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Taking a sip of his ice-latte, Hadrian studied the child in front of him. It was weird to see Shinichi in his seven-years old form when the last time he saw him was when he was but a two year old baby. When Conan looked up from his espresso, Hadrian knew the questions are coming.

Conan opened his mouth, "Would you care to explain how exactly you came to know me?"

"I've known your parents since they were in middle school, actually I attended their classes with them until college. We kept in touch and I was at their wedding when they finally got married, not even graduating college yet. I was named your Godfather by your parents and they've requested me to check you out. I knew the solution once I realised what the drug had done to your body."

"Ahh.. what was that solution you were talking about?"

"It's part of who I am, well not the solution but the solution is related, I guess." Hadrian replied with a scratch to his mussed up hair.

Now looking more interested, Conan inquired, "And what is it?"

"An aging potion."


"Yes, a potion, its a potion that will allow you to grow older depending on the dosage you intake at once."

"You're saying that potions actually exists? That it's magical like what some mangas suggests?"

"Oh of course! I am of magick, thus potions made by the magicals are enriched with magic."

"Uh huh, like I would believe you in that."

"I can of course demonstrate my magical abilities to you but we will need to have complete privacy in a different location."

Taking a look at the time on his cell phone, Conan finished all of his drink and stood. "Let's go then!"

"Alright, alright..." Hadrian trailed off as he too finished his food and went to pay at the register.

Again letting Conan take the lead to wherever was private enough, Hadrian tensed when his intuition flared. Something was wrong, very wrong for his intuition to flare so badly that he's getting a headache. There was a siren shrill in the distance and when the pair of them crossed through the park, the reason became apparent.

Staring blankly up to the sky was a pair of lifeless brown eyes of a young brunette woman who couldn't be over 25. There was marks of strangulation and bruises, cuts, wounds from knives littered her tortured body. The killing blow is most likely be that slit by her throat that was caused by one of the knives lying on the bloodied grounds. Vaguely, Hadrian can hear children screaming in the background at the sight and adults hurrying them away from the gore and horror. When he realised that Conan is also a child, he glanced up at him from his crouched down position next to the corpse. Conan seems unfazed by the gory sight though, he's currently lifting up the knives with a handkerchief carefully inspecting them at the same time.

The police sirens got louder until the patrol cars and other police cars arrived by the sidewalk of the park. Detective inspectors and polices arrived quickly at the scene and taped off the area. Witnesses were questioned aside, further from the corpse, to collect notes on what they know of. The case turned out to be a simple robbery that went wrong and when the victim resisted the robber snapped. It was a quick open and close case that even Conan couldn't find suspiciousness to it.

They left the park solemnly to mourn for the death of a young woman whose bright future was stolen from her and continued on to their destination. When they arrived at a rundown warehouse, Conan lead Hadrian into a room in the back. Just as they were about to begin their conversation, a gunshot went off. From the shadows appeared a older man carrying a handgun looking ready to shoot at them again.

Feeling confused but on guard, Hadrian stepped forward and questioned, "What business do you have with us?"

"I will kill you for getting my partner in jail!" The man snarled angrily.

When he raised his arm again and cocked the safety off, he warned Conan and Hadrian to rot in hell. As he starts to press down on the handle to fire a shot, Hadrian moved his right hand in a quick motion and a shout of "Expelliarmus!" the handgun flew into his outstretched left hand. The man turned from red to slowly an ugly purple as though he was freaked out but also beyond pissed.

"You freak! That was abnormal!"

Unlike decades ago, Hadrian doesn't react to those words anymore. What the Dursleys said to him about his magic and the 'freakish' way the rest of the Wizarding World is doesn't matter to him anymore. With a uncaring look and another series of motions of his right hand, he casted "Stupefy" at the man. He dropped onto the dirty floors like he was a puppet with it's strings cut off. Knowing he was just unconscious, Hadrian finally turned back to Conan who was watching dumbly.

"What was that?!"

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