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Haru could only utter that single word.

*Flashback brought to you by Nagisa's hyperness*

A typical morning came around, the sun's rays just peeking out at the world. In a bedroom, a black-haired man was rifling through the clothes in a wardrobe. Another man with red hair was lazily lying on the bed.

Haruka Nanase, whose face could be found on swimming magazine covers all around the world, pulled on a black suit. There were papers scattered all over, beloved photos left everywhere, and clothes carelessly left on the floor. In simpler terms, it looked as if a tornado had gone through the room.

Haruka ignored the mess surrounding him. As he finished the final touches to his appearance, he felt his lover's arms envelop him from behind, his breath tickling his ear.

"When will you be back?" breathed Rin. His breath ticked Haru's ear.

Haru sighed softly. "I don't know. We could meet up at that race in America," he suggested. "Besides, you know I have to keep Makoto happy as well."

The black-haired man slid out of the warm embrace and walked towards the door, turning around halfway to see a shirtless Rin wrapped in bedcovers with the room a mess.

"Clean this up before Sousuke comes back," he said, completely emotionless.

Getting into the black Porsche– Makoto didn't approve of it– Haruka started the engine and sat in silence for a few seconds, staring at his ring finger before letting out a quiet sigh. He opened the glove compartment and removed a black velvet box. Opening it, he pulled out a beautiful engagement ring. Delicately engraved on it was the name Makoto. He slipped it on with no other thoughts appearing his head and drove away from his lover's house to his husband's house.

As Haru pulled up to the expensive-looking house overlooking the ocean, he tried to think of excuses. He smiled wryly. There was no point. Makoto would blindly trust whatever excuse Haru may come up with, no matter how lame.

Just as Makoto always had believed Haru countless other times.