The Picture

It all started when Red started to sneak out more. She'd cut out of the house, through the diner and then escape through there. Granny hated that her only grandchild felt the need to run off so much so she decided to install some security cameras to keep an eye on her. It turned out to be even more helpful when that scoundrel Will Scarlet broke in one night and stole some hundreds and her lasagna! The nerve of some people really. Things didn't get any smoother though. As time went on it turned out all kinds of people let themselves in and out of Granny's. Even the law enforcing sheriffs let themselves in for coffee every once in awhile, at least they left money though. None of this is what made Granny glad she put the cameras in though.

It's hard to say when everything started maybe it was back in the enchanted forest when they were at each other's throats. Maybe it was when they got to Storybrooke and fell head over heels 'I love you' on the tips of the tongue. Maybe none of it really even started until his wife came back.

When it started didn't really matter. The not so evil queen had been in love again, and had lost love again. At first Granny, like everyone else, had feared the return of the evil queen in all her glory. Instead Storybrooke witnessed the jaded half of the couple walking around trying to keep her head held high. It wasn't that she wasn't convincing it was just that this was a small town and everyone knew. Everyone knew that she had not only broken but was still breaking, shattering every time he asked her to help his wife.

It was his audacity that drove Granny to do it really. The fact that he just couldn't leave her alone in the most painful ways. So Granny found herself sitting in front of the security footage on a Friday night while Ruby waitressed. Ruby had put up quiet the fuss about working a Friday night but Granny said it was important and promised her the next one off which quieted her down. It took a few hours to comb through the week or so they'd been apart to find the months of happiness. Now she was just faced with the problem of picking the right one. She leafed through them, some of them eating breakfast, lunch, even a dinner or two. There was a particularly cute one where he was attempting to surprise her by juggling bacon, eggs, and pancakes just before he dropped all three. Granny had been in a sour mood after that. She was surprised when she found the one though. It wasn't in Granny's diner at all, instead it was behind the diner near the room that Snow White often confiscated for her meetings. Granny sighed as she printed it. She did hope that Regina wouldn't mind, it did seem like an awfully private moment.

She went back into the front and prepared Regina's usual Friday night order. She put the picture into a zip lock and set it gently on top of the food. Regina and Henry came in at precisely 6:15 as always, took their food and went home.

It wasn't until the next morning that Granny saw the mayor again.

"Madam Mayor," the older woman was surprised to see her so early in the morning. "It's odd for you to come in during daylight."

"Yes well I'd like a coffee please," Regina said not looking at the old woman's eyes. "Large, extra milk," she kept her eyes fixated on her hands.

"Not a problem," Granny prepared the coffee and set in on the counter. Regina didn't even wait to hear the price before she snatched her cup, slapped a twenty on the counter and bolted. Granny mumbled to herself but picked up the bill. 'Thank you' was written in the mayor's fine calligraphy across the bill. Granny smiled, that woman never was good with manners.