The Shinobi, the Wizards and Something Called Friendship

Chapter 3: The Mission Begins

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"Oi Naruto, wake up!" Yamato dragged Naruto's body off the bed. The ramen addict shot up straight when his head and body hit the hard floor. He blinked his sky-coloured eyes before let out a whine when the pain on his head started.

"Yamato-taichou, should you do that?" Yamato glared at him.

"When I couldn't wake you up for almost half an hour, yes. Now, go get ready. We have a meeting before everything starts today." Yamato said as he walked back to his bed. Naruto let out a huge yawn and looked around.

"Where's Shikamaru?"

"He's downstairs with Kakashi-sama I believe." Sai, who was packing his scrolls and such, answered his question without looking at him. Naruto nodded before he walked to the bathroom to fresh himself. When Naruto was finished, he noticed the room was empty. He pouted before running downstairs. Only to crash with Sasuke who was at the bottom of the stairs.

"Aww... use your eyes next time, dobe!" Sasuke growled as he hit Naruto on the head.

"S-Sorry Teme." Naruto whined, holding his abused head. Sasuke glared at them before he stood up and walked to the chuckling group. Naruto grinned at the sight of his friends. He bounced to the nearest person next to him, which happened to be Hinata. The poor Hyuuga heiress was turning red when Naruto gave her his blinding grin.

"Ohayou, Hinata-chan~" He greeted.

"O-Ohayou, N-Naruto-kun." Hinata nodded her head and looked down. Naruto, still oblivious as ever, began to pat her shoulder, earning a small yell of surprise from the girl. Neji appeared and positioned himself between them, glaring at the blonde haired boy. Sasuke smirked when Naruto gave a nervous wave at the young Jounin.

"Cousin complex." Shikamaru muttered, earning a smack on his head courtesy of Ino.

"Okay, now that everyone is here. I believe that all of you know what will happen today, right? The guests for Triwizard Tournament will arrive in two hours and we will join the dinner tonight with them." Kakashi began. A hand shot up.

"What's a Triwizard Tournament, Kaka-sensei?" Naruto asked innocently. Nine pairs of eyes looked at Naruto in disbelief. A hand smacked back of his head.

"What do you mean, Naruto? Didn't Tsunade-sama have explained it to us BEFORE we started the mission?!" Sakura asked with a growl. Naruto sweat dropped and moved backward.


"You didn't pay attention, hmm?" Now the sweet smile on Sakura's face was more terrifying than the angry look she had few seconds ago making Naruto went pale.

"Sakura, stop it. We don't need Naruto show up with bruises on him." Kakashi said, trying to calm the young-Tsunade-like kunoichi. Naruto sent a grateful look to Kakashi.

"Triwizard Tournament, Naruto, is a magical contest held between three largest Wizarding schools, which are Hogwarts, Durmstrang and Beauxbatons, each school being represented by one Champion. Selected Champions compete in three tasks designed to test magical ability, intelligence and courage. " Kakashi said patiently. He let out a breath what he got from Naruto was a lost look. A very annoying lost look.

"In other word, Naruto, it is a contest like Chuunin Exam. The winner gets prize." Kakashi finally summarized.

"Ah, I understand now." Naruto said, grinning. The others sighed.

"The tournament was claimed to be dangerous because champions died years ago and it was discontinued. However, the Tournament is revived this year and takes place here in Hogwarts. We're here to prevent the same accident to repeat itself and protect the Hogwarts' students in case something unexpected happen. For example, a new rule is the limited age of seventeen, a rule which doesn't apply to us. There will be many students under seventeen try their luck entering the selection with their magic, which can lead to something bad. Other example is if the Ministry of Magic decide to bring in some beasts into the tournament and it suddenly throws tantrum that can endanger the students and the champions. That's where we fill our role. Protecting the students and the champions." Kakashi said seriously.

"I want all of you take a good look at the ground outside the castle. Durmstrang School will arrive with a large ship and the Beauxbatons will arrive with a carriage, I think. Look at the student or students who walk beside their headmaster. I guess those are the ones being pushed to enter the tournament."


"Well, with the limited age and the glory they will receive, I am sure the other schools will prepare their own champion instead of depending on their students' willingness. For our case, however, I will let all of you enter the selection if you want. I have faith in you. You'll be fine. That includes you too, Sasuke." Kakashi said as he looked at his students. The students went silent, especially Sasuke who was staring at Kakashi's mismatched eyes.

"Well, let's have our breakfast now. After this, you can go out and take a look of the other school." With that, Kakashi ended his speech. The shinobi's eyes went wide when they saw the breakfast Dobby and the other house elves had prepared for them. The western dishes were replaced with Japanese dishes. Not only that, they contained their favourite food.

"RAMEN!" Naruto shouted happily when he saw a big bowl with his favourite food. He looked at Kakashi and grinned widely when he saw Kakashi smiled at him.

"Rokudaime-sama." Kakashi turned around to face the youngest Jounin.

"What about other schools' students? Should we protecting them too?" Kakashi hummed for a while.

"Well, Dumbledore-sama is our client and his order is to protect the Hogwarts students and the champions." Kakashi said as he turned around. Neji nodded and about to follow him when the Hokage continued.

"But I don't see anything wrong with protecting and saving other students. This is not Dumbldore-sama's order, but this is MY order." Neji smiled as he watched Kakashi walked away, separated the heated argument between Yamato and Naruto before silently dragged Naruto's ear in his right fingers.

-Outside the castle, two hours later-

The shinobi were hiding in the shadow in the forest near the lake. From where they were standing, they could see sea of Hogwarts students. They had an excited look on their faces as they waited for whomever they were waited for. Naruto was bouncing here and there, clearly showing that he was really impatient. Few minutes later, shrieks from the students made the shinobi turned. A seemingly small boat was floating on the Black Lake before suddenly it was pushed toward the sky and enormous ship was seen floating proudly. The splashed water was hit by the sun, making it shone brightly and added some brilliant sparkle to the ship. Next was a flying carriage. Naruto openly shouted and pointed at it, ignoring the fact that he could be seen.

"Flying horses! Kami-sama, flying horses!" Naruto said excitedly.

The carriage looked small compared to the ship but they were sure it was big inside. It stopped at the field beside the Lake and Naruto and friends could see a beautiful face peeked out from its window. Hagrid, the Hogwarts keeper, was walking to the carriage and talking with whomever inside.

The shinobi, however, felt weird when the students from two schools didn't walk out. Did keep themselves until the dinner just like them? However, when the sea the Hogwarts students were cleared, one by one they step out.

The Durmstrang students wore a thick coat and hat. They were all boys with stern look on their face. A large man with a scary face was leading them. The Headmaster.

The Beauxbatons students consisted of beautiful girls, much to the kunoichi's chagrin. They glared at their male teammates when they noticed they were looking at the girls in blue dresses with amused and somehow excited expression and that included Sasuke who smirked openly.

"Let's go back!" Sakura said, annoyed. The girls hummed in agreement before they disappeared. Naruto blinked innocently.

"Why did they look so unhappy?" He asked Sai. Sai just smiled at him.

"Nothing, dobe. Let's go. Kakashi is waiting." Sasuke said as he disappeared as well.

-Dinner time-

The dinner was expectedly noisy. The Hogwarts students were so excited about the newcomers they had seen earlier, well even though they only saw a large ship and a flying carriage. Some students were wondering what event would be hold in their beloved castle, while many had discussed the Triwizard Tournament already. The noise went silent when Dumbledore gave a signal with his hand. His warm face had a large smile as he began his speech.

"Welcome the students of Hogwarts. This castle will not only be your home this year, but home of some special guests as well. You see, Hogwarts has been chosen to host a legendary event. The Triwizard Tournament. For those who do not know, Triwizard Tournament brings together three schools for a serious magical contest. However, this time, four magical schools will participate in this tournament. As a show of friendship, our friends from the East are invited to partake in the tournament. For each school, a single student is selected to compete. Let me be clear, if chosen, you stand alone. And trust me when I say this contest is not for the faint hearted. More that later. Now, please join me welcoming lovely ladies of Beauxbatons Academy School of Magic and their Headmistress, Madame Maxime."

On cue, the door was opened and a bunch of beautiful girl were seen, standing and began walking like models. The male students were, of course, going crazy. They were standing, whistling, and clapping. The female students, on the other hands, looked annoyed at the attention the Beauxbatons students received.

"And now, our friends from the North. Please greet the proud sons of Durmstrang and their Headmaster Igor Karkaroff."

Now, it was female students' time to react. A bunch of handsome guys were entering the Hall with their own acrobatics movement. Their attention began to focus on a certain someone. Victor Krum.

"Now, our special friends of the East. Let's welcome the students of Konoha Magic School of Japan." As Dumbledore finished his sentences. The shinobi walked calmly into the room.

"Bloody hell, look at their strange clothes!" Ron whispered at Harry and Hermione.

The shinobi were lining up with Yamato at the front, followed by Naruto and Sakura behind them. Ino and Hinata followed the line with Neji and Shikamaru behind them. At the end of the line, Sai and Sasuke walked side by side like a pair of twins. The shinobi's entrance was boring actually, without dance, without acrobatic movements, just people walking.

Naruto seemed to do his best to stop himself from bounceding here and there. The Great Hall was so amazing in his eyes. Floating candles, sky ceiling, everything. His bright blue eyes were sweeping all the students, staffs and teachers of Hogwarts and other schools.

"Sexy girl..." a Slytherin commented when Ino came to the view. Ino heard the comment and winked at the boy, making the Slytherin boys suddenly got excited. Sakura and Hinata just smiled at their friend. Who wouldn't say that with Ino's choice of purple clothing?

"Aww look at the hot twins~~"

"Look at that six packs body!"

"The one with lavender eyes and long hair is hot too."

"Are you sure the long haired person is a boy? Maybe that's a girl."

"Is that a sword?"

That got their attention. It seemed like Neji, Sasuke and Sai got themselves admirers as well. Sai and Sasuke ignored the whispers while Neji tried not to give whoever said he was a female a punch. Now, Sakura, Ino and Hinata let out a sigh. Finally, they reached their destination. Dumbledore. The Headmaster smiled at them, but before he said anything, a swirl of leaves appeared in front of Yamato and Kakashi appeared. That got all people in the Great Hall gasped and buzzed with disbelief and excitement.

"DID THAT MAN JUST APPARATE? INSIDE THE CASTLE?" Many disbelief exclamations were shouted by the students.

"It is impossible, right?"

"That was WOW!"

"How did he do that?"

The shinobi smirked at their leader. Kakashi was late and he appeared with his usual impressive entrance. He was wearing his black military Hokage uniform with the word "Sixth" at the back, which was now covered by a dark green Hokage robe with black fire and "Sixth Hokage" letters were flapping in the air. Both his arms were crossed in front of his chest and a small smile adorning his gorgeous face.

"Show off..." Naruto muttered, grinning.

"Welcome, Hokage Kakashi Hatake and the students of Konoha Magic School from the East." Dumbledore said with twinkles in his eyes, absolutely enjoying the shocks faces of his students and teachers. Kakashi smile widely and bowed, which was followed by the rest of the shinobi.

"Thank you for inviting and let us participate in this legendary tournament, Professor Dumbledore." Kakashi said, still bowing his head.

"It is my pleasure as well, Lord Hokage. Now, you can sit beside me at the teacher table and your students can sit on the Gryffindor table." Dumbledore said, gesturing to the empty chair beside his. Kakashi nodded to the students and Sasuke before going to the teacher table with Yamato behind him. That was the time he turned around. Gasps were heard from the students.

"He's so handsome!"

"Oh My God!"

"Look at his red eye!"

"Look at his scar!"

And so on. Kakashi sighed. Seriously, was his face really THAT handsome that made almost everyone, males and females, adored it? He would never understand their reaction. Yamato just grinned from his place behind Kakashi's chair.

"Sir Yamato, are you alright with standing here?" Yamato smiled at McGonagall.

"Yes, Professor. I will be fine." Yamato said as he received a glass of pumpkin juice from Kakashi.

At the Gryffindor table, Naruto and others were friends or trying to. Naruto, being his usual self, introduced himself and other. His bright blue eyes and also cheerful nature made the Gryffindor students felt in peace somehow.

"Hello, my name is Naruto Uzumaki, these are my friends. These are Sakura, Ino and Hinata." Naruto began the introduction. The kunoichi were waving their hands.

"The one with long hair is Neji and the pineapple head is Shikamaru. Those who look like twins are Sasuke and Sai."

"I'm Sai; it's nice to meet you." Sai said, smiling as usual. Neji, Sasuke and Shikamaru just nodded their heads.

"I'm Harry Potter and this is Ron Weasley." Harry said while preparing himself for another dramatic awe expression he usually got.

"Hi Harry, it's nice to meet you." Naruto said. Harry blinked. These guys didn't know whe he was. He smiled. It was a nice thing he met someone or a group of people who didn't know who he was...

"Hello, my name is Hermione Granger. These are Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. It's nice to meet the wizards of the East. What does your school look like? What curriculum do they apply there? Are you-"

"Blimey, Hermione. Can't you just stop it? They are here for the tournament, not discussing their school." The red-haired boy named Ron said. Naruto and Sai exchanged a look when they saw the Gryffindor Trio.

"Ron, the purpose of this tournament is-"

"To make friends, I know. You've said it million times already."

"To answer your question, Miss Granger, our school has a rather large building but most of the times outside." Sakura said, smiling.

"Just call me Hermione; here we usually call each other with our given names, not family names."

"Of course, Hermione." Hermione looked happy that the pink-haired girl answered her question. However, before she opened her mouth, Professor Dumbledore cleared his throat.

"Your attention, please! I would like to say a few words. Eternal glory. That is what awaits the student who wins the Triwizard Tournament. But to do this, that student must survive three tasks. Three extremely dangerous tasks." Dumbledore began. His eyes swept the whole Great Hall.

"For this reason, the Ministry has seen fit to impose a new rule. To explain all this we have the Head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation, Mr. Bartemius Crouch."

Before a man called Mr. Crouch walked forward, a loud thunder appeared from the ceiling, making the students went panic. However, when a strange mysterious man calmed the storm down, all attention was on him. Naturally.

"Bloody hell, it's Mad-Eye Moody." Ron whispered. The Shinobi looked at the seemingly vicious man with an interest look, mainly because of a strange blue eye of his.

"Alastor Moody? The Auror?" Hermione asked in awe, or so it seemed.

"Auror?" Naruto turned his blond head to the red haired new friend.

"Dark wizard catcher. Half the cells in Azkaban are full, thanks to him. He's supposed to be mad as a hatter, though, these days." Ron explained shortly.

"Oh, like Anbu." Naruto said happily.

"...Umm y-yeah." Ron said even though he didn't know what Anbu was.

"Auror in our village is called Anbu. They are an elite force. Their job is catching... dark wizard" Sakura helped the poor Weasley. Ron nodded before turning his attention to Mr. Crouch who was now standing in front of Dumbledore.

"After due consideration, the Ministry has concluded that, for their own safety, no student under the age of seventeen should be allowed to put forth their name for the Triwizard Tournament. except for the Konoha Magic Students who are under seventeen year old but have capability more than those at age of seventeen. This decision is final. " Many protests followed the announcement. The loudest ones, of course, belonged to the Weasley Twins.

"SILENCE!" Dumbledore's very loud voice stopped all the potests. Dumbledore looked at the students with a warning look. He tapped the box beside him and an old big cup could be seen. A large blue fire emerged, catching the students' attention and interest.

"The Goblet of Fire. Anyone wishing to submit themselves for the Tournament, merely write their name upon a piece of parchment and throw it in the flame before this hour on Thursday night. Do not do so lightly; if chosen there's no turning back. As from this moment, the Triwizard Tournament has begun."

-Next morning-

"Who will put their names into the goblet of fire?" Sakura asked her team when they were finishing the report of whatever happened in the students' common room that night. Kakashi was reading Neji's report when Sakura voiced her question.

"Me." Neji said confidently. Hinata and Kakashi smiled at the Hyuuga boy before Naruto raised his hand excitedly.

"Me too." Kakashi chuckled and shook his head. Of course the strongest and loudest shinobi wanted to join.

"How about you, Sikamaru, Sai and Sasuke?" Ino asked, noticing the silent group. Shikamaru rolled his eyes and said his favourite expression.

"How troublesome."

"Of course, it is for you." Ino said, crossing her arms in front of her chest. Sakura and Hinata just chuckled. Now, all shinobi were looking at Sasuke. The Uchiha heir sighed.

"No. My mission is to protect Kakashi." He said shortly.

"You can put your name if you want Sasuke. You were ordered as my guard, but here you're my student. Well, you ARE my student." Kakashi said, smiling warmly at Sasuke. Sasuke looked at him for a few seconds before looking away.

"How about you three cute girls?" Kakashi turned his attention to the kunoichi. Both Sakura and Ino shook their heads.

"I think it's better for Ino and I stay behind as medics." Kakashi nodded at the logical answer before looking at Hinata. Hinata with her red face looked down before answering softly.

"I don't think I can do it, Kakashi-sama." Hinata said, her eyes looked at her lap. Kakashi sighed in dissappointment before turning to the last person.


"... well, I think I will." Sai said after a little while. Kakashi nodded and clapped his hands once.

"Good. Now, just write your names in a paper and then go to the Great Hall."

"Yes, Kakashi-sama/sensei."

-Great Hall-

The shinobi could hear a lot of clapping inside the room. It seemed that all underage students, well most of them, watched who had enough bravery to put in their name. They saw the Durmstrang golden student, Victor Krum, walked out the Great Hall. Looking at his friends, Naruto smiled before leading them into the room.

The Great Hall went silent. Completely silent when the shinobi entered. Naruto, ignoring the stares, bounced into the room. However, his blue eyes went wide when he saw the ring of fire around the Goblet of Fire.

"How can we pass this fire? We'll get burned!" He said dramatically. The rest of shinobi rolled their eyes. Naruto jumped around the fire making a stupid scene of himself and earning mocking snickers from students in green uniform. Slytherin.

Sasuke, finally losing his patient, pushed Naruto forward, making the blond passed the fire without any injuries. Of course.

"It's an age line, Naruto-kun." Hinata provided the information as she seemingly the only one who pitied the boy.

"Weei~~~ Awesome!" Naruto jumped around for few seconds before finally putting his name into it. Neji and Sai followed his action.

"Harry, Ron, did you put your name?" Naruto asked excitedly.

"No, we're not."

"Eh, why?"

"We can't. We're not seventeen yet." Harry said, smiling. Naruto sent a dissappoint look at them before raising his fist to the air.

"Well, then I will win it for you guys!" Naruto yelled excitedly. Harry and Ron began to talk animatedly about the tournament with Naruto while the rest of shinobi were scanning the Great Hall in case there was something amiss there.

At the corner of the room, unnoticed by the shinobi and the students, two figures were standing quietly.

"What should we do now, Rokudaime-sama...?"

"We wait."