The Final Thoughts of the three least powerful Espada. Touching in a sad cruel way. Please review…

Aaroniero Arruruerie…what a tounge-twister…a name befitting one with a twisted but deadly ability-someone driven by Greed…or perhaps by something else.

'Kuchiki Rukia huh. So in the end, this little Shinigami has defeated my ability-Glotoneria. Does she realize what she has done? She has torn through her inability to harm her loving teacher. And she has taken him down with the Zanpaukto he had helped her shape.

Have Shinigami always been so cold? Haha I suppose not. Then again, I am simply a Gillian-I did not belong in the Espada. But I always wanted.

To be as powerful as I was I had to devour so many. The Greed that drove me, I suppose it was also what drove me to stand out. I was greedy to be special. To have attention and yet I covered my faces and hit in the dark. Such shamefulness, perhaps that was my downfall. Not Greed, but Shame.'

And with that, the Noveno Espada closed its eyes and let its shameful existence disappear.

Syazelaporro Granz…has a royal tone to it I think…a name befitting someone who strived for perfection and power driven by his Madness. Perhaps it was Madness from not being one of the original Espada…or Madness to prove himself worthy and brilliant to the Arrancar around him…or maybe just Madness, plain and simple.

'HURRY UP! HURRY AND KILL ME YOU DAMNED SHINIGAMI! I HAVE WAITED A HUNDRED YEARS FOR DEATH AND STILL YOU DENY ME SUCH RELIEF!' The blade of the Twelfth Division Captain finally began to sink into the pink-haired Espada's heart. 'Finally, I can die. Finally my torture shall end. I have done many things as an Espada and my only regret is not beating him. That man who I will hate forever-Kurotsuchi Mayuri, I hope you die a tortured death. Like the one you have given me.

Finally, the blade sunk through his heart and the Octava Espada breathed out and let the wonderful peace of death consume him. Maybe it was simply the peace of mind.

Zommari Rurauex , the way it rolls off my tongue reminds me of when my old pet hamster. His name was Cliff and he died when I was six. Just the way Zommari sounds and how Rurauex puts such a final tone to it. This Espada showed such admiration for Aizen and such pride to serve him. This is the most difficult one to write yet. I cannot think of a way to properly describe his Intoxication.

'I barely feel the pain from my wounds. The glory of proclaiming triumph to Aizen-sama is so empowering. I would go on had that damned Shinigami not cut me. His pride? That brat I used was nothing! Aizen-sama will surely avenge me. Forgive me my Lord for being defeated. I am sure this man shall suffer tenfold.'

Zommari vanished, still hanging on to the hope that the man he admired would avenge him. Such an intoxicating thought kept him in high spirits as he died. However, Aizen never did.

The Septima Espada died, and was never avenged.