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Mackenzie's p.o.v

"Mackenzie Ziegler!" Abby Screeched, "how many times have I told you to point for feet when doing your Valdez?" "sorry Abby" I said. We were getting ready for nationals and Abby wanted to make sure we win…. Again. I scurried out of the studio b and called Kendall to come work on her jazz piece to "All we got ". One more day I thought, I smiled and got in the car with my mom and Maddie, and drove into the dark night.

The day of nationals we were welcomed by fans, Cathy was also there ugh! We went to our dressing room but I noticed Maddie lagged behind she looked groggy and super pale. I asked Maddie if she was ok and she replied " I have to compete!" then she collapsed onto the ground.

Every one circled around her while Abby called 911. The ambulance came and put her on a stretcher my mom went in the ambulance and left. Abby said the show must go on so we quickly started sliding into our splits. I heard Abby whisper to Nia's mom, that she did not know what she was going to do without Maddie doing a solo. the room suddenly got covered with thick gas and when it cleared up there was a not that said, " Maddie was such a pest. Thought she was in your cozy nest. Had a drink and then she swooned drop out or it'll be Kendall soon. "

Kendall's mom squeezed her tight. Every one had the same question ,

Who was this person?

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