Switching Places

Sequel to "Gibbs's New Girl"

By MchakotayParis

Authors Notes:

This is along the same story line and sort of a sequel to "Gibbs's New Girl" so it might be advisable to read that first. This takes place about two years or so after "Gibbs's New Girl" and Allison and Gibbs are in a steady Daddy/Baby relationship.

This story will also include Mild Adult Infantilism, Age Play and some Adult Spanking but not much of the last until maybe later in the story. In most of this story Allison is the stronger character, but will go back to the Daddy/Baby relationship that Gibbs/Allison had in Gibbs's New Girl.

Any and all mistakes are my own so please excuse in advance. Also if any or all of these subjects offend you please don't read. Any reviews that flame will be deleted or reported so don't waste your time and mine by responding.

During a case Gibbs gets severely injured and starts pushing everyone he loves away. It is up to Allison and his little family to get through to him and help him understand that he is still needed and loved by his family.

And now on to our story:

Chapter 1

Everything had been going very well for the last few years so when the latest case came in Gibbs and his team hadn't expected any problems in solving it quickly. So here they all were getting geared up to enter a remote farmhouse in the one of the southern counties of D.C.

"Does everyone know the plan?" asked Gibbs as he finished buckling his bullet proof vest.

"Got it Boss, we wait for your signal and then enter from the back and sides." said Tony as he checked his weapon.

"Alright, let's get this going. I told Ali that I would try and get back before midnight." said Gibbs as he headed towards the back of the farmhouse.

He waited until he saw that the rest of his team was in position then he kicked open the back door, and slowly made his way through the house, clearing each room as he entered it. He was just about to signal to the others when the house exploded bursting into a ball of flame.

The impact of the blast knocked Tony, Tim and Ziva off their feet, and when they all turned around they saw the house ablaze.

"Probie, call the fire department!" yelled Tony as he tried to enter the house but was pushed back from the heat.


Allison had tried to stay awake until Gibbs got home, but ended up going to sleep on the couch wearing only her diaper, a sleeping tank top and her bottle. It was around two a.m. When a loud banging woke her up and she staggered to the front door.

"Ali, Ali! It's Tony, open up squirt!" yelled Tony through the door.

Ali looked through the cut glass inset in the front door then quickly opened the door.

"Tony, Tony! What's wrong? Where's Daddy?" asked Ali as she grabbed his arm.

"Ali, there's been a little accident and we need you to come to the hospital."

"Is he...is he...Tony is he..." cried Ali as she wrapped her arms around his waist and clung to his chest.

"No, no Ali. The farmhouse we were raiding blew up just a few minutes after he entered. The rescue squad found him and said he was severely injured but not dead. He's being medevaced to Bethesda Hospital now. He should be there by the time we get there ourselves."

"Oh god, oh god, oh god! Tony what if he...?" cried Allison as she dropped her head.

Tony pulled Ali off his waist and put his hands on each of her shoulders.

"Allison sweetheart, look at me!"

As she lifted her head he gently placed his hands on her cheeks. "Ali, Gibbs needs you to be strong right now. I know Gibbs is the adult in your relationship but now he needs you to take over that role. Can you do that sweetheart?"

Ali looked at him for a few minutes then a change began to come over her. A hardening that he knew meant she would take over Gibbs's role in their relationship for a long as she needed too. It must have been the same look that she had when she'd first met with her staff.

"Ali I need you to go get changed and dressed so I can bring you to the hospital."

"Oh right, Tony could you do me a favor and pack a bag for me while I change?"

"Sure thing Ali. Now go get changed and I'll meet you back down her as soon as you're ready." said tony as he gently pushed her towards the stairs and gently swatted her bottom.

Ten minutes later Ali returned downstairs wearing a pair of sweatpants, one of Gibbs's old sweatshirts, her "day" diaper and tennis shoes. Tony had packed her a bag with extra diapers, water bottles, empty baby bottles, her pacifier, a blanket and her "Puffalump". Tony helped her lock up then took her to his car there was very little said.

The forty-five minute drive was equally quiet until Tony lead Ali into the emergency room and just a few minutes later an ear piercing scream was heard as Gibbs' was wheeled into the E.R.

"Daddy!" cried Allison as she lunged towards the stretcher that Gibbs' was on.

Both Tony and Tim grabbed Ali as the stretcher was wheeled pass and deeper into the E.R.

"Allison sweetheart, come and sit down." said Ducky as he led Allison to a waiting room chair.


It wasn't until several hours later that they heard anything regarding Gibbs' condition and in the meantime it was a very fidgety Allison that Ducky, Tony and the rest of the team had to deal with. She would bounce between pacing the small waiting room to quietly sitting beside Ducky or Tony leaning against their chest clutching her Puffalump.

She had just settled down in the chair beside Tony leaning against his chest when all of a sudden she jumped up screaming and ran towards a familiar face.

"Dr. Evanson!" cried Allison as she ran towards the young man and launched herself at his chest wrapping her arms tightly around his waist.

"Offff… Allison. I thought you would be here when I heard about Agent Gibbs. How are you doing?" asked the young man as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"I'm doing ok, how's Daddy….I mean Gibbs?" asked Allison as she stepped back and schooled herself for the look she knew would be coming from her slip. But as she looked into the face of the doctor who had taken care of her two years earlier all she saw was compassion and worry.

"He's still being looked at Ali. I know the doctor who was assigned his case so I've asked to consult with him on it and he has agreed since I know both you and Agent Gibbs and your medical history."

"Oh thank you! It's not that I don't trust anyone else I'm just….." started Allison but suddenly stopped and dropped her head.

"It's alright Ali. Our first priority is to take care of Gibbs' and his family too. So as before we will do whatever we can to make it easier on you and Gibbs both." said Dr. Evanson as he looked over at Gibbs' extended family and got several smiles and small nods of thank you.

"Can I see him? I mean if he's…." started Allison but stopped as her shoulders started shaking slightly.

"He's critical but stable Ali. He sustained head, back and neck injuries along with a level two concussion. He was also burnt over 10 percent of both his of arms and legs. Right now we have him heavily sedated and on a ventilator until we can determine if there was any damage to his lungs." said Dr. Evanson as he watched Ali's face carefully.

When he started Allison had visibly paled and he'd been afraid that he'd told her too much but as he continued he noticed a change come over her as she steeled herself for what was ahead. This woman may be in a "Daddy/Baby" relationship with Agent Gibbs but when needed she could take care of herself and even Gibbs if need be.

"Thank you Dr. Evanson. I know that normally only one person at a time can visit but would it be alright if Dr. Mallard or Tony went with me to see him the first time?" asked Allison.

"Of course Ali. I'll notify the nurses that you and Dr. Mallard are allowed in his room at any time." said Dr. Evanson as he gently started rubbing her back.

"Thank you…. Ducky would you?" asked Allison as she looked over at the older man sitting with the rest of Gibbs' team.

"Of course my sweetheart. Do you need to change or anything before we go in?" asked Ducky gently as he came over to Allison.

He knew that she had been sitting in the waiting room for several hours and they all had tried to get her to eat or drink something, finally succeeding only about forty-five minutes ago. Tony had told him that she'd been asleep when he arrived to tell her about Gibbs and they were worried since she probably hadn't eaten anything since last night.

"Actually I…." stammered Ali.

"It's alright little one. Do you want someone to take care of you or can you do it yourself?" asked Ducky softly.

"I can do it myself Ducky, I'm a big girl now." answered Allison with a steely determination then grabbed her bag and headed towards the ladies room.

"Yes you are my sweet, but remember you're still a little girl to us." said Ducky softly with a smile as he watched Allison's back.

A few minutes later Allison returned and holding Ducky's hand they entered Gibbs' room. She stopped in the doorway and Ducky heard her small intake of breath. With a gentle tug on her hand he led her to his bedside and placed her hand on the bedrail.

Allison stood for a few minutes then with a slightly shaking hand reached over and gently placed her hand over Gibbs' heart. When she felt the steady heartbeat her resolve crumbled and she leaned over the bedrail and cried laying her head on the pillow besides Gibbs' head.

Ducky stood watching for a few minutes then quickly moved to drop the bedrail so Allison would be more comfortable. Then with a gentle hand started rubbing circles on Allison's back until she calmed down. After a few minutes Allison raised herself and looked over her shoulder at the older man behind her. All Ducky had to do was hold out his arms and Ali went silently into his arms resting her head on his shoulder. He moved carefully back until the two of them were sitting in the big chair that was besides Gibbs' bed. As he sat down he moved Allison into his lap making sure her head stayed on his shoulder. He carefully reached down and picked up the bag Allison had dropped beside the chair then pulled out her blanket, pacifier and "Puffalump". He gently placed the pacifier to her lips then placed her the "Puffalump" in her arms. As Ali snuggled into his arms, holding her "Puffalump" tightly, Ducky gently covered her with the blanket quietly whispering.

"Sleep now my angel, your daddy's going to be alright."