Tier Harribel, as an anime character she has earned my respect. As a Vasto Lorde, she avoided violence and worked with others to survive. Her name feels like a bittersweet desert after a long hard day. Harribel did not die during the Winter War so I shall simply write her thoughts as Aizen cut her down and left her to die. Tier Harribel, the Tres Espada who acknowledged Sacrifice.

'What is this, I am falling? I know I have been cut down. My body feels numb.'

Her former lord's words echo in her head and she closes her eyes.

'In the end, Aizen-sama still betrayed us. Or at least me.'

She fell to the ground with a sickening crunch. Somewhere in the distance she feels her Fraccion's reistsu flickering. Faint, but present at least.

The busty blonde breathes a sigh of relief and focuses on gathering enough strength to crawl over to them or turn over at least.

'Is this how I die? Was my Sacrifice the key for Aizen to win the war?'

Her Resurreccion fades away from her and somehow, she finds the energy to sheath her blade.

'What or who will be the next Sacrifice? I can only hope it is not Apacci or Sung-Sun or Mila Rose. They fought so well.'

She lies there, limp and useless, and wonders.

'Was all of this worth my Sacrifice?'

Barragan Louisenbairn, the Segunda Espada. Just reading the name immediately brings the word, 'Proud' to mind. But I feel pity towards the ex-king of Hueco Mondo. He once had an army and a vast land to rule over. Aizen took all of that away. And although Barragan had continued to boast about his power of rejecting aging and inability to die, he was just another old man. An old man trying to run from Time…


Barragan felt his limbs begin to disappear and winced. 'Such a shameful thing to have your own power used against you! How dare they!'

With a final thought, the old King disappeared and his heavy crown fell to the ground with a CLANG.

'I will get you all next Time!'

Starrk Coyote & Lilynette Gingerbuck.

I have always found this pair very intriguing. Their power is great individually but is not comparable to when they are together. They are the physical representation of the phrase-Two Is Better Than One.

In the anime, I was quite disappointed in Starrk and Lilynette's defeat. I feel they should have put up more of a fight. Anyway, the words in bold come from Starrk and the words in italic are from Lilynette. Here you go! The dying thoughts of the Primera Espada and their final stand against Loneliness. Normal description is underlined.

Starrk's Resurreccion becomes undone as he hits the ground. Lilynette appears beside him. They lie side-by-side on the road, almost peacefully.

Starrk, we've lost. I can see that Lilynette.

What do we do now? Die quietly I guess.

Starrk closes his eyes as Lilynette snuffles. She wipes her nose on her wrist.

Starrk, we never got to thank Aizen you know. Yea, but I'm sure he knows.


Lilynette feels her limbs begin to fade. She turns to see Starrk is fading as well.

Starrk? Yes Lilynette?

Lets die together ok? We already are stupid. Hehehehe yeah.

With a hoarse laugh, Lilynette turns her head completely and reaches out her hand.

We'll always go everywhere together. Right Starrk?

Yea always. But until we find each other again or wake up…

The larger male Espada turns his head and reaches out to Lilynette.

Starrk…what are you…

He grabs her hand and stares into her eyes wistfully.

Good-Bye Lilynette Gingerbuck…I'm glad we had friends in the end.

She squeezes back and feels tears begin to spill from her eyes. A calm smile forms on both their faces.

Good-Bye Starrk Coyote…I'm glad we stuck together, till the very end.

Both figures disappeared, finally free from their Loneliness.