He likes to think that some things are written in the stars. It's an easy enough belief for a boy named after a constellation. Maybe that's what makes Granger's smug dismissal of astrology sting so much.

"It's confirmation bias," he hears her say to her hideous Gryffindor friends. "You get the prediction, then you go looking for it in your life. The stars don't tell you anything about yourself or the future or anything at all. And it certainly isn't telling me that."

"Look who thinks she's so smart," Draco says, sauntering up to them. It's not that he likes her - he doesn't - but he does relish every chance he gets to speak to her. Especially when it's to tell her she's wrong. "Maybe in the Muggle world, stars don't say things, but we know better in wizarding Britain."

"You think astrology predicts things?" Potter asks him. "And they're never wrong?"

The bastard is trying not to snicker, and his ginger-haired sidekick isn't bothering not to laugh. The pair of them are the worst thing about Hogwarts, and Draco has no idea why a witch of Granger's caliber is giving them the time of day.

"Just because you can't read them, Potter, doesn't mean they aren't telling us things."

That only makes them laugh harder, and Granger is slowly turning a dull shade of red. "Shut up," she mutters, and Draco's not sure if she means him or them.

"Really?" Weasley asks around his whoops. "The stars are never wrong? You going to plan your life around what they say?"


"Well, make sure you invite me to the wedding," Potter says, and then he can't say anything more because now he's laughing too hard. Weasley is too, and Granger is bright red. She glares at her friends first, then him, and Draco's startled to see the glint of tears forming in her eyes before she stomps off.

Potter and Weasley manage to get a grip on themselves so they can go after her. "You can have Pug-face be your Maid of Honor" Draco hears one of them say before they disappear around a corner and into the shadowed, Hogwarts corridors.

He is left standing alone in the courtyard, smirk wiped off his face because that would be impossible.

Except the stars don't ever lie.