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May The Force Protect You: Episode Ten – Shadows of the Past and Uncertainties for the Future

By Celgress

The Planet Jublar Outer Rim 10,023 ybp (years before present), late afternoon

Hath Monchar hated Jublar. The corpulent Neimoidian viceroy of the vaunted Trade Federation not only detested everything about the planet itself but also its stellar location in the primitive and backward region of space known as the Outer Rim. Most of all he despised the various underdeveloped native species who inhabited the backwater worlds that made up the cluster of sectors. Monchar often wished the raw materials vital for continued galactic prosperity were located elsewhere then he and those like him could wash their hands forever of their civilizing mission here. Allow the bleeding hearts in the Republic Senate to assume that responsibility. Let them pay for the maintenance of the massive droid pacification forces which were slowly bleeding the Trade Federation and its allies, such as the Commence Guild and Techno Union, coffers dry.

Lost in thought Monchar failed to noticed where he was going until collision was unavoidable. Turning around he intended an immediate apology until he saw who exactly it was he nearly knocked over: a group of five Night Sisters natives of the planet Dathomir, well known members of what many Republican citizen with distain termed "Space Monsters" due to their ferociously independent nature and belief in magic. They were all clad in tradition grab, including small conical hates. Monchar sneered spurting of a series of ethnic and religious slurs before he and his entourage, mainly composed of B1 battle droids, headed on their way.

"We should have flayed that bug alive for his insolence." One of the Night Sisters snarled. "Disrespecting our princess the way he did."

"No sisters he isn't worth it." A Night Sister with shoulder length bluish-green colored hair peeking out from under her hat said. Her extra-long hair was fashioned into a single large braid. In her left hand she held a golden staff with a crescent shaped head in which was mounted a large red gemstone. Her outfit, including her much taller hat, was of a more elaborate fashion than the others being comprised of interlocking rings of gold and sapphire material "Some of our number may have been injured by his battle droids. We couldn't risk such a confrontation. I would never give such a reckless order."

"With all due respect Princess Rita I grow tired of the discrimination we face here. Why can't we return home to Dathomir?" A third Night Sister pleaded.

"We will return, soon." Rita Repulsa said. "Mother said I must come here. That my destiny awaits on Jublar."

"Far be in from me to contradict Queen Talzin my princess however we've been here three standard solar months already. How much longer must we wait?" A fourth Night Sister with several locks of green hair on her head and a fearsome expression on her face asked.

"We stay for as long as necessary Scorpina." Rita said to her second in command and best friend. "I sense my destiny is almost at hand."

"Very well Princess Rita, as you command." Scorpina said clenching her right fist over her heart and bowing her head in a sign of submission to her ruler.

"I knew I could counter on your support my dear Scorpina." Rita said smiling.

"Always my princess," Scorpina said making eye contact with her friend. "I would follow you into oblivion."

"I thank you for your confidence in me Scorpina." Rita said. "However I sense such a gesture of undying obedience won't be necessary."

"I pray you are correct Princess Rita." A fifth Night Sister said. "The sooner we depart from this place the better off I feel we shall be." The others, save Princess Rita, nodded in agreement.

Secret Hideout of Xantros Gang, early evening

Xantros the terrible leader of the infamous Xantros Gang comprised of only the toughest criminal the Other Rim had to offer stood in a darkened room his two chief lieutenants the winged ape like Goldar and stocky terrier like Finster by his sides. Both wore pale brown colored military type uniforms. In front of the trio was projected the flickering blue life sized holograms of two imposing armored figures wearing black hooded robes. One stood a step behind the other its head slightly bowed.

"I formally introduce to you my apprentice, Dark Sidious." The closer figure said gesturing for the other figure to step forward and raise his masked head. "Henceforth you will be taking direct instruction from Lord Sidious, in most matters."

"Of course Lord Plagueis," Xantros said. Beneath his elaborate pale brown military style uniform and accompanying cape his body was covered in tough red skin. His nails were short and black as was his long hair, thin mustache and arched eyebrows. His face was of a typical humanoid configuration with a long nose and piercing steel grey eyes. "We follow the Sith in all things."

"We wish the Viceroy of the Trade Federation one Hath Monchar assassinated." Darth Sidious said.

"Hath Monchar must die, and soon, if the seeds of our plans are to bear fruit." Darth Plagueis said.

"Thy will be done masters." Xantros said with a low bow. "Hath Monchar shall not see another dawn. You have my word."

"Make certain he doesn't." Darth Sidious said.

"Succeed you shall be richly rewarded, fail and you shall be eliminated." Darth Plagueis said. "One last thing Hath Monchar has in his position a certain artifact of immense importance to us, a Sith holocron of considerable antiquity. If you should retrieve and bring it to us undamaged and untampered with a boon of great value we shall bestow upon your group."

"We understand." Xantros said a split second later the holograms blinked out of existence.

"You heard them men we have work to do. Follow me my comrades in arms." Xantros said with a wicked grin.

"Why Commander Xantros why are we again working for these off worlders?" Goldar said growling deep in his throat.

Xantros shook his head. He and his most trusted lieutenant had this debate many times. "Because Goldar they supply us with weapons, credits, allies and key intelligence. We need them and they need us."

"Will we never be free of their influence if not outright control?" Goldar said.

"Someday, but not soon my friend and certainly not today," Xantros said a hint of sadness in his voice. The Sith had covertly supported his organization ever since his father was approached two decades before by Darth Plagueis' own master, the apparently deceased, Darth Tenebrous offering to free their home world from the Techno Union. "Until then we do what they demand, and in return they do what we demand. It is a mutually beneficial relationship."

"If you so say commander." Goldar mutter skeptically.

"I do. Always remember I am in control here." Xantros said with resolve. "Come along now comrades time is wasting."

Luxury Suite Trade Federation Complex, several hours later

Hath Monchar was lounging in front of the extensive home theater watching one of his favorite holonovels when it happened. Xantros, Goldar, Finster along with Squatt and Baboo burst in spraying everything in sight with automatic laser fire. In less than one standard solar minute Monchar lay dead along with several other high ranking members of the Trade Federation and over a dozen deactivated droids.

"That was easy." Baboo said happily.

"To easy," Goldar snarled.

"Find the holocron," Xantros said ignoring his troops' misgivings of the situation.

A short while later they had ransacked the entire suite without success. Overturning a vacant chair Xantros screamed with frustration. Their target was nowhere to be found! Where could it have gone? Had Darth Plagueis been wrong about it be here, no that seemed extremely unlikely. Over the course of their long business relationship Xantros had never known the elder Sith to be mistaken. There must be some other explanation for the holocron's absence, but what?

"Lost something boys?" A silky feminine voice asked.

Whirling around Xantros was confronted by a group of five Night Sisters four of which had their energy bows tightly drawn. The fifth one held a large staff in one hand and the missing holocron in her other. Xantros' eyes narrowed as he carefully sized up the interlopers.

"That belongs to our friends. I suggest you surrender it to my care at once." Xantros said holding out his right hand expectedly.

"My he is a brash one." Rita Repulsa said bouncing the holocron playfully in her hand. "What say you sisters? Should we give him and his merry band our prize?"

"Your prize," Goldar growled taking a couple steps towards Rita. "That thing is rightfully ours. We eliminated the Trade Federation members."

"Back off big ugly," Scorpina warned leveling her bow at Goldar's head. "Make another threatening move towards our princess and your head is a trophy on my wall."

"People, people please there is no need for violence." Xandtros said putting his hands up palms forward.

"Says who," A third Night Sister said.

"Xandtros future liberator of all Space Monsters," Xandtros said proudly.

"I've heard of you." Rita said thoughtfully. "The great freedom fighter Xandtros your exploits are known far and wide. Your biographers failed however to mention how handsome you are, hmmm here catch." Rita added after a brief pause during which she considered her options.

Xandstros caught the holocron Rita tossed his way. "Many thanks Princess." He said grinning from ear to ear.

"Consider it a gift, and call my Rita." Rita said.

"Rita I think this could be the start of something special." Xandtros said walking up to the smiling Night Sister princess in spite of the four primed energy bows pointed at him.

"Play your cards right and it could." Rita said as Xandtros took her free hand in his own larger hand.

"I plan to." Xandtros said his grin growing wider than ever.


The violent murder of Hath Monchar Viceroy of the Trade Federation by the Xantros Gang and their new alley Rita Repulsa's Night Sister Crew shook up galactic affairs and four short years later led in large part to what was widely known as the Naboo Crisis. Although not widely known at the time Monchar's successor Nute Gunray had been handpicked by the Sith for that very task. In the decades to come the support of the Trade Federation would prove pivotal in creating and maintaining a galaxy wide conflict of unprecedented savagery known as the Republic/Space Monster War.

Command Center one week after the events in Rio de Janeiro, morning

"What's up," Tommy said the instant he materialized in the Command Center along with his fellow Power Rangers.

"Sensors have detected a lost Jedi Temple deep underneath the sands of the Sahara Desert." Zordon explained.

"Judging by latent energy readings we believe the temple complex contains powerful Jedi artifacts including but not limited to weapons of our current generation of Zords, perhaps beyond." Obi-wan said continuing where Zordon left off.

"At the very least Rangers we highly suspect there will be holocorns there." Alpha said.

"Holocorns, what are those?" Aisha asked.

"In essence advanced interactive holographic recordings each of which contain important teachings passed down by one or in certain cases multiple Jedi masters and knights." Obi-wan said.

"We cannot allow the temple and the secrets within to fall into the wrong hands." Zordon said gravely. "The consequences would be dire."

"So much for winter break," Adam joked.

"Seen one Christmas you've seen them all," Billy laughed.

"Off we go it would seem." Kimberly said with apprehension.

Unlike the others Kimberly had been looking forward to spending the holidays with her maternal grandmother. Her grandmother had taken Kimberly in when her parents died in a tragic automobile accident five years ago. Kimberly and her grandmother had been spending less and less free time together since before Kimberly started high school back in summer. Becoming a Jedi Power Ranger had only made matters worse. Outside of breakfast and quick goodnights they hardly saw each other these days. Kimberly felt terrible they couldn't be together as she'd earlier planned. She only hoped her grandmother would understand.

Sith Mansion

"So we loot this buried temple and we are back in your good graces." Zack asked.

"More or less," The hooded figure of Darth Sidious said.

"Alright I'm in." Zack said.

"Me to," Trini said.

"Same here," Rocky said.

"Sure why not," Jason said somewhat reluctantly.

"Good now that is settled, Lord Vader will be supervising your efforts." Darth Sidious said gesturing towards his right where the imposing figure in black stood.

"I expect success." Vader said in his booming voice. "Failure shall not be tolerated, and if we are very lucky we may run into the Jedi you failed to eliminate in Brazil. If we do I strongly suggest you do not squander the chance at revenge."

Moon Fortress of Rita Repulsa

"An undisrupted Jedi Temple, are you certain Finster?" Rita asked from her seated position on her throne.

"Quite my Queen," Finster answered.

"This could prove most useful." Rita said rubbing her hands together gleefully. "Inform Scorpina at once and recall Goldar from Angel Grove. I want my best commanders available to raid this temple."

"At once my Queen," Finister said running off to carry out Rita's orders.

"With Force weaponry at my disposal I'll sweep aside both Zordon and Sidious with ease. Then this pathetic world will be mine!" Rita laughed.

To Be Continued