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While the Anbu searched through every inch of Konoha looking for Danzo, Hiruzen stared down at his successor and the man's wife. While the damage done by malnutrition could not be taken care of right away, he was happy to see Minato and Kushina looking a little healthier than they had only moments ago. Yet, despite how things were changing for the better, the sight before him still infuriated him. For Danzo to have dared to do anything like this, it lit a flame of fury within the Sandaime's heart.

"Sarutobi-Sama," started Kushina shakily, "Naruto… Where's my baby?" Hiruzen frowned. He had already called for the boy and he knew this would be the best thing that could happen for Naruto, but he wasn't looking forward to the conversation that would follow. His successor had trusted him. He knew that even though Minato had been "dead," if he'd had time to talk to him, Minato would have requested that Hiruzen keep his boy safe; that the village look to him as a hero, and not the beast that had nearly destroyed it. The Sandaime would not lie to them when the time came. He had failed their son; he had failed them.

"Kakashi should be bringing him now. I'm sure he'll be happy beyond words when he gets to see you two," replied Hiruzen.

After we explain that you're his parents…

Naruto had just made it to his apartment and as he slid his key into the door, he noticed the newest addition to it. It was another red scrawling of the word "Demon" written repeatedly. After he'd wiped the last set of graffiti off a few days before his mission, he hadn't seen any more of it on his door. Initially, he assumed the Konoha citizens had finally given him a break or that they were afraid of what skills he might have now that he was a shinobi – he was wrong. If they were scared, it only meant they were cautious enough to avoid messing with him while he was in the village.

Grumbling about having to clean his door again, Naruto turned his key, opened the door, and walked in. Just as he was about to shut it behind him, a foot slid in the way, stopping him from doing so. Thinking it was a particularly bold citizen, he fingered a kunai, contemplating fighting back for once. His decision only lasted a split second before he loosened his grip on the weapon.

If he hurt this person, or even wound up killing them, the civilian council would just turn it on him. With only the villager he hurt as a witness or none if he killed the person, there would be no one to speak in his defense. Grimacing, Naruto opened the door. Relief washed over the orange-clad Genin as Kakashi stood in his doorway.

"Yo, Naruto," greeted Kakashi, raising his hand.

"Hey, Kakashi-Sensei," replied Naruto, his grimace shifting into a broad grin. His mask had already slipped back on, whether he knew it or not. "What are you doing here? Do we have another mission?" he asked excitedly. He wouldn't mind leaving the village again. Even if he ended up stuck with Sasuke for another week or two, it was better than staying in Konoha while he was feeling so down.

"Well, it is a mission of sorts…" started Kakashi, trailing off as his blonde student's grin grew into a full smile, "just not for you," he added, "Hokage-sama asked me to retrieve you. It's… very important." Naruto's smile faded and he wanted to ask if this could wait until tomorrow morning. He was already feeling down and didn't want to sit through a lecture that would probably be about his use of the Kyuubi's Chakra in Wave. He was a shinobi under the Hokage's command though; he knew he couldn't refuse.

"Jeez… if this is about the Kyuubi, Jiji could have just had me stay behind with you," complained Naruto, stepping back outside before shutting his door. He was about to lock it when Kakashi put his hand on the boys shoulder and in the next second they were gone, a swirl of leaves marking their exit.

Hiruzen watched as Kakashi and Naruto appeared in his office. Kakashi shot an eye smile his way as he let go of Naruto's shoulder and the young Uzumaki held his stomach, looking a little sick and disoriented.

"Sensei… you could have warned me before doing that," said Naruto, a hand over his mouth. Naruto vowed he wouldn't turn his back on his Sensei when he wanted to take him somewhere ever again. The risk of losing his lunch – or dry heaving – was too high for his tastes.

"Sorry, Naruto. This was urgent," replied Kakashi. Upon hearing his name, Naruto's parents looked him over. Kushina's eyes watered as she put her hands to her mouth in a silent gasp. Minato just looked on, marveling at how much his son looked like him and his wife.

"Naruto," called the Sandaime. The young Jinchuriki still hadn't looked towards them, too busy with trying to get a hold over his gag reflex to notice whom he was in the presence of. "Look this way. There are some people here I think you need to meet." The medic-nins, Inoichi, and his Anbu had all been shooed out of the room. While it had been made clear enough that Naruto was Minato and Kushina's son while he and Kushina had been healed, he thought it best for their reunion to be a more private matter.

Naruto groaned as he complied with Hiruzen's order. Turning, he was about to complain to his Sensei over the whole Shunshin thing again, but when he laid eyes on the people before him, they went wide. Initially, Minato and Kushina thought he was just surprised to see them; the Sandaime and Kakashi knew that was not the case – and the two parents were realizing it just as quickly.

"I-it-it's the Yondaime!" Yelled Naruto so loudly the shinobi waiting outside could hear him, "Jiji! It's really the Yondaime! I thought he was dead! How'd this happen? Never mind. Who cares? This is great!" Hiruzen noticed that apparently the boy held no ill will for his father. If nothing else, that was good.

"Sandaime-sama…? What…" Hiruzen's heart rate quickened as he looked to Kushina. She'd sounded so lost and looking at her now, he could see she was hurt.

"Why – why doesn't he know who we are?" Kakashi looked away as a tear streamed down Kushina's cheek and Hiruzen sighed.

"Naruto," called the Hokage once more, "Be quiet. There are some things you need to know now." Naruto, though ecstatic, caught the tone of the Sandaime's voice. The seriousness of it put a damper on his mood and made him clam up.

"There's no point in beating around the bush," started Hiruzen as he walked back to his chair and sat down. Now more than ever, the age showed on his face. His wrinkles seemed more prominent. You could see the years of sorrow and work reflected in his eyes and for the first time, Naruto noticed how fragile the man seemed at times.

"Naruto, Minato Namikaze and his wife, Kushina Uzumaki are your parents." Naruto's eyes shot towards the two of them. His mind raced; emotions swelled within him. Anger, sadness, euphoria, surprise, confusion… they overwhelmed him and the next thing he knew, something that had never happened aside from when he was beyond exhausted occurred: Naruto hit the floor with a thud, passed out.

"Hiruzen," said Kushina. This time she did not sound lost; she did not look hurt. Her voice was stern, his name came out of her mouth with no honorific, no respect. She sounded angry and looked livid. A fire burned behind her eyes – it was a rage he hadn't seen her direct at anyone ever. Though Shaky, Kushina stood to her feet, her fiery red hair swaying as she did. Hiruzen looked upon her visage and right now, at this very moment, had never felt so unnerved in his life.

"You're going to tell me right now," she continued, her voice low, "Why doesn't our son know who we are?" Folding his hands in front of his face, Hiruzen sighed tiredly. The time had come.

"After I'd arrived at the scene to find the two of you 'dead' and Naruto alone and crying I scooped him up and immediately had the boy cared for. The next day I addressed the village and let them know that he was their savior, that it was your wish he be viewed as a hero – that you'd sealed the Kyuubi into him, Minato," Hiruzen paused here, expecting some sort of reaction from the boy's parents. He received none.

"I knew that you always wished the Jinchuriki could be seen for the heroes they were; not as pariah and not as mere weapons. But… I made a grave mistake. It was too soon. The hurt was still too recent in our village. We'd lost so many to the Kyuubi and the citizens – shinobi and civilians alike – did not take well to the news. They hated Naruto for merely existing and called for his immediate execution."

"They did what?!" yelled Minato, oppressive red Chakra swirling around him as his eyes changed from blue to crimson. Hiruzen dared not continue as his successor tried to reign in his emotions. Kushina went over to him and wrapped him in her arms, attempting to calm her husband. After a moment, Minato's eyes returned to their normal color and the Kyuubi's Chakra receded.

The Yondaime couldn't believe it. The village – his home. The place he'd sworn to protect. The place he'd attempted to sacrifice his life – his family's lives for had walked all over his will. They'd tried to have his son killed.

"Seeing the mistake I made, I passed a law – a law that made speaking of the Kyuubi forbidden, an S ranked secret punishable by death. The older generation was lost, but I'd hoped it would at least allow Naruto some friends in his own. I was wrong. The children's parents merely told them to stay away from him and in the village, he was either shown outright hate or ignored. Around his birthday it was particularly bad. There were some… incidents."

"What kind?" growled Kushina.

So help me, she thought, if they'd laid a hand on my baby, I'll run them through with my sword and my chains.

"There were a few instances in which he'd been chased by mobs seeking his death. He'd been caught and beaten once – and only once. It was the first time. I was busy and Kakashi, whom, I'd usually have keep watch over him, was out on a mission. An Anbu I thought I could trust had been appointed the task to watch over him and they decided to turn a blind eye to the manhunt… The Anbu and those responsible for the mob were executed." Minato clenched his fists. He was weak now, there was nothing he could do in his current state, but when he regained his strength he was going to show this village the error of its ways.

"Why would they do this? They had to have realized they were trying to kill their Hokage's child!"

"They did not know, Kushina."

"What? Why?!" Kushina gritted her teeth, trying to restrain herself from going out into the village right now and starting a bloodbath.

"I made that an S ranked secret as well – let me finish," said Hiruzen, raising his hand when he saw Kushina begin to respond to his words, "You and Minato had many enemies outside of Konoha. We were recovering and I could not take the risk of that of his heritage reaching the other villages – especially Iwagakure," Hiruzen took a breath, "I'm sure you're wondering why I couldn't have at least told Naruto, but the boy is excitable and after receiving such harsh treatment from the village he sought their acknowledgement. He craved attention and pulled pranks. If he knew you were his parents I have no doubt he would have told anyone, whether they were willing to listen or not. Besides… With how much they hate the boy, I did not put it past the villagers to spread his heritage to other nations. It does not matter whether they believe the boy or not. If they're smart enough to realize he could be killed over it, I'm positive the news would have spread like the wind."

"And what of Jiraiya…?" asked Minato. Surely, his Sensei had not left his son to the mercy of the village. Hiruzen shook his head.

"He's not stepped foot into the village since before the attack. Initially, he was too devastated to return here when he learned of your fate, but after that, he decided to take a proactive role in Naruto's life… just not in the way you may have wanted. Jiraiya has a role in this village. He is our spy master and his network demands his attention. He could not stay in Konoha and surely you wouldn't want him taking Naruto with him, would you? They could have both been killed that way. That is not to say he did nothing though," said the Sandaime, "he supplied Naruto with money every month and he kept tabs on any threats outside the village with direct connection to Naruto in any way – and there has been one. He has told me it is big and that he would report in more detail once he returned."

Minato and Kushina stared the Hokage down, none of them speaking. The silence dragged on for minutes and the tension in the air was palpable.

"I understand," said Minato, finally.

"As do I," added Kushina. The Sandaime was no fool though. He could see that there was more to it than just that. More than anything though, he feared he'd lost the respect of two people he cared very much about; he could only hope Naruto would take the news better when he woke up, but he doubted it.

"It's going to take some time for us to forgive you, Hiruzen," continued Minato, "but I can see that you did try. Maybe your decisions were poor; you could have done a better job, but you tried. That's more than I can say for the majority of this village."

"They will be dealt with," interjected Kushina, her tone daring any form of disagreement. Her family was all she had left and if anyone dared to mess with it, she'd crush them.

"If it's fine with you, I'll be taking up the mantle of Hokage again once I've regained my strength. Also, tell Naruto's Sensei he will not be joining their team for training any time soon. We'll be overseeing him." Hiruzen nodded at that, glancing towards Kakashi.

This should give me more time to whip Sakura into shape and maybe even set Sasuke straight. Having to deal with fixing all three of their problems, two of which were excessively complex, was a bit much… This though, this I can work with.

"I wouldn't dream of disagreeing, Minato-Sensei. I will say though, you should get in as much as you can within the next two months. The Chunin exams are soon and I plan to enter my team. He knows the Kage Bunshin, so you might want to take advantage of that and tell him about their special function." Minato's brows rose, surprised at what he was hearing.

"You have a Genin team?" he questioned, "and my son is on it? and he knows the Kage Bunshin…?" Kakashi nodded, eye smiling.

"Yes, with Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura – and he learned the Jutsu on the day he graduated."

Kushina perked up at hearing the Uchiha name, her malice slowly dissipating.

"Sasuke? Wasn't that what Miko-chan was going to name her boy? How is she doing?" Kakashi looked to Hiruzen and the Sandaime sighed.

"It seems there is still much we need to discuss…"

While Hiruzen, Minato, and Kushina talked about the happenings in the village since their "deaths," the Anbu searched the village for Danzo. They tore through his home, questioned the other elders, and checked the outside of the village. While the Anbu searched, Sai watched on. The young Root shinobi noted that they hadn't located the entrance to Danzo's base yet and even if they did, the seals in place there would surely kill them.

That would not bode well. What purpose would their deaths serve? It would only lead their comrades to our door and now that the Namikaze and his wife are free, with their expertise in seals, surely they would find a way to break into the base. I must return and alert the rest of Root. We must vanish.

His plan set, Sai used a shunshin to flee.

Naruto groaned as he opened his eyes. He could hear some faint chatting around him and wondered what was going on. The last thing he remembered was coming to see the Hokage and then he was sure he must have dreamed the rest because he met his dead idol, the Yondaime Hokage and then the Sandaime up and told him the man was his father!

That just couldn't have been real, thought Naruto.

"I see you're awake," said Kakashi.

"Sensei… I had the weirdest dream… the Yondaime was alive," started Naruto, raising his body off the couch in the Hokage's office. "and he was my dad…"

"Naruto, that wasn't a dream." The young shinobi didn't recognize that voice. He'd never heard it before. Looking towards the voice his eyes fell upon his Sensei, the Hokage, and his parents…

"That… wasn't a dream…? You – you're really my dad?" he asked before looking to Kushina, "and you're my mom…?" Naruto received no verbal response and instead he found himself gasping for air as Kushina wrapped him up in the tightest hug he'd ever experienced – and that wasn't a very long list. Naruto didn't dare show his discomfort though. Despite his struggle to breathe he'd never been so warm before; he'd never felt so loved.

"Kushina, loosen your grip. He's having some trouble breathing," called Minato. Kushina reluctantly did as she was told, loosening her grips enough for Naruto to breathe, but she did not let go. Sobbing into her boy's blonde hair, her hands clutched at his shirt. It was as if she thought her child would vanish if she let go of him.

"Come on, Kushina, let's take Naruto home. We've got a lot of catching up to do." Kushina turned to her husband, tears still flowing down her face – and she smiled. The first true smile he'd seen from her in years. Nodding happily, she made for the door and Minato followed before looking back. Naruto was still standing there, seemingly confused about what to do now.

"Well, don't just stand there, son. We're going home." Beaming, Naruto caught up with his parents.


Shunshin no jutsu – Body Flicker Technique

Iwagakure no Sato – Village hidden in the rocks

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