Switching Places

Sequel to "Gibbs's New Girl"

By: MchakotayParis (R. Mason)

Chapter 2

It turned out to be four more days before they finished all the tests and scans and allowed Gibbs to come out of his medically induced sedation. In all that time Allison never left Gibbs' room and it was only because of Ducky's or Tony's insistence that she ate or slept.

After coming in the first morning and finding Allison curled up in the big chair by Gibbs' bed, Ducky ask the nurses if they could switch the chair for a recliner so Allison could at least lay flat. It took both Ducky and Dr. Evanson to finally convince Ali to sleep at night and only after Dr. Evanson threaten to have her admitted if she didn't start taking care of herself.

So Allison conceded and during the day she sat in the chair reading or working on non-confidential documents and at night she would curl up in the chair with a blanket covering her until Ducky or Tony gently slipped her pacifier or a bottle in her mouth and her Puffalump in her arms. After that she would sleep soundly through the night until the morning nurse came to check on Gibbs.

After a quick shower and change Ali became Allison and she was all business asking for hourly updates and listening intently to everything the doctors or nurses told her, Ducky and Tony. It was the middle of the afternoon when Gibbs finally started showing signs of waking on his own and after a few minutes Allison was at his side calling for the nurse.

"I think he's waking up." called Ali after she heard the voice through the call button.

"Be right there Allison." answered the nurse and a few minutes later Dr. Evanson and a nurse entered the room.

"Agent Gibbs, its Dr. Evanson. Remember me?" called the young man as he leaned over Gibbs in laying in the bed.

Gibbs eyes were wide and a little scared as he stared at the young man leaning over him.

"Do you understand me Agent Gibbs?" asked Dr. Evanson again and at his small nod he smiled.

A few minutes later Gibbs started moving his head back and forth and slowly trying to lift his left hand to his throat.

"What's wrong Agent Gibbs? You want the tube out?" asked Dr. Evanson.

At his small nod Dr. Evanson looked at the nurse and said. "Let's get him a nose cannula and put him on 10 cc of oxygen."

"Right doctor. I'll be right back Agent Gibbs." said the nurse then quickly left the room, she returned a few minutes later and after helping the doctor removed Gibbs's ventilator tube, had him settled on the bed wearing a nose cannula and taking a sip from a glass she held in front of him.

As he dropped his head back to the pillow he saw Allison standing beside the bed. An instant later he was moving his head violently back and forth on the pillow his heart rate monitor getting louder with every movement of his head.

"Calm down Agent Gibbs, what's wrong?" asked Dr. Evanson as he leaned over him.

"Get…..her….out!" said Gibbs gruffly his voice rough with the strain.

"But Jethro…?" said Ducky as he came up on his other side.

"Don't…..want…her….here!" cried Jethro. His heart rate increasing with every word.

"It might be best if you went out Ali" said Dr. Evanson.

"NO! Daddy please. I'll be good...I'll be good!" cried Allison as came up to the bed and tried to reach for Gibbs but he pulled away from her.

"Get….her…out!" said Gibbs once again struggling for breath.

At Allison's scream Tony came rushing in from the hallway and heard Gibbs last request. He gently grabbed Allison around the waist and pulled her to his chest taking small steps back from the bed.

"No Tony please! I'll be good I promise!" cried Allison once again as she tried lunging towards Gibbs.

At Ducky's nod Tony retreated taking Allison all the way out of the room still screaming.

"All right Jethro she's gone, now calm down." Said Ducky soothingly.

After a few minutes his breathing calmed down and his heart rate became normal again.

"I don't want her in here" said Gibbs weakly.

"Jethro she's been here the whole time since you came in." answered Ducky.

"Tell her to leave, go home!"

"No Jethro. I won't do that to her. You will have to tell her that yourself." said Ducky firmly.

"Alright she can stay but I don't want her in here" answered Gibbs weakly with a defeated sound in his voice.

"Just rest and let the doctor check you out while I go check on Allison." said Ducky as he patted Gibbs' arm the left.

In the hallway Tony was holding a sobbing Allison in his lap gently rubbing her back.

"How could he do that to her Ducky?" asked Tony as he looked up and saw the older man.

"He's hurting Anthony and very proud. He doesn't want Ali to see him helpless like that."

"Well I'll bet he's not getting rid of our spitfire that easily." said Tony as he looked down at the woman in his lap.

Her crying had stopped and now she was just leaning against his chest hiccuping silently.

"You bet your ass he's not." said Allison softly then looked up to the two men in front of her. "I don't care what he says or wants. I'm NOT LEAVING!" with a strong resolve that had both men smiling.

Their little spitfire was back and whether Gibbs knew it or not he was in for a fight.

"Well just remember angel that he's hurting. I'm sure he didn't really mean what he said." said Ducky softly as he leaned down and cupped Allison's cheeks with his hands.

"I know Ducky but it still hurt, but I'll deal with that later. Right now I need to be strong and take care of him whether he likes it or not." said Allison as she gave Tony a quick hug around his neck then climbed off his lap and stood before both men. "Could you do me a favor Ducky and go get my stuff from the room. I don't want to upset him again."

"Sure thing my sweet, but remember you are loved very much." answered Ducky as he leaned over and kissed her on the forehead.

They stayed that way for a few minutes forehead to forehead, Allison absorbing Ducky's strength.

With a deep soulful sigh Allison pulled away answering. "I know Ducky" then she went and sat down in the chair beside Tony leaning her head on his shoulder.

After another quick look at the woman in front of him Ducky returned to Gibbs' room. He was upset with his old friend and was in a mood to let him know. When he re-entered the room Gibbs was lying in bed with the head of the bed slightly elevated.

"How is he doing Doctor?"

"A part from a sore throat and slightly elevated blood pressure he's fine. I'm sorry about the scene with Allison, is she alright?" answered Dr. Evanson.

"A part from her feelings being hurt she's fine. Anthony has her out in the hallway."

"Well I'll just go check on her if you don't mind." said Dr. Evanson as he looked once more at the man in the bed then left.

"I want her gone Ducky" said Gibbs after a few minutes of silence.

"Then you tell her yourself Jethro. I will not do that to Allison." answered Ducky with steely determination.

"How long have I been out?"

"Four days and Allison has been sitting in that chair the whole time. You may not like it but she's determined to stay Jethro."

"Whatever, I don't want her in here." answered Gibbs then turned his head to the side closing his eyes. As far as he was concerned the conversation was over.

"As you wish Jethro." said Ducky sadly then went back over to the window overlooking the hallway.

Allison and Anthony were sitting in side by side with Allison's head on Tony's shoulder while Dr. Evanson checked her over. She looked so sad but also resolved and determined to stay exactly where she was regardless of what Gibbs wanted. Ducky just hoped that she was strong enough to take all Gibbs could dish out because he had a feeling she was in for a rough time.

As Dr. Evanson stood up Ducky left the room and went over to the young Doctor.

"How is she?" asked Ducky with concern in his voice.

"She's fine, her blood pressure is a little high but that's probably from the stress she's been under lately." Then he gently led the older doctor away from Tony and Allison. "Do you think it might be better for Allison if we did make her go home?"

"Honestly no. I think it would do more harm than good because she would just worry and work herself into a state and probably end up in the hospital herself. Right now the best place for her is here where we can watch her." answered Dr. Mallard truthfully.

"You're probably right, I'll ask the nurses to keep an eye on her and I'll check on her from time to time."

"Thank you Dr. Evanson. How is Jethro?"

"He's has a little bit of movement in his left arm. We're going to do some more tests in a day or two to see if any of the swelling has gone down. It's still too early to tell if there is any permanent damage to his spine."

"Well thank you Dr. Evanson. Please keep us posted on his progress." said Ducky then shook the younger Doctor's hand.

"I certainly will, and if Allison needs anything just have the nurses give me a call."

"I will, and thank you again." said Ducky as he watched the younger Doctor walk back to Allison, say something softly to her then leave.

Ducky turned and looked at Tony and Allison then back at Gibbs laying on the bed in his room. He was torn between helping his friend and taking care of his angel Allison. Tony saw his dilemma and spoke softly to Allison then came over to the older man.

"Go to Gibbs Ducky, I'll take care of Ali now." said Tony as he patted the older man on the shoulder.

"Thank you Anthony, if you need any help just let me know." answered Ducky with a grateful sigh. He knew Tony would step up to the plate and take over watching over Ali so he could concentrate on Gibbs.

"Don't worry Ducky. If I need help I'll call McGee, Ziva or Abby. You just concentrate on Gibbs, we'll take care of Ali."

With another grateful sigh he patted Tony's shoulder then returned to Gibbs's room sitting down in the chair so recently vacated by Allison.


Two days later Dr. Evanson ran another series of tests and was happy to report that there didn't look to be any permanent damage to Gibbs' back, neck or spine. He would probably regain the use of his arm and legs but couldn't say exactly when. Since that first afternoon when he awoke his left side and hand had slowly regained its mobility and strength. However his right side and both his legs had continued not to move, even though Gibbs had tried several time on his own. So each day three time a day a physical therapist would come in and move his legs and arms for him to keep them from becoming stiff. During each session Gibbs would just lay there and let them move his arm and legs for him, then become very sullen after they left.

During all of this Allison stayed in the hallway. Never leaving her chair and only going as far as a shower room down the hall that the nurses let her use. She would eat only when someone brought her food but never left the chair except to sometimes stand at the window looking into Gibbs' room. She would stand watching him until he saw her and turned away. Then with a sigh she would go back to her chair and start working again. At night she would move two of the chairs together and sleep in the hallway.

After another two weeks Gibbs' injuries had healed enough for him to be released to a rehabilitation center. He still hadn't allowed Allison to see him or even enter his room and when he was released it was Ducky that went with him to the center. He had chosen a center in Virginia thinking that it was too far for Allison to drive. But the next day after he was settled Allison showed up asking to visit him. He refused to see her and Allison sat stubbornly in the main waiting area sometimes alone, and other times with one of his team until visiting hours were over then left.