Switching Places

Sequel to "Gibbs's New Girl"

By MchakotayParis

Chapter 7

As Allison healed over the next few weeks, it was her turn to go through physical therapy. Gibbs having completed his and now all he had to do was work on getting the strength back in his legs. On the day Ali was allowed to finally get out of bed Gibbs, Ducky, Tony and Tim were sitting in her room making plans for when Ali came home when Alex and Dr. Evanson entered her room. Allison had been able to start sitting up again a few days earlier so when they walked in she was sitting up talking with the three men.

"Well I hear that someone is ready to go for a walk," said Alex.

"Alex, you mean it! I can finally get up?" exclaimed Allison.

"Sure thing little one, but I still want Dr. Evanson to check you out before we start." said Alex as he came over to her bedside.

After a quick check from Dr. Evanson Alex came back to Allison's bedside.

"Alright Ali, you're all set so why don't we take it really slow and let's get you to the edge of the bed." said Alex as he helped her slowly move to the edge.

The ace bandages from her ankle and knee along with the sling from her shoulder had been removed several days ago so the only thing left was the small bandage on her hip. When Ali got to the edge of the bed she sat for a few minutes then slowly slide off the bed, her feet finally touching the floor in almost three weeks. As Alex held her around her waist Ali looked up into the smiling faces of the men around her.

"Now remember what we talked about, I want you to use the cane on your right side and move it with your left leg alright Ali?" asked Alex as he handed Ali the cane.

She took a tentative step forward, when her knee buckled and she grimaced in pain.

"Is she supposed to be up if she's still hurting?" asked Tony as he came closer to them.

"Ali?" asked Alex as he looked at the woman. She had her eyes closed and was leaning heavily on the cane in her right hand.

"No," answered Ali quickly.

"Allison" warned Gibbs firmly.

"Well not much" she said softly as she sat back down on the bed.

"What exactly is hurting Ali?" asked Dr. Evanson as he came in front of her.

"My hip, and it's really just a dull throbbing"

"It's probably just from her not putting any weight on it for so long. If it gets worse you let us know alright?" said Dr. Evanson.

"I will, but I still get to walk right?" asked Ali hopefully.

"Of course, but we will be moving a little slower than planned." said Alex then handed her back her cane. "Whenever you're ready Ali,"

After a few more minutes Allison once again slid off the bed and this time stood head high with a smile on her face.

"Alright, forward James!" said Ali with playful wave of her left hand.

Alex came over to her left side and place a hand on the small of her back while Gibbs took his place on her right. Slowly the threesome made their way out of the room and halfway down the hallway before Ali said her hip was hurting worse. After making their way back to her room, Dr. Evanson quickly checked her over, then Gibbs helped her get situated in the bed.

"I'm sorry Alex," said Ali softly as she leaned back against the bed and closed her eyes. That little walk had tired her out more than she cared to think about but she wasn't going to say anything encase Alex or Gibbs wouldn't let her walk again.

"Why Ali?" asked Alex as he came over to her bedside. He could tell she was tired but was toughing it out. She was probably afraid he wouldn't let her walk again if she said exactly how much she was hurting.

"I really wanted to be able to walk the whole hallway," said Ali softly.

"Sweet one this was your first time walking since the accident. Give yourself a break, do you think Gibbs walked the whole way his first time?" asked Alex as he looked over at Gibbs. He knew Gibbs was a very private person about his vulnerability but he needed Ali to understand that he didn't expect perfection the first time out.

"He's right baby girl, the first time I tried to stand I was just barely able to take a step before I nearly fell."

"I'm sorry Daddy, I just want to be able to walk again so I can get out of here. No offense Dr. Evanson," said Ali shyly.

"None taken sweet and I'm glad you're so enthusiastic about it but you need to listen to your body and take it slow if you're hurting," reminded Dr. Evanson.

"I will," promised Ali as she sighed and closed her eyes.

At this Ducky stood up and came over to Allison's bed. "Well why don't we let Allison take a short nap and then we can come back and visit some more later." said Ducky then kissed her lightly on the forehead.

"Can I have a story when you get back?" asked Ali softly.

"Of course my sweet Allison, now rest. We're all very proud of you,"

"Bye squirt, good job" called Tony.

"Good job Ali" replied Tim.

Allison never responded to their comments only smiled snuggled down into the blankets.

"Thanks guys, I'll see you later after she wakes up" said Gibbs as he walked the three to the door. He watched them go down the hall standing in the doorway a few seconds longer until finally a nurse asked.

"Is everything alright sir?"

"Yes, thank you. Everything is just fine" replied Gibbs and he knew it would be.

Both he and Allison were on the mend and soon they would be back home together with their little family.


After that she progressed quickly and in another week Ali was released to the waiting arms of a very happy little family. On the first weekend that Ali was home the whole team came over and they had a celebratory weekend just spending time together and enjoying themselves.

Ali finally got to go back out and play on her play set and they all spent most of the day outside. For dinner they had another cookout, this time it was Tony, Tim, Ziva, Abby and Palmer doing most of the cooking while Gibbs and Ali watched. After dinner the group spent the night in the living room watching several movies that Tony had brought over until Gibbs called a halt to the festivities after he looked down and saw that Allison was asleep against his chest.

"Ali baby, it's time to wake up" whispered Gibbs softly against her head.

"It's alright boss, I've got her. I'll meet you upstairs" said Tony as he got up and gently moved Ali off of Gibbs' chest then carried her upstairs.

"Thanks Tony," said Gibbs as he reached for his cane and stood up. "You guys are welcome to stay the night,"

"Thanks boss man, come on Timmy. Let's help Ziva clean up then hit the sack," said Abby as she pulled Tim off the floor then headed towards the kitchen.

As Gibbs watched Abby, Tim and Ziva head towards the kitchen he once again wondered about the changing dynamic of his little family. He trusted his team and knew that they would never do anything inappropriate while they were in their house but he wondered when they had changed from teammates to more.

With a smile he entered the kitchen to find Abby, Tim and Ziva playfully fussing over how to store the leftovers and where to put the dishes. With quick efficiency Gibbs made Ali's bottle then turned to leave only stopping when he heard Tim's voice.


"Yes Tim," said Gibbs as he turned around to face the three younger members of his team.

"We're glad that Ali's home and you're both getting better,"

"So am I Tim, and thank you all for sticking with both of us while we were hurt. I know we weren't the easiest people to be around,"

"That's what families for boss man," said Abby as she came over to his and threw her arms around his neck.

"I agree Gibbs, like it or not. We're family," said Ziva.

"Well I couldn't ask for a better one. Night everyone, and don't stay up to late." answered Gibbs as he headed upstairs to take care of his little girl.


Slowly Gibbs went back to work and with special permission from Sec Nav Ali was allowed to take home sensitive documents and work on them at home. By the time Thanksgiving rolled around both Gibbs and Allison were totally mobile only having the occasional twinge when the weather started getting cold. With their usually enthusiasm the team came over just after Halloween and spent the weekend shopping and decorating for Thanksgiving.

As usually the traditional Thanksgiving dinner was held at Gibbs' and Allison's house and everyone ended up spending the entire weekend with them reconnecting and having fun. The next weekend everyone was once again at Gibbs' and Ali's house taking down the Thanksgiving decorations and decorating for Christmas.

They had their usually Christmas Eve movie night/sleepover followed by church on Christmas Day and then presents when they got home. New Year's Eve was a little different this year in difference to the extremely cold weather and Gibbs' and Ali's recent injuries. Everyone watched the New Year's festivities on television then at midnight toasted the New Year and head up to bed.

As the New Year rolled around Gibbs and Ali both returned to their jobs and their lives continued as usual for the next several years until the next big crises presented itself.

Author's Notes:

I want to once again thank everyone who read, reviewed, favorite or followed my little story. I realize that this one is much shorter than the other one but since it was a Hurt Gibbs/Strong Allison I didn't have that much of a bashing on him but I promise that the next one will be longer.

Yes, there is another sequel in the works this one is back to the original concept of my first story Strong Gibbs/Hurt Allison except this time I'm not going to be bashing her physical. I think I've beat up on her enough, this time it's emotional.

Well that's all for now will hopefully start the next one soon.

Thanks again;

MchakotayParis (R. Mason)