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May The Force Protect You: Prologue

By Celgress

A Long Long Time Ago….

For thousands of years the Galactic Republic flourished under the wise guidance of the Senate and magnanimous protection of the Jedi Order. It was an age of enlightenment, of peace, of prosperity. Utilizing the mysterious yet pervasive, energy field known as the Force the Jedi Masters forged Power Coins which impaired amazing abilities upon those with pre-existing Force sensitivity. Tragically over time the shining jewel of universal civilization slowly rotted away from the inside out due to decadence, neglect, corruption. At the end of the long decline came a devastating war with ruthless forces from beyond the Galaxy the so called "Space Monsters" led by a fearsome warlord Ivan Ooze. With help from a double dealing senator named Palpatine, who'd secretly learned the art of creating and using Power Coins under renegade Jedi Master Plagueis, and the traitorous Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, who took the moniker Vader, the Space Monster armies swept away the Galactic Republic purging the Jedi Order in the process. Rallying what little remained of both Jedi and Republican forces. High Jedi Master Zordon and Jedi Master Obi-wan Kenobi managed to deal a crippling defeat to the Space Monsters and their Dark Jedi allies, though the cost was very high. All the surviving Jedi save Zordon and Obi-wan perished in the battle, additionally Zordon was grievously wounded to the point of being effectively crippled. Following the battle Zordon and Obi-wan succeeded in sealing away the leadership of the Space Monsters and Dark Jedi, including Palpatine known now as Sidious, Vader, Ivan Ooze as well as his two star pupils Lord Zedd & Rita Repulsa, on a primitive backwater world called Earth. Forgoing new Power Coins Zordon with the help of Obi-wan and a service droid designated Alpha One built an observation/command centre on Earth to monitor the imprisoned leadership should any ever escape. Zordon and Obi-wan then placed each other in suspended animation so they could train a new generation of fledgling Jedi should the worst happen.

To Be Continued

There you have it folks. The idea for this crossover fanfiction has been rattling around in my brain for ages. Should I continue it or not, please let me know your thoughts on this concept.