Switching Places

Sequel for "Gibbs's New Girl"

By MchakotayParis (R. Mason)

Chapter 5

It turned out to be another three hours before they heard anything else about Allison's condition and it was an exhausted Dr. Evanson that finally emerged.

"Agent Gibbs." said Dr. Evanson as he came over to the small group. No one had moved from the small waiting room except to go get coffee or maybe a sandwich. As he got closer to the group he could see what the stress was doing to Gibbs and the others but they had stubbornly stayed by his side as a testament to their devotion to both Gibbs and Allison.

"Dr. Evanson...how is Ali?" asked Gibbs as he looked up and saw the man then started pushing himself towards him.

"She's came out of surgery well, but the next forty-eight hours are critical."

"How badly was she hurt?" asked Ducky as he came up behind Gibbs.

"Her large intestine, pancreas and spleen were nicked in several places, along with her left lung being punctured from the glass. Her left knee and ankle are severely twisted while her hip and shoulder are dislocated along with a hairline fracture of her left clavicle. Also there was some minimal damage to her heart because of the two heart attacks but we were able to repair that and she shouldn't have any further problems." replied Dr. Evanson as he looked over the small group.

"When can I see her?" asked Gibbs.

"She's still in recovery right now but as soon as she's moved into Cardiac Care ICU, I will have them take you to her. Right now I'm allowing only Agent Gibbs and Dr. Mallard to see her, but as soon as she's moved in a regular room you can go in." said Dr. Evanson.

"Thank you doctor." said Ducky as he reached over Gibbs to shake the younger man's hand.

"You're welcome Dr. Mallard. She's alive but has a long way to go." answered Dr. Evanson solemnly then shook Gibbs' hand then left.

"She's alive Jethro, now we have to concentrate on getting you both better." said Ducky as he put his hands on Gibbs' shoulders.

"Your right Ducky. Getting us both healthy is the most important thing right now." answered Gibbs determinedly.

"Right Boss, so what do you need us to do to help?" asked Tony.

"Well the first thing I need to do is talk to my physical therapist about working on climbing those stairs, then we need to make sure the room is set up for Ali when she comes home."

"That might be a while Jethro, but I agree that we need to get you get you more mobile. So why don't we go come and get you cleaned up, fed and rested then we can speak to your therapist." suggested Ducky.

"I don't want to..." started Gibbs then stopped as his voice started choking up.

"Don't worry boss. Ziva and I will stay with Ali until you get back." said Tony

"Thanks Tony, Ziva. I guess I could use a shower, food and some sleep," agreed Gibbs.

"Go home Boss man, we'll call if there's any change" said Abby as she came over and put her arms around Gibbs' neck.

"Thanks Abs, everyone. For sticking with me through everything" said Gibbs as he looked over his team.

They hadn't given up on him even when he was at his worst and now once again they were pulling together to help him take care of Ali. But first he had to start taking better care of himself and he made himself and Ali a promise that starting now he would do everything he could to walk again.

As Ducky came up behind him again Gibbs looked at him and smiled. "Let's go home Ducky, so I can get back to my little girl," said Gibbs as he started to wheel himself out of the E.R. Ducky looked back at the younger members of the team then smiled quickly following Gibbs.

It was three hours later when a clean, fed and refreshed Gibbs re-entered Bethesda hospital to find his whole team still waiting for him.

"They just came and told us she's awake boss, they're moving her into CCICU now." said Tony as he meet Gibbs and handed him his regular cup of coffee.

"Thanks Tony, now go home and get some rest yourselves. Ducky and I have this now." said Gibbs as he looked at his team, they were exhausted but kept their promise and stayed with Ali until he and Ducky returned. Now they need to rest because as much as it irked him he was going to need help from each and every one of them to get himself ready to take care of Ali.

With one more look at his boss and medical examiner Tony herded the rest of the team out of the hospital and to their cars. As the doors slid closed behind the last member of his team Gibbs wheeled himself to the nurse's station.

"We're here to see Allison Grayson. I'm Agent Gibbs, NCIS." said Gibbs flashing his credentials and badge. "This is Dr. Mallard, our medical examiner" as he nodded towards Ducky.

"Ahhhh, yes gentlemen. Dr. Evanson has both of you both listed as the two who can see Allison. If you would both follow me, I'll take you to her room," said the nurse behind the station then came around and started to head towards the elevator.

Gibbs and Ducky quickly followed and entered the elevator just as the nurse pushed the button to hold the doors. She pushed the sixth floor button and the doors quickly closed taking them to the CCICU.

When the doors opened on the sixth floor she exited and then went down the hallway a little while until she came to a large set of doors marked "Cardiac Care Intensive Care Unit". She pushed a large silver button on the wall and the doors opened to reveal a large nurses station in the middle with several large rooms on each side of the wall behind a large glass window.

"She's in room three. If you need anything just ask at the nurse's station they should be able to help you. Good luck, gentlemen," said the nurse as she smiled at both men then left.

"Thank you nurse," called Ducky as she headed out of the CCICU. "Come on Jethro, let's go check on our little girl," then he headed towards Allison's room.

With a deep sigh Gibbs followed Ducky towards Allison's room. As they entered they once again saw the barrage of machines above Allison's bed. She was hooked up to a ventilator, with several wires and tubes attached to various parts of her body. Her left ankle, knee and shoulder were wrapped in ace bandages while there were several bandages on her face and arms from all the cuts she got when the glass shattered.

As Gibbs reached to touch Allison a nurse appeared behind them in the doorway.

"I'm sorry to interrupt you gentlemen, but I wanted to come and introduce myself. My name is Jacklynn and I'll be Ms. Grayson's day nurse."

"Her name is Allison, or Ali. Did Dr. Evanson explain..." started Gibbs but stopped and looked over at Ali.

"Yes sir he did, and you don't have to worry. We will do everything we can to make her time here as easy and comfortable for her as we can," replied Jacklynn as she came over and checked Allison's tubes and wires.

"Thank you, Jacklynn. Do you think I'll be able to stay in her room until she wakes up?" asked Gibbs as he finally reached over and placed a gently hand on Ali's arm.

"Of course Agent Gibbs. Dr. Evanson has informed us that you and Dr. Mallard are allowed to stay in the room overnight if you wish. If you need anything just call the nurse's station," said Jacklynn then left.

Ducky sat down in the chair with a sigh, silently watching Gibbs watch Allison.


It turned out to be only another ten hours before Allison started waking up. At first she just lay there looking at the ceiling then she felt Gibbs' hand on her arm and started trying to move her head to the side which caused her pain causing her to moan.

"Ali sweetheart, what's wrong?" said Gibbs as he moved closer to the bed.

Both of her hands had IV's in the so she couldn't raise her hands so she started moving her head.

"Ducky, call the nurse." said Gibbs then he gently started rubbing Ali's arm. "It's alright sweetheart, Daddy's right here. You're going to be alright,"

"You called Agent Gibbs?" asked Jacklynn as she entered the room.

"She's awake and I think she's hurting," answered Gibbs as he continued to rub Ali's arm.

Jacklynn came over the side of the bed and looked over the tubs and wires then asked. "Allison, are you hurting?"

At her small nod she gently started checking her over, everything seemed to be fine so it was probably the ventilator tube so she asked again. "Do you want the tube out?" asked Jacklynn gently.

At Ali's nod again she smiled and gently rubbed her shoulder then said. "I'll be right back sweetie, okay?" then she left, returning a few minutes later with Dr. Evanson.

"Well, well. I heard someone was back with us. How are you feeling Ali?" asked Dr. Evanson as he came over by her bed.

Allison tried to raise her hand but was only able to move it a few inches but she started moving her head.

"It's alright sweet, does your throat hurt? You want the tube out?" asked Dr. Evanson as he gently checked her heart and throat. After a few minutes he said. "Everything looks good so I think we can take it out but I need you to relax alright sweet."

At this Ali slowly started trying to move her left hand towards Gibbs, seeing this he gently took her hand in his and gave it a gentle squeeze.

"Alright sweet, I need you to try and take a deep breath and blow it out for me okay? said Dr. Evanson as he started taking the tape off of Allison's mouth, then with a gentle tug pulled the tube from Ali's throat.

At first she gagged and started to get upset but soon calmed down as Gibbs gently squeezed her hand. After a few seconds the tube was free and Jacklynn was gently wiping her mouth.

"Feel better now sweet? Do you want something to drink?" asked Jacklynn.

At Ali's small nod she left and returned a few minutes later carrying a bottle of water, she handed it to Gibbs who quickly poured it into one of her bottles then put it to her lips. After only a seconds hesitation Allison was suckling the bottle while Gibbs held it for her. After only a few sips she released the bottle and looked up at Dr. Evanson. They quickly put a nose cannula on her and she relaxed a little as it became easier for her to breath.

"Feeling better now Ali?" asked Dr. Evanson as he looked over the woman in the bed. She looked better than she had when he'd first seen her but he could tell she was hurting.

At her small nod once again he asked pointedly. "Are you hurting anywhere? Your ankle, knee or shoulder?"

Ali closed her eyes trying to hide the pain but opened then when she heard Gibbs voice. "Ali"

"My shoulder and knee" answered Allison weakly.

"Alright let's take a look," said Dr. Evanson then quickly moved the blanket and sheet aside and Gibbs and Ducky got their first glimpse of just how severely Allison was injured. Her ankle and knee were severely swollen and almost totally covered in bruises going from yellow to dark brown. Dr. Evanson gently checked over her ankle, knee and hip then returned the sheets and blanket covering Allison.

"I'll get something for the swelling and pain Ali, are you hurting anywhere else?" asked Dr. Evanson.

She carefully shook her head then added hesitantly "Daddy, can I have a diaper please" asked Allison as she tried to shift on the bed.

Gibbs looked questionably at Dr. Evanson before answering. "Let's see what the doctor says Ali" answered Gibbs with a gently squeeze of her hand.

"I'd like to wait at least until tomorrow if you can Ali. I know the catheter isn't comfortable but we need to make sure you didn't hurt yourself there before we take it out. How about if I get Jacklynn to get a cloth diaper to cover you, that way you're at least comfortable but we won't have to worry about the tabs. Is that ok?" asked Dr. Evanson.

At Ali's nod he smiled and once again gently patted her arm.

"Now you stay right there and we'll be right back ok" said Dr. Evanson then he and Jacklynn left.

When they were alone once again Allison slowly turned to Gibbs and asked quietly. "Daddy, are you mad at me for leaving you on the stairs?"

"I'm not happy about it but I understand why you did it. Ali I'm sorry I've been such an ass for the past few months." Said Gibbs.

"I understand Daddy, and I'm sorry that I was so overprotective. But you have to understand that you're the best things that's happened to me and when I thought I'd lost you…." said Allison but her voice started choking up so she stopped.

"It's alright Ali, I understand I really do. I felt the same way when they told me that you had died."

"I….I died?" asked Ali hesitantly.

"Twice sweetheart. You heart stopped once at the scene of the accident and then again in the emergency room," said Ducky softly.

"Oh Daddy, I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt you like that." exclaimed Allison getting slightly upset at the thought of what she'd put Gibbs through. Now what she saw with Shannon made sense. He must just been told that she'd died when she saw him on the floor.

"It's alright Ali, your back with us now and I'm here to take care of you. But you have to promise me one thing sweet, if I ever get you mad again please don't run away. I know I'm not the easiest person to talk to but I'd at least like to try and talk it out. Alright?" asked Gibbs as he gently retook her and in his.

"I'd like that too Daddy, thank you." replied Allison then closed her eyes and gave into the soothing feeling of once again having her daddy take care of her.

A few minutes later Jacklynn returned and administered Ali's medicine into her IV line and soon she felt some relief from the pain. With Gibbs help Jacklynn covered Ali with the cloth diaper and soon she was drifting into the peaceful realm of pain free sleep. Once Gibbs was sure she was pain free and asleep he asked Ducky to stay with Allison then left the room and made arrangements to meet with his physical therapist that afternoon. After seeing Ali's reaction to nearly losing him he was more determined than ever to regain his mobility so he could once again start taking care of Ali. She'd had to take care of him long enough and now it was once again time for him to become the adult in their relationship. He was prouder of her than he could ever tell her, but now it was his turn to take over.