Chapter updated 09/22/20

This story is crossposted on AO3 where it will be updated as the old chapters get rewritten. So if you'd only like to read I new content I suggest starting there. Here, the old chapters will be left up until they have all been replaced. This story contains various religions and mythologies and each one is treated as if the stories are true, if inaccurate. Token gods and goddesses, kings and queens, and influential historical figures will make their appearance. The main history starts of based in Christian theology with more humanized and (hopefully) relatable characters, branching off into other major and minor theologies as well as various myths and legends from around the world, and eventually making it's way into well recorded ancient and modern history. As it does follow an original character who slightly influences real world history, creative liberties have obviously been taken and any inconstancies in history and be blamed on that. Enjoy!

She crouched down, looking at the ground. The beginnings of winter had just started to hit. It was too early for snow, but not late enough for the hibernation season. She was hoping there were still a few bears around. Silently standing up, she glided forward, following her nose. Grizzly. She grinned and, following the scent east, she started to run. Upon catching sight of her prey, she sped up. Hurtling out of the sunset, her red hair whipping in the wind, a fierce expression on her olive face, she was a force to be reckoned with.

That is, she would have been if she hadn't collided with an equally dangerous force. The resulting boom would have been deafening to human ears. As it was, she was only mildly disoriented, but for her, mildly was too much. The sum of her experiences had made her overly cautious. Sinking into a defensive crouch she held back a fierce growl. Her opponent, however, had no such reservations. The huge male was just about to attack when another voice entered the picture.


The massive man blinked and stopped. Frowning he took a good look at her. He straightened, as six others joined him. She remained in her position and regarded the newcomers warily. Outnumbered and definitely outmatched, she waited.

A blonde man stepped forward, hands raised in reassurance. "Hello." His voice was soft and, while he couldn't disguise his wariness, the note of awe and confused intrigue was palpable. "Don't be afraid. We won't hurt you." He smiled, and for some reason she couldn't quite place, decided to trust him. Perhaps it was because his eyes were a soft golden color instead of the usual bloody red, or maybe it was the way he stood, open and unthreatening. Whatever the reason, she slowly stood up, carefully keeping the group well within her sights.

"My name is Carlisle Cullen. This is my family. What's your name?" His voice was kind and slow, as if he was talking to a frightened animal- which, in a sense, he was.

"Carlisle!" She jumped at the sound of the sudden voice, her muscles tensed and ready for flight. One of the females, the blonde one, was speaking. "She's an immortal child!"

"Yes." The first speaker, Carlisle, clearly the group's leader, murmured. "That may be true. But I think an explanation is in order. Look at the color of her eyes." He slowly turned back to face her. "What's your name?" he repeated.

She hesitated, not willing to give a name, but somehow desperately wanting to. It's been so long since she'd exchanged a friendly word with others like her.

"I don't think she can talk." The huge one, Emmett, grinned. "She doesn't look very dangerous."

She tilted her head slightly. "I can talk." Her melodic voice was high and pure, the voice of a child. She had an unplaceable accent, and it gave her voice an odd edge. "And I assure you, I am indeed very dangerous." Her brass eyes flared minutely with the last statement, causing the other to shift uneasily. They were taken aback at the odd figure before them. Most people were. "My name is… Starlight." She smiled.

Carlisle quickly recovered himself. "Hello Starlight. This is my wife Esme, and my children Emmett and Rosalie, Alice and Jasper, and Edward." He gestured to each in turn. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

She nodded. "Likewise. I haven't seen any of our kind with golden eyes in a very long time."

"How old are you Sweetie? Physically you look about five..." Esme asked, a slight furrow between her eyes.

Starlight's eyes glanced upwards. The sun had dipped below the horizon and a bank of clouds was moving in from the northeast. The darkening sky was quickly obscured as she cast her mind back through time, looking for her earliest memory. She remembered it well, but took her time, enjoying the long recollections she had stored in her mind.

The beginning of the nineteenth century, the Renaissance, medieval Europe, ancient Rome, a weeping mother, legions of soldiers, a young man's smiling face, the long trek through the desert, two boys playing in a river, Pyramids, swimming across a body of water, sitting in a wagon, looking up at a falling tower, talking with two scaly dragons, running from a horde of Red Eyes, laughing with her friends, handing the hunters a deer, living in a beautiful garden, talking with a nice man. Finally she came to the first thing she remembered. A cool breeze on her face, a voice telling her to open her eyes, the face of the nice man smiling at her, and the words, "Your name is Starlight."

Her burnished eyes lightened slightly as her gaze flicked back to seven people watching her. "I don't know. Very old."

The one with bronze hair, Edward, was staring at her in open disbelief. He turned to Carlisle. "She's… old. The oldest I've ever seen. She may very well be… the first…?"

They all stared at her once again, a range of emotions flickering between them. "Starlight, would you like to come back with us to our house? We maintain a semi permanent residence in the area. You would be more than welcome!" Carlisle extended the invitation.

"Thank you, but I'm a little overwhelmed with the size of your family. I want to trust you but I'm afraid can't just yet. I am after all, an immortal child." Her voice had adopted a bitter tone and she laughed sardonically.

"Of course. But if you change your mind, I can promise we won't turn you in. At least not before hearing your story. I personally don't think that rule shouldn't apply to you but others would disagree."

"Thanks," she muttered, and looked at the strange family. If she could just get them to listen and not turn her in, it would satisfy her need for someone to know the important history of their kind and also her more personal desire for company. "Maybe-" She hesitated as the first flakes of snow started drifting down. "Maybe I could stay. Just for a short while."

"Wonderful. If you'd like to finish hunting, you're more than welcome to. Unfortunately that grizzly seems to have run off. Emmett," Carlisle turned to his son who was grinning. "Why don't you let Starlight take this one."

"I doubt she can! It was a big one!" Emmett laughed and crossed his arms. The large flakes of snow started settling on his hair and shoulders and he shook them off with a grin.

"Fifty bucks says she can!" the one called Jasper said.

"I'm with Jazz on this one," Edward raised his eyebrows and pointedly avoided looking at the shortest adult, Alice, who was in turn pointedly trying not to smile.

"Deal!" Emmett exclaimed. "She's old! You said it yourself! Meaning no more newborn strength!"

Jasper and Edward exchanged a look. "Immortal child!" Edward countered. "They're worse than newborns."

The child in question leveled a playful glare at them and grinned. "A thousand says I get it in less than five minutes."

Emmett's grin widened, "You're on kid!"

Starlight cocked her head and listened intently. The snow had almost entirely covered her red hair and she cut an odd figure with her olive skin. After a brief pause, she suddenly took off running. The others followed at a respectful distance and watched, while the boys nudged and ribbed each other. It had started snowing heavily, but she could still smell the grizzly. She'd tracked it several miles and had it cornered and cowed in two minutes and twenty-eight seconds. The boys looked on, thoroughly impressed with the show. She may have amped up the theatrical effect a fair amount, but honestly, it'd been so long since she'd really been able to show off her skills without revealing herself that a little drama could be overlooked.

Within four minutes the bear was dead and drained. She gave an enigmatic bow to cover the mischievous smile that had slipped onto her face as everyone applauded her, including Emmett. His thunderous claps brought piles of snow cascading down from the surrounding branches and he didn't look disappointed to have lost the bet in the least.

"Looks like someone owes me a thousand bucks," she crossed her arms and consciously tried to hold back the sense of camaraderie that was so easy to slip into with these people. It wouldn't do to fall into a false sense of security. Even the fact that she was engaging with this coven at all alarmed her, but she couldn't block out the longing in her heart. Shaking her head, Starlight raised an eyebrow (which looked very comical on such a young face) and gestured to for the others to lead the way.

On the short trip to the Cullen's house, Starlight was still surprised they managed to keep a semi-permanent residence, Emmett broke off from the group to hunt when he caught the scent of a pair of deer. He quickly rejoined them soon after, his eyes a pleasant honey gold, same as her own. Once the odd group came in sight of the house, Starlight abruptly stopped and gasped. The structure was almost entirely made out of glass and beautifully designed. The lamps inside cast a yellow aura on the falling snow and lit up the whole clearing with a cheery glow. The sight filled her with warmth and she once again had to push the feeling down.

"Wow!" She commented, looking up at the structure in awe. "Nice house!"

"Esme designed it." The short black haired pixie, Alice, smiled proudly. "You don't mind if I take you shopping later do you?" Without waiting for an answer she turned to the blonde and continued, "Rose, Seattle? Or Olympia?"

Rosalie looked the five-year-old up and down. "Olympia. She needs it."

The little girl turned to the males with an expression of alarm. She glanced at Carlisle who took pity on her and intervened. "Alice..." he warned. The pixie pouted and rolled her eyes, but then smiled encouragingly at the little girl.

"It's alright," Starlight mumbled, after seeing the girl's earnest faces. Once her shock had worn off she frowned, "Just don't put me in stupid cute looking clothes!" For some reason Emmett's loud bark of laughter didn't bother her anymore. She shrugged off the thought and followed everyone into the house.

"So Starlight, I've noticed that your eyes are the same color as ours," Carlisle began as the family began to find their seats in the living room. "Do you by any chance hunt animals?"

"Yes, I do," The child replied. She'd perched on the arm of the sofa closest to the door. "Humans taste disgusting and they don't smell appetizing in the least!"

"Really?" Jasper frowned. "That is strange." The derision he felt coming off her backed up her feelings on the statement.

"Not really," Starlight shrugged. "We're not supposed to drink humans. Animals are our natural diet."

"But, how is that possible? Newborns-"

She quickly cut Jasper off. "It's... my fault really. An error in judgment. A mutation, if you will." The family frowned at her in confusion, and she continued, "If you'll allow me to tell my story, you will understand."

Carlisle nodded and leaned back in his chair. "By all means. Take as long as you need."

The little redheaded girl smiled, her golden eyes twinkling. "Thank you. As I came into being, my first recollection was of being suspended in a vast nothingness," she began her tale.