The Saiyan War gods In Kuroinu.

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Chapter 2: The Remaining War gods Look For Their Destined Ones In Kuroinu, and A Noble Clan of Men Are Saved

Judgment had been passed, many vile and tainted souls were purged. Honorable warriors were resurrected, while dishonorable and lewd soldiers were punished. Sadly it was seen, other than the dark elves and dwarfs, most all of the the 'men' were lowly males and only 20-25% of the population were men. However it was seen that those men were widowed and still loyal, others were old and only 10% of the population of men were young and unmarried. Queen Celestine, the inheritor of the soul of the elf goddess Laurendeau was disturbed by this. Princess Alicia was also concerned and thus the two had sought out the guidance of the war gods and queen Olga.

"It is sad for your people, especially the women but my subjects are not interested. If some of them are, I will allow them to stay in your lands; but I can't do anything more to help. I apologize Celestine." Queen Olga said to her friend sadly.

She then looked at Tarble, the only god present there as the others were training. "Kami-Sama Tarble, please can you offer some advice?" Celestine pleaded to the god but she saw him looking down and avoiding visual contact. The pure and still virgin Celestine, Olga were confused. Cloe, and Claudia were too as they saw the celestial being of Zarbon avoiding visual contact with them as well. Maia, Alicia, Kaguya, Prim and some of the shrine maidens and nuns had an idea why, but none of them dared to speak up.

"Uhm, queen Lucullus if you don't mind but could you, queen Discordia, lady Cloe and Lady Claudia show a bit more modesty? It would be better if you were attired like princesses Alicia and Prim, the nuns or shrine maidens. However if you want to show a bit of skin in your more feminine parts than at least wear something similar to that of lady Maia; even though she is showing skin, she is concealing her private parts more better than you. The attire worn by you and the others who were NOT mentioned now is not a distraction, but it is not polite nor virtuous for ladies to show off THAT MUCH of skin and private parts to men who are not their mates or lovers. It gives off the idea you are flaunting your assets and being slutty trollops and lewd; even if you are unaware of it." Zarbon, with his face turned to the opposite direction stated as Tarble was still keeping his eyes on the floor.

The mentioned women looked at themselves and for the first time in their long lives, felt VERY immodest and whorish, especially queen Celestine, as she was the ONLY one with her pussy being covered by a thin belt attached to her TOP. Queen Discordia saw herself and realized that her nipples were clearly seen through the small top, while her and Cloe's pussies were being covered by REALLY THIN g-strings or straps. The same could be said about lady Claudia. The women blushed and felt even more lewd, ashamed and whorish; IF IT WAS POSSIBLE. The castle doors opened as Trunks and Goten entered, plus with odd eye wears covering their eyes.

"Uncle, we just thought of these shades to shade our eyes from the queens and ladies' provocative attires; so that we don't seem to be perverts. Here." Trunks said as he snapped his fingers and now both Tarble and Zarbon were wearing those shades. Celestine then tried to hide her face in her hands. The young gods were unaware of the presence ogf the queens but they were aware of Kaguya and Maia. So they took the hands of their respective mates, swirled them around and kissed. "Mo, is wanting to meet you in person." They said in sync.

A portal opened and in came a very drained and injured Jeice: a lesser god of lightning and fashion. "Blimey! lord Tarble, Trunks and Goten. Lord Raditz and Mirai have been captured by the succubus army generals and Queen Seraphim Snake. The men, even the centaur men were attacked and drained of all life energies. Currently Lord Turles is coming back with a few survivors. I was able to get here Ah!" The messenger said as he collapsed. Zarbon caught him and started healing him.

"This indeed was the work of the succubus, as well as the she devils. To think Jeice and the others were able to be caught. The succubus and the she devils hunt MEN down for food sources and play things/sex slaves, the lesser ones even go for the males. Think of it like the opposite of Vault and more vile; as he only wanted ALL OF the opposite gender as sex slaves, but at least he didn't intend them as food and energy sources. I wonder how lord Raditz and Mirai got captured." Zarbon explained to the uninformed queens and princess knights and then asked to no one but himself.

"It is because, the bitch has Zangya and Kougu as hostage. You do know that during a similar attack, two centuries ago they lost their parents and Raditz took them in. Though they did not age due to Raditz shared little of his divinity, it can still be taken. Furthermore Zangya is like a little sister that Mirai never had; plus she is also like an older sister to you Trunks. Right?" Turles in slight pain said as Trunks and Goten nodded. He then continued. "Kougu was tortured, used as a sex toy and slave and drained off his divinity, seamen, blood; meaning all of his energy and fluids. Zangya's youth was being taken, while she was whipped. Raditz and Mirai couldn't take it anymore and surrendered. The women centaurs have over-zealously agreed to aid, and it would be better if some of the dark elves help in magic and archery as most of the centaur women fight with swords. We must rescue them from the tortures." Turles finished as he was healed by Zarbon.

Just then, Raditz, Turles and Goku's mother, the high goddess: Goddess Gine- the goddess of motherhood, fertility and divinity appeared. "Mom, i am sorry." Turles said weakly as his mother looked at him with sad, caring and tender eyes. She then kissed his forehead and restored his divinity to what it was before battling Queen Seraphim Snake. All the other kneel-ed.

"I cannot directly interfere in that bitch's plan as I vowed not to for the safety of my mate and youngest son. However that doesn't mean I can't indirectly. I have come here to see who among your women is the mate of my eldest son." Goddess Gine spoke as she presented her daggers, that cut divinity. It circled around Cloe and Olga and settled on the hips of Olga Discordia. "Very good. I am impressed but you should show more modesty. You are beautiful and sexy enough that it doesn't need to or have to be flaunted as it flaunts itself WITHOUT appearing to be slutty. Here this should help. The dress I wore when I killed off Princess Snake, the gorgon and succubus goddess as well as the mother of Queen Snake." She snapped her fingers and Olga was being transformed.

She was now wearing a long, flowing halter dress in Purple laces up the sides (showing royalty, spirituality, dignity, divination, inspiration, meditation and compassion) and has side slits from the hips downward on both sides. Sensuous Red, showing passion, energy, excitement, danger, speed, impulsive action, stimulation, assertiveness, aggression, strength, sex, revolt, war tribal ornament is applied to the front of the shiny top – the total effect was one of armor, aggression, devotion, love and war. Our Sexy Olga was wearing Black bracers that laced up to fit her forearms perfectly. She is obviously in control. Let us not forget about the golden and bronze daggers. Then the staff given by Raditz also appeared as she summoned it. This didn't surprise Gine, but made her happy as her eldest unintentionally gave the best weapon suited for his eternal and destined mate.

Bulma, her mother Panchy: goddess of humility, cooking and youth, as well as Bulma's mother-in-law Rosicheena-= Queen of all Goddess and Gods, as well as Goddess of war and maternity arrived. Goddess Panchy sought out for the mate of her younger grandchild and presented her with the skill of cooking, and then searched for her older one: being Alicia and gave her gift of humility, while Rosicheena gave both her grand daughter-in-laws the gift of maternity and aggression in war.

Alicia was also gifted a war dress made by Bulma. She now wore a black mini dress with red under-wire cups and a little boning. Elaborate golden embroidery decorates the bustiere, and the underskirt had matching golden trim. The detachable cape and the lace-up bracers made the war dress sexy as well. The belt, skirt and straps all glittered with metal studs and eyelets. Alicia now sported two short swords, which matched Mira's long swords.

Olga and her dark elf warrior women, along with the centaur women were gathered. Alicia and her fellow princess knights were at the ready at the opposite side of their allies. This resulted in the enemy army of succubus and she devils surrounded from front and back.

"Queen Olga do you have something to say before we attack?" asked Alicia.

"Yes. Let us rescue our men, save our children and kill, While punishing these whorish bitches." Olga proclaimed and then Alicia and her both said sync to send the opposing army to the pit of Vault and his male army; where these banshees, succubus females would not be satisfied and used like the whore they are. "CHARGE" and the battle started.