"Kendall!", Abby Screeched. "Whoever sent you that note is trying to get to your head! Go out there and perform!" Kendall and Jill looked nervous. I hoped it wouldn't affect Kendall's performance. "Kendall go out there now!" I ran backstage with Kendall and wished her good luck. The music started and Kendall started with a surprise leap. Everything seemed like it was going well. So I started stretching out, but in the middle of my pike I heard screams. Kendall was on the floor, obviously unconscious. I had a bad feeling who had done this! I ran to the stage and when I got there I saw someone had dropped a light on Kendall from above! A paper floated down to the stage saying " I did you a favor by getting rid of that brat, be careful because NIA's going down like that!" An ambulance was already carrying Kendall. The only thing I could think was " what are we going to do?"