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Now, this story, kinda something I thought up after playing the Presequel

Basically a "What If?" AU

What if Jack didn't see the visions of the Warrior?

What if he became Handsome Jack the Hero instead of the the tyrant?

What if he actually was "The Hero"?

Well, let's find out where this goes

Hello my friends, welcome

I assume you've all heard the story of the Vault and its hunters? Those four to six heroes who saved Pandora time and time again, two whole generations facing evil where ever it may be in what ever form it took. First, the Atlas Corporation, then the Hyperion Corporation, there's a pattern there, right?

There was a third generation, technically second as these four Vault Hunters worked in between the two known generations.

Athena, the Gladiator

Wilhelm, the Enforcer

Nisha, the Lawbringer

and... Claptrap, the... er, Fragtrap

These four individuals were heroes of Elpis, Pandora's moon as well as Pandora itself, that was until Jack became the would be hero, when Handsome Jack was born. A tyrant with a mask, he murdered his way to the top of Hyperion and then forced his way onto Pandora, taking the planet by force.

It was with the combined efforts of the first and second Vault Hunters that the would be hero was defeated along with his new weapon, The Warrior, an ancient Eridian warrior capable of committing mass genocide and planetary destruction. In the end, everyone was happy and glad.

But, what if things had been different?

What if Handsome Jack the tyrant was Handsome Jack the Hero?

Well, can you hear the buzzing? See the fizzling of pixels as they glitch? That's because we're going back, all the way back to the Elpis Vault. Rewind it to the death of the Empyrean Sentinel.

Something years before the events of Borderlands 2

The Elpis Vault

Jack strolled forward, moving towards his four Vault Hunters. Over the course of this little adventure of fun, frenzy, gore, death, and loot he'd become an actual hero, in his standards at least. What can he say? Sacrifices have to be made sometimes.

Looking around, he saw the giant crystal towers all around him and the sky that looked like he was standing in the middle of nowhere space with stars and galaxies flying around. Standing in a large pile of loot stood his hired heroes, the Vault Hunters.

The mysterious ex-Lance assassin, Athena

The soon-to-be-his-cyborg-bodyguard/enforcer-as-soon-as-he-hired-him, Wilhelm

The lovely lawbringer, Nisha who he was definitely asking out after this

and then that stupid, but pretty useful, but still really annoying robot, CL4P-TP, er- Claptrap

"Hey buds!" he called and they turned to him.

Wilhelm grunted in a greeting as Athena waved before a quick salute with her hand meanwhile Nisha sent a kiss his way and Claptrap, he waved frantically, but Jack tried his hardest not to acknowledge the bot.

"Big bastard, wasn't he? Nicely done," he complimented while walking over to where the Empyrean Sentinel was defeated. "Keep an eye out for that creepy red one... I don't want to get interrupted."

"Wait... what? That's it? That... little thing. The hell did-"

Before Jack could even step forward a loud explosion resounded, blasting him and his Vault Hunters back. Out of a flash of Eridian Purple, Lillith appeared, holding an SMG at the Hyperion employee.

"Heya, handsome," she called and fired, bullets covered in incendiary power creating small fires along the glowing floor.

They scrambled to their feet, pulling up whatever weapons they had, but since they had been choosing their weapons from the pile of loot previously they were in disarray.

"I got this!" Claptrap shouted, but everyone's eyes bulged as his Vault activated.

"No no no!" Nisha screamed, but suddenly a sail and several cannons appeared on Claptrap's chassis.

"Oh son of a taint! We're in low gravity you stupid robot!" Jack yelled in rage as cannonballs began flying and the small robot flew about from the sheer force, hitting the other Vault Hunters.

Comically, he managed to knock out about everyone, but Lillith and leaving Jack to lay there with a bruising back.

"Man, still a force of nature I see," the redhead laughed and walked past the once Claptrap Interplanetary Ninja Assassin. "Now what's this?"

She poked the floating Vault Symbol, an ancient Eridian artifact. Without warning, she was lifted back by an invisible force, gently placing her in a throne of stone pillars that had risen out of the ground. It glowed softly, then harshly before tendrils of translucent energy began coming off of it, causing her eyes to glow a luminous purple.

"Oh my God! I understand!" she shouted, her lips curling into a sick grin as she started to laugh. "I understand everything! Hahaha!"

"No," Jack weakly mumbled as he crawled towards her, but he was to late.

The glowing ceased and the Siren got up, gripping the artifact in her hand. Turning, Jack's eyes widened at seeing her eyes burning purple before fading to a burning orange. She was grinning madly, the curve of her lips sending a shiver down his spine and into his heart.

"Well, handsome," she spoke, her voice resounding like an echo as she kneeled in front of him. "I'm sorry, but I just found out how to bring order and peace back to Pandora. Guess I'm the hero again."

Disappearing in a bright flash of purple, Jack rolled onto his back, feeling terror at what would be coming.

Several Years Later

Hyperion Headquarters

"John, what are you- Ack!"

Harold Tassiter choked as the tie around his neck constricted him. It was a lightning fast action, John/Jack moved around him and ripped off his tie before starting to choke him.

"Sorry, Mr. Tassiter, but I keep my promises," the ex-Hyperion employee spoke as he continued to slowly kill his ex-boss. The CEO flailed his arms, trying to escape, bashing fists on the desk, kicking the ground, and even turning on his intercom momentarily. "Really sorry about this... actually I'm not. You were always an asshole and a villain!"

"Mr. Tassiter?" a voice called and Jack recognized it as the secretary, looking up for a moment to acknowledge the voice before turning back to his strangling of the Hyperion CEO. "Mr. Tassiter are you there?"

"Mr. Tassiter's been replaced, sweetcheeks. Starting today, you're working for me."

"Who is- John, is that you?"

"Call me Jack, honey," he stated, standing up after hearing the nice snap of Tassiter's neck. "Handsome Jack."

Running a hand through his hair, he smiled because his plans were at last in motion. With the old, senile fart known as Tassiter out of the way, he could take Hyperion for himself and with the entire corporation under his command, not control, take a note of that, he could save Pandora from those ex-Vault Hunters calling themselves the "Crimson Raiders."

"Hey, handsome," a voice called and he jumped, getting a kung fu stance he saw in a movie, but it only enticed a giggle from the lawbringer.

"Nice one," Nisha laughed as the rest of the Vault Hunters walked in. "Guess you killed the CEO?"

"Senile bastard had it coming," he replied and slung an arm around her as the other three individuals in the office rolled their eyes.

"Jack, we're still on a tight schedule," Athena called and pulled out her ECHO device. "The Crimson Raiders have already taken half of New Haven and scorched the rest along with most of the other villages and towns."

"Man, they're relentless," the new incorporated CEO grumbled under his breath and fixed the chair behind the desk.

Plopping himself down in it, he shook his hands and twiddled his fingers in anticipation. Handsome Jack began to type, accessing company secrets and projects before he received all the data he needed.

"Alright boy and girls and... robot," Jack spoke, staring with boredom at the CL4P-TP unit. "I got all the info we need, now I just gotta set it in order and soon we'll have Helios all fixed up with our own army going down to Pandora."

The three human Vault Hunters, now Handsome Jack's lieutenants nodded, crossing arms or putting them on their hips. Athena smirked, thinking of how she'd get her revenge on Lillith, Wilhelm smiled knowing how much fun it would be to upgrade further and use those to start some mayhem, Nisha smiled at the thought of standing by her new boyfriend's side fighting bandits, and Claptrap thought about... well he just sat there and wondered why everyone was silently thinking.

Jack himself, he was smirking at not his new found power nor his new girlfriend, but at the prospect of being the hero. This was it, he'd gotten rid of the ignorant, selfish, greedy, cruel boss of Hyperion and now he'd start making changes. After seeing what the Vault Hunters had become, what Lillith had persuaded Roland, Mordecai, and Brick to do, he'd made a oath.

He'd sworn a self made oath to be a hero, a hero who'd sacrifice not to much, not to little. He wouldn't take lives, he wouldn't cause pain if it could be avoided, he'd only save lives and die trying if need be. He was a hero just like from the stories and movies, he was the friggin' CEO of Hyperion and soon to be hero of the borderlands.

This was the birth of Handsome Jack, the Hero.

There you have it folks

The end of the prologue

Now I was wondering

Should I have the Vault Hunters from Borderlands 2 meaning Axton, Maya, Salvador, Zero, Gaige, and Kreig be this story's Vault Hunters or make 4 or more Vault Hunter OCs and make those 6 evil bosses?

Give me your input on that

So, as you can see

Lilith and the rest are evil

Handsome Jack and the rest are good

Jack doesn't have his mask... yet

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