dream. "The rest of them are just shadows. I can't see who they are or even how many they are. All I know is that they are all women, or at least girls."

"Maybe that's your fantasy." teased Nora before they heard a knock at the door. "Huh, who could that be?" The rabbit wasted no time as she walked up to it and opened it. But all she saw was nothing with no one there.

"Who is it, Nora?" Diana inquired while looking to the rabbit's location, which still had the door opened.

"No one." she replied looking around with confusion. "I could have sworn there was a knock though." She proceeded to close the door, and was about to return to them until she turned around to get a startle of a big pair of green slit-eyes staring at her with an equally big toothy grin. "Waaaah!"

Both the boy and the cat instantly stood up and rushed to Nora for assistance. And they both stopped when they noticed the floating eyes and grin.

"Hehehe, what's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost."

The trio looked surprised as they didn't expect the flying eyes and mouth to speak. Their surprise only increased upon witnessing a feline head with black fur forming on the said facial features.

"Then again, I'm not much of one myself." she chuckled as a body and limbs began forming.

Nora, though still nervous, did her best to talk: "W-Who are you? And what are you doing here?"

"Isn't it obvious?" she asked when her full form was shown, which showed she was a female tall cat of black fur with a slim tail. She had an hourglass figure as well as a big and good-looking ass and a pair of GG cup boobs.

"No, I don't understand the reason for you being here in my house." replied the rabbit, still wanting to know who was the new 'guest' and the motive of her being in her cottage.

'Good lord, her chest is huge!' thought Alan peeking around Nora to see the cat girl and dropped his jaw, which Diana noticed.

"Getting attracted to her, Alan?" questioned Diana with a hint of jealousy in her tone.

"W-What?!" he blushed with the cat girl smirking which Nora noticed with a frown.

"Oh. You like what you see, little boy?" the black cat teased while intentionally shaking her breasts lightly to the sides. "Or should I say 'big boy' when you get aroused?"

Alan turned more red with Diana glaring at the cat with Nora frowning.

"Were you spying on us through the window?"

"It was more than that, dear." the black cat answered with her grin turning slightly larger. "I've been spying on you through the whole cottage, in and out. Even when you were all sleeping last night."

"What?!" cried out the three in even more shock.

"You heard me." she smirked while casually walking over to Alan before Diana got in between them.

"You stay away from Alan." she hissed making the cat chuckle.

"What? Are you scared that I'll take the father of your future kittens away?"

"Come any closer and you'll start losing lives." growled Diana bringing her claws out with Alan panicking.

"Please Diana, calm down." he attempted, taking hold of her right arm gently but also firmly.

"But Alan!"

"Listen to me, Diana." the little human began to say. "Whoever this cat is, she can be able to disappear almost in an instant. Even if you try, I don't think you can be able to hurt her."

"He's right you know." the black cat included.

Still, Diana wasn't fully convinced.

"Since you didn't answer Nora's questions, I'll be the one to repeat them now." she spoke, doing her best to keep her anger in check. "Who are you? And are you doing here?"

"Oh my bad, how silly of me. You can call me the Cheshire Cat."

"And what you're doing here is...?"

"To have some fun with this cutie of course." the Cheshire Cat replied, pointing to the boy.

"What?!" the two females exclaimed while the said boy stood there in surprise.

"Since there aren't any other men around, I figured, why not take this chance before word spread and he got swarmed?"

"And, if that ever happens, how can you protect him?" Nora questioned.

"Simple." she replied before vanishing on the spot with a chuckle. The Cheshire Cat then appeared in the next second, standing right behind Alan. She wrapped her arms around Alan and pressed his head against her chest making his eyes go wide eyed. "I'll bet they're soft, aren't they?"

He was about to give his reply, but before he could, she had already disappeared along with him.

They both appeared in the next moment in the living room, with the black cat sitted on the couch while the boy was seated on her lap and with her arms still hugging him.

"See? I can do something more productive than you two."

The other two females glared at her in response.

"Especially in bed~" she purred in Alan's ear before licking it making his face turn as red as a tomato.

Her comment only made the anger inside of them to increase, which the boy noticed.

"M-Maybe we should all take a deep breath and relax." he tried to recommend, hoping to calm them down.

"Get away from him!" snapped the two girls before lunging at them.

Yet, the Cheshire Cat wasn't even slightly scared. She smirked and vanished with Alan once more before they could touch either of them.

Both girls wound up crashing into each other with groans.

"Cheshire Cat! Return Alan to us!" Diana angrily yelled after she and Nora got up.

All she got was silence.

"Cheshire Cat! If this is supposed to be a joke, then it's not funny!"

"She took Alan!"

The cat turned to the rabbit and asked: "Nora, any idea of where they went?"

"She probably took him outside somewhere."

"Alright, I'll go and try to find him." remarked Diana before running outside. 'Hang on Alan, we'll find you.'

(Meanwhile with the Cheshire Cat and Alan)

Said cat appeared in the forest with Alan before letting go as he fell down after trying to run and tripped before turning to her with wide eyes as she licked her lips.

"You don't have to be afraid of me, boy." she assured while walking closer to him in a seductive manner. "I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to see for myself how good you are in having sex."

"C-Can't you just ask Nora and Diana?"

"No, they would refuse to let me even if I were to ask." she replied while getting closer with her hips swaying before sitting on his waist making his face turn crimson. She then leaned her face down to the point it was just a couple of inches away from his and whispered: "Pucker up, cutie."

Alan opened his mouth to speak before her lips crashed against his. And if that wasn't enough for a kiss, he also felt her using her tongue. 'Oh No!' he nervously thought while sensing that his pole was getting up. He felt her tongue rub all around his own while her tail swished and felt his dick pressing against her ass.

"Mmmmm..." the black cat moaned out through her nose. 'I'm gonna show him what this little pussy can do.' "Now then, let's get started." the Cheshire Cat said after she ceased kissing. She reached down to grab the bulge and gave it a squeeze making Alan groan. "Let's see how you taste, boy." she stated as she pulled off his underwear, exposing his cock.

Alan gulped while seeing her move down and grab his dick directly before moving her hand up and down. The young Kingsleigh couldn't prevent himself from giving out a moan as he enjoyed her touch.

"Mmm, it looks bigger up close." she said before massaging it a little faster. "And tasty~" The black cat soon noticed a bit of white jizz coming out from the tip. "Oh? Is someone getting excited already?"

"You could say that, yes." He admitted begrudgingly.

The Cheshire Cat chuckled before crawling to his waist and began to suck on his tool while fingering herself.


'His precum is not bad. However, I would like to see him ejaculate, so I can have a better taste of his cum. Even if I get addicted to it, I will have no regrets.' she thought while savouring it. She licked around the tip while giving his balls a squeeze making him grip the ground.

"Ah..." Alan moaned, despite his efforts to contain the sound from coming out.

'That's it, moan for me.'

"Ah...!" he moaned again, now louder as he felt her licking the tip.

'Good boy.' She started to finger herself faster as she also started to lick more frequently.

'She's like Diana, but rougher!' he stated in his brain. 'If she keeps up, I don't think I'm going to last.'

The Cheshire Cat got an idea and began to lightly drag her teeth around the sides making him jump with wide eyes.

"Wh- Are you trying to bite me?" Alan inquired with a scared face as he looked at her.

She slid her head off and grinned. "Maybe, maybe not, I guess it depends on how big of a load you can give me."

A gulp was the only response he was able to give her.

"So do your best." she winked before she resumed sucking on the dick with Alan groaning.

'Please let me give her a load big enough, I wanna keep my penis!'

Their activity went on for a good couple of minutes. But, for the young Kingsleigh, it seemed it was longer than that.

"Ah! I-I'm gonna go crazy." he groaned.

The Cheshire Cat soon started to suck his manhood faster and finger herself in equal speed. 'Go ahead and give me all you have.'

"A-AHHH!" he cried out before his sperm went gushing into her mouth.

She thirstily drank it without missing a single drop, even as she entered her own climax. "Mmmmm~" Once she was finished, she took her mouth off his cock before licking her lips. "That was delicious." the black cat complemented. "I think I see now why those two girls want you so much."

"T-Thank you."

"Alan!?" they both heard Diana's voice calling out to him. "Alan where are you!"

"Over here, Diana!" he called back.

Diana turned her head and ran to the area of the sound just as the Cheshire Cat covered his mouth and made them vanish just as she reached the spot. "Damn it." the former pet cat groaned in irritation. "I was so close to get him."

Alan tried to make a muffled sound, but the Cheshire Cat kept his mouth covered while giving his dick a rub at the same time with both invisible to Diana. He thought of a way to get his mouth free at least before the Cheshire could think of teleporting them away. 'Diana over here! We're right here!' He trashed his head around, hoping for the black cat to lose her grip.

"Alan? Alan!"

But, despite his efforts, the Cheshire Cat's hand still covered his mouth.

Diana frowned and turned before walking away. "I could've sworn I heard him."

He tried to push the invisible cat off. However, while doing so, his fingers ended up touching her nipples.

"Mmm." hummed the Cheshire Cat with a smile. "Relax, we'll get to the fun part when she leaves."

"Why can't she join us?" the boy attempted to say, even though his words barely came out.

"Because then she'd get plenty of attention compared to me. I want a turn all on my own."

"I don't know, Cheshire Cat." Alan muttered with some guilt in his conscience. "Doing this, behind their backs, makes me feel like I'm betraying them."

"Relax, think of it like this. If I don't get a taste, it'd probably be another girl, or even the queen, and they wouldn't let you go in the slightest. I just want a taste."

"Wait... There's a queen here in Lustland?" he inquired, obviously surprised to know there was royalty in that world.

"Of course, did you think there wasn't?" she giggled which made Diana's ears perk up.

"With all the craziness that's been happening since the day me and Diana arrived, I didn't think it was possible." he admitted before Diana turned her head with narrowed slits.

"Got you!" she lunged out towards an open spot before feeling herself crash into two bodies and fell on the ground holding on to one of them. "You're not getting away this time!"

"Diana?" Alan spoke up after he felt her grab him.

"Alan? You're safe!" she smiled hugging him with her tail swishing before perking up and rubbed something long with her hand. "Wait, then this is..."

"Easy kitten, don't go touching unless you're wanting a go." smirked the Cheshire Cat.

"You!" the former pet cat hissed and then demanded. "Turn visible this instant, you and Alan!"

"Aw come on, we haven't gotten to the best part yet."

"After taking him away from us, I don't think you even deserve that chance."

"You just like being greedy."

"Not more than you. I willingly share him with Nora." Diana countered.

"And everyone else in this land?" she countered.

"If I really have to, I will. But not if they do something like you just did with Alan - taking him away from me."

"Oh now I really call unfair on that!"

"Unfair? Unfair is-"

"Please, both of you stop." Alan cut off, getting in the middle of them. "Look, can't we all just get along and talk things out?"

Diana sighed and spoke: "You're right, Alan. I'm sorry."

"And you too." he turned to the Cheshire Cat.

"For you, cutie, I apologize as well." she smiled before licking his cheek slowly while giving Diana a glance and seeing the cat hissing. It was like she was telling the Cheshire Cat to not try anything funny. "So...now can we bang?"

"Only if Diana and Nora consent." he replied. "I don't want them to feel betrayed."

"Ugh, fine." She proceeded to grab Diana before teleporting all three of them back to the rabbit's cottage.

With Nora, she was pacing back and forth with worry. 'Where could Diana be?' her mind kept on asking. 'Has she found Alan yet? Is she having trouble? Perhaps I should've gone with her.' That's when the three of them appeared in the house, making Nora scream and jump back from fear with the Cheshire Cat grinning.

"I love doing that."

She was about to angrily say something to the black cat, but stopped herself as soon as she noticed the human boy with her and Diana. "Alan!" the rabbit exclaimed in happiness and relief before rushing to him. She glomped him with a smile while he blushed. "I'm so glad you're safe!"

"Sorry for disappearing like that." he said while embracing her as well.

"Relax, I'm not mad at you." she replied before glaring at the black cat who just gave a wink.

"Can you blame me?"

"How can I NOT blame you, when you were the one who took him?" Nora rhetorically inquired.

"Again, if I don't take my turn, he'll be swamped by everyone else here, and they won't be so merciful."

"Like who?"

"Every girl in the land." the black cat said. "So how about this? You let me have fun with Alan before the two of you, and in exchange, I'll help you prevent anyone from taking and keeping him for themselves."

"And how do we know you're telling the truth?"

"You don't. But now I'm asking you to give me a chance to prove to you that I can be trusted." she smiled with her tail swishing while looking smug.

Nora and Diana stood in silence, glancing at each other while contemplating on giving the Cheshire Cat what she wanted.

Alan himself took a deep breath. "I think we should let her."

The two females took his opinion into consideration for a moment and then gave their conclusion: "Fine, we consent."

"Yes!" the black cat screamed with glee and went to hug him, crushing her body against his. "Let's get started and have sex, Alan."

He blushed at the softness before she grabbed his face and pressed their lips together while reaching down to grab his dick, which Nora and Diana finally saw was already out. "By the way, let us continue where we left off." she included.


"Wait." Nora spoke up. "If you're going to do it, then do it in a bedroom, not in the living room."

"But that takes away part of the fun." pouted the Cheshire Cat.

"Okay. But at least, try not to make a big mess here." the rabbit kinda pleaded. "I don't want my place smelling of semen."

"Fine fine." the black cat agreed and then turned back to the boy. "Now, where were we? Oh, I remember now." she grabbed his face and slammed their lips together while reaching down to grab his dick before rubbing it up and down catching him off guard. Yet, despite the surprise, he couldn't stop himself from moaning through her smooch.

Diana and Nora blushed while Diana was more annoyed than the rabbit. They both continued watching, even after Alan's cock was standing up and strong.

"Now it's time to ride you." the Cheshire Cat moved Alan down before climbing on his groin and began rubbing her ass against the dick.

He gasped as he felt that. Its friction driving him close to the point of losing his self-control.

"Come on Alan, tell me you want it."

"I... I... I want it." he spoke while breathing rapidly.

"Louder~" she sang.

"I want it." he repeated, increasing the volume.

"Good boy." Glad to comply, the Cheshire Cat wasted no time to position herself and take his shaft into her vagina. When it went in Alan groaned while she smiled with a growl. "Oh yeah, it's been ages since I had a dick in me." She then started to move her hips up and down, feeling the boy's cock moving between her 'walls' while she was doing that. "I'm gonna ride you and make sure to milk your cute dick out of all its juice."

Her statement made Alan have a nervous face. However, Nora and Diana had an expression of irritation, for the Cheshire Cat, and protectiveness, for Alan.


"You don't mean that literally... right?" the little human said with a dry gulp before saying the last word.

"Oh big time~"

The two other girls didn't take that statement well as the former pet feline was the first to speak up.

"Oh No! You're not going to have sex with him until he looks like he's exhausted to death." she frowned walking over to get in the Cheshire Cat's face.

"Oh? Well how are you gonna stop me?" the black cat taunted with a smirk.

She walked over and moved near Alan's face before sitting on it with her pussy exposed. "Go ahead Alan, you lick me right here and you can keep it together."

"Alright, Diana." he reached up to grab her hips and started licking at the vagina while Diana hummed and the Cheshire Cat moved her hips and down the dick faster.

"That's it, Alan." Diana moaned out. "Keep licking me. Make me cum."

'Oh he'll cum way before you do pussycat.' the Cheshire Cat spoke in her mind as she added more speed to her movements.

Diana saw and frowned before getting an idea and reached over to grab the mounds.

"Hey, not that I'm complaining, but what's the big idea?" the Cheshire Cat questioned after letting out a gasp of surprise upon feeling the hands of the other feline on her breasts.

"To help Alan make you cum before him of course."

"Oh, you think you can do that? Well, bring it on, kitten." she challenged the former pet cat.

"Oh, it's already brought."

And so, as the black cat kept riding the boy's mast, the white cat rubbed her hands on her large bosom. She tried to focus on the nipples while giving them a pinch and moaned from Alan's tongue.

The young Kingsleigh was doing his best, withstanding the black cat fucking him while he was pleasuring his former pet cat. But the tight confines around his dick was starting to get to him. 'I don't think I can hold it much longer!' he thought as he felt the pressure building up.

'He's gonna blow any second now.' the Cheshire Cat stated in her head with a perverted smirk, knowing full well what was going to happen.

That same smirk, however, didn't go unnoticed by Diana.

"W-What are you smiling about?" she moaned while moving her pussy closer to Alan's tongue.

"He's at his limit." the black cat simply responded. "I predict he'll in 3...2...1."

"A-Ahhh!" cried Alan before his sperm started shooting inside the cat.

"... Cum inside me!" the Cheshire Cat finished her sentence before screaming in ecstacy.

And seconds later, Diana entered her own climax. Her juices covered Alan's face with the Cheshire Cat eagerly milking his dick with a hum.

After seeing that he wasn't going to shoot any more semen, she turned her attention to the white-furred feline as they were all breathing heavily.

"So, how was that... for you, kitten?"

"Amateur...at best."

"Amateur? How come?"

"I could have made him cum with half the effort."

"As if. You may have gotten some experience since yesterday, but I've been doing this for a few years. So, if I wanted to, I could have made him cum in just seconds."

Both cats glared at the other while Alan and Nora sweatdropped.

'Please, not again.' he begged in his mind. 'Not another argument that may end with a fight.' "Alright you two, that's enough of that."

"But Alan, she-" Diana began.

"No buts." he interrupted, putting some control but without being manipulative or aggressive. "Or else, as punishment, there will be no more sex for you both today."

"Awwwww." the two cats pouted at the same time.

The Cheshire Cat then stopped her pouting and returned to her usual self: "Anyway, since I had sex with you, Alan, I can have the privilege to join your harem."

"No, now you can leave, like right now." spoke Diana pointing to the door.

"Either I join, or we go through before, your choice miss uptight."

The white cat groaned in frustration, seeing that there was no other way. "Alright, you win. But I'm only accepting for Alan's sake."

"Works for me." she smirked with a cheshire grin.

With that being settled, the Cheshire Cat embraced Alan affectionately in the next moment, much to Diana's jealousy although she didn't do or say anything.

After seeing that there wasn't going to have any more violence, Nora announced: "Well then, I'm going to take a shower and get myself fixed up. If any of you want to shower too, there's another bathroom after the guest rooms."

"I could use one." admitted Alan.

"Let me go with you." his former pet spoke up. "I can wash your back."

"I'll do his front." smirked the Cheshire Cat.

"What? But I thought you two didn't like water." said a surprised Alan.

"I mainly wanna go to keep her from getting any ideas." replied Diana, gesturing to the black cat.

"Nya." she stuck her tongue out with a smirk.

The trio proceeded to walk the path that Nora had directed them to. Which was after walking past the four guest rooms, like she had indicated.

When they got in the bathroom Alan stripped with the Cheshire Cat and Diana grabbing the soap.


The shower had taken much longer than they wanted to. The reason for that was because, while Diana and the Cheshire Cat were bathing him, the latter decided to act a bit like a pervert and 'clean' him with her tongue, starting with his chest.

Which of course lead to Diana chastising her and try harder NOT to kick her out. However, that didn't work for long as the Cheshire Cat got even more bold. And in doing so, caused Diana to tackle her and fall with her in the bathtub.

In the end, Alan got out, feeling refreshed while the two cats followed him from behind by a couple of steps away, completely wet.

"This is all your fault." the white cat muttered with enough volume for the black cat to hear.

Cheshire Cat blew a raspberry at her.

"I hate you at this moment." Diana included.

"And I love you.~" the Cheshire Cat said back, taunting.

"Alan!" cried Nora running over with a smile. "Are you all cleaned up?"

"Yes, I am, Nora." he responded back.

"What about the other two?"

Alan looked behind him for a moment to see that the Cheshire Cat and Diana were still soaked wet. With the former smirking while the latter was glaring. "Um, could be better." He then took a better look at Nora and noticed that she was dressed in a pretty white silk dress that could reach her knees, as well as carrying his now washed clean clothes in one of her arms. "You look fabulous, Nora." he couldn't help but compliment.

"Why thank you." she smiled. "And I see you're still naked. But that's why I took the liberty to wash your clothes while you were still in the bathroom."

"Thanks Nora." he smiled as she handed them to him before he started putting them on. "But I'm curious, is there a special occasion for the dress?"

"Actually, yes. I'm going to get my friends before we go to the Kingdom of Cards. Would you like to come with?"

"Sure, that sounds like fun."

"Alright then. It will take us one hour to journey from here to the kingdom. However, the fun will only start at 3 pm. So, we have plenty of time."

"Can the other two come?"

"If they want to, they can." replied Nora before turning to the cats. "But only if they can dry off fast and promise not to start anymore fights."

"For the cutie here, I promise." the Cheshire Cat said, lifting a hand up.

"I swear Alan." spoke Diana.

"Alright, let's get going." smiled Nora, seeing that there wasn't going to be any problems between them. At least, that's what she thought.


The four were walking through the forest with Alan in between all three. Although their trip had been long and was still far from finished, it had also been calm.

"Wow, this area looks beautiful." Alan gave his opinion about the grove. "Do you travel here often, Nora?"

"Only when I need to visit the queen occasionally." she replied. "Even though we get along with her and we trust her, her king always rubbed me off in the wrong way. I mean, I suspect that the king is not as good as he seems. Too bad she doesn't seem to suspect him as well."

"Well what's the queen like?"

"Let's just say, she is kind and comprehensive. She is calm, but sometimes she has a short temper. And she is overprotective of those she cares for. Even though, a little possessive too."

"Will she be ok with us tagging along?"

"I think so." she nodded as she pushed a branch out of the way before Diana sniffed the air and grimaced.

"Ugh. I don't know what it is, but it certainly stinks." the albino-furred feline stated, shaking her head to clear the smell from her senses.

"Oh please, this is nothing." the Cheshire Cat waved off with a snicker. "Is the poor little house cat scared of smelling?"

Diana turned her attention to the black cat and spoke with a little annoyed frown: "Scared? Don't make me laugh. I smelled worse things than this back in Alan's world."

"Then get ready since it's gonna get worse."

As they continued to move through the woods, they soon began to hear a girl's voice humming to a music.

"Do you know who that is?" Alan whispered to Nora.

"Yes, and I'll introduce you to her when we meet her in person." she smiled while coughing a little. "She should be right over this next hill."

"Is it always this foggy in this forest?" Diana inquired while also coughing.

"This isn't fog, it's smoke."

"Wha-? There's a fire close by!?" the white cat nearly screamed with a scared face.

"Oh no no no, nothing like that silly." the rabbit quickly reassured. "It's just a friend of mine who really enjoys smoking, sometimes even in areas where she shouldn't."

They kept on moving until they went over the next hill and the three newcomers spotted something sitting on a large leaf with someone smoking from a pipe.

"Is that what I think it is? A caterpillar?" Alan asked as he stared in awe at the shape of that someone's body.

The woman sitting on the leaf had a rather round and smooth looking body with a pair of legs that weren't all skinny, but she did have green hair while her skin was blue and three pairs of F sized breasts while she was smoking a large pipe.

She continued to smoke and hum until she noticed the three of them. With one of them being someone she knew. "Ahh, Nora." she spoke to the rabbit with glee. "It's good to see you, my old friend."

"Hi there Katie."

"So, how was your date with Nolan? Did he propose to you yet?"

"No." she looked down with her ears drooping. "He broke up with me."

"Wha-? What happened?" the caterpillar inquired, surprised by that revelation. "I really thought you two would be a good match."

"So did I, but he broke up with me and didn't wanna talk it out."

"That shameless bastard of a..." Katie growled with a low tone before taking a deep breathe to calm down and giving Nora a sympathetic look. "Sorry. Look, Nora, if you don't want to talk about that, then it's fine. I won't make you."

"It's ok, I actually met two people who were there to help me." the rabbit replied and stepped aside to show and introduce them to Katie. "Allow me to introduce you to my new friend Diana, and our shared boyfriend Alan."

"Hello." waved Alan with Diana nodding.

"Wait, shared boyfriend? Why Nora, I didn't know you were like that." teased Katie.

"I was kinda surprised myself, if you can believe that." Nora admitted with a tiny red shade on her cheeks. "But anyway, I'm currently sharing Alan with Diana and..." she pointed to the black cat before continuing with a bit of a frown. "her, the Cheshire Cat."

"Hey there."

Katie gave a bit of a frown of her own as she eyed her: "Still causing trouble, aren't you, Cheshire Cat?"

"Nya, maybe~"

Not satisfied with the answer, the caterpillar turned to her friend: "Did she cause any problems to you or to your boyfriend?"

"Besides trying to snatch Alan away?"

"Umm... Yes. Anything else?"

"Well she and Diana got into this sex off to try and claim him, but he talked them into calming down, and eventually I got them to come with me. We're on our way to meet the queen."

Nora said before inquiring. "Would you like to join us?"

"Hmm, not sure, I'm feeling rather relaxed right here."

"Well if she doesn't want to come with us, then it's no problem to us. Let's get going." voiced out the Cheshire Cat with a shrug.

"Hang on, we just got here." frowned Nora.

"How much time do we still have before we have to go to the kingdom?"

"About two hours."

"In that case, let's move. We still a while to travel before we can reach it."

"Nora, before you go, mind if I get a closer look at the boy?"

"I don't see why not." she replied before turning her attention to the little human. "Alan, if you please?"

"Sure." he nodded stepping while seeing the girl slowly crawl down the large stem like a caterpillar.

Katie took a moment to check the boy from the front to the back... even groping a few parts of his body. Once she was finished, she gave her thoughts about him. 'Hmm, young a little, but not too young if he had sex with all three of them. He must be considerate to get Nora to have sex with him so soon after her break up.' "I have to say, Nora, he is quite a good catch. Much better than Nolan, no doubt."

"Thank you." blushed Alan.

"I'm glad you like him." Nora smiled. "If you're interested, I can talk with the other girls to see if they're okay with sharing our boyfriend with you too, Katie."

"Wait what?" blinked Alan with Katie smiling and blowing some smoke to the side.

"I admit, I've tried to find a boyfriend myself a few times. But they were either already claimed and their girls didn't want to share, or they didn't last long." the caterpillar confessed. "So... that offer is actually tempting."

"Great, what do you say Alan?"

"Well, umm... I... suppose we could let her in our harem." he nervously answered while rubbing a hand behind his head.


"Well I guess, welcome to the family." Diana gave her opinion, unsure if it was okay. 'At least she asked first.'

"I suppose it's fine." the Cheshire Cat spoke like it was no big deal. 'I'll just have to sneak Alan off when they're not looking.'

Katie then proceeded to take the boy into her arms and lightly pet him. "I'll do my best to be a good and sharing girlfriend to you, Alan." she said with a sweet tone.

"Thank you." he blushed at the sudden embrace.

The caterpillar soon turned ger attention to her friend after releasing Alan. "You know what, Nora? For both you and him, I'll go too."


"Absolutely. Lead the way, I'll follow." she spoke while taking another puff.

"Alright, everybody let's go." declared Nora to the rest.

"Just tell your friend to watch where she blows her smoke." the Cheshire Cat said, trying to clear away some of the smoke that was getting on her face. "I don't want to get my lungs all rotten."

"I make no promises."

And so they continued travelling to the kingdom of Lustland with their new addition to the group. Little did they knew though, they were soon going to have some more companions joining in as well.


The journey through the forest kept on going smoothly for Alan and his girls. Although, in the point of view of the Cheshire Cat, it could've been, if Katie wasn't walking next to her and didn't puff her smoke straight to the black cat's face.

"What did I just say before?" asked the said black cat a tad unnerved.

"To stop puffing smoke on your face. And I told you and I'll say it again: I make no promises." responded the caterpillar, not caring for her.

The Cheshire Cat and coughed with Katie walking up near Alan closely.

"But, if you want, I can stop smoking, darling." she said to the boy.

"Well it is getting pretty thick."

"In that case..." she began to say before putting her cigar away. "There, better?"

"Yes, Katie, thank you." said Alan in gratitude and with a small but genuine smile

"No problem." she smiled while the Cheshire Cat frowned at her. "Even though we just started, I'm enjoying being your girlfriend."

He blushed while she wrapped her arm around his and rubbed their shoulders together.

The Cheshire Cat couldn't help but feel a little jealous after seeing that. She moved over and held his other arm while rubbing it against her chest with a smile. "How about this, Alan?" the black cat spoke seductively. "After we are done with whatever it is in the kingdom, and we go to bed, I'll give you the pleasure to wreck my snatch with that 'spear' of yours."

He blushed feeling her breasts with Nora and Diana inwardly groaning.

"As much as I myself would want to get in action with Alan, I would prefer to be in control for the moment." proclaimed Diana to the Cheshire Cat and Katie with crossed arms. "And I think you two should be doing the same."

"Oh come on, don't be a prude." spoke the black cat. "If you want, you can go first."

"I just might."

As they were chatting amongst themselves, they failed to notice two identical silhouettes watching them behind a couple of trees.

"Oooh, do you see what I see?" spoke the first silhouette, revealing the voice to be a girl.

"Indeed, I do, sister." replied the other, revealing to be a girl as well as having the same type of voice as the previous. "A cutie of a boy with a bunch of different girls."

"But a boy's never been seen around here, no sir re."

"I think the last time I saw a boy was almost a year ago. What a shame that there aren't any boys in these parts anymore."

"Should we tell the queen?"

"No." she said in the next second. "Last time we did that she was forced by the king to have them thrown in the dungeons until they starved to death. And just because they were being nice to the queen when they met her. But, according to the king, they were being TOO nice. I'm not going to take that chance again."

"Then what say we go ahead and meet him up close and personal?"

"That's exactly what I had in mind too. Let's do it."

Both of them nodded and darted behind the brush and slowly moved their way towards the group. Back to Alan and his girlfriends. They were still moving through the grove while the caterpillar and the black cat remained between the boy, each one holding on to one of his arms.

"Alan, have you ever cuddled on a large bed?"

"How large exactly?"

"As big as one of the flowers in this land."

"Then no, I haven't, Katie." he replied, shaking his head lightly in denial.

"Then later I'll show you what it's like, personally~"

The young Kingsleigh was left with a red face because of her answer, knowing what she meant.

It was then that another voice joined in their conversation.

"I wouldn't mind giving him a personal demonstration myself."

"Same here dear sister."

Everyone in Alan's group took a defensive stance and stayed together when they heard their voices speaking.

"Who's there?! Show yourselves!" called out Diana.

"Fine. No need to get your fur sticking up, pussycat."

She let out a hiss before they saw two women step out from behind the trees.

The said women were, much to their surprise, twins. They were both wearing black victorian dresses with yellow liners and victorian straw hats; They had short brown wavy hair. The only difference was that the one to the group's left had red lipstick, and the other one had blue.

"Oh no, these two." sighed Katie taking a longer puff.

"Hello, sweethearts and cutie pie." the twins spoke simultaneously. "We. Are. The Tweedles."

"Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum." sighed the caterpillar.

Her words made the twins look at her angrily.

"Oy, don't confuse us with those wannabes from last week, Katie." said the Tweedle with the blue lipstick. "That's offensive to us. I'm Tweedledora. Or simply, Dora."

"And I'm Tweedledarla. Or, Darla, if you wish." said the Tweedle with the red lipstick next. "And you better not mistake us with those impostors again."

"Dee and Dum, Dee and Dum~" sang the Cheshire Cat with a snicker.

"Seriously, knock it off." the twins said at the same time as they turned their attention to the black feline, sounding angrier.

"Why are you two showing up here out of the blue?" asked Nora.

The Tweedle with the red lipstick told her: "If you need to know, Nora, we are here because of your boyfriend."

"Me?" blushed Alan.

"Yes, darling, you." responded the other Tweedle with a smile and a wink to him.

"Why?" glared Diana.

"Because, just like with Nora, we also had bad luck in finding a decent guy for a boyfriend." Darla frowned a little while crossing her arms over her chest.

"So now you two want in?"

"Yes, that's pretty much it. Or to be given a chance, at the very least." said Dora with a nod. "If it really doesn't work out, then we'll just have to try with someone else."

'How many more of these women want Alan?!' thought the white-furred feline in irritation.

"That's not for me to decide, it's him."

"Oh. We thought that decisions like this were made together as a group." Tweedle with the red lipstick spoke. "You know, like, vote from majority."

"Well unless he says so, then no." Diana then turned to the young Kingsleigh. "What do you think, Alan? Do you want them to join, or leave?"

"Well...that's kinda hard to say right now." His statement left the twins a bit edgy, however they still kept their faces normal. "I mean we're kinda busy going somewhere."

"Well, what a coincidence. We're going somewhere ourselves." stated Dora with a small smile before facing her twin. "Ain't that right, sis?"

"Yes, we are going to where the queen of Lustland rules." said Darla.

"Same." spoke Nora.

"Then let's tag along." the Tweedles announced at the same time.

"Fine, but no touchy~" sang the Cheshire Cat while hugging Alan against her chest. "That's for me."

That made the other girls turn to her with frowns, while the boy felt like his brain was going to cease to function due to how big and soft her boobs were.

"And for us too. We are part of his harem, Cheshire Cat. So we are in this together." said Katie.

"And I think we should keep on moving." 'Before a hundred more girls show up and want to join. I knew men were rare, but we haven't been out here an hour and already these two found us and want in.'

"Katie is right, we should keep moving." Nora agreed with her friend. "Last thing we want is for Alan to have so many girls that he won't have the time and the energy to keep us all satisfied. And I don't want him to get exhausted like that."

The twins saw the group keep walking on by making them frown.

"Hey, don't leave us behind!" Dora and Darla called out as they ran to catch up to them.

"Then pick up the pace!" Diana called back without looking back to them. 'Damn twins, at this rate Alan will be swarming in random girls!'

(Sometime later while walking)

"Are we there yet?" asked Dora.


"How about now?" asked Darla.

"No again. Seriously, you two are getting on my nerves." groaned Diana, getting mentally tired of the twins. "That's the 58th time you two have been asking us that."

"Really? I thought it was number 60."

Darla's comment made the white cat feel like she was about to do something that wasn't going to be pretty. Luckily, she decided to turn to the human boy. "Alan, can I get a hug from you?" she asked as sweetly as she could.

"Sure." he replied before she glomped him quickly with a purr and rubbed her cheek against his.

"I was needing this. Thank you, Alan. I'm already feeling better." she whispered to him while feeling some of the frustration leaving her.

"No problem." he patted her back and smiled.

"Are we there yet?" the Tweedles repeated their question once again.

"Say that again and I'll pop your chests." threatened the Cheshire Cat.

"Please, don't get violent with each other." said Alan softly, trying to calm them down before turning to the twins. "And you two, please that's enough. We're all a little stressed after walking for this long."


"Our bad."

"Anyway, it shouldn't be too much further." stated Nora. "I know that because it's not the first time me and Katie went to the kingdom."

"So keep up." remarked Katia while feeling the urge to take a puff, but kept herself composed.

While they continued walking in silence, they suddenly began to hear something coming from the direction they were going.

"Do you hear that?" inquired the boy. "Sounds like someone is singing over there."

"Which means we're getting close."

As they moved closer, the voices that were singing became more clear, and they soon understood what the voices were singing about.

"A very merry unbirthday to me!" sang a woman's voice as they noticed on their way a large bush in the shape of a gate.

"To who?" sang another woman that had a scottish accent.

Even with the singing continuing, they decided to move through it while listening to the duo singing from the other side.

"To me!" continued the first woman's voice.

"Oh you!" replied the second one.

Upon passing through the gate they came across a woman with white curled hair, seated at a very long table. She was dressed in dark green pants, a dark blue shirt, an orange coat, a pair of brown shoes, a light blue bow tie and a large green top hat with a hatband reading

"Tea and fun, I'm all for it.". She is also shown to have a pair of H-cup breasts.

"Who's that?" asked Alan who was stunned at the sheer size of the chest compared to the other girls.

Katie was going to answer, but before she could, the woman with the top hat spoke up as she turned her attention to the boy and his harem.

"Ah. Looks like we have some people joining us for a cup of tea." the woman with the top hat said with a scottish accent, standing up to greet them. "I am Thea Hightopp. Or, if you like, call me The Mad Hatter."

"She's quite mad."

"Really mad." spoke up Dora and Darla.

"I'll take that as a compliment, thank you." the Mad Hatter responded with a gentle smile. "Care to join us?"

""Us"? Who else is here with you?" questioned the boy as he looked around and saw there was nobody else on sight. "I know we've heard another woman singing with you, but I don't see her anywhere."

"That's because you're using just your eyes when you should be using your hands."

"Using my hand? Sorry, I don't know what you mean." he replied before she smiled and sipped from her cup before someone suddenly moved up in front of him where his hands met something soft.

"I see someone is feeling up for an adventure." commented a woman's voice which belonged to the same one that had been singing with the Mad Hatter. "How do you like my buns, boy?"

Alan jumped back and blushed since he was looking at a girl with short brown hair, matching rabbit ears, and was wearing a long sleeved red coat with a orange bow at the top and brown pants, but the top of the coat was open to expose her F sized breasts, which is what his hands met when she suddenly appeared.

The said rabbit girl giggled at his reaction before saying: "Since my friend has already introduced herself to you, I believe it is only fair I do the same." she then proceeded to make a small bow. "Theresa Earwicket. Or, if you wish, the March Hare."

"S-S-Sorry! I didn't mean to grab you there!"

"Oh don't worry about that, sweetheart. I was actually enjoying having your small but gentle hands on them." she giggled making him blush before she bounced over the table and landed in a seat with the Mad Hatter pouring tea into her cup.

"Anyhoo, you're all just in time. Me and Theresa were celebrating each other's unbirthdays." stated Thea with enthusiasm. "Come and join our party. We have chocolate cake, strawberry juice, orange juice, milk, and water."

"Ooh, sounds good." grinned Cheshire Cat before pulling Alan over to some seats.

"And if you don't want cake, we also got cookies, biscuits and toasts." added Theresa as the others decided to sit at the table as well.

"A little stop couldn't hurt, but just a little." spoke Diana who frowned at seeing Cheshire Cat hold a cookie up to Alan's face.

"Open up, cutie.~" the black cat said with a playful and loving tone.

"Alright. Thank you, Cheshire Cat." he responded before letting her feed the cookie to him.

"No problem." she winked while Diana glowered while the others went ahead to enjoy the sweets.

"Mmm. These toasts were really well done." spoke Darla after taking a bite out of a toast in her hand. "Not even our mother could make toasts taste this good."

"You took the words right out of my mouth, sister." Dora concurred, savouring on her own toast.

"Not bad, not bad." commented Katie.

"You've certainly outdone yourselves." complimented Nora after drinking some strawberry juice from a glass. "Last month was good, but now it's even better."

"We always try to please." the March Hare stated with pride. "In fact, for those of you who don't know, I'm the one who cooks these tasty meals here on this table. Thea is the one who takes care of the drinks."

"Anyone for more tea?" the Mad Hatter spoke up.

"Here please." Diana responded looking over to the boy still in the black cat's arms from time to time. 'Hopefully, some tea will help me calm my nerves.'

"I'll take some too." replied the Cheshire Cat before turning to Alan. "Would you also like to have tea, Alan?"

"Sure, I'd love some."

"Well then..." the Cheshire Cat began before speaking to the woman with the top hat. "Oy, Mad Hatter. One more cup of tea, for our boyfriend here."

"Coming right up."

Surprisingly, to say the least, for someone like the Mad Hatter to have such a big chest, she was able to move fast. That meant in both running and pouring the tea on each cup without spilling a drop.

"Enjoy.~" she said after she finished serving the guests who wanted tea and after she sat back on her chair.

Alan was surprised and took a sip while occasionally glancing at the chest. However, both the Mad Hatter and the March Hare knew where he was looking.

"It seems someone likes to stare at my friend's 'goods'." the latter said with a teasing smirk.

He did a spit take and coughed making them chuckle.

"Maybe, he would want to get a closer inspection. What do you think, Thea?"

"It would be good to make sure he hasn't gone blind."

Her words only served to make his face turn a crimson color while some of his girls, like Katie, frowned.

"Maybe stick with the tea." spoke Diana.

"Well, I don't know about you all, but this milk is amazing." Darla said upon drinking some milk from her glass.

"Thank you, it's a special kind." the Mad Hatter answered, hiding a grin.

"Is it that special?" Dora questioned after drinking some milk herself.

"Very VERY special."

Seeing their questioning and intrigued expressions, the March Hare finally decided to speak up.

"It's actually milk from... Thea's boobs." she revealed with a laugh.

All of their eyes widened with Alan and Diana doing a spit take, Katie looking at it in shock, with the others not too taken back with the Cheshire Cat even drinking an extra gulp.

"Well, I don't see any reason to complain." shrugged the black cat as she continued to drink.

"We thought it would make our tea parties more interesting."

"Well, it certainly did." the young Kingsleigh gave his opinion. "Though I'm not sure if it was in a good or bad point of view."

"That depends, how's it taste to you?"


"Here, Alan. You can drink from mine." the Cheshire Cat said, handing her glass to the boy.

He accepted it and took a minor sip. And right after he had a taste, his eyes went wide when he realized how fresh and tasty it was. He took another drink with all the girls watching silently.

"How does it taste, dear?" the Mad Hatter inquired, almost guessing his answer.


"Wonderful to hear it." she said with a big smile and a clap of her hands. "I knew that someone other than us would like my milk."

"If you like, you can drink straight from the tap." the March Hare told him.

"Uhh... I'm good, thank you." he blushed making the girls pout.

"You two are desiring our boyfriend, aren't you?" Nora inquired to the Mad Hatter and the March Hare with crossed arms and a black look, suspecting their intentions.

"Who? Us? That's silly."

"I doubt it." Katie retorted, joining her friend.

"Sure seems like it."

"Quite right sister." spoke up the two twins.

"I'm fine if you want him too." said the Cheshire Cat with a tiny smirk. "Under one condition: don't, and I really mean, DON'T try anything to steal him away from us."

"Hey! There's already plenty of girls here already." whispered Diana with a frown.

"Oh I'm sure they have something to keep us all happy." the black cat replied back without whispering.

Diana glared at her before noticing the teapot start rattling a little making them all turn towards it.

"What's inside the teapot?" the boy asked while pointing a finger to it. "And please, don't say it's nothing."

"Oh it's not nothing."

"But it is something." smiled the Mad Hatter.

"Then, what is it exactly?" Darla questioned.

Alan reached over and opened the top before looking inside and went wide eyed. "Wow."

It was a small anthro dormouse girl of grey fur, wearing a purple ballerina-like outfit and a pink bow on her head. He also noticed that she was sleeping soundly.

"Ooh, an appetizer." grinned the Cheshire Cat licking her lips.

"No, you can't eat her." the Mad Hatter instantly said, frowning a little at the black feline. "You can look all you want, but not eat."

Diana looked at the rodent sleeping inside the teapot and thought: 'It's a good thing I never liked to eat mice. Especially since I made a few friends with them back at Alan's home.'

"Wow, she's so tiny." said the boy in awe. "Then again, that's to be expected from a mouse."

The small girl let out a yawn and began to slowly wake up with a mumble. She then looked up from the teapot before addressing to the Mad Hatter and the March Hare with a half-asleep face.

"Morning sleepy head." greeted the woman with the top hat.

The dormouse gave out another yawn and said: "Morning to you too, Thea, Theresa. Anything special for today?"

"We have plenty of new guests for our tea party."

"And two of them... are cats." the Cheshire Cat added with mischievous intention.

Her eyes widened instantly in fear. "CATS?!"

"Uh oh." Thea spoke up with a sensation, which she and her tea friend knew what was going to happen. "Grab her quickly!"


Both of the March Hare and the Mad Hatter leapt from their seats at the same time, trying to catch her. But the dormouse was faster and was able to dodge them.

"I don't wanna be eaten!" she screamed in great fear.

"Calm down! No ones here to eat you." The Mad Hatter attempted to reassure.

However, it didn't stop the dormouse from running around.

"I think we need more help, if you please!" the March Hare called out to the guests.

"Works for me, I could use a meaty snack." the Cheshire Cat licked her lips.

"No!" the boy immediately pleaded to the black feline. "If you're going to help, please don't eat her."

"Hang on I got her!" spoke Nora with her hand cutting the Dormouse off.

But it wasn't enough to make her stop in her tracks as she jumped to the White Rabbit's arm. She ran up them and jumped, which caused her to go flying towards Alan.

He got a startle when he noticed the dormouse heading straight to him. Yet, he failed to react in time. Which caused her to collide with his face and made him fall off to the ground along with her.

"Alan!" his girls screamed as they saw him falling.

Alan blinked and blushed since he could feel the Dormouse had landed on his mouth. And if that wasn't enough, she also had unintentionally connected her lips with his, much to the surprise of both of them.

"Hey!" cried out the twins with huffs.

"Wha-?" stammered Nora in shock and with some jealousy. "How did this happen?!"

"Stop kissing Alan!"

Yet even though the dormouse complied as she slowly moved her lips away, their eyes were still locked on to one another.

"Um...sorry." the dormouse stuttered with a red color on her cheeks.

Alan let her climb up on his face as he sat up with his own blush. "It's ok, really."

Then, out of nowhere, a sparkling energy started to surround the cute rodent.

"Hey, what's going on?" asked Nora.

"Hmm... It seems that our small friend is about to become much larger." the March Hare voiced out.

Indeed, as they all saw the Dormouse begin to grow and grow. Luckily, her attire grew as well. Otherwise, there would be... an embarrassing result. But anyway, she grew until she was as tall as the boy's mother, if not, taller. And she at that point showed she had a C-cup chest, and a nice but cute butt. But her position had lead to her straddling Alan...on his face.

"Hey, what do you think you're doing sitting on Alan's face!?" Diana yelled in a fit of jealousy, with her fur standing up.

The Dormouse blinked and blushed, before letting out a yawn and rubbed her eyes. "I feel tired again."

"Don't you dare sleep on him!" the albino-furred cat snarled. "Because if you do, I'll tear your tail off!"

"Wow, someone's being kinky." teased the Cheshire Cat.

"Don't you start!" Diana snapped back at the ebony-furred feline.

"Dormouse, if you fall asleep on the poor boy's face, he's likely to get excited and ravage you." teased the Mad hatter.

She replied with half-lid eyes and a perverted smirk, still looking at Alan: "Well... if he's gentle, I don't think I would mind so much."

Alan's face turned more red before Diana stamped over with a hiss.

"That's it!" she said to the dormouse. "You ARE getting off him this instant!"

"But I feel so cozy...nighty night..." spoke the rodent while going back to sleep.

Diana growled before grabbing her and dragged her off Alan getting a whine from the mouse.

"Oh come on. Why do you have to be so mean?"

"Because it's like every girl around is trying to get their claws in him when they barely know him!"

Her comment caused the Tweedles to look the other way in awkwardness, knowing that she had a point.

"Mmm, don't wanna...zzzz" the dormouse said before falling asleep on the ground.

"Well, at least she's not sleeping on top of him anymore." Nora sighed with relief.

Alan blushed while sitting up and was pulled back over to his seat by Diana. It was then that the very same energy from earlier enveloped the dormouse again. Only this time she began to shrink down. And she shrunk until she was back to her original size.

"Does that happen a lot?"

"Yup, that's why she spends most of her time sleeping." replied the woman with the top hat.

"Which makes it easier so we can get fresh tea." added her tea party friend.

The young Kingleigh got up and went to pick up the zzz'ing rodent. He moved back over and put her back in the teapot before putting the lid back on. "So, can either of you tell us how the Dormouse got so tall before going back to normal?" he asked the Mad Hatter and the March Hare as he sat back on his chair.

"Simple, usually she stays tiny to help add flavor to the tea, but when she stays outside long enough she grows to normal size, in regards to people that is." explained Thea.

"Plus, for her to grow so quickly, I would say she started developing feelings for you." Theresa stated further. "And, truth be told, I believe... I have as well."

"What?!" cried out Diana and Nora together.

"And you can add me to the list." said the Mad Hatter with a happy smile, not caring for the reactions of the others.

"Again, what?!"

"I'm starting to think they have gone deaf all of a sudden, Theresa." the woman with the top hat jested. "Maybe we need to write on something."

"We can hear you just fine." spoke Katie while pulling out her pipe and took a puff from instinct. "But how can you say you love him when you just met him?"

"That's the crazy thing, sweetie." replied the March Hare. "It's something we feel in our hearts."

"Oh? Then prove it." the white rabbit challenged.

"Gladly!" said the March Hare as she stood up.

Alan saw the two woman walk over to him with seductive looks. "Uh... Do you need help with something?" he nervously asked.

"Nope~" Thea and Theresa responded at the same time with an alluring tone.

'Oh no.' he thought. 'Why do I have a feeling that they are going to jump on top of me?'

And cue both women jumping up and landing on his lap, causing the chair to fall back on the ground.

"Go ahead, Thea. You first." Theresa permitted.

"Oh no, I insist you first."

"Okay." She grabbed Alan's face and leaned in.

By then, his head began to sweat while his face was turning crimson red for the proximity. When her lips met his he heard her start to moan making him gulp.

She then pulled away and commented: "Mmm... Those lips of yours are just so delicious, darling. Much better than any cakes or cookies that I've ever made and tasted."

"My turn!" declared the Mad Hatter as she gently pushed her friend aside and grabbed the boy's head. "This time I'll give a little spin on it thought~"

"What do you-?" Alan started saying before her lips silenced him. Except this time he felt her tongue worm its way in and start licking his with a moan. The young Kingsleigh began to feel himself heating up. The tongue was rubbing all across his while even twisting around it while she rubbed her chest against him. That only made him unable to suppress a moan from coming out.

"And there she goes folks!" Theresa said out loud for everyone to hear. "She might suck up his saliva if we give her enough time."

Because of her shout, she ended up waking up the dormouse as she lifted up the teapot's lid.

"Hey, what's with all the screaming?" she inquired with her eyes still sleepy. "I'm trying to sleep here."

"Those two are just sucking Alan's face." Katie told her.

"Oh. Thea and Theresa are smooching on the boy? Good for them." the rodent began to say at first. "Just try not to make too much noise." but then she got her eyes fully awake when she understood what was happening. "Wait a minute! No, that's not good! I want to smooch on him too!"

"Oh just go back to sleep." huffed Diana.

"No way!" responded the dormouse before jumping out. She ran across the table over to Thea and Alan with Thea moaning and sucking on Alan's tongue making his eyes widen and his pants feel tighter, which she felt.

"Someone wants to get in action, hm?" the woman with the top hat rhetorically asked with a smirk.

"Uh huh!"

However, Alan's girls weren't too thrilled with what the Mad Hatter and the March Hare were doing to him. And neither was the dormouse, who was already climbing up on his chest.

"Ok that's enough out of you three." Katie proclaimed, seeing that their interaction with Alan was going too far.

Dormouse got up to Alan's face and tried kissing him right on the lips. And as soon as their lips connected, she grew back to human size. She knocked the other two off while moaning as Nora and Diana stood up and marched over.

"Alright, enough is enough." Diana growled. "Get off his lap, now."

"Oh no! That's not going to happen this time!" the dormouse defied. She hugged him close and kept kissing him before the Cheshire Cat got an idea, moved over, and grabbed the thin tail. "EEP!" she shrieked before turning to the one grabbing her tail. "What do you think you're doing? Let go of my tail!"

"I will, when you let go of Alan."

"And let some other girl get their hands on him? I don't think so."

"Oh yeah? Cat."

"Wait..." the dormouse started to say while paying better attention to the features of the girl that was holding her tail. "You're... A CAT!?"

"Yup. So you better get off my man or I'm gonna have a mouse sandwich with this tea."

"NOOO!" she screamed in fear, holding on tighter to Alan as she turned her face to him. "PLEASE PROTECT ME!"

He groaned from the hug with the two twins feeling miffed being left out.

"Hey, if you're gonna cuddle...!"

"... Then let us join as well!" said Darla and then Dora.

"Here we go." sighed Katie taking a puff as the twins rushed over and tried getting on Alan's lap.

"Any ideas to stop all of this, Katie?" Nora, with crossed arms, said to her friend by her side. "We need to get going."

"Hmm, maybe, but you may not like it."

"Well, what have you got in mind?"

"We could tie them up to a tree."

The white rabbit's eyes went wide at that: "Tie them up to a tree? Are you insane? With Alan between them, he could get crushed!"

"I meant after prying them off." she deadpanned.

"Oh." Nora spoke, blushing a little in embarrassment. "I... I guess that can work. But we need to act fast, because once we try to take him away, they will cling to him like if it's a matter of life or death."

Diana hissed before grabbing the Dormouse by the shoulders and started tugging her with the Cheshire Cat. "Get off him!"

"Forget it!" she frowned clutching on to him harder.

"Okay, Katie, let's begin." announced Nora to her friend, wanting to put an end to the situation.

The caterpillar smirked before taking another puff, only this time the smoke was larger and shaped into a bundle of rope.

The white rabbit proceeded to take one end of the rope while her friend took the other before they both sprinted towards the group of girls grabbing the boy.

"Hey!" Alan attempted to reason. "Let's all calm down, please."

The girls however didn't listen.

"Let him go, you skanks!" the dormouse yelled.

"Don't call us skanks!" the girls shouted back almost simultaneously.

"Girls!" Nora yelled as loud as her lungs could let her. All of them turned to her. And by the time they could focus their sights on her, they felt something getting wrapped around them. They looked down and got yanked off of Alan.

The boy was relieved to know that he wasn't being smothered to death anymore. But then he noticed the girls getting tied up around a tree by Nora and Katie.

"There, that should hold you." said Katie as she finished tying them up on her end.

"Let us go!"

"Not until you all calm down and don't try to hug Alan to death!" Nora nearly shouted to them. "He can only handle so much weight at once!"

"But I still want to embrace that cutie of a boy." the dormouse whined.

"Same to me, especially since he might want to feel more of my bon bons." included the March Hare.

"You were practically smothering him." the caterpillar berated her.

"We were doing nothing of the short."

"And we would never mean to hurt him." replied Darla and Dora.

"Lies." hissed Diana.

"No, we are not lying."

"All of you need to calm down or you may harm Alan." said Katie.

"As if I would ever want to harm him. But fine, at least from me, you can trust me to calm down." spoke the Cheshire Cat before saying the rest with a smirk. "Besides, I can just vanish from here." she snapped her fingers before vanishing on the spot.

Most of the girls gasped at her sudden disappearance. Either because they didn't know that she could do that, or because they forgot.

"So keep in mind, I'll be watching~" the black feline finished before reappearing by Alan's side.

"I don't care!" spoke the Dormouse who looked pale.

"First off, don't shout." the Cheshire Cat began to speak. "And second, you should care. After all, you want to be with Alan as well."

"Ah, but so do we all?" smiled the Mad Hatter.

"Uh... Yes, I almost forgot about you and the March Hare." she admitted while the Mad Hatter was sipping tea...somehow.

Knowing that the rodent in a ballerina-like outfit was in an argument she couldn't win, she decided it was better to give in: "Alright. I'll be good. Now, can you please get me out of this bind and let me kiss the boy again?"

"It's up to Alan." said Katie before she and the other girls turned their faces to him, wanting to know his choice.

Alan felt pressure seeing their gazes while rubbing his arm and averting his gaze.

"Go ahead, Alan. You don't have to be so nervous." spoke Nora as she laid a hand on his shoulder in an effort to help him relax. "Whatever you choose, we'll respect it."

"Yeah." 'Even though I don't trust them.' thought Diana.

The young Kingsleigh stayed quiet for a second, and then gave his answer: "Okay. If she wants to kiss me that much, I'll... I'll consent."

"What about the rest?" asked Katie.

"I'll let them too, if they want. They just have to wait for their turn."

'Damn it!'

"Very well then." stated Nora and then spoke to the rest of the girls who were still tied up. "What about the rest of you? Will you behave?"


With that being said, the white rabbit turned to her friend and said: "Alright, Katie, let's untie them."

"You're sure?"

"Not completely, no. But we'll go with it anyway."

"Very well."

Not long after Katie and Nora had released the girls, the dormouse slowly walked up to Alan.

"Can I kiss you now?" she shyly inquired.

"Yeah, go ahead." he permitted with a small but kind smile.

"Yay!" The rodent quickly pulled and embraced him in her arms while smacking her lips with his.

He blushed while she moaned with her tail wagging. Before he knew it, she went deeper with the kiss and pushed her tongue into his mouth. He blushed, but wrapped his arms around her and tried licking her tongue back.

The sensation of his tongue made her tremble in pleasure and made her desire more. She wrapped her arms around him and pressed her body against his.

During all of that, most of the girls in Alan's harem frowned with envy at the scene between the two kissers. However, due to the promise they made, they didn't do anything against it.

Eventually though they broke it with flushed faces. Both of them were breathing rapidly and heavily, but still pretty much happy with the action.

"You really are... one heck... of a kisser." the dormouse complimented her lover.

"Thanks...you too."

"I'm sorry for not introducing myself earlier. But anyway... My name is Caroleena. Or Carol, for short."

"Nice to meet you Carol."

"Likewise, uh... Alan, isn't it?"

"Uh huh."

"Good to know. Would you like to have another?"

Upon hearing, Nora voiced out: "Ahem."


"You already had more than enough time to kiss Alan. I believe it's only fair to let the other girls, at least those who want kiss him too. If you still want to kiss him again, you've got to get in line."

"Alright, I'm feeling sleepy again anyway." Caroleena stated after yawning. "But this time, I'm going to sleep in one of his pockets after returning to my normal size."

"Just hurry up." muttered Diana with a grumble.

The energy that made the dormouse grow or shrink in size soon enveloped her form, and a few seconds later she was back to the size of a mouse. Alan carefully picked her up as she yawned before setting her down in his shirt pocket.

"Good night, my love." she said before she fell asleep with a smile full of happiness.

"What about us?"

"Well, who would like to be next?" he asked back.

"US!" spoke the twins up quickly. Although the Tweedles grabbing hold of him was a bit forced as they rushed to him, it was still soft. They both stood on each side of him and both caressed one of his cheeks with a hand.

"So who goes first?" he blushed feeling their chests rub against him.

"You first, Darla." consented Dora.

"No Dora, you first."

"Okay." Darla's sister said before turning to Alan. "Time to pucker up, cutie."

He nodded before the twin grabbed his face and pressed their lips together with eagerness. The boy was surprised to know that the Tweedle with the blue lipstick had a sweet taste in her lips, blueberry to be exact. 'Wow, I didn't know lipstick could taste like this.'

In the next moment, Dora decided to push her tongue into his mouth to get a flavor of it. 'Mmmm, his lips are smooth and soft.' the Tweedle with the blue lipstick thought while putting her hands on the back of his head and gently pulling him a tad closer. 'I wonder if he would mind me getting a little 'grabby'.' With that perverted thought in mind, Dora moved her right hand downwards at a snail's pace until she landed it on his butt and gave it a squeeze.

Alan jumped before she broke the kiss with a smile. "What are you... trying to do, Dora?" he inquired with a hint of wariness in his voice.

"Just wanted to see what your butt was like." she responded. "Why? You don't like it?"

"...I didn't say that."

"Oh. Then you don't mind me touching you there, or do you?"

He shook his head before jumping when she gave his butt a pinch with a smile. "At this rate, it seems like you're implying that you want to do more things to me than just groping and kissing." he said while lifting an eyebrow.

"Well I wouldn't mind, but my twin is probably getting jealous~"

True to her words, Alan could see that Darla had a red color on her cheeks and a glower on her face.

"Hurry up and let me have a turn already!"

"Fine. Fine." Dora spoke, taking her right hand off of Alan's rear and lifting it up in front of her, trying to calm down her sister. "No need to get so huffy, Darla."

"Just let me have a go at his sweet lips before next century."

"Someone's getting impatient. But, so be it." Darla's sister lightly teased before putting her attention on the boy. "Sorry to cut our blissful moment short, Alan."

"It's alright."

She gave out a sigh of disappointment and looked back to her sister. "Anyway, here you go." Dora said as she lightly pushed the young Kingsleigh to Darla. "Enjoy."

"Oh trust me, I will~" Darla showed no hesitation and snatched him into her embrace. "Now let's see how you like my kiss, darling." the Tweedle with the red lipstick spoke with loving eyes and a tender tone.

Alan nodded before feeling her lips meet his, and this time noted her lips tasted like strawberries. 'Strawberries, huh?' he wondered while relishing them. 'I wonder if those lipsticks are actually homemade by them.'

'Mmm, now that's more like it. she thought as she laid a hand on his butt, the other hand on the back of his head and pressed her bosom against him.

'She's really like her sister alright.' he said in his mind, not surprised by her action. 'But I see no reason to complain.' he kissed back while doing something different and reached out to give her ass a rub.

The Tweedle with the red lipstick gave out a small moan in delight. 'Oh keep going cutie and really grab it.'

Somehow, as if he heard her thoughts, the boy did precisely that and gave a gentle squeeze to her behind.

She jumped and moaned while pushing her tongue in and eagerly licking around his mouth.

Not surprised by her deed, since her twin did that too, he decided to return the favor and started to use his tongue to wrestle with hers. 'I won't let her do all the work.'

'Ooh. Look who decided to become brave and join the dance.~' Darla thought with some eagerness. she rubbed closer against him while trying to get a rise out of his 'little friend'.

Alan couldn't resist her rubbing and ended up moaning. She rubbed harder against him, more specifically his groin. However, her action did not go unnoticed by the other girls.

"Hey! Ok that's going too far there." Katie spoke up, frowning.

The twin though kept on going.

At that point, Diana hissed: "Hey! We have only agreed to let each of us kiss Alan, nothing else. So stop it right now before I go there and stop you myself!"

"Oh fine fine, spoil sport."

'Phew... Good thing Diana intervened.' Alan thought in relief and sweated a little as Darla let go of him. 'For a moment there I thought my... 'wood' was going to get so big that it would rip through my shorts.'

"There, happy?"

"Yes." the albino-furred cat fired back almost with sarcasm.

"Our turns~"announced the Mad Hatter and the March Hare at the same time. They rushed over and sandwiched Alan between their chests with the Mad Hatter tilting his head and diving right into the kiss.

At first, he was surprised to know that her lips had a hint of lemon. But he quickly figured out that it was about the tea she had been taking earlier. He kissed her back, but suddenly found her lips pulled back, his head turned, and his lips captured by the March Hare right away. He instantly knew that her lips tasted like toasts, yet he wasn't bothered by that.

When she pulled away she winked. "Later on you can have fun with my bon bons."

Remembering how big her boobs were when he first laid hands on them by accident, he felt his head heating up a little.

"Can we go now?" Nora huffed. "Because otherwise, by the time we reach the kingdom, its gates are already down."

"I agree." spoke Diana. "Let's get going."

"Very well then. Do lead the way, if you please." said Thea in a lady manner.

The group started to head out while surrounding Alan as they walked.

"And perhaps, after we're done with that business at the kingdom, we can go to one your girlfriends' homes and celebrate everyone's unbirthdays with a special beverage before we all get into the real 'action', even yours, Alan." said the March Hare with a wink.

He blushed and just gave a nod.

Their journey from that point until they had arrived in the kingdom took them about forty minutes. But they had at long last reached its gates.

Nora cleared her throat and walked up to the gates before pulling out a key and used it to unlock them. As soon as they were opened, Alan along with his harem walked inside and were instantly greeted by a very unpleasant sight.

Several men who looked like giant playing cards were dragging behind them several children in rope who looked sad and looking down. Other men with such features were taking away a screaming little boy from his beaten up father and crying mother, who both failed to keep their child safe, despite their efforts.

"Oh my god." Katie murmured in horror.

"Nora, what's going on?" the boy immediately questioned. "Is the kingdom of Lustland supposed to be like this?"

"No, I swear it's not."

"Me and Dora have also been here a few times before, and it's the first time we've ever seen the kingdom in such a terrible state." affirmed the Tweedle with the red lipstick, also shocked at what she was looking at.

"The queen of Lustland would never allow this to happen. We know she wouldn't." Dora added with the same face as her sister's. "Something is without a doubt really, really wrong here."

"Well where is she?" asked Diana.

"She must be inside of that palace in the throne room over there." said Darla, pointing to a giant structure to their right.

"Then that's where we need to go." spoke Alan.

As they were moving to the castle, they heard shouts coming from the other direction.

"What are you doing?! I paid for that food! I need it for my daughters!" pleaded a woman.

"Well that's a pity." said a card guard evilly. "Because I want to eat now. Even when I'm not that hungry. Looks like your kids are gonna have to starve to death."

"Please show mercy!"

"I'm already showing mercy by not smacking you. So, unless you want me to hurt you, don't annoy me!" the guard said with intolerance before taking a bite out of a piece of bread stolen from the woman.

"Hey you! Stop it!" called out Alan.

Both the card guard and the woman, who was a light-blue lizard woman in ragged clothes, turned to face the young Kingsleigh as he approached them.

"And who do you think you are to order me around?" the guard smugly asked with a provoking attitude.

"My name is Alan, and I'm doing what any person with a good heart would do. What gives you the right to treat them like this?"

"None of your business, you little brat. Now go away before you get hurt."

"I'd watch who you talk to." smirked the Cheshire Cat before she vanished. "Unless you want me to turn you into one of my... living scratching posts."

"Hey! Where'd she go?" the guard demanded after seeing the black feline, who was standing by the boy's side, disappear out of thin air.

"Right here~" the Cheshire Cat called out with a mischievous attitude.

The next thing the guard knew, he was knocked face down.

"Now be a nice man and stay down." the black feline joked while turning visible again and walking casually back to the boy's side.

"Ooh! What a fun game, whack the guard." chuckled the Mad Hatter.

Alan then walked up to the downed guard and took the bag of food from him before going to the lizard woman with light-blue scales. "Here you go ma'am."

She hesitated for a second, but after knowing for certain that he wasn't trying to trick her or anything, she accepted it. "Thank you."

"Don't mention it, ma'am. And, because that guard ate some of your bread..." he then proceeded to take some toasts that he had left in his person for in case he got hungry and dumped them in her bag. "I want you to have some of my toasts."

"Thank you, you're very kind." the lizard woman said in gratitude. "There are no words that I can say to express how grateful I am for your assistance. You just saved my daughters' lives."

"It's no problem, just doing what any good person should."

"Whoever you are, may the gods bless you." she bent her head down in respect after saying that.

"Oh! Well I'm Alan."

"And I'm Bethany."

Then Alan got a little curious as he inquired about her family: "If you don't mind me asking, Bethany, where are your daughters? And, why is your husband nowhere to be found?"

"Well, my daughters are at home, with the eldest taking care of them and making sure that no strangers come in without me around." and then Bethany lowered her head down with depression evident in her tone and her face. "As for my husband, he... he died, about a month ago. I am a widow."

"Oh...I'm so sorry."

"No, it's fine." she and then composed herself. "Even though that memory of him still makes me feel a little sad, I'm already willing to move on and, if I can, find a new husband."

'Oh no.' thought Diana with dread. 'Please don't lead to what I'm thinking.'

"Well, just out of curiosity, and feel free to avoid the question if you want, but have you found someone who caught your interest yet?" he asked.


Her response caused some of the girls in Alan's harem, including Diana, to silently sigh in relief.

"Where's the ruler?"

"If you mean King Roswell, he is seated in the throne room." the lizard woman in rags told him before continuing with a hiss of hate. "And no doubt that... fiend is enjoying ruling over everyone as he pleases by himself, and not caring what his people actually think of him. All because he can do as he likes."

"What about the queen?" he questioned next.

"I've heard two guards talking about her not long ago." Bethany answered. "They said something about the former queen being locked up somewhere in the dungeons' lowest level."

"That's horrid! Definitely no place for tea." remarked the Mad Hatter.

"Do you by any chance know when that happened?"

"As well as who was responsible for locking up the queen there?" Darla and Dora respectively inquired.

"It was the king who did it." Bethany told them with a grudge against the said ruler. "As for when: I'm not certain, but I would say, about a few days ago."

"That's horrible!" gasped Nora.

The group went quiet for a moment to take in the information.

Then Katie asked after puffing some smoke away: "Bethany, do you know of some way of getting inside the dungeons without getting arrested by the guards?"

"No, I'm sorry but I do not."

"Then it seems luck is not on our side." Alan lightly groaned in discouragement.

"I might find out." smirked the Cheshire Cat.

They were going to ask her something...

But before they could, a man's voice with a military tone caught their attention: "You! Stop right there and identify yourselves!"

"Uh oh." All of them uttered as they turned to focus their sights on the card guard that yelled out his order at them.

"Answer the question, who are all of you?!"

"W-well, Mr. Guard, we are just a group of travellers." the lizard woman tried to do her best to diffuse the situation.

But while she was at it, the guard's eyes landed on his knocked out colleague. "Oh really? So you think you can just walk in here and attack my men?"

"We didn't attack him, he was already like this." the Cheshire Cat lied.

"Lying will lead to a longer sentence in the dungeon. Take them men."

As soon as he said that, Alan and the others looked all around them to see themselves, in mere seconds, surrounded by more card guards from every direction.

"Oh no." squeaked Nora in fear.

The card guard, who was commanding the other guards, then announced: "Surrender now, and no harm will come to you."

"Oh me oh my, that sounds scary." smiled the Mad Hatter.

"What's your opinion about this, Alan? Should we do as they say, or should we try to make a run for it?" whispered Diana, looking a little uneasy.

"Well...um..." the boy began to say, uncertain of which option was better.


"We...give up." Alan proclaimed with reluctance.

"Wise choice, take them men."

"Yes sir!" all of the present guards spoke to their commander at the same time. They moved over and surrounded the group before slapping cuffs on each.

"Good work, men. Now let's bring them to the king, so he can make the decision of what to do with them." said the commanding card guard after he noticed that they had finished arresting all of Alan's harem, including the lizard woman.

"Yes sir!" they spoke before they started walking and made Alan's group follow.

After some time walking, they entered inside the castle. They were led into the throne room where they were forced to kneel.

"What have we here?" inquired a strong yet rough voice of a man.

"My king, these intruders snuck in and assaulted my men." replied the commanding guard as he knelt and bent his head down in respect to the ruler of Lustland.

"Oh really now?"

"Yes, my liege."

At that accusation, Alan attempted to speak up: "That's not how it happened. The reason-"

"SILENCE PRISONER!" King Roswell interrupted as he yelled at the boy. "You will speak ONLY when spoken to!" yelled the king who seemed rather short with a tall crown while having a silly looking mustache that curled around the ends.

Needless to say, the young Kingsleigh was startled by the ruler's sudden shout.

The king got off his tall throne and walked up to them. "You are certainly an odd bunch." he commented. "I've never seen such a group in my life."

"And I've never seen one so small." remarked the hare with a chuckle.

King Roswell's face turned completely red at her statement as he faced her. "HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE CUT IN HALF, AND THEN WE'LL SEE WHO IS SMALL?!" he threatened with a yell.

"P-Please you mjaesty! She didn't mean it like that!" spoke up Nora in a panic.

The monarch of Lustland turned to the white rabbit: "I said to speak only when spoken to. And that applies to all of you. But... since you decided to put yourself in the fire, Nora, then tell me why should I ignore what she just said? What can she do to make up for her mistake?"


"I'm waiting... and becoming impatient." he warned with crossed arms.

"S-She could help make delicious tea!" she blurted out the first thing that came to mind and hoped for the best.

"Tea? Is that what you feel is anything of value to me?"

"B-But King Roswell, her tea is really good. Maybe even enough to make you relax."


"No, it's not." Alan boldly stepped in. "I know because I tried it myself. She and her friend can really make some tasty snacks and nice tea."

"Silence boy!" the ruler shouted at him. "One more word out of place and I'll send you all to be executed!"

All of them felt nervous of his threat, even the boy who had no other option but to give in for all of their sakes.

"Forget what I said before, send them all to the dungeons!"

All of them gasped in shocking surprise.

"This is an outrage!" Diana exclaimed as her fur stood up. "We haven't done a damn thing!"

"I can tolerate a lot of things, but THIS INJUSTICE... I can't let that stand!" Katie added her own comment.

The card guards moved over and grabbed the group before dragging them out of the room. As that was happening, Alan scowled at the king.

"What you're doing to Lustland and its people doesn't make you a king, it makes you a tyrant! One day, there will be consequences that you can't escape from! DO NOT THINK THIS IS ACTUALLY OVER!" the boy cursed him.

"Yes yes, that's what they all say." King Roswell said with an arrogant tone, not exactly heeding Alan's words.

The group frowned and were ushered down steps into a dark basement. As they arrived at the fifth and last level below in the dungeons, the young Kingsleigh brought his attention to the four card guards that were escorting him, his harem and the lizard woman.

"Why are you following the orders of such a vile man?" he spoke, trying to reason with them. "Have you no shame in what you're doing?"

"Quiet prisoner, we're doing what we're told to." one of them said in a hard tone.

But the boy's words weren't completely in vain as he noticed another guard, a red card one, giving him an expression of sorrow and sympathy. Perhaps, it was his way of saying that he really had no pride in his actions as a guard.

Eventually they reached a locked door and opened it before ushering them in. After they were all inside, one of the guards proceeded to lock the door with a key before going away with the rest of them.

"This sucks." the March Hare groaned.

"No tea, no crumpets, and a cold damp cell." the Mad Hatter agreed.

"I'm sorry I got us all in prison, Bethany." Alan apologized to the lizard woman.

"No, it's fine, you just spoke up for what you believed in." Bethany assured. "And, despite what happened, I'm grateful for you defending me."

"Mom? Is that you?" a girl's voice was suddenly heard.

That made them turn their heads with Bethany gasping.

"Ellie? Ellie, where are you?" the lizard woman inquired while sticking her head out through the cell's bars as much as she could and looking everywhere around her.

"I'm a cell right next to yours."

"Oh thank god you're safe, I was so worried!" Bethany breathed out in relief. "But why are you here?"

"I'm not the only one." Ellie said, disheartened. "I'm here with Deborah and our little sister, Kendra."

"Oh no." the lizardwoman muttered while covering her mouth with a hand.

"I'm sorry, mom. You told me not to study alchemy, but I wanted to learn so badly. I wanted to be able to cure you in case you ever became sick. I didn't want us to lose you like we lost dad in that month." Ellie lamented.

"It's alright Ellie, your heart was in the right place."

"Still, mom, Ellie doing alchemy wasn't the only motive for getting us thrown in prison." another girl's voice said, who sounded a little older. "It was also for attacking a guard."

"Oh no, whatever for?"

"For trying to have his way with her." the oldest sister hissed angrily at the memory. "A guard walked into our house like he owned it and saw Ellie doing alchemy. He said that he would turn a blind eye if he... had sex with her."

"Good lord."

"It began when I was in my room talking with Kendra about our hobbies when I heard the main door from our house open. We thought you had already returned, mom. But before we went down the stairs, that's when we saw one of the card guards barging in and caught Ellie doing alchemy. And I could see, in her eyes, clear as day, how terrified she was when he made that disgusting deal. So, I rushed in, took a chair and slammed it on that bastard's head before he knew what hit him."

"You did the right thing." spoke Diana.

"Thank you, whoever you are in that cell with my mom."

"But that still wasn't the end." the youngest sister, Kendra, spoke up. "As soon as Deborah had hit the guard, two other guards who were standing by the door came in, helped their colleague and arrested us. That's how we are here. According to them, we were arrested for doing alchemy and for attacking a guard. The king even sided with the said guard who tried to touch Ellie, despite giving us a chance to defend ourselves and letting us tell why Deborah did that."

"That's horrid." frowned Katie.

"Yes, it is. Not to mention, unjust." said Ellie before saying the last line. "King Roswell said that today, before the night falls, he... he will add our heads to his collection of traitors and lawbreakers."

That made Alan and his group gasp with said boy paling at the image.

"Oh my god. Oh my god." the mother of the lizard sisters mumbled in a panic as she too imagined that image of horror of her daughters getting their heads hacked off.

"We gotta get out of here." spoke Nora.

"And we will." Alan replied, standing up with resolve on his face.

"But how?"

He only responded by getting a hand in one of the pockets in his light-blue shorts and then showing the sleeping dormouse in the ballerina-like attire in his palm. "This is how." He then leaned his head to Caroleena before gently whispering: "Carol, please wake up."

"Mmmm...don't wanna..."

"Please, Carol." he requested again as he gave her a soft kiss.

She groaned with a smile before slowly opening her eyes and yawned. "Alan, my love, why did you wake me up? I was having a really beautiful dream about you." she lightly complained.

"Sorry about that, but we need you to help us. We're trapped in the king's dungeon."

Upon hearing that, the dormouse became fully awake. "Say no more. I'll set you free." she bravely declared as she stood up. "I will not allow anyone to imprison my love."

"Great." he smiled before moving his hand as she carefully hopped off.

Caroleena immediately went to the door lock and started working on it. She moved inside it and started to carefully push the tumblers around slowly. And, in just a matter of seconds, a releasing sound came from the lock. "Got it!" the dormouse victoriously voiced out.

"Good job!" the boy praised her.

She moved back to His hand as they opened the door while he put her back into his pocket. He then moved to the prison cell that was next to them.

"Hold on, we're all getting out of here." He immediately went to fetch the dormouse and asked her to do the same thing for the lizard daughters.

"I'm on it." she complied.

And soon after they were also set free.

"Thank you so much." The eldest sister said in gratitude as she and her sisters got out of their holding cell.

"Don't thank us yet, we're still at the mercy of the king while here." spoke Katie.

"Hmm... Maybe she can help us, sis?" Ellie spoke to her older sister.

Ellie was a lizard girl who seemed a few years older than Alan. She had white scales, green eyes, and was wearing a ruined grey dress that could barely cover her intimate parts.

"How so?" the said sibling, Deborah, inquired.

Deborah, like her sisters, was also a lizard girl - or lizard woman, since she looked a little older than Alan's brother Matthew. She had dark-green scales, blue eyes, and was also dressed in a ruined dress like Ellie. With the only exceptions being - her dress was black; and it had the midsection torn, thus showing her waist.

"What do you mean?" asked Diana.

"She can help free the queen."

"If we can free her she can make that bastard pay for his crimes."

""She"? Who are you talking about?" Alan said to the middle lizard sister.

"The queen."

That caught everyone's attention.

"You know where she's being held?" Nora asked Ellie then.

"Yeah, just farther down the dungeon." she replied before beckoning them. "This way."

The group did so while Alan was pondering on what the queen might look like. They followed the lizard sisters until they reached the end of the line. They gave the large door there a loud knock.

"It's already time for my execution?" came the voice of a woman from the other side.

"No your majesty, we're not guards, we're prisoners like you who want to free you."

Ellie's words had managed to change the woman's defeated attitude, but only a little. "I'm not a queen anymore, my dear. My bastard of a husband made sure of that as he stole that role from me."

"But we can fix that. If we get you out of here we can put him in his place and you can take back the throne." the lizard girl stated. "And, in case you don't know, the royal guards have been nothing but thugs and brutes to the people. They even are bullies."

"My word, I had hoped they would try to help even if my husband took over, but they sound just as thuggish as him."

"Indeed. But not all of them enjoy what they're doing." the young Kingsleigh included. "I remember asking the guards who were escorting us to this place why they were following that man. And I saw one of them looking at me like he was sorry for what he was doing."

"Even still, as long as I'm here he will drive the land and kingdom into the ground."

"No need to worry, your majesty. Alan has the key for your cell." Deborah told her.

"Well, I don't have the key exactly." he corrected. "But I do have someone who is able to set you free."



"Move me up to the lock." the dormouse in his pocket told him.

He did so and watched as she moved inside. Compared to the others, she took a little longer to disengage that lock. But in the end, she was successful. The lock clicked and they all saw the door slowly open. And from it, the former queen of Lustland came out soon after.

Diana and Alan went slack jawed as the queen was a tall woman with L size breasts, an amazingly thin waist, and a large ass about half as big as her chest. She didn't have shoes, but she had a red royal dress which showed a lot of cleavage with her slender and smooth legs on display, with her long black hair badly unkempt.

"Thank you for releasing me." the former queen spoke in pure gratitude and relief.

"N-No problem." Alan spoke with a huge blush.

However, everyone noticed his crimson-red face. Which irked the girls closest to Alan, especially Diana who glanced at the queen's chest and her own.

'Damn it! She's huge! How can I compete with that!?' she nervously thought, scared that she would lose him.

"So, now what?" asked Katie.

"I'm going to find the guards and regroup them." the ex-queen replied with great resolve and bravery. "I know of a few of them who would much rather fight for me to save the kingdom or to die trying, than to serve under that vile man."

"What should we do?" asked Nora.

She shook her head in denial as she responded to the rabbit before addressing all the others: "There's nothing else you can do. This fight is just between me and Roswell. I believe it's best for you all to just get yourselves out and flee from Lustland... that is, in case I fail. I can only ask you to help evacuate as many of my people as you can."

"We will do that your majesty." Nora said, bending her head down in respect to the former queen.

"Thank you, just please be careful."

"Let me fight for you, your majesty." the boy suddenly spoke up, volunteering.

"Alan what are you doing?" Diana inquired with a frown of concern, while the other girls shared a similar expression.

"I wanna lend my hand in something that'll guarantee the queen reclaims her throne."

The former queen kneeled down to be more or less in the same level as the boy and kindly said: "Young man, I appreciate that spirit of yours. But that alone won't do any good, and it will get you easily killed." she then brought a hand to his left cheek and caressed it. "If you really want to help, just focus on evacuating my people in case I can't beat Roswell."

"Yes your majesty."

"Good. Now you can start by setting the prisoners free. I assure you that they are all people who refused to allow themselves to be bullied into submission."

"We'll get right on it." Alan confirmed as his harem and the lizard family nodded in response.

"Be safe." she told them, wishing them luck. "Oh. I almost forgot: After you're done here, go to my personal quarters and search for a red key with a gold heart at the tip of the handle. Then, find a painting of me with Nora and the Tweedles sitted on wooden chairs by a silver table. Behind that painting there's a secret passage which will lead you and everybody else to a hidden harbor, there you'll find six boats that each can carry up to fifty people in them."

"You can count on us your majesty."

"That's not all... The key will unlock that passage that's behind the painting. But you will also need the password for the key to be accepted. The password is my name spelled backwards, "Smirc Htebecari Aisatsana". After that, once you get to the harbor, I recommend you take my fanciest boat, you'll know which one it is when you see it. Then, inside the room where you can steer the boat, there's a map that has the locations of the best and safest islands. Once you have done all of that, stand by until I personally come. But if I'm not there in thirty minutes, I want you to take the boats and escape from the kingdom."

"Yes your majesty."

Upon giving Alan and the others the instructions to what they needed to do, the ex-queen went to leave the dungeons in order to take back her army and confront the king.

"I have a bad feeling about this." the white rabbit silently expressed.

"Me too." muttered Katie.

It took quite a bit of time to release all of the prisoners from all the floors. However, when they were free, a large number went to join the queen, despite being told that the queen wanted them to escape with their lives. Yet, the rest of the freed prisoners, who were about two hundred and ten people, joined Alan instead.

"Alan, are you really sure about this?" Diana asked.

"Yes, I have to pull my own weight and help."

Seeing the determination in his eyes, as well as his desire to assist the people in need, they decided to do their best to help him out too.

"Alright, let's do this." Diana affirmed as the rest of the girls joined in, including Bethany and her daughters.

They all headed back up the stairs in a crowd before getting out of the dungeon. From there, they moved through a bunch of hallways until they reached one certain hallway that would lead them to where they needed to go. And luckily there were no guards around, either because they were all with the king and ex-queen in the throne room, or because they were already fighting outside.

"This is risky."

"I agree sis." the Tweedle sisters, Dora and Darla, muttered to each other.

"Relax you two, we can do this." smiled Alan. "Let's just do as the queen told us, and we'll be fine."


Needless to say, getting inside the queen's bedroom wasn't hard since all they had to do was simply push the double doors open. They poked their heads in to scan the area.

"There's nobody here." the March Hare commented. "I say we can go in."

"Then let's hurry."

They quickly started searching for the red key that the queen had mentioned. All of them spread out to look over every little spot. Eventually, one of them found it hidden behind a fake floor board which was right next to the royal bed.

"Got it!" the Cheshire Cat voiced out, revealing the red key with a gold heart at the tip of the handle in her hand.

"Good find." the boy praised her. "Now lets-"

"Let's get to those boats so we can later have our own private 'party' with this sweet boy." the Mad Hatter interrupted before giving his left cheek a kiss.

Alan blushed and smiled.

They then focused on finding a painting of the queen of Lustland sitted along with Nora and the Tweedles on wooden chairs by a silver table. Which was hanging on a stone wall, between the bedroom's doors and a big wardrobe.

"Bingo." Katie spoke up.

They moved over to it and carefully got the portrait down on the floor. And there was a keyhole and a small screen on the side which also had a keyboard below it.

"There it is." Alan announced. "Now if I remember right, the queen said that the password was her name spelled backwards... "Smirc Htebecari Aisatsana"." he said the last line while he started typing it.

It lit up green before Alan turned the key inside. And as soon as he did that, the wall with the keyhole and the screen began to move. They all saw it open up to a dark stone corridor.

"Alright, let's continue." stated the young Kingsleigh after he had retrieved the key and proceeded to walk down the said corridor.

The girls followed while trying to keep from getting stuck due to how small it was. And, following behind them, there were the prisoners that they had released.

"Oh man, it feels so good to be out of that cell." one of the female prisoners, who was an anthro fish woman with orange scales, announced with the satisfaction of freedom.

"You're telling me." another prisoner, a young male cat with brown fur and some orange stripes agreed with her.

"When we're out, I'm getting far away from this place." another female prisoner, a tigress with a burning scar on her face commented with a serious tone.

Over a few minutes Alan began to see light up ahead.

"We are almost at the harbor, keep going." he encouraged the people following him.

They all cheered with one by one exiting the space. Upon getting out of the long corridor, all of them came across the mentioned harbor which, surprisingly enough, was within a cave. The cave itself was a little dark, but luckily there were lights to illuminate both the path and the boats that were docked there.

"We're almost home free." a tall female prisoner who was an anthro fox with the measures of 44-23-42 happily announced.

"Everyone get on a boat and get ready." Alan said to the prisoners, pointing to the six big boats that were available.

They all cheered and started splitting up. While the prisoners were boarding the boats, the young Kingsleigh and his harem, as well as the lizard family looked for the best of them all.

"What about this one?" Bethany inquired, indicating to a boat that was a bit larger than the others and had a royal emblem on both of its sides.

"Perfect." the boy confirmed. "Good eye, Bethany."

"Farewell Alan, you have no idea how thankful I am."

"Don't thank me just yet, Bethany." he told her. "We still have to wait and see if the queen will come, or if we really have to leave."

"If not, the tea might taste terrible." the Mad Hatter added her own opinion.

"How long shall we give her?"

"Like the queen told us, we will give her thirty minutes to come here in person while we prepare this boat to go, starting now." the boy reminded them. "If she doesn't arrive, we'll have to leave without her."

All of them nodded, though Diane reluctantly. And as they waited for the matriarch within the said time limit, inside the navigation control room, Alan had just found the map which contained the locations of various islands.

As he as well as Nora, the Tweedles and the Cheshire Cat were inspecting it, Diana, who had just finished inspecting the boat, returned to the room and nearly quietly approached them with an expression of doubt.

Alan, being the first to notice her, asked: "Diana, is something troubling you?"

"No, nothing."

"Then why do you look like you are not feeling safe?"

"Well...I'm just worried we'll get found out before she comes."

"Don't worry so much, Diana. I'm certain that we can think of something if we do get found out by Roswell."

"Anyway, this island here looks promising." the Cheshire Cat voiced out as she pointed to the said island on the map. "It is big, tropical, and very secretive, according to its information. If we navigate through this path, we should make it to "Hort" before the sky darkens."

"And we can find perfect spots for tea time." the voice of the Mad Hatter was heard as she and the March Hare walked in.

"Oh! And even make up new sweets in our free time."

"Why, Theresa, that's a really good idea." the Mad Hatter concurred with her tea party friend before turning her attention to the rest of the present group. "Do any of you have any particular snacks or drinks you want us to try and make?"

"We can't tell you until we see what the island has to offer." said Nora.

"Duh." remarked the twins rolling their eyes.

"No, I don't have any mind right now." Alan replied. "Maybe later, after we are on "Hort"."

"Okie dokie."

Right after that discussion was finished, the image of the queen's painting came to the boy's mind. He looked at the white rabbit and the Tweedles and gave them his question: "Nora, Darla, Dora, can you tell me what's your story with the queen?"

"What do you mean?" Nora inquired back.

"I mean, for example, about that painting which had you three with the queen."

"Oh! Well it's a pretty funny story."

"We still have a few minutes." the black cat who could turn invisible commented. "So care to share that funny story of yours?"

"Well...alright." Nora consented.

"I hope that's not bad." said the Cheshire Cat, sounding kinda interested.

"We first met the queen nearly two years ago in the courtroom-"


A big explosion in the castle suddenly had cut the white rabbit off and caught everyone's attention.

"Now I know that's not good." the March Hare frowned with a tad concern.

Alan gulped and held his hands together. 'Please let the queen be alright.' he mentally hoped.

Simultaneously, as another explosion occurred, the youngest of the lizard sisters, who was about a year older than Alan, blue scales and wearing a torn white dress, barged in.

"Someone is coming!" Kendra half-exclaimed, nervously.

"Who? Is it the queen?" the boy questioned as he started walking out of the control room at a fast pace, with the others following him.

"I don't know." she replied, also following. "I was only able to see a shade."

"It might be the king." Nora spoke up.

"Well, we're about to find out..."

"Who it really is." Darla and then Dora spoke up.

All of them looked at the entrance and waited with baited breath. Everyone stood by the boat's ledge and watched carefully as the silhouette at the distance was getting nearer by running. When it came to the light, everyone relaxed a little, it was the matriarch of the kingdom.

"Apologies for the wait, my husband was more resilient than I thought." the queen told them as soon as she got aboard the boat. "We may set sail now."

All of them nodded and quickly returned to the control room. All spreading out to get the ship going. And while they were doing that, Alan began to talk to the queen about their current matter.

"Your Highness, what's happening?" he asked while a couple more explosions in the castle went off.

"My guards were able to evacuate the remaining people in the kingdom while dealing with the king's guards... before they were all killed." she started to explain as best as she could while feeling a bit uneasy. "And even though I was able to defeat my ex-husband, he still wouldn't have that. He revealed that he had his guards place bombs all over the keep a few days ago. So that's why you are hearing those explosions. Roswell has set the entire kingdom to self-destruct. He said "If I can't cannot rule Lustland, then all shall die with me! I barely managed to avoid the falling debris as I made my way here."

All of them were stunned and horrified while she looked down. Another bomb went off which caused everyone to jolt up.

"We can't stay here." Nora voiced out. "We've got to leave this place, now!"

"Get the sails down!" the queen ordered.

"I'm on it!" said the Cheshire Cat before she vanished. She moved over and climbed up before pulling the rope and let them fall down.

The matriarch went to the steering wheel and put her attention in the white rabbit. "Nora, you know what to do in an engine room!?"

"Yes your majesty!"

"Then take those other two with you and inspect everything in the boat's engine room's in order!" said the queen, pointing to the Mad Hatter and the March Hare. "Right now we can't have a single engine failing, or the boat might not go fast enough!"

Yes your majesty!" the woman with the top hat and the brown-furred hare girl acknowledged her.

"Righty-o!" The nominated girls wasted no time and sprinted to the engine room.


The queen had just finished steering the boat to the island called "Hort", with the other five boats that were containing the freed prisoners following them close behind. When they docked they all started to unboard. The liberated people cheered as loud as they could, knowing that their nightmare was over.

"Ahh, smell that fresh air." a female anthro wolf spoke up after taking a deep breath.

"We no longer have to fear that short-sized freak of a king." another female, a living doll of human size, dressed like a fairy said before she screamed, excited. "WE ARE FREE!"

"FREEDOM!" all of the freed prisoners shouted.

"It won't be easy my people, but with enough time and effort it will truly feel like a new home." the queen voiced out to the former captives.

"Yes your majesty!"

With Alan, he was at that moment with Nora, the twins, the Cheshire Cat, the March Hare and the Mad Hatter.

All of them are currently taking in the area.

"Woah..." the awestruck human boy murmured, amazed by what he was seeing. "This island looks even better in person than on the map. Lots of trees. Plenty of clean grass. I even see that some of those trees have oranges, peaches, bananas, and apples."

"Good, I'm starved." spoke Darla.

"You and me both, sis." Dora concurred with her twin.

And as soon as she said that, Diana, Katie, and the lizard family got out of the boat and joined with the rest on the island.

"Alan!" the former pet feline exclaimed with great happiness as she rushed to the boy before embracing him. "I'm so glad you made it here safe and sound."

"That was certainly one scary ride." he commented, wrapping his arms around her as well.

She purred and rubbed against his cheek with her tail swaying.

It was at that point that the lizard family walked up to them.

"Alan, there are no words that can describe how thankful I am to you." the lizard mother, Bethany, said with a lot of joy and solace. "Not only have you rescued me and my daughters, but you have also rescued a lot of the people of Lustland and our queen. I own you a debt that can never be fully repaid."

"It's alright, I was just doing the right thing."

"Anyway,I've just finished talking with my daughters." she included. "And, if you're interested, you have my blessing in marrying all three of them. I can tell you that they really are interested in you."

"What?!" Alan almost screamed with a startle at that revelation while his harem had a mixture of responses between frowns, grins or no expressions at all.

'Oh come on!' the white-furred feline complained in her mind while hugging the boy to her a little tighter. 'So unfair.'

"Hey, mom. I have a crazy idea: why don't you also join us?" Bethany's eldest daughter, Deborah, inquired.

"What? Oh don't be silly Deborah, I'm much too old." the lizard mother replied with a blush.

"Now you're the one who's being silly, mom." the middle child, Ellie, lightly retorted. "I may not know much about love, but if there's anything I do know, is that love is ageless."

"Besides, Alan doesn't seem like he'd think you're too old." the youngest daughter, Kendra, added.

Bethany instantly turned her attention to Alan, who was still in Diana's embrace. "Really?" she asked to the boy, keeping most of her tenseness in check.

"Well...yeah." he shyly admitted. "You don't really seem that old to me."

The lizard mother could not believe how honest his words were, and his eyes only supported that honesty. She slowly approached him and Diana, with a heavy blush on her face, while putting a great deal of effort to not jump him and tackle him into her arms. "R...Really?"

"By the gods, mom!" Bethany's eldest daughter spoke up with a facepalm. "He just said so. And here you are, repeating the question."

"Sorry sorry, I'm just overwhelmed and touched." the lizard mother bashfully replied.

"In that case, if you want to give him a smooch, then do it already." said Ellie taking her sister's side.

"Would that be alright Alan?"

"I... I guess so." he nervously answered with a red color, trying not to avert his eyes from the lizard mother's.

The mother smiled before moving over up close to him before cupping his face. And when he opened his mouth to speak, she brought hers to his and kissed him like a lover.

The girls watched with Alan blushing before kissing back. After they had spent the time they wanted in that moment, with some reluctance, Bethany released his lips.

"You really are a good kisser, Alan." she told him. "I'm a little surprised that I didn't see you immediately as a potential husband."

"Heh, thanks."

"Oh come on." the albino-furred feline protested. "I'm already putting an effort in sharing Alan with the other girls, even with some I don't actually like. And now there's going to be four more joining the harem? At this rate, he's going to be exhausted."

"Relax, I'm sure he'll have plenty of strength the more time he spends with us." smiled the Cheshire Cat.

"And, if that's still not enough, my mom and I can make something to help give him more energy." included Ellie. "I might be an alchemist-in-training, unlike her, but I can be of assistance."

"How so?"

"My mom and I can create potions with fantastic effects when we have what we need to make them." the middle child of the lizard sisters explained to the white cat. "Luckily, from what we see here, this island has all the ingredients we need for a stamina potion... and many others."

"Sounds interesting." remarked Nora.

Just as soon as the white rabbit was done talking, the queen, who was finished instructing her people on what they needed to do, walked back to Alan and his harem.

"Alright, so before we get started on anything, we'll need to make shelter."

"At once your majesty." Nora spoke up before she along with Darla, Dora and Katie went to get the resources.


It took a while, but with a great deal of teamwork, they had built a big house made of very strong wood for everyone. Not to mention, a large number of houses for the rescued people of the kingdom.

Right now though Alan was with the girls in it.

"I'm surprised we managed to make this house and everything else in it by the time that night came." he spoke in amazement, and with sweat on his head as he sat on a chair in the living room.

"And now we have a roof over our heads." Diana included as she sat on another chair which was next to her human love. "It was tiring, but worth it in the end."

"Yeah, I feel like taking a nap."

"Well, if that's what you want, Alan..."

"...Then how about we go to our master bedroom?" Darla and Dora inquired with half-lid eyes and a naughty smirk on their faces.

"Yeah, it only makes sense to nap in a real bed." smiled the Mad Hatter.

"Alright, girls, lead the way." the boy said, getting up from his seat.

What he didn't catch was most of them getting glints in their eyes. Upon entering the said bedroom, Alan couldn't believe in his eyes: the biggest bed he had ever seen, both in his world and theirs. "Wow..."

"Come, Alan. Let's all get to bed." the caterpillar, Katie, gently dragged him by taking his hand.

"And maybe we could lose a few layers..." the March Hare whispered close behind him to his right ear before she started to unbutton his shirt.

"Wait what?" he said with evident surprise in his tone and wide eyes.

"Just relax and let us take care of it." the caterpillar told him, taking his dark-blue fedora hat off his head and tossing it aside.

He blushed before feeling the March Hare grab at his shirt and try pulling it off. Still, he offered no resistance and allowed her to take it off him.

"We'll get his shorts!" the Tweedle sisters spoke at the same time.

They moved over and pulled them down while he found himself falling on the bed.

"Now just stay there and enjoy, Alan...~"

"... While we undress ourselves, for your eyes only.~" Dora and then Darla seductively said, throwing his light-blue shorts away.

But in doing so, when his shorts had hit the floor, the dormouse, who was sleeping in one of its pockets, woke up. She blinked and yawned before crawling out of the pocket. "Hey!" Caroleena called out, annoyed. "What's going on there?"

"We're getting Alan naked of course." the Mad Hatter told her, taking off her own clothes.

"What? Then I want to join as well." the little rodent instantly said before she grew to human size. "I want to cuddle with my love."

"Then help us."

And with that, the dormouse wasted no time in doing what they said. In no time flat he was bare ass naked. And eventually, so were the girls (or at least, those who wore clothes).

"I should go first, I never had a turn."

"No, I should!"

Darla and Dora argued.

To the surprise of most, both of the twins had equal body measures which were concealed in their dresses: HH cup breasts; big, round, soft asses; and waists and thighs that could rival a model's.

"Tweedles, settle down." Bethany tried to calm them down.

"If anything I should get first crack." spoke Katie.

"Well, I think you can have it, Katie." Nora said to her friend. "And, after everyone else, it could be me and Diana."

"Sounds good to me."

And so, the caterpillar joined the boy in bed in the next second.

Alan blushed while she moved over him with a smile. "Let's get started, Alan.~" she sexually said.

He gulped before she grabbed his face and pressed their lips together. And even through the smooch, he couldn't help but let a moan escape from him. Although he did notice how her lips had a faint taste of smoke to them.

Upon parting their lips, Katie decided to ask him: "Does my breath bother you, Alan? If you want, I can take something take care of it."

"No, it's alright." he reassured her. "I've already been around some people who smoke, and your breath is much better than theirs."

"Thank you." she answered before resuming with the smooch.

The other girls sat around while being silent to let the two enjoy themselves.

In a just a matter of seconds, the boy's dick was up and hard.

She broke the kiss and reached down to rub it with both hands. "For someone of your age, you certainly have a big one." the caterpillar told him. "I think I see now how you caught Nora's interest, apart from your kind and caring heart."

"Well thanks." he blushed with a groan as she rubbed her thumbs right over the tip like an expert. "And soon... I'll be having a taste of that myself." she said, smiling in a very similar fashion to a pervert. She moved down him toward the dick and opened her mouth before sliding it over the girth.

He let out a moan when he felt his mast in her mouth.

'This is salty and warm, maybe I should suck on this instead of smoking.' she said in her head with some pleasure. She licked around the underside while sucking around the tip.

And in response, the boy gripped the bed sheets in his hands. "Katie, that feels good." he complimented while breathing a bit rapidly.

That made her smile around the dick before she started to slide more of the dick into her mouth with the tip touching her throat.

He tried to suppress a moan from coming out of him while he gripped the bed sheets tighter.

'Mmm, I'm definitely moving on to sucking this instead of smoking.' the caterpillar considered as she was sucking his 'tool' with delight.

"K-Katie!" the boy barely managed to stop his shout.

"Mmmm." was all that Katie was able to say, since she still had Alan's cock in her mouth. But that's when she started to feel him twitching. And before anyone could see it coming, he released his sperm into her oral entrance.

"Wow, that was fast." Nora whispered with astonishment to a couple of her 'sisters' in the harem.

They nodded as Katie slipped her mouth off the dick.

She licked her lips and commented: "I don't know if you or Diana have ever done this, Nora. But his milk is pretty tasty. I almost feel tempted to repeat."

"No hogging him!" the mentioned feline spoke up.

"Fine, I won't." the caterpillar replied back. "But I'm going to take his dick in me, I'm not satisfied with just using my mouth."

"Fine, so be it." Diana lowly snarled with restrained jealousy.

Katie crawled on Alan's lap and rubbed her vagina against the tip with a smile. "Get ready, Alan.~" she told him with a sensual tone. "I'm going to put you inside of me."

He watched her as she slowly lowered herself onto his dick and heard her hum. And he moaned as he felt her 'walls' around it, squeezing.

"Mmmm." Katie herself was feeling quite a lot of pleasure for having the boy's mast inside her vagina. "You really do feel bigger on the inside." she complimented.

"Thank you... I think." he answered with uncertainty. "I got that because of a pollen that three human-like flowers gave me."

"If they were here they'd probably give you one the size of a horse." Alan's cat commented.

That image made all the girls briefly imagine it. And some of them, even drool.

'Wonder if those flowers can grow here.' the white rabbit thought.

Katie started to move her hips faster and harder. Which in turn made the boy moan louder and breathe rapidly.


"Alan!" they both screamed one another's names while cumming at the same time.

She stayed on while feeling his sperm shoot up while the twins grinned.

"That's what I call a big load." Dora said, noticing the ball-like form in the caterpillar's stomach area and a bit of seed leaking out of her womanhood.

"I wonder if she gets pregnant from it." Darla spoke back to her sister.

"Let's find out." they said together.

Upon seeing the Tweedles standing up and coming to take her place, Katie, with some hesitation, got off Alan and just went to sit on one of the few chairs that were in the bedroom. "Alright alright, your turns." she told the twins as she moved away.

Both of them moved down near the dick and licked their lips before giving it a lick at the same time. Despite feeling their tongues, Alan was able to stop himself from letting a single sound come out of his mouth.

"Mmmm, nice and salty~" the Tweedle with the blue lipstick proclaimed.

"Just as we expected." added the Tweedle with the red lipstick.

"Juicy." they said at once before they started sucking on his balls together. That sensation that he got on his nuts thanks to them, although it was foreign to him, even odd, it really felt good.

"Oooh, you two are good." he proclaimed to them.

"Thanks." the Tweedles both answered back. That's when they started to move their chests near the dick and sandwiched it between the two and sucked around the tip. At that point, Alan seriously couldn't prevent himself from moaning, despite his best efforts.


"How do our chests feel?" the Tweedles inquired, simultaneously.

"S-So... soft." he managed to say with some effort.

"Then let's go faster."

"You read my mind sister."

And without any delays, they did precisely that and rubbed their breasts around his cock faster. They licked and sucked around the tip while occasionally brushing their lips with each other. Needless to say that, even though Alan didn't know why, he was getting even more turned on by seeing the twins do that.

Which was enough to warrant his dick twitching again.

"I- It's about... to..." he hardly pronounced while breathing fast.

"Go ahead, we want every drop~" the twins said to him with little perverted smirks.

"A-AHHHH!" he screamed as he ejaculated.

Both girls smiled while getting some on their faces and on their chests.

"Sticky and warm." Darla commented about his cum.

"Well done, Alan." added Dora.

"Thank...you two..." he panted.

"Oh. But we're just getting started." the Tweedle with the red lipstick told him.

"Now you'll give me your tongue, and give my sister your manhood." said the Tweedle with blue lipstick.

Both of them moved around with one rubbing against his dick and the other over his face.

"Go ahead, Alan, lick me." spoke Dora, who was the one that was over his face.

"While I gobble your dick up." said the other twin, getting ready to take his mast into her 'entrance'.

Alan leaned up to lick at Dora's slit while feeling her sister sliding onto the penis.

"Mmmm... Fits like a glove, if I may say so." Darla proclaimed with a satisfying moan. "It's already going all the way to my womb."

And while those three were at it, the middle daughter of the lizard family turned to Bethany.

"Mom, I think we better get started and make a stamina potion." she whispered to her mother's ear. "Something tells me Alan is going to need it."

"I was just thinking the same thing." the lizard mother whispered back. "There's a chance that he won't need it. But let's prepare it, just in case."

With that the family moved away while Darla started moving her hips up and down.

She groaned in pleasure as she was feeling the boy's big and hard 'stick' slide between her 'walls'. "Oh Alan, move your hips."

And without saying anything back (since he was using his tongue in her sister's cunt), he began to move his hips as fast as he could.

This made the twin hum and smile while rubbing her own chest at the feeling.

As they continued with their activity and increased speed, their breathing became quicker.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!"

"It's so good!" both of the Tweedles spoke in ecstasy as they were getting close to their limits.

Alan moaned and accidentally licked at Dora's clit. Yet despite somehow knowing that he didn't mean to, she was still pleased.

"Ooh, do it again." Dora half-begged.

Alan obliged and licked the clit harder.

The Tweedle with the blue lipstick moaned louder and felt that she was at her breaking point: "D-Darla, I don't... think I can l-last any... longer."

The Tweedle with the red lipstick answered, in the same manner: "Neither... can I, s-sis."

"A-Alan! Cum inside!" the twins both shouted at the same time.

He groaned while accidentally biting the clit.

"Oow!" Dora screamed in agony.

"AAAHHH!" Darla shouted in pure euphoria as soon as she felt his seed getting poured into her uterus.

"ALAN!" the other twin shouted his name in the same way as she ejaculated.

Eventually all three slowly calmed down from the sensation.

Panting, the Tweedle with the red lipstick said to her sister: "Now, Dora... let's swap... places."

"Well then, I believe now it's my turn.~" the black cat declared with a big and naughty grin, showing her teeth. "Just so you know, I get rough~"

Alan chuckled nervously and spoke: "I hope you don't have to be too rough on me."

"No promises."

He could only swallow dryly as the Tweedles got off him and the Cheshire Cat took their place. She rubbed her pussy against his dick while rubbing his balls with her tail. He was able to restrain any sound from coming out of him and, using one of his hands, grabbed her tail before rubbing it.

"Ooooh~" the Cheshire Cat moaned. "Touching my tail like that? Someone is becoming bold.~"

"Well I'd be crazy not to."

"And I don't see any reason to complain." she replied back to the boy's remark, grinding him in order to tease him. "Go ahead and get rough~"

"My pleasure." he grinned before gripping the tail and gave it a tug.

"Mmmm... Not bad." she hummed while reaching down to rub his balls and raised herself up to rub her slit against the tip.

"Uuhhh..." he softly groaned at the feeling.

"Do you want this pussy's pussy?"

"Indeed, I do." he responded with a nod.

"Then here you go~" And with that said, the black cat moved her hips up before descending them, making her cunt engulf the boy's cock. "Mmmm~"

"Aahhh..." he let out with her pussy already gripping his dick tightly. Needless to say, the sensation for the both of them was simply amazing.

The cheshire cat growled and began rocking her hips immediately. Deciding to return the favor, Alan proceeded to take her left boob before sucking on her nipple. "Oh yeah, good boy~" she muttered in approval, drooling a little. "Go ahead and leave a few bite marks if you really wanna get into it."

He removed his mouth from the nipple and stated with a chuckle: "Maybe I will." that's when he started to nibble around the breast.

The ebony-furred feline let out a moan as a sign of pleasure. "That's a good boy~ mark me."

Alan then started to move his own hips, causing her to bounce. All the while he tried biting her breast a bit harder.

"Oohhh...~" the Cheshire Cat murmured in contentment and slight pain. "Now that's how I like it."

"Who knew she was a masochist." whispered Katie.

"Should we be concerned about that?" Diana also whispered.

"No, everyone has their own little thing."

Cutting back to Alan and the Cheshire Cat, they were both getting close to reaching their breaking point.

"Oh come on Alan, really bite!" she almost pleaded.

He obliged and bit down hard on the nipple while tugging it.

"Oooohh Yes!~ That's what I'm talking about!~" she moaned, grinding her pussy harder against the dick.

"Aahh... Ch-Cheshire Cat... if you keep... doing that..." he gasped while barely able to pronounce.

"Come on, give this kitty her milk~"

And without being able to hold it any longer, Alan released his seed with a yell: "AAAAAAHHHH!"

"OH YEEEESSSSS!" The Cheshire Cat also yelled as she reached her own climax. She felt the sperm shoot up while her juices gushed out over his groin. She drooled while biting her lower lip. "Oooh~ milk~"

Right after they were done with their activity, they were both breathing hard.

"Ah...ah...ah..." Alan let out.

"That... was... wooow. You... really are... something, Alan." was all that the black cat was able to say between breaths. "I...want...more milk~"

"Not gonna happen, ghost-kitty." the March Hare immediately stated. "Now it's time for me and Thea to have fun with him. You already had your turn."

"Oh fine." Despite wanting to go another round, the Cheshire Cat didn't show any resistance and quickly got off the boy to let the other two females join him.

"Good girl." said the Mad Hatter to the black feline. She crawled over to Alan and grabbed his dick before giving his balls a rub.

"Theresa, how about if our hunk of a boy sits up so you can cuddle with him from behind while showering his pretty face with kisses?" the woman with the top hat suggested to her friend.

"I like what you're saying."

"Can you... just... give me a... moment to... catch my breath." the young Kingsleigh inquired, still panting.

"Of course, dear." the Mad Hatter replied with understandment. "Take as long as you need."


The break for the boy was a couple of minutes. But with it, he was then feeling better and ready to resume with his deed with his harem.

"Alright, I can go."

And without another word, they immediately got in action.

"Wait! Don't do it yet!" called Ellie and Bethany who ran back into the room.

"Why? What's the problem?" Ellie's older sister, Deborah, inquired as she and everyone else in the room looked at them.

"We just got done making something that'll help Alan." the lizard mother answered before she moved to the boy with an elixir in her hand. "Drink this."

"What is it?"

"This potion will allow you to recover your energy completely." Bethany explained to him. "Me and Ellie made it."

"It might taste funny, but you'll feel like you can run a marathon when its all drunk." the middle child of the lizard sisters hinted.

"Well that would be pretty handy, thanks." he said before Bethany handed him over the said potion. He opened the tip before slowly drinking and grimaced since it tasted sour. And once he was done, he gave it back to the lizard mother.

"How do you feel?"

"I feel..." he paused his speech for a moment, closing his eyes as he started to feel the elixir's effects coursing all over his body. "... fantastic." he finished, opening his eyes again. "Like I can run for hours."

"Yes! It worked!" Ellie exclaimed with great satisfaction.

"Now you can fuck the rest of us without getting winded at all."

"Well then, where were we?" the March Hare rhetorically asked with a perverted smirk.

"I believe he was going to work on giving you a few litters or three." added the Mad Hatter with the same type of smirk.

"Ooh! Or twelve!" the dormouse spoke up.

"Or twenty!" Katie voiced out next.

"Just get on with it already." Diana groaned with a facepalm.


"Anywho, let us pick on where we left off." declared the woman with the top hat. "This time, we'll go with a different position then simply riding you."

"And what position is that?" the little human inquired, a little curious.

The Mad Hatter moved on all fours and shook her ass at him. "Doggystyle."

Alan had no idea of why, but her shaking that booty before his eyes made his penis grow about three inches bigger.

"Come on, go wild on my booty."

"As you wish." he moved over and grabbed her hips before lining his dick up and slammed right in with a groan.

Thea gasped from the sudden impact and then gave a big toothy grin. No doubt that she actually liked it. "Come on Alan, get nice and rough~"

"I'll be happy to oblige." he smiled before he started to slam in and out of her before slapping her ass.

"Oooh yes.~" the woman with the top hat moaned out with delight. "Just like that."

"Ah! You feel so tight!" the boy heaved while ramming his manhood repeatedly inside her. The insides felt like it was curving all over the place in random ways making it tight and squeezing him. "It's like... you really want... my milk." he said, breathing a tad hard and fast.

"Of course, it'll go great with tea time."

"Jeez, Thea, you're always wanting tea with something." the Mad Hatter's friend stated with a small hearty laugh while calmly kissing the boy's face.

Alan kissed back while giving Thea's ass a squeeze.

She moaned out once again at that and begged him: "Faster and harder, Alan, please."

He nodded and moved his hips faster.

And due to the pleasant sensation the Mad Hatter was receiving, with said sensation reaching a higher level, she couldn't help but cry out in euphoria: "Yes. Yes! YES!"

'That's it Alan, give it to her.' thought the March Hare rubbing his nipples.

"Ah." he gasped, feeling her hands there, before speaking to the hare as clearly as he could. "Theresa? What are you... trying to do?"

"What? It can feel good for guys too, not just women." she replied before giving his neck a nibble.

He blushed and moaned with the Mad Hatter's pussy squeezing tighter. "Aaah. Thea, if this... keeps up... I'm... going to..." Alan barely managed to say in long, deep breaths.

"Go ahead and give her a big creampie." Theresa, who was pressing her body against his seated one from behind, whispered to his ear.


"Ahhhh!" both the woman with the top hat and the boy screamed in ecstasy. His sperm gushed into the crazy twisted pussy. And while that was happening, she felt her belly swelling up a little.

"Ooooh yeeees!" she failed to stop herself from moaning in absolute bliss. "Give me every single drop for my tea!"

'Seriously? Is tea all she thinks about?' the caterpillar thought, looking at the said woman with a raised eyebrow.

Eventually Alan slowly stopped cumming inside. Doing his best to speak between breaths, though not long or hard due to the elixir's effects, he inquired: "How was it... for you?"

"Heavenly~" the Mad Hatter gladly gave him her answer while having a bit of saliva dripping from her lower lip.

"Good, my turn!" the March Hare spoke up.

The Mad Hatter let Alan pull out of her and crawled away while the March Hare got on her back and spread her legs.

"Go ahead, Alan. Give me all you've got.~" Theresa said, alluringly. "Make sure you give me twice as much as her~"

"I... I can't promise that I'll be able to give you what you want." the little Kingsleigh nervously with a sweatdrop. "However, I'll make sure to do my best."

"If you get me knocked up you can have some of my own milk~" she told him with a small but cute flutter from her eyes.

Alan blushed at the mental image and moved over without realizing it. And in no time, he inserted his hard shaft inside her clit.


He started going slowly at first in order to avoid hurting her. But she hummed and moaned and wrapped her legs around his waist making him push in and felt his dick break her hymen.

"Aahh." Theresa nearly screamed in pain. "Oh god yes Alan!"

"If you want, I can stay still until you're not feeling hurt anymore." the little human compassionately told her.

"No, I want you to keep going."

"Okay, Theresa." he spoke before he started to move his dick in and out while Theresa hissed in pain.

However, in just a matter of seconds, the pain was gone.

"More! More!" the March Hare pleaded with excitement. "Fuck my slutty hole wide open!"

"Then I'll go faster." he grunted as he moved back and forth with the inside getting tight very quick.

And while that was happening, she started breathing at a quick pace and almost hoarsely. "Yes! Yes! More!"

"Ugh. It's getting so tight." he grunted while doing his best to keep thrusting his wood inside of her wet cunt.

"Stretch my cunt wide open!"

"I'm doing what I can!" he groaned feeling her pussy rub and squeeze him all over.

Eventually though, they reached the end of the line.

"I'm gonna cum!"

"Do it in me!"

And as soon as he ejaculated inside, she interlocked her legs around his waist and pressed herself against as much as she could, in an effort to keep his semen in.

"YES!" she cried out with a face of someone who was really happy. She felt the sperm shoot straight to her womb making her throw her head back. The March Hare was barely able to prevent herself from falling asleep as she was breathing with tiredness. "So...good..."

Right after she said that, the dormouse, who was in her human size, spoke up, thrilled: "Let me join in on the fun now."

"Sure thing." the March Hare replied. She let go of Alan who pulled out of her pussy which leaked his seed out. She then crawled away in order to let the rodent take her place.

The Dormouse kissed Alan on the cheek while rubbing his still hard cock. "Make love to me Alan~"

He proceeded by giving her a tender peck on the left side of her muzzle and then another on her lips before answering back: "It would be my pleasure, Carol." He moved over and rubbed his dick across her folds making her hum.

However, she wasn't much in the mood to be teased.

"Please, Alan, don't tease me. Just put it in.~" Caroleena kindly asked him with half-lidded eyes.

"You sure? I like teasing you."

Upon looking at his young and adorable face, Caroleena consented with a light pout: "Fine. But don't tease me too much."

"That's much better." he grinned while grabbing at her chest.

"Eep." she voiced out with a startle before melting at the feeling of his hands massaging her boobs.

"Aw, that's adorable." he chuckled.

"You're one to talk." she said back, humming. "With that... pretty face of yours."

"Well your nose is especially cute." he stated before giving a kiss on the said spot.

She giggled with a blush as he rubbed his dick against her spot harder. And while he was at it, Caroleena took the chance to gently rub her right hand on his left cheek, and her left hand on his back. "Mmmm~ Alan~"

"Aaahh... Carol.~"

'When I get another turn I want him to do that.' thought Diana.

'Gods... I'm tempted to jump in there right now.' the white rabbit, Nora, mentally spoke. 'But I must be patient and wait.'

That's when Alan captured Caroleena's lips and started pushing his dick into her.

She nearly gasped when she felt her womanhood getting stuffed with his shaft, yet the connection of their lips prevented her from making a sound. 'He's finally inside!' she blissfully thought.

Alan groaned and pushed his dick in deeper. However, upon doing so, he broke through her hymen. Which caused her to squeak in agony.


"Sorry." he quickly apologized.

"N-No, don't be. I mean... I don't know if you know this, but this happens to all girls when it's their first time." she winced while blood leaked down the dick.

"Oh, yes." the boy said as he remembered. "I had forgotten about that. Silly me."

That got the other girls around to shake their heads amused.

Right after the pain had gone away, they immediately continued with what they were doing. Alan moved his hips back and forth with newfound vigor. The dormouse couldn't stop herself from releasing a big, long moan as she really enjoying it.


"Your insides are so soft and warm." he complimented her.

"Please, more~"

"Well, if that's what you want... who am I to say no?" he responded back with a smirk, seeing that she wanted more. He began to move his hips faster with her moaning louder.

'By the gods...' the lizard mother thought in awe with a blush, watching their action. 'If she's really feeling that good, I wonder how good it's going to be when I have sex with him, and then my daughters.'

"Oh yes Alan! Yes!" Caroleena screamed in ecstasy and satisfaction. "Don't stop!"

"I won't stop till you're filled all the way up!" he shouted with determination to give her what she wished and with the same amount of ecstasy as her.

"Oh thank you Alan!" the dormouse exclaimed while wrapping her tail around his waist. "I want everything you've got!"

"Then get ready! Because I can't... hold it much longer!" he replied while breathing.

"Do it in me!" she screamed, almost demanding.

"Ahhhh!" he let out before he started cumming.

"Ahhhh!" she also shouted, simultaneously while cumming with him.

Alan leaned down and pressed their lips together in a spur of the moment.

And Caroleena was more than happy to return the gesture while also giving some tongue and embracing him in her arms. Eventually they broke it while panting.

"Wow, Alan... you... were... incredible!" the sweated dormouse told him in hard breaths and a big goof of a grin.

"Same to you."

"Well then... who's next?" she inquired to the females in the room while barely moving away from the boy.

"Me!" the lizard mother volunteered. "I wanna have my turn!"

"Then, he's all yours."

"Yes!" And in the next second, Bethany got in bed with Alan. "I hope you're alright with me, I might not have enough stamina as the other girls."

"I don't mind, Bethany. Seriously." Alan answered with a soft smile. "If you want, we'll do it more slowly."

"That's sweet of you." she said, feeling her heart beating for him. 'If he was already a grown man I'd probably have jumped him right from the get go.'

'I have no idea why, but she looks so beautiful for a lizard woman who's already a mother. I almost want to know how she used to be when she was about my age.' Alan added his own thought about Bethany. That's when he moved over and pressed his lips against hers without waiting.

Bethany was certainly surprised by his sudden move and the feeling of how smooth his lips were. However, she instantly accepted it while returning the smooch and embracing him with both of her arms and her reptilian tail. "Mmmmmm~" she softly moaned through her nasal holes.

'Wow, her scales feel smoother than I was expecting.' he said in his head as he moved his hands slowly around her scaly form. He felt her shiver while giving the base of her tail a rub.

She gasped with a bit of a startle at the next second before she stopped kissing him. "C-careful with my tail, Alan." the lizard mother warned him. "It's very sensitive, especially at the tip. If you want to rub that part of my tail... just be gentle, please."

"Of course." he smiled while rubbing up the tail making her gasp. She even bit her bottom lip so she wouldn't shout. "How's that feel?"

"That actually feels... nice." she confessed with a red color on the scales of her cheeks.

"Even here?" he asked, rubbing around under it making her moan.


"What about here?" then he moved it down around the middle and gave it a squeeze.

The lizard mother hissed in slight pleasure as she answered: "Too, but not as much."

That's when he slid his hand near the tip.

"Mmmm... that's nice." she moaned. But when the hand touched the tip directly she jumped and moaned. "Ooooh yes.~ That's how I like it." she smiled while moving her hand down to give his dick a rub since it was growing slightly soft.

Alan restrained himself from groaning at the sensation of her scaly hand on his tool. He caressed the tip making her hum and grip his cock. "You want me to put it in now?" he asked her.

"Y-Yes Alan."

And without saying another word, he inserted his penis in her 'entrance'.

She let out a gasp and shuddered considering it's been too long. "It's been such a long time since I had something like that inside of me." she commented. "I even forgot how it feels like.~"

"Hopefully I can match up." he said back. He pulled his dick back and went back in as deep as he could making the lizard woman gasp and hold him tighter.

"That's it, Alan.~ Just like that." Bethany told him, smiling tenderly.

Said boy had an idea and moved one hand over to her breast.

"Mmmm..." she murmured in pleasure at the sensation. "Keep going~"

"If that's what you want, then who am I to deny you?" the human boy rhetorically questioned with a smirk. He rubbed her tail and breast at once right as he thrusted inside making her moan with wide eyes.

"Aaah...~" she let out while trying to move her hips against his dick. "Oh Alan~"

He then brought his upper body up and let go of her boob before he gently squeezed his body against hers.

She hummed and felt warmer from the act. Deciding that some retribution was in order, she softly smashed her lips with his while giving some tongue.

Alan was caught off guard with some of the girls cheering.

"Do it, mom." Bethany's middle daughter, Ellie, encouraged her. "Make him our new dad, before we make him our boyfriend."

'Oh I plan to.' the lizard mother gladly stated in her head as she slid her tongue in Alan's and felt her body warm up when she felt the boy's. 'Hm... His body feels warm. It almost makes me want to sleep in bed with him.~'

'Her scales are so smooth, it's almost like regular skin.' he thought while releasing the right hand from her tail and then using both of his hands to move around her body.

"Mmmm." she couldn't help to moan at his touch. "Now that is a treat.~"

"Want me to go faster?"

"If you please."

Alan started to move his hips faster with his dick going in deeper. Bethany felt herself in contentment, getting her clit penetrated repeatedly. That's when Alan's dick started to twitch.

"Bethany... I'm about to... to cum!" he spoke in rapid breaths and some sweat on his head.

"D-Do it in me!" she begged him. "Give me... all you have!"

"I will!" And with that said, the boy climaxed inside the lizard mother, just as she wanted.

"AAAAAHH!" They both cried out which made the other girls get more horny.

"That's it, Alan!" Bethany's youngest daughter, Kendra, cheered. "Help mom give us a little brother!"

"Or even another sister!" the eldest spoke up. "I wouldn't mind having another little sister."

Alan groaned as it felt like Bethany's insides were trying to keep a hold on his dick. He said in raspy breaths: "You're... squeezing me."

"I can't help it!" she replied with arousal and some tiredness. "It seems... like I can't... let go... of you."

"Cop a feel!" called the Cheshire Cat.

"Huh?" was everything that the boy said, turning his attention to the black feline along with the lizard mother.

"Try feeling up her hips, she might be ticklish there~"

"Okay, I'll do that." he nodded, focusing back on the harem member on top of him. He reached down and started to caress her hips lightly.

Bethany hissed in pleasure at his smooth touch. "Oooh~ More~"

"Gladly." he smirked. He gave the hips a firmer rub all over while squeezing them.

"AAaah...~" the reptilian milf moaned out. "So good.~"

"Want more?"

"If it's not too much to ask." she replied, nearly drooling.

"Not at all."

And with that being said, Alan not only continued with the deed, but also massaged her hips a tad harder yet still softly.

"Ahhh~!" Bethany moaned out, louder than before. "You really know what you're doing.~"

"Thanks, but I'm not gonna last much longer!" the boy said as he was beginning to sweat. "I'm gonna cum!"

And right after giving the warning, they both screamed in ecstasy simultaniously as they ejaculated.



Afterwards, they both stared at one another, tired but satisfied. Though, the little human wasn't as tired as her.

"That...was amazing." he simply told her.

"I...feel...like heaven~" Bethany panted, giving her own answer. "You're... as good... as... my late husband, Alan.~"

"Why thank you."

"Wow, Mom. For someone who thought that didn't have much stamina, you already did it twice with him." the eldest of the lizard daughters commented, a little surprised.

"Well I guess I was a bit more excited than I thought." the lizard mother replied with a suppressed giggle.

"My turn now." the middle lizard daughter, Ellie, voiced out with some excitement.

"Try to go easy on her." Bethany asked of Alan with slight concern for her daughter while getting off of him.

"I will." he assured the lizard mother. "I'll be as gentle as possible."

"Thank you." she said, leaving him to let Ellie take her place.

Said girl crawled over and laid on her side with her legs spread open. "I'm ready." she spoke a little nervously with a blush.

Alan moved over and got off the bed to get on his feet before he lined his dick to the folds while propping her leg over his shoulder.

"Aaah...~" she squealed when she felt him penetrate her.

Alan himself didn't hesitate and began to pull back and push back in.

"Mmmm.~ This feels... nice." she hissed in delight.

"Glad to hear." He kept thrusting in and out, while going a little deeper with each time, until eventually hitting the female's hymen. "This is going to hurt." the boy warned her.

"I know." Ellie responded with a nod. "Just try to go slowly."

"Already done." And with that said, he proceeded with his 'work'. He pushed in deep enough to reach her barrier before it broke.

"Aaah!" the lizard girl released a tormented shriek as soon as her hymen was broken. Her tail wrapped around Alan's waist and squeezed. "D-don't stop." she told him. "Please, k-keep going."

"No need to tell me twice." he said, smirking. That's when he started going fast right away.

"Aaahh...~" Ellie moaned out. "Yes.~ That's how I want it."

"Then that's what you'll get!" he replied before giving her neck a nibble.

"YAH!" she screamed, startled but pleased. "That also felt surprisingly good."

That's when Alan nibbled faster.

"Ooooh...~" she let out as he began to slam in and out.

And while that was happening, he breathed heavily, along with her, with each time he was going in and out of her. As this went on her two sisters were getting antsy.

"By the gods." the youngest one, Kendra, muttered in astonishment. "Deborah, is it okay if I go after Ellie? Or you want to go next?"

"I'm tempted to jump in right now, I'm soaked.

"Okay then. After she's done, I'll give you my turn."

"Or...what if we did it together?"

"Hmmm." Deborah sounded, thinking for a moment. "You know what? Let's give it a chance."

"Sweet." Kendra grinned at her eldest sister's response.


"Ah! Ah! AH! OH YES!" Ellie screamed in pure bliss as she was getting mercilessly fucked by the young human.

"Come on, tighten up more!" Alan requested of her with a groan.


"I'm doing my best!" he grunted while nibbling on her neck making her eyes roll into her head.

"AAAH! S-SO GOOD!" she cried out with Alan's dick twitching.

"GET READY, I'M ABOUT TO-" he tried to warn.


And without waiting another second, he gave her what she demanded and released his seed inside of her womanhood.

"AHHHHHH!" the duo shouted, simultaneously. His seed filled her up with her juices gushing out.

Right after their climax, he fell almost on top of Ellie, as he prevented himself from falling all the way. Both panted with Ellie more tired than him. They gazed at one another for a quiet moment while breathing. Until, out of nowhere, she pulled him and smashed her lips with his.

Alan blinked before kissing back.

The both of them moaned at the action while the lizard girl tightened her tail around his waist without harming him.

"Alright alright, our turn now." voiced out Kendra, mentioning both her and her eldest sister.

"Awww, no fair." Ellie pouted with a blush.

"Tell it to mom, now move over." Deborah told her while she and Kendra approached the boy.

"Oh fine." the middle sister of the reptilian family sulked, unwillingly moving away. She pecked Alan on the cheek before moving away.

"I don't know about Kendra, Alan." said Deborah before getting face-to-face with the said human. "But I want you to go rough on me.~"

"Just ask and I'll obey." he mock bowed.

"Please, Alan, go rough on me.~" the eldest lizard sister pretended to plead with eyes as alluring as she could put them, deciding to humor him.

"Get on all fours then."

"Yes, my Lord.~" she smiled before getting on her limbs and waved her rear at him.

Alan gave a naughty smirk before he planted his phallus in her 'entrance'.


"Hey, don't leave me out." pouted Kendra before grabbing the boy by his head, making him turn to his left, and kissing him on the lips.

He inwardly chuckled and kissed back while licking at her lips right away.

'Mmmm...' the reptilian girl moaned in her head. 'He's really turning me on.~'

"Don't forget about me~" purred Deborah.

'Never.' he mentally chuckled. He resumed slamming in and out of her tight snatch roughly. "Aaaahh...~" As the little human kept moving his manhood in and out of the eldest lizard sister's womanhood, he decided to also give a hand to the youngest one. He reached out and started to rub in between her legs making her moan and smile.

'He seems to know what he's doing.' Kendra mentally stated as she was feeling Alan's fingers moving inside her snatch. 'Which means he should find my sensitive spot right about-' "AAah!" she gasped with a shriek of bliss when his fingers touched where her sensitive spot was located. '... now.~'

Alan wiggled his fingers and spread the hole while feeling his dick start to twitch. He parted his lips away from Kendra's lips in order to warn them: "I'm... almost there."

"Go ahead and cum inside her womb, it'll drive her mad~" the youngest lizard sister whispered to his ear.

"I was already planning on it." And so, that's what he did. His sperm erupted inside making the lizard girl yelp out with pleasure.

"Mmmm... Tasty.~" she let out with a smile.

"Will you give me your penis now, Alan?" Kendra cutely inquired with her tail shaking a little in contained excitement.

"Of course." he simply told her. "Just let me lay with my back on the bed."

"Ok~" she said with a bit of a lewd tone.

Alan got some space by the sisters before moving on his back. "I trust you to know what to do next."

"Absolutely~" the youngest lizard sister replied, licking her lips. She crawled over to the dick and rubbed her slit across it. "Aaah...~" she let out as she felt his member going inside her. "This feels nice."

"Go ahead and ride to your heart's content."

"With pleasure." she smiled. That's when she started to bounce up and down his dick like a bouncing ball.

And in order to help her get in the mood, Alan brought his hands up and started to give her breasts a good rub.

"Ahhh~ That's the stuff~!" she stated with a big and perverted grin. That's when he gave her nipples a pinch. "Ooh. Now that was naughty." Kendra told him, but without looking upset.

"Care to feel it again?"

She just answered by leaning down and then giving a soft bite on his neck. "That, and return the favor.~" she said with a half-lid eyes.

"Gladly~" the boy replied with a playful smirk. He started to tug on them, hard.

"Aaaahh. A little rough, but not too bad." she hummed while rocking her hips harder. "Aaah. Aaah. Aaaaah.~" Kendra moaned out while riding him. "So good~!"

"And we're just getting warmed up." he muttered, with enough volume for her to hear him. He leaned up and began to give her soft pecks around her neck.

She hissed in delight as her nether walls started to clench around his staff. "Ah~! More!"

"You asked for it." he said with a chuckle at her reaction. He started to nibble all around the spot connecting her jaw to her face making her squeal.

'Oh. By the gods!' her mind spoke. 'At this rate, I will not last for long.'

'I'm gonna cum!' the boy thought before voicing it out. "Kendra, I'm about to cum!"

"Inside! Inside!"

And as such, he obeyed her.

"AAAAHH!" the two of them screamed in absolute bliss at the same time.

"Pardon me, having fun?" the queen of Lustland was suddenly heard in the bedroom.

They turned and saw her with an amused smile.

"Your Highness." the white rabbit bashfully spoke up with a tiny startle before kneeling in front of the queen, who was standing by the recently opened door.

"I take it things are going alright?"

"I would say better than alright." the Cheshire Cat commented with a snicker. "Alan's a natural."

"Is he now?" the intrigued queen said, eyeing the boy in bed who had just finished his lovemaking with the last of the lizard family. "Then you won't mind me taking a turn."

"Y-Your Highness...?" Nora raised her head up to look at the queen in surprise, clearly not expecting such a statement. "You want a turn with Alan?"

"Indeed, I do." she nodded. "If that's not too much trouble."

"Not at all..."

"...It's just surprising, that's all." responded the Tweedles, Dora and then Darla.

"Well you can't blame me when you're all making so much noise." Then the queen proceeded to take off her tattered royal dress. "Now make room for the queen."

After removing her attire and leaving herself with only her white bullet bra and panties. Still, everyone was shocked to see that she was incredibly thin, as well as that she possessed an enormous, bubbly rear; and a pair of PP boobs which her bra was barely able to contain, much less conceive.

"Y-Yes your highness." Nora slightly stuttered as she and the others watched the queen slowly approaching the boy in bed while adding a sway in her hips.

All of them made room while Alan stared at the body.

Then upon reaching the bed, she started to crawl on it until she stood just a few inches away from his face. The queen inquired him with a smile: "Did you figure out my name after I gave you the password to that secret passage back at my former kingdom?"

"Now that you mention it, yes."

"Oh? Then do tell."

"Uuhh..." Alan began to think for a good moment before he answered. "You said the password was your name spelled backwards, "Smirc Htebecari Aisatsana". So your name is... Anastasia Iracebeth Crims."

"That's correct." the queen confirmed before kissing his lips.

He kissed back and felt pride while she wrapped her arms around him.

After a long and passionate smooch, they parted away for a second.

"And that's just a small bonus before getting to the important part." Anastasia added with a seductive lick on her lips.

"Show me just what you can do." he requested of her.

"Exactly what I had in mind.~" she said back while using her hands to take off her bra and expose her tits in their full glory.

Alan stared at them as they bounced and drooled a little. And without waiting for him, she grabbed his hands and put them on her boobs.

"Go ahead and enjoy my royal bosom."

Surrendering himself to the temptation, the boy started to massage the queen's breasts.

She hummed while his hands almost sunk into them. "Mmmmmm.~ That's nice, darling.~"

Alan leaned down and started to lick at the nipples.

She moaned at the feeling of his tongue while feeling herself getting turned on: "Aaah.~"

'So big~' he thought as he kept groping her enormous boobs. That's when he started sucking on it and nibbled on it.

"Mmmmm...~" Anastasia couldn't keep herself from moaning. "You seem to know what you're doing."

"Mmhmm." was all he could say as a confirmation since he had his mouth busy with one of her tits.

"Then I certainly hope you can do more.~" she told him as she used one of her hands to take off her panties and expose her wet cunt. "Touch me here."

'As you wish.' he replied in his mind. He reached down to rub across the spot making her moan as soon as he made contact.

"Mmmm.~ Yes. That's how you do it."

He got bold and started pushing a finger inside.

"Ooh." Anastasia released a surprised groan, however she made no effort to stop him.

"Wow, it's so warm in here." stated Alan, ceasing his licking activity on her breasts.

"I-I've been aching for a real man to make me feel good." she slightly stammered in pleasure. "But who could've thought that I would be finding that quality in a boy like you."

"Well than I'll make sure you feel like heaven." And upon making that declaration, he stuffed his big and hard mast into her womanhood.

"Ahhhh!" Just as soon as he penetrated her, Anastasia began to move her hips up and down instinctively. "F-Fuck me, like there's no tomorrow!"

"If you insist, who am I to deny you?" he answered back with a teasing smirk. He started to push in and out with a grunt.

"Aaaahh! Aaaah! AAAAAH!" she moaned out as she was getting pounded, with her gigantic boobs bouncing with each thrust. "Yes! Yes! More!"

"Your wish... is my command, your Highness." he replied between breaths while he continued to thrust his cock inside her. "Oooohhhh!"


"This is hot." whispered the Cheshire Cat.

Nora couldn't help but agree with her 'partner' as she rubbed her womanhood while watching them.

"Think he'll knock her up?"

"I can bet my breast milk that he will." the black feline answered to the white rabbit.

"Oh god yes Alan!" the queen cried out in ecstasy. "More! Give me more of your dick!"

In response, he started to thrust faster and go as deep as he could.

"Oh yes! Yes! Yes!"

"Anastasia! I don't... think... I'm going... to last... much longer!" Alan barely managed to say, reaching his breaking point.

"Then let it out inside me!" she begged him with sweat starting to drip from her head and chest. "Give me every drop you have left!"

"AAAAAAHHH!" both the boy and the queen shouted at the same time in pure euphoria. Her juices gushed out like a river while Alan's seed spurted into her.

Afterwards, the queen focused her gaze on the boy, looking at him exhausted yet quite satisfied. "That...was...amazing~"

"I could say... the same... thing... about you, Anastasia." the young Kingsleigh complimented back, panting just like her. That's when he leaned over and started sucking on a nipple making her moan and shiver from the sensitivity.

"Oooooh.~" he let out while wrapping an arm around his head and held him against there closer more closely against her boob. "I'm beginning to consider that I should take you as my new husband and king." she got out with a smile, irking several of the girls.

Alan, too, was feeling troubled thanks to her proclamation. As much as he would like to be with her, he didn't want to abandon his other beloved females.

"But..." the queen then continued, her smile never leaving. "I'm also quite aware that you've gained the hearts of all these other girls and women. So, even if I'm a queen, that would be a completely unfair and moronic move on my part."

That made the girls feel relived and sighed.

"So I'm thinking, when we are in public view, if the others should be concubines, maids, or if I should take them as princesses... And then, in the bedroom, everyone is treated as equal." she concluded her idea, still smiling. "What do you think?"

"I... I actually don't know." Alan responded, not knowing which one was the best choice for his harem since he imagined them in such outfits quite attractive. "I didn't really give something like that much thought."

"Well, we're fine with being concubines..."

"Especially, when it means we have the chance bump our behinds with the cutie.~ Maybe even let him smack them.~" the Tweedles gave their own opinions, giving him a wink at the last spoken word.

Alan blushed while the queen chuckled.

"I believe we can reach a decision later. As for right now, it's time for me to get off so you can pleasure the last two." Anastasia commented to the boy.

"Yes your majesty."

As the queen proceeded to get off him, the white rabbit and the white cat debated something for a quick second.

"What do you think, Diana? We do it with him at the same time, or one at a time?"

"Rock paper scissors to decide?"

"Hey." Alan voiced out, getting their attention. "If you can't decide, I'm fine with having to amuse you both."

"...works for me." Diana replied as she went to the bed.

"No arguments here either." Nora added her two cents as she went to join him too.

"Glad to hear."

Right at the moment that the two girls were close enough, Alan immediately stole a quick yet smooth kiss on the lips of Diana and then of Nora. Both blushed while he moved near their legs and saw their snatches directly on top of each other.

"I'm okay with waiting a little bit, Alan." the white rabbit volunteered. "Just put your fingers in me while Diana gets your penis."

"If you're sure." And so, Alan inserted his cock in his former pet cat's entrance while fingering the rabbit's.

"Ahh! Alan!" Diana exclaimed in glee as soon as she felt her former owner's mast going inside her. "I've missed this!"

"Then I'm glad to finally be able to satisfy you." he answered back with a grin as he kept driving his stick in and out of her. "Your folds are more wet than last time."

"Please, Alan, j-just don't say anyt-thing and keep doing me." the albino feline stammered.

"Gladly my dear." And without another word, he continued with his fun with Diana and Nora. He moved his fingers in and out of Nora making her ears stand on ends.

She could not resist a moan from escaping her mouth: "Ooooh.~"

"How's that feeling?" he asked the white rabbit.

"Nice. But it would've been better if it was your 'carrot'~" she let out while her breasts rubbed against Diana's due to the movement.

Said feline only moaned and purred at the feeling of her bosom being rubbed against the rabbit's while getting fucked by the boy, simultaneously. She felt the dick push in deeper and deeper before she pressed her lips against Nora's.

Nora was surprised at her partner's sudden action, but because she was feeling so much pleasure, all she did was kiss back. She felt the dick move in and out faster before it started twitching.

"Diana! Nora! Here it comes!" Alan voiced out, giving them the heads up.

"Give it to me master!" the former shouted with lust in her mind.

"AAAAAAHH!" they all screamed in euphoria as they reached their orgasm.

Alan unloaded his seed inside while their juices splashed all over him. Then, the boy fell backwards and landed with his back on the bed as the trio were breathing like they were nearly out of breath.

"Have fun?" joked The Mad Hatter.

"You could... say that." the little human responded with a big grin.

"Well you're not done yet." Nora spoke up. "Now it's my turn to have your dick in me."

"Consider it done." he told her, smirking. He moved back up and pulled her closer with his dick rubbing her folds.

"Mmmm.~" the rabbit hummed. "Your 'carrot' looks delicious."

"So does your 'rabbit hole'." he both flirted and complemented back. He pulled back and slammed right inside making both moan out.

While still having Nora on top of her, Diana decided to add a bit of more 'flavor' to their activity by giving the rabbit's long ears some tender bites as Alan was fingering her own womanhood.

"H-Hey!" yelped Nora with a blush.

"What? You... don't like that?" the catgirl inquired with a teasing smirk while she was still getting rammed by her former owner.

"N-Not that, ah~"

"Then, what's the... problem?" she let out while nibbling all around the ear.

"N-Nothing. It's just... Ooooohh.~" Nora barely managed to say through a moan.

"Ah ha! Here's your weakness~" Diana smirked with confidence as she proceeded to 'attack' the said spot.

"AHhhhh~!" the rabbit moaned out loud. "Gods above!"

"You're getting even tighter!" Alan groaned as he was having some difficulty moving. "I might not make it!"

"Then do it, Alan!" Nora gasped, drunk with lust. "Let me have your babies!"

"I'm cumming!" Alan yelled out as he started to ejaculate inside the rabbit's vagina.

"OH GODS YES!" she screamed with some saliva coming out of her mouth.

Alan groaned feeling the walls hold him there as he spurted a huge load into her womb. 'If she didn't get pregnant before, I think she's going to be now.' he thought as he fell softly on top of her. Both panting from exhaustion.

"That... was... truly... splendid, Alan!" Nora attempted to exclaim since she felt nearly out of breath.

"You...took the...words...out of my mouth." he gladly answered back before rolling off her and landing on her right side. He felt her and Diana cuddle beside him while the other girls smiled and he held the two fuzzy girls.

"Sleep well, Alan." all of the girls said almost at the same time.

"Thanks...I'm pooped..." he told them as he started to slowly shut his eyes.

"Sleep tight Alan." purred Diana.

And with that said, they all closed their eyes and went to sleep as well. All the while Alan felt himself falling into what felt like a tunnel. He tried to open his eyes to see what was going on. However, he couldn't, it was like his eyelids were heavy.

'Mmm, what's going on?'

All of a sudden, he began to have an odd sensation on his back.

'Huh? What's that feeling? And why am I so sluggish?' he thought, a little scared. That's when he felt his mind get tugged somewhere and started to feel himself waking up. The young Kingsleigh opened his eyes and quickly sat up, only to be faced with a bittersweet realization... He had returned to his home, and he was back in his clothes.

He blinked and looked around while rubbing his eyes. 'Am I really back to my world?' he wondered. He reached down and pinched his arm. "Ow." he voiced out before seeing that everything around him was still the same. "It seems I'm not dreaming."

With that in mind he looked at the ground with disappointment. Hoping to, maybe, see Diana back to her pet form and either sleeping beside him or close to him. However, she was nowhere to be found.

"I wonder where she went off to." he muttered to himself, standing up. "Diana? Diana? Where are you girl?"

Yet, all he got in response was the wind blowing gently on his back.

"I better try and find her." the boy said to himself as he proceeded to move out. "Diana! Diana!"

But there was still no sight or sound from his pet.

"Oh no, where'd she go?"

"Alan?" he suddenly heard a young man's voice calling him out.


"Behind you, silly brother."

He turned around. And discovered a young adult in his early twenties, with his brown hair wrapped in a ponytail. "Matthew? When did you get here?"

"Just now. Why were you in the garden, little brother?" the young man now known to be Matthew, Alan's older brother, answered and then questioned back. Matthew was seen wearing a black frock coat, pants of the same color of the coat's and grey rubber boots.

"Well I...I was in this world and...I must have fallen asleep."

"Aah. My sweet little brother was daydreaming." the young man chuckled in amusement before walking up to Alan and ruffling his hair. "What was it about?"


"Let me guess... There were a lot of those girls coming for you like moths to a flame." Matthew decided to say.

"...maybe." Alan admitted with a blush, feeling a tad embarrassed. "And my cat, Diana, was turned into a girl and was among them."

"Wow, now I gotta hear more."

"Uuuuh... Well, I was als-"

"Master Matthew. Master Alan." came suddenly the voice of a man, calling for the two siblings as he interrupted the young Kingsleigh, much to his relief.

'Oh thank goodness.'

The boy's brother quickly turned to address the said man, who was dressed as a butler and appeared to be in his mid-forties. "Yes, Mr. Cobbs?"

"Your parents have summoned you both to the living room." Mr. Cobbs informed.

"Alright, let them know we'll be there right away."

"Of course, sir." the butler bowed his head in acknowledgement. He turned and walked off.

Matthew then focused back on his younger sibling for a moment before walking: "Well, let's not keep them waiting. But, after this, I still want to hear everything about that dream of yours."

"Uh sure, no problem." he spoke with a fake smile.

It took both of the brothers a couple of minutes, but eventually they arrived at the living room.

"I wonder what mother and father wanted to see us about." Matthew said his thoughts.

"If I had to guess, I would say it's because of that marriage again." Alan replied, frowning in the process.

"Hmm, you raise a good point."

Upon opening the double doors, they noticed their parents sitted on a couple of chairs next to one another.

Their father was named Lars Kingsleigh, a nobleman and the owner of their house. He was a man in his mid-fifties. He was wearing a victorian outfit: grey pants, black shoes, a white shirt, a grey vest, and a black necktie. He was also bald and had a short grey beard along with a mustache.

Their mother was named Helena Kingsleigh, a noblewoman and the owner of a flower company. She was a woman who appeared to be between her late forties and early fifties. She had black hair done up in a bun with what looked like make up applied to her face. Like her husband, she wore a victorian outfit as well: a blue dress, white long gloves, with matching heels, and black stockings.

Both brothers bowed on one knee and bowed their heads. And their parents bowed their heads in acknowledgement.

"You may rise." said their father.

Both stood up with Alan looking nervous.

"Mother, father, why did you summon us?" Matthew inquired about them.

"Me and your mother wanted to talk to Alan regarding his engagement."

'Why am I not surprised?' the said boy thought while glaring at his father.

"And about his job in the future." Helena added, surprising her younger son.

"Wait, what job?"

"When you turn 18, you are going to join your brother in becoming a co-owner of my company that sells ships and boats. Kingsley's Watery Voyage." Lars simply responded.

"Wait...what?" the boy spoke up, kind of startled at that revelation. "Really?"

"Of course."

"That's...That's such an honor!" Alan stated, smiling for a moment before wiping the smile off of his face. "But I'm afraid I'll have to decline, Father. I want to become an explorer."

"But Alan, being co-owner of the company would ensure you have a job that can provide for you for years to come. Being an explorer? It's rather...dangerous." Helena told her younger son.

"I know, Mother. But you don't have to worry. I don't intend to go anywhere that's considered to be dangerous, just yet. I'll go to a few places that are unfamiliar yet pleasant, at first." he assured.

Lars glared at Alan, certainly not pleased with his younger son's decision for a future career. "Forget it. I will not allow that." he said.

"But father!" Alan started to say. "Can't you understand that it's what my heart wishes for me to do? I want to go to places where no-one else has gone to yet."

"I'm sorry son, but my decision is final."

At that point, the boy stared angrily at his father as he spoke to him: "Like it is me getting married to a nobleman's daughter when I become older, even when I don't know anything about that girl?"

"My mind is made up!"

"Yes, it seems like it is." Alan responded to his father, the displeasure in his tone was as clear as day. "You decide what I'll do with my life, even before I reach the adequate age of an adult!"

"Because we know what's best for you!"

"Do you?" the boy fired back. "Or it's just because you actually don't want us to turn poor?"


Upon noticing their startled expressions, Alan knew he hit the mark. "That's right, I know." he included while pointing to his parents. "I remember hearing you two speaking in your room some time after Matthew got married."

"You were eavesdropping?"

"Not intentionally, no." the boy told them. "At first, I was only passing by and minding my own business. Until, I heard you shouting something about his marriage being an accomplishment."

"Because it is!"

"Is it?" Alan rhetorically asked before turning to his brother. "Matthew, since we're talking about you, did you get the chance to know your wife before you got engaged to her?"

"Uh...well...technically speaking I DID get to know her now."

"But did you before?"

"No, though I wish I had."

"My point exactly." the boy answered as he turned back to his parents. "You see, Father? You shouldn't do that to us. That is like tossing a coin in the air and hoping it shows... let us say, heads, and not tails."

His father frowned with their mother growing worried. Lars seemed like he was about to say something else... However, that opportunity was denied as the butler, the very same one that Alan and Matthew met, came through the doors.

"Sir!" Mr. Cobbs exclaimed, panting and with sweat running down on his face.

"Not now!" the Kingsleigh's patriarch growled at the butler.

"But, Master Lars! Our queen is at the gates, and she's coming here!" Mr. Cobbs, nervously, was able to say, nearly out of breath.

"The queen!?" the entire family spoke up in both shock and surprise as they all focused on the butler, except for Alan who had his eyes wide open and his mouth slightly open.

"Yes, she's going to be here any second!"

"Then we'll have to go meet her at our door, now!" Lars said, quickly standing up from his seat.

"Come you two!" Helena spoke up to her two sons, getting up as well to join her husband.

"We mustn't show disrespect and not meet her face to face."

"Of course, Mother." both brothers responded simultaneously as they immediately went with their parents to their house's main entrance.

All the while Alan silently sweated nervously.

Upon arriving at the doors, Lars looked at his family for a moment.

"Now, I want everyone to be in their best behavior." Then he focused on his younger son. "And as for you, Alan. I don't want any arguments in the presence of the queen."

"Yes father." the boy muttered with enough volume for his father to hear him.

All of them turned and saw a tall woman walking to them, who seemed about the same height as the queen of Lustland Alan thought to himself, while she wore a long white dress gown that covered her feet and had short black curly hair with a D sized chest with long white elbow length gloves. And close behind her stood a number of six guards. No doubt they were there to protect her.

"A thousand honors for this visit your majesty. We apologize for not preparing a better welcome than this." Lars announced as he and his family knelt and bowed their heads in the queen's presence, in order to show their respect for her.

"There's no need to worry about that. And please, there's no need to be so formal, stand up." the queen said with kindness in her tone.

All of them obeyed with Lars clearing his throat.

"Yes, of course your majesty, my apologies." he apologized again. "What brings you to our home?"

"As you know, with me being queen, my time out of the palace is short." she informed them. "But first, I wish to know if this is actually the residence of the Kingsleigh's family."

"That it is your highness."

"Well then, I shall go straight to the point: I am here because of your youngest son interacting with my daughters."

That threw them all for a loop, especially Alan as they turned to him.

"I-I have?" the said boy stammered in shock.

"Boy, what have you done?" Alan's father quietly snarled at him.

"N-Nothing father, I swear!" the youngest son replied in fear.

"Please, calm yourselves." the queen quickly and smoothly spoke up, getting their attention back. "I'm afraid there was a misunderstanding in what I meant to say. He didn't do anything bad to them. Quite the opposite, actually. What he did was good, really good."

That confused the family with Alan more befuddled than ever.

"You see, when someone goes to interact with my daughters usually is either because of envy or because of interest in them being princesses. But Alan, when he first met them, he didn't know that. And yet, he became friends with them. I recall seeing him a few times talking with the older ones, or playing with the younger ones." she told them with a type of motherly satisfaction. "When I first saw him, I thought he meant trouble. But upon seeing how well my daughters were getting along with him, I chose to let them be. Though, I would still look at them both from time to time."

"...I did?" spoke Alan who was gobsmacked.

"Indeed, dear boy." the queen of England answered. "I even remember my daughters telling me that you were sneaking out of your house just to spend time with them, in secret. And even then, they were glad for you doing that. In fact, you've been doing that for nearly two months now."

"TWO MONTHS?!" all of the Kingsleigh's family members came close to screaming in shock.


The queen could see the panic in the said boy's eyes, yet her expression remained unchanged as she included: "Yes. I even remember that two weeks ago, one of my youngest daughters was playing far away from her sisters, and close to a lake until she suddenly slipped and fell in it. She couldn't swim, and she was about to drown. Fortunately, Alan was around and he bravely leapt into the lake. Your son is a hero for saving her. After that, my little girl became quite attached to him. She even insisted on staying close to him, whenever possible." she said that part with an amused giggle. "It was cute to watch. She almost seemed like she wanted to keep him for herself."

Alan blushed while at this point utterly baffled. "Y-Your highness, I don't mean to interrupt, but...I don't think that's possible."

"Oh? Why not, my dear boy?" she inquired with a sweet voice.

"I've never met any of your daughters face to face." he matter-of-factly replied.

"Really?" the queen asked, lifting her eyebrows just slightly. "Not even Diana?"

"I-Diana?!" he spoke up in pure surprise, not expecting to hear the name of his pet cat.

"Yes. The one you saved? The one who then became quite attached to you, like I said?"

"But, that's the name of my pet cat."

"Maybe it's just a coincidence." Matthew commented.

"J-Just out of curiosity, but where are your daughters?"

"They are in the palace's yard." the queen said to the Kingsleigh's older son before turning back to the younger one. "If you want, Alan, I can take you there now."

"Yes please." he spoke without thinking.

"Very well, then." she nodded to him before facing his family again. "If any of you wish to come along and meet my daughters as well, please say it now."

"Well we wouldn't want to impose your majesty." Lars said, a little nervous about her statement.

"Oh You don't worry about that. Even if that happens, I believe it won't be too much of a problem." she waved the Kingsleighs' concerns off. "So, do you wish to come or not?"

"I suppose there's no harm in going." Matthew voiced out. "Mother, father, will you come?"

"Yes, I think we will." nodded their mother.

"Agreed, most definitely." their father let in.

"Then, do come aboard." the queen said, indicating to her royal transport that was standing by the gate.

The family followed the queen as they went to the transport. A chauffeur who was standing close to the said transport then proceeded to open the door to allow the queen and her guests to enter. All of them climbed in with it being a slightly snug squeeze. After that, the chauffeur closed the door and went up to his seat of the wagon. He made a crack with the whip making the horse stand attention and start pulling it.

Meanwhile within the royal wagon, as they were traveling to the palace, the queen decided to resume her chat: "You know, my daughters told me they've been thinking about this for some time. Only now they've chosen to make it official and have Alan stay with them."

Now that REALLY threw the family for a loop.

"Seriously?" the Kingsleigh's mother asked. "Only now?"

"Yes, they wanted time to think it over for a little bit." said the queen of England as she then turned to Alan. "Even though they have made their decision, Alan, they said that they still wanted to hear your opinion."

"I'm flattered, really." Alan replied.

"Besides, they said if that's how it's going to be, it's only fair that you should also choose if that's what you want." the queen added.

'How does any of this make sense?!' he thought, feeling a bit uneasy. 'Maybe it's a mistake, I mean I've never met her daughters so they're probably thinking of a guy who just happens to have the same name.'

A short time later, the chauffeur pulled the wagon to a halt. The door was opened and they were let outside where they saw the huge palace.

"Right this way, everyone." announced the queen, taking the lead.

They followed her and looked in awe as the gates opened and they entered. They soon arrived at the yard, where they saw a large number of girls in the area. With the older ones sitted on a bench made of stone while the younger ones were playing with one another.

"Girls I have returned."

All of the girls turned their attention to the queen just as soon as they had heard her voice. "Greetings, Mother." they all voiced out almost at the same time.

"I have brought with me Alan and his family."

"Alan!" all of the daughters of the queen shouted happily as they stood up. With the 5 younger girls, who seemed to differ between the ages of 12 to 15, running to the said boy and tackling him into a big embrace; While the 8 remaining older ones, who seemed to differ between the ages of 17 to 23, simply walked up to him.

Alan groaned from the tackle and blushed red feeling them all hug him.

"Oh Alan, you finally came." one of the girls holding him in her arms spoke up.

"We thought you'd never show up." spoke another.

"Sorry... But how do you know my name?" the boy inquired, feeling very confused.

The princesses looked at him and looked a little hurt.

"You came to our home as you sneaked out of yours." said one of the girls that was hugging him. The girl who told him that revealed to have her blonde hair tied into a bun.


"For almost two months."

'How is that possible?!' his mind was doing its best to process everything that was said, however nothing was making any sense at all. "I must apologize once again, but I'm afraid I don't know any of you." he told them with a solemn face.

That made them all gasp.

"You... You can't be serious." the girl with the blonde hair tied into a bun murmured, beginning to feel crestfallen.

"I'm not, sorry."

His response caused all of the daughters to feel terrified, with some of them being close to tears.

"How could you!" one of them said in both sadness and anger.

At that moment the younger girls all let go of him and stepped away... except for one, who continued to hold him.

"I don't believe you." spoke the girl with a frown who still had her arms around the boy. The said girl seemed to be two years older than him and had short white hair. "After all the time we spent together? You can't just up and pretend it didn't happen."

"I'm not pretending, really." Alan told her. "In fact, I'm even starting to wish I was that Alan you all think I am."

"But you are!"

"Then how can I not remember any of that?!" he almost screamed. "Of me meeting you like that, for example?"

"...we don't know." the girl with the blonde hair tied into a bun sadly said with her head down.

Her sisters instantly followed her example and began to show similar expressions of their own.

Suddenly, while also having her head down, the girl with the short white hair grabbed his face with both of her hands and made him look solely at her. "Alan..." she started to say. "Look me in the eyes and tell me... Do you really not remember us? Not even one of us?" she finished, moving her head up to stare him straight in the eyes. 'Please, Alan, remember. Please...'

He looked her in the eyes and felt bad, but briefly saw the image of Diana behind her with the same expression. 'Her eyes... they're the same as Diana's, my cat.' he thought, bedazzled as he was looking at her... feline eyes? 'This girl can't be her, can she?'

"Well? Anything?"

"D- Diana...?" he asked, trying to be certain even if he was just confusing her for someone else.

"You remember!" she said in great relief, confirming to be Diana. "You gave us quite the startle."

'It can't be, no way.' he wondered, still in doubt as Diana was hugging him tightly, though without harming him.

"Then that means he must remember all of us too!" one of the girl's sisters spoke up, feeling some hope.

"Mother, could we have some privacy with Alan for a bit?" Diana inquired to the queen.

"Of course girls." she responded to them before turning to Alan's family for a moment. "Any objections?"

"N-No, of course not your majesty." Lars answered nervously with his wife and his older son nodding in agreement.

They made their way away from the kids.

After knowing without a doubt that the queen and the boy's family were far enough from them, Diana moved closer to him.

"I'm glad we're back together, Alan." she whispered to his left ear.

"But...I mean...how?" he stammered.

"If you let me, I shall do my best to explain things to you." Diana said to him.

"Please do."

"Alright, this is what happened with us..." she started. "We were all sleeping in peace with you in bed. But, in the next morning, when we woke up, you had just disappeared without a trace." she stated with a distressed face. "I don't remember ever being so scared like that before."

"When did this happen?"

"We'll get to that part later." was all she told him. "Continuing... Nearly everyone there panicked when they realized you were gone. Until Queen Anastasia shouted for us to stop and calm down. She said that the reason you were no longer with us was because you returned to the real world, and that she had a way for us to go there as well."

"What?" Alan was taken aback by that. "I'm more confused than ever."

"Nobody knows for certain why you vanished like that. But even then, we all wanted nothing more than to have you back with us." she included, secretly cursing who or what ever was responsible for their separation. "Anyway, Anastasia said that she had a scroll which could teleport her and anyone else she wanted to to the real world. However, we would need human disguises."

"So...everything that happened..."

"...That made you think it was just a dream, it actually happened. All of it." she concluded for the boy with a big smile.


"Alan? What is the matter?" Diana inquired to him, noticing his shocked face.

"But...it feels like I just woke up from it in just five minutes!"

Diana stared at him, not knowing what he was talking about. Until, suddenly something clicked in her head. "Oh." she said before averting her eyes and mumbling. "That explains what the queen said."

"What? What did she say?"

"She said that time moves differently between Lustland and the real world."

"Really?" he asked, a little surprised by that information.

"Yes. You see... while it has been a few hours here in the real world, it has been a few months in Lustland."

His eyes widened as he looked at all the other princesses and started to notice the familiar faces. "So...it was all real? It wasn't a dream?"

"No, it wasn't a dream. Far from it." Diana replied in order to assure him. "If it was, this meeting wouldn't have happened. And I would still be your pet cat."

"So then does this mean..."

"That every girl of your harem is here? Yes, they are." grinned a young woman of a princess with short black hair, who had leaned a little closer to him. "Which means here? You took all of us like bitches~"

"Cheshire Cat?" he asked out as he looked into the said girl's eyes and saw that she also had feline eyes, similar to Diana's.

"Nya~" was her answer to confirm his suspicions while fluttering her eyelashes a bit.

"You're all here!" he exclaimed out loud.

Diana quickly went to cover his mouth and whispered: "Hush... Not so loud."

"Huh? But why?" he asked right after she took her hand off his mouth.

"Believe me, you don't want your family to hear you and get the wrong idea." she replied while looking around for a bit, with the rest of the girls doing the same.

"Oh! Right, my bad."

"But as you said. Yes, we're all here." Diana happily told him. "And I do mean, all of us."

"And what about Anastasia?" he questioned. "Is she among you?"

"Of course." the girl who was revealed to be Cheshire Cat responded. "Can you guess who she is?"

"Uh..." he started. "Is it... the queen of England herself?"

"Bingo~" she told him with a small grin. "Here, she is known as Georgette Grandel."

"By the way, how did you all get those human forms?" was his next question.

"You can thank me and Ellie for that." spoke a princess who seemed to be in her late twenties with long curled brown hair and a voice of a certain lizard milf that Alan had an idea to who it belonged to. "Using a spell I got us these human forms so we could blend right in without any problems."

"Bethany?" the young Kingsleigh inquired, wondering if it was really her.

"Bingo~" Bethany affirmed to him. "And there's someone else here who wanted to see you again so badly."

"Who?" The girls who were closest to him responded by stepping away and allowing two of their 'sisters' to come in sight before him.

The said duo had some resemblance to Caroleena and Nora. He was able to notice that the former had dark bangs on her eyes and the latter had two pieces of her medium, white, straight hair standing up to the point of looking like rabbit ears.

"No way." he murmured. "Carol? Nora?"

And before he could see it coming, the two girls embraced and held on to him like if it was a matter of life or death.

"It's so good to see you're alive!" both of the girls said in a combination of relief and happiness.

He smiled and tried hugging them both back.

"When you... disappeared, Alan. I... I thought... I had lost you forever." Carol said through some hiccups while crying.

"I'm sorry I made you girls worry."

"Don't be." Nora told him with a happy smile while sobbing as well. "That was something you had no control over. You are back with us, that's all that matters."

"Still, I'm glad everyone's here."

"You should've seen them, Alan." Bethany voiced out. "In the moment that you vanished, those two seemed like they were ran over by hundreds of big carts. Nora wouldn't take care of herself properly; And Carol could barely sleep at all."

Both girls blushed and looked away.

Alan was dumbstruck by that revelation, he never expected those girls to be so affected by his sudden disappearance. On one hand, he was concerned on what would've happened if one day he was really gone. But on the other hand, he was glad to know that they cared for him so much.

"So, now that we're back together, guess you know what that means." smirked the Cheshire Cat.

"Uuuhh... bed?" Alan tried to guess what was going to happen next with a nervous smile.

"Nope, it means it's time we picked up where we left off~"


That was the only sound he could make as he swallowed dryly.

"We can do it in our royal bedroom, it has plenty of space." she added. "And that's just one of the many perks that come from being the queen's adopted daughters."

"Along with the fact that since we're all princesses, that means you get the chance at becoming a prince." said Diana, already picturing him in such an image.

"P-P-Prince?" Alan stammered, certainly not expecting that.

"Yup, we better go find a priest~" winked the Cheshire Cat.

"I don't know if that will be a good idea. I mean, just look at him, he seems ready to have a heart attack." Nora spoke up, carefully noticing how red and how much the boy was trembling.

"Ok, we'll wait a week, THEN get the marriage ready."

"We'll see about that, Cheshire Cat. We'll see." Diana told her. "Right now, let's all go back to our "mother"."

"Good call."

Alan gave out a sigh, relieved to know that he wasn't going to be rushed into marriage, despite loving them. The next thing he knew though the girls all grabbed him and literally carried him while heading back over to where his family and queen were.

Both the queen and Alan's family were revealed to be close to the main entrance's double doors, seated at a small iron table with wooden chairs around it for them all.

The queen, Georgette Grandel, quickly noticed the princesses approaching, along with the boy, and inquired with a smile: "How did things go with you, my daughters?"

"Everything went smoothly mother." Nora gladly replied. "We were able to help him remember us all."

"That's glorious news." she said before putting her eyes on the boy in question, who was now pushed by the princesses to stand in front of them. "Tell me, my dear boy, are you thinking about getting married with them one day?"

"Uh...well...I um..." he could barely speak up.

"It's quite fine, Alan." Georgette told him upon seeing how uneasy he was feeling. "You don't have to get married with my daughters in the next week, or even in the next month. I'm certain I can postpone the marriage to when you believe you're ready."

"Awwww." all of the princesses whined.

"Now now, my daughters." the queen began to softly scold her children. "I know you all love Alan, and I know that he shares the same feelings for you. But you should know that this is a serious matter, and cannot be hasten."

"Yes mother."

"Still, I should also tell you that, according to my parents, I'm already promised to be married to a nobleman's daughter when I turn 18, despite not knowing anything about that girl." Alan decided to inform Georgette about his situation.

"It's true, mother." Diana voiced out, supporting him. "He told me so in person."

"Hmmm, I see." the queen muttered with a neutral face and equally neutral voice tone while pondering about the matter. "This does cause a bit of a problem."

"Can't you do something about it?"

"Perhaps I can." she gave him some reassurance. "But first tell me, Alan, was this done with your consent?"

"No, my parents decided it." Alan replied, staring at the couple in question.

"Then I'll have a little talk with them." the queen said with a nod. "You don't have to stay here and listen to our conversation, if you don't want to."

"Thank you my queen." Alan replied.

"We'll be in our shared bedroom with him, if you need us, mother." included Nora.

"Very well girls." the queen stated before her daughters and the boy walked away and into the palace.

The last sight he caught from his parents and brother was of them looking at Georgette like they have been dropped into a wolf's den.

'I hope things turn out ok.' he thought, a little concerned about them.

It took them a while... with the palace obviously being so big, but in the end they arrived to the princesses' bedroom.

"Wow, this...this room is huge!" Alan exclaimed in awe as he looked around his harem's bedroom.

"Thanks, we get plenty of breathing room." said Diana.

"And we have a secret room which has a much bigger bed.~" included Cheshire Cat with a dirty smirk, giving the boy a gentle bump with her rear. "But first, it's time to shed our skin like wiggling snakes."

And in just a quick moment, all of the girls had removed their human disguises from head to toe and revealed their true selves.

"Feels like getting out a new coat." commented Nora, stretching out her long ears.

Alan was about to say something, but when he looked down his jaw dropped when he noticed 'something' about them, each and every one of them. They all had swollen bellies. Though, Diana's and Nora's were a little bigger. "You...You...You're all...pregnant!?" Alan exclaimed, astonished.

"Yup, all that fun we had sure did it's job, daddy~" Cheshire Cat said with a naughty grin.

"The babies have been... active, to say the least, when you were gone." Nora included with a big yet soft smile and with her eyes getting watery while rubbing a hand on her own belly. "But, as soon as we were reunited, they calmed down."

"Which means you're going to have quite the bunch to look after, and they'll be enjoying tea by the gallons." stated Thea, the Mad Hatter, while Theresa, the March Hare, simply nodded in confirmation.

"How far are you all in?" he curiously inquired, feeling a great amount of joy building up.

"Me and Nora have been pregnant for 6 months." Diana told Alan. "As for Anastasia and the others, about 5 months, give or take."

"Which means we have plenty of time to come up with names." Nora added up.

"How were you all able to conceal your pregnancies?" the boy couldn't help but ask.

"Our disguises of course. Magic can do pretty much anything." Bethany responded. "Thanks to Anastasia's magic, which she casted in all of our dresses, we were able to appear thin in our human disguises without harming the babies. Only when we took off our dresses would the spell cease to work."

"Now it's time we work on names." Katie said. "I think our firstborn will be a daughter, and will be named Glenda. What are your thoughts, Alan?"

"I'm already feeling the weight of being a father hitting me." he muttered a little nervous while rubbing a hand on the back of his head.

"Don't worry, we'll have tons of time."

(A few minutes later - after pondering about names for the babies)

That's when a knock came to the door.

Bethany went to the door and asked: "Who is it?"

"It's me, the queen." the voice of the royal woman answered from the other side.

Bethany opened it up and bowed.

The queen gave her a small good-hearted laugh before saying: "Bethany, my dear. There's no need for you, or any of the others, to bow before me. At least, when we are in private."

"Sorry your majesty."

"Don't be. Now, have I missed anything?"

"We were going over baby names."

The queen proceeded to enter into the bedroom to join the rest of the girls as Bethany shut the door behind her. "Oh, my... Now I feel disappointed in myself for not coming here sooner." Anastasia said with a bit of a frown which was instantly replaced by a smile while she took off her Georgette mask. "But no matter. I had already thought of a name for my child. And I wanted to speak with Alan about that."

"Oh, what is it?" Alan inquired as he approached them.

"If it's a daughter, she'll be named Brandy; But if it's a son, he'll be called John." the queen stated. "Do you like these names, Alan? If you think you have better names for them, then feel free to tell me."

"No, both sound just right."

Then, she changed the subject: "By the way, about your parents, you don't have to worry about anything."

"What do you mean?" he asked nervously.

"Let's just say, I was able to persuade them to cancel your future marriage to that nobleman's daughter." she smiled innocently with Alan getting a shiver.

"Y-you mean...? You threaten them with blackmail, or... execution?" he stammered, a little afraid.

"Execution? No. Blackmail? A little." she replied, without faltering her smile. "I told them that since you are now in the custody of my "daughters" and my own, they would do well to cancel that marriage. And if they didn't, they would be accused of forced marriage, of not allowing you to make your own choices, of stealing salary from their workers, as well as for laying off workers for no reasonable motives just to get said workers replaced by more efficient ones. And the worst of all, that information would be released to the public... all over the world, and they would be banished from this part of the land."

Alan paled hearing all that while feeling extreme pity.

After noticing his reaction, Anastasia added up in order to ease his mind: "Still, there's nothing for you to fear. Everything worked out well, and your parents and brother are now getting sent back to their house by my chauffeur. You can go and see them yourself, if you want to be certain."

"Oh thank goodness." he sighed.

"So do you want to go see them before they leave?"

"Something tells me no." he said. "Besides, my relationship with them wasn't very good. My brother Matthew was the only exception, until not too long ago."

"I understand."

"Well then, now that everyone's here..."

"How about we go to our secret room?" the Tweedles, Darla and then Dora spoke up.

"Secret room?"

"Yes, Alan, I told you we have a secret room." Cheshire Cat replied with her namesake grin. "Though, what I didn't tell you is where that room is. It's in our bedroom."

"Oh...right, my bad." the boy said, scratching his head while giving a light blush.

All of them lead him to the bedroom. Bethany proceeded to go to a bookcase before pulling a few books away by an inch. This lead to it sliding open and revealing the room. In its center there stood an enormous bed with smooth white sheets that looked like it had room for at least 30 people.

"Wow...it's so big." Alan spoke with his eyes wide-open after seeing the bed in front of him.

"And look over there." Anastasia said, pointing to a large mirror which was hanging on the wall on the right side.

"Wow." he muttered awestruck as he moved closer and stared at it. "I have to say, I've never seen a mirror like this. With many different gems all around it, and a blue crystal on top."

"Oh it's more than a simple mirror, Alan. This allows us to contact other people in Lustland."

"Wait, you mean like a messenger?"

"Not exactly, they can see and hear us just as much as we can see and hear them."

"So...if we...you know..."

"They'd be getting front row seats."

"And, whenever we don't want an audience, all we have to do is cover it completely with a blanket." Katie included.

"Also, we can use the mirror as a portal to go to Lustland and back at any moment we wish." Nora added as well. "There are multiple mirrors like this one all over Lustland. One is in that house on the island where you were with us last time; Another is close to my house; Another is where you met Carol, Thea, and Theresa; And one more is where Bethany and her daughters live."

"Wow." the boy whispered in fascination before he continued to speak in his normal tone. "And the people from Lustland can come to my world too?"

"Only if they are in physical contact with any of us while we're bringing them here." Diana answered. "That way none of them get the wrong idea to try and cause trouble."

"But if a mirror is broken or destroyed, let's say for example on the island, then we can no longer travel there. Unless, said mirror is repaired or replaced." the queen included some more. "Same goes if our mirror suffers a similar fate. Luckily, Bethany and I can create a new one together. All we require is a simple mirror about as big as this one, though it takes us a few hours to get it done."

"That's amazing."

"So as you can see, Alan, we can all go to Lustland whenever we please and no-one from your world would ever know." Katie told him.

"Think of it as our little honeymoon spot."

Alan's face turned a tad red at those words as he said with a tiny smile: "Not that I mind, but I think a honeymoon would be a gigantic one. Because it would involve every last one of you."

"Oh big time." Cheshire Cat stated with a pervert-like smirk as the rest of the pregnant harem gave out nearly-quiet giggles.

"But we will leave that for later." Caroleena said with a yawn. "I, for one, want to cuddle with you in our bed, Alan. It's been a while since I was able to sleep well."

"Yeah, and you have no excuse to leave us this time."

Alan gave them a soft smile and responded: "As if I ever wanted to leave you in the first place."

"Good answer." Diana spoke as she and Nora began to gently push him to the bed while Caroleena and Katie were pulling. "Now let's get some rest."

After Alan was put laying in the middle of the bed, his harem soon joined in. With Diana and Nora, for example, laying by his right and left sides, respectively.

"Good night Alan." all of the girls said to their young love, snuggling with him.

"Good night my loves." he said back to them as he started to close his eyes. All the while feeling the most happy he's ever felt.

None of them knew what the future had in store for them. But one thing was certain: it was going to be large and bright one... with a lot of lewdness in it, obviously.

-Outside of the story-

"And that's the second and last part for the story of Alan in Lustland." announced the Blue Fairy to the audience. Seeing their confused faces, she decided to explain what happened: "Sorry, I know that we forgot to make an opening scene before starting with the continuation of the story. But I was busy being in Pinocchio's harem and their activities, just like Cheshire Cat and the others are busy being with their own respective harems. In fact, I still am." she added with a small blush. "I just have a short moment before I have to return. Anyway, I hope you readers enjoyed it. I will see you again in the next story. Goodbye." she finished with a wink before transforming into a blue glowing orb and flying away from the place.