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Chapter 13

"They've changed course," Alice gasped. "They're coming this way. They heard us playing and have decided to come."

"We need to get Bella out of here!" Edward's voice was urgent.

"There's no time," Alice shook her head. "If we run now, they'll want to know why. Their interest will be-" She was interrupted when Starlight seemed to disappear from the group.

In actuality, she had taken off at a sprint so suddenly, that even to the vampires, she had literally vanished. Edward just barely managed to catch a second of terrified thought from her before she had passed out of his range. Runrunrunrunrun.

Starlight had bolted in response to the pure blinding terror that had overcome her after the realization that there were Redeyes nearby, and one of them was a tracker. She ran East until she hit the Puget Sound and swam all the way to the bottom of the Seattle ferry docks. Her mind was completely blank of everything but fear and dread. She sat on the grungy sea floor and was so still that a starfish had decided her leg would make a good hold. The tiny redhead didn't even notice. Her eyes were clamped shut and she tried to calm herself by listening to the currents.

She was still there at low tide the next day and as the top of her head began to poke out of the polluted water, she decided to move before someone noticed her sitting there. She started heading back, and swam to Bainbridge Island, then crossed over to Bremerton. Making her way through the green belts to Seabeck, she crossed into the Olympic mountain range and settled in near the summit.

The immortal child reached for her phone, but realized that her escape through the salty water had completely killed the thing. Frowning, she ran down to the nearest tourist station and asked a young woman if she could borrow her phone. She immediately called Alice to find out what had happened and if it was safe to come home.

Alice explained the situation and, to Starlight's consternation and embarrassment, the little vampire had completely missed out of all the action. Bella, Alice, and Jasper had taken a flight to Phoenix and Bella had been lured to her old ballet studio and set up by the tracker, James. She'd been bitten by James, but the family had successfully managed to save her and she and Edward were holed up in a hospital there. Alice explained that they'd dealt with James and it was safe to come out now.

Starlight hung up, handed the phone back to the astounded young woman, who had hear the child's half of the conversation, and took off for Phoenix. She got there just as Bella's mother stormed in. Bella was still out cold and Edward was pretending to sleep in the corner. Starlight started up a mental conversation with him through his minor shifts and twitches that Renee wouldn't pick up on.

The famed woman was quite encaptured by the little redhead and Starlight told her about how Bella was the best babysitter ever. By the time Bella had started to stir, Starlight had gone off in search of the rest of the family, most of whom had gone home by then.

She reached the Cullen's house around sunset and went straight to her room, ignoring the concerned comments from the rest of the household. Curling up under the fuzzy blankets, she closed her eyes and started to process all that had happened. Thanks to the others' explanations, she knew the necessary information to realize that Victoria would be coming after Bella. A mate for a mate, as per the Redeyes' law.

A watch should be set to make sure that the vengeful vamp wouldn't come anyway near Bella. Starlight was so lost in thought that she didn't notice when Rosalie sat down on the bed next to her. She started at the soft touch on her arm and looked up at her adoptive mother's face. Her face twisted and she buried her tears in the blonde's shoulder. Silent sobs wracked her tiny frame and Rosalie ran a soothing hand over her hair, holding her tight.

"I'm sorry," the child mumbled. "I didn't mean to run off like that. I just- I just couldn't-" Her voice was lost in quiet sobs once more and Rosalie rocked her back and forth.

"It's alright love, no one blames you. We would have been out looking for you, if Alice hadn't seen that you were safe. No harm was done, and the nomads didn't know you were there. They just thought there was one more adult to worry about. The tracker was so focused on Bella that none of them even noticed one of us was missing from the scene. You're safe. They won't get you. You're safe, darling."

After a while of similar reassurances, Starlight's tears had dried and she was calm enough to think rationally again.

"Feeling better?" The blonde smiled. The little girl nodded and snuggled closer. Rosalie giggled. "Still can't wrap my head around the fact that you can actually cry."

The redhead scowled comically and stuck out her tongue. She then sighed, "So I guess Edward is more protective of Bella than ever. I doubt he'll let her out of his sight ever again."

"If she is his mate, then he needs to change her already!" The blonde grumbled.

"I thought you didn't want-"

"I don't, but if it's going to happen, which is looking more and more likely, than they need to just do it already. It's only causing everyone grief."

"Yeah, you're right. Come on, let's go talk to everyone else." The immortal child slipped out of Rosalie's arms. The two leisurely took the stairs at a human pace, simply enjoying each other's company. Everyone except Edward was waiting in the livingroom.

"Well, that was an adventure!" Emmett declared. "Come here squirt!"

Starlight bounced over to him and settled into the couch. Her adopted father slung an arm around her tiny shoulders and her new grandmother settled down on her other side. "You guys are great," the child smiled softly. "So what's the topic for tonight? Just small talk, or heavier subjects?"

"We should wait for Edward before we talk about what happened," Carlisle asserted.

"How about some more of your story?" Alice grinned. "I can't wait to hear about the-"

"DON'T SPOIL IT!" Emmett roared.

"Alright," the little girl laughed. "Have I told you about the time I was almost kidnapped by Attila the Hun?"


"Yeah. Once upon a time…"

Once upon a time, I was living peacefully in this little village somewhere in Eastern Europe. Everyone knew all about the expanding Mongol empire, mostly because our village had already been conquered several years before. But this particular day was special. This was the day that Attila himself passed through.

I was playing with the other children in the village when we got the news. One of the older boys had come bolting into the main hut and was crying out that the Mongols had come and this time their leader was with them. We had heard about the leader's habit of taking women and rumors of his many children. I was mildly curious as to what he looked like, so I'd decided to stick around and find out. If anything went wrong, I could always just run away. Even though they had the best horses, I was still way faster.

Soon enough the pounding of hundreds of hooves started rattling the ground of the village and we could all feel the vibrations clear up our spines. I hid under a pile of straw to watch the proceedings. The army road into the village square, and most set about dismounting and calling for water for the horses, while the officers sat regally upon their steeds. The group of officers parted as one horse clipped forward. It's rider sat tall and straight and had an enigmatic expression upon his face. He raked his gaze over the village with unconcealed disgust - which, frankly, I thought was rude. The village was at it's best and if he didn't like it, then he certainly didn't have to stay.

He called for all the women of childbearing age to come forth and present themselves. Or at least, that's what his translator had said. I, of course, could understand him perfectly and he definitely hadn't said it in such a nice way. Someone must have noticed the red of my hair peeking through the straw, because one of the soldiers who had dismounted came over and yanked me out of my hiding place.

He must have realized that I was just a bit too young to produce children of my own because he threw me to the side without much effort. Granted, I did allow him to actually lift me, otherwise I'd have been as immobile as a tiny mountain.

Attila noticed me because of my unusual hair. People usually did. He barked an order to bring me over. I put on my best trying-not-to-upset-my-captor expression and stood in front of his horse, trying not to make eye contact. It was surprisingly hard. My eyes kept wanting to slide upwards and meet his with an interest, but I forced myself to keep my gaze on his horse's hooves.

A pair of boots entered my line of vision as he dismounted and started walking over. I couldn't resist anymore, and my eyes darted up to meet his. He had an intrigued expression on his regal face and didn't seem to mind my disrespectful action. As usual, the color of my eyes had caught his attention along with my hair, and he actually squatted down to be able to see them closer. I blinked at him and had the sudden urge to grin. I didn't, but it was a near thing.

"What is your name, child?" He grunted out.

His translator was just about to repeat the question, when I replied in his native tongue. "Starlight, my lord."

Attila blinked, and a grin broke his intimidating face into something more approachable. "You speak without a foreign accent. Impressive. How did you learn this language?"

"I speak all languages. Perfectly. Does my appearance please you?"

"Indeed his does. How have you come by such strange colors?" The thick caterpillars above his eyes turned down as he asked the question.

Those are impressive eyebrows, I thought. "I hail from a land far to the north, all of my ancestors had been slaughtered and I am the only one left," I began. I intended to give him the whole map maker spiel, but he didn't give me the chance.

"You will come with me. And when you are old enough, you will bare my children."

I blinked. "Uh, actually I… You know what? Nevermind! Listen, Attila, it was great meeting you and all, but I've got more important things to do. I'm sure you know how that is. Sorry to rush out on you like this, but I think I hear my mother calling. Gotta go!" I jumped back as he tried to grab me and ran like hell towards Africa. I'd heard Madagascar was nice this time of year.

Starlight ended her story as Edward walked in. "How's Bella?"

"She's alright." His expression was his usual one of brooding angst.

"Well, in that case, we need to talk," Alice crossed her arms.

Edward sighed and sat down. "Alright. Talk."

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