A/N: This is an AU version of Digimon. Mainly involving the characters from Season One and Two. In case you don't know who those are – Tai Kamiya, Matt Ishida, Sora Takenouchi, Izzy Izumi, Mimi Tachikawa, Joe Kido, T.K. Takaishi, Kari Kamiya, Davis Motomiya, Ken Ichijouji, Yolei Inoue, and Cody Hida. They all have the digimon partners as well. It will also involve Takuya Kanbara (and his family) from Digimon Frontier. Takuya's partner will be Coronamon (the red digimon on the cover of Digimon World Dawn – the video game released in 2007). Pairings – Takuya/Kari and Ken/Yolei.


So, here we go!

It was a chilly day in Odaiba, but that was to be expected in the middle of November. Kari Kamiya was walking down the streets towards her destination. Her digimon partner, Gatomon, looked up at Kari. "Kari?" Gatomon called up to her. No response. Kari just kept waking on auto-pilot, lost in her own thoughts.

'It's been ten years to the day…' She thought dimly. The day she was remembering had happened when Kari was only 6. Even though she was so young at the time, she remembered it all too well.


"Okay, Tai, I'm leaving you in charge to keep an eye on your sister. Just for a few minutes. I'm going right there-" Mrs. Kamiya pointed to a store across the street from the park, "to get a few things, and I'll be right back." Six-year old Kari Kamiya watched as her older brother Tai, 9 years old, nodded towards their mother with his normal big, goofy grin. "She'll be fine mom. You can trust me."

Mrs. Kamiya started across the street, "Behave and keep an eye out for each other!"

Tai and Kari waved to their mother. Tai suddenly turned towards her, "So, do you want me to push you on the swing set?" Tai already knew the answer to that. His little sister loved the swing set. He enjoyed watching her on it. She would tell him that she felt like she was flying, while laughing and giggling. Kari noticed a familiar face rushing over towards them. "Hi Sora!" she called out to her.

Sora smiled, "Hi Kari, Tai. Where's your mom?" Tai had waved, quick enough before the swing carrying his sister came back for another push, "At the store over there." At this Kari pointed to the store. "Oooh. My mom's over there." Sora motioned to the nearby bench. Both Kamiyas looked over, "Hi Mrs. Takenouchi!" Both called out. "Hi, be careful." She called back with a wave.

Sora was saying something else, but Kari's attention was elsewhere. Since Tai was still pushing her on the swing, she could see further in the park. She noticed a little boy go in the jungle gym, a sudden flash of light. 'What was that?' She wondered. She watched, waiting to see if the little boy came out the other side, but he didn't. "Tai. Can you stop me?" She called out, looking down at her brother and Sora. "Sure." She was stopped and back on the ground, about to go over and see if maybe the boy had fallen. She went to take a step, but stopped when she saw a woman searching frantically. "Takuya?" the woman kept looking around. "Takuya! Come here. This isn't funny!" Sora's mother walked over to the woman and they started a quick conversation, until Mrs. Takenouchi pulled out her phone and made a call. She said something again to the woman, and then walked over to the kids.

"What do you think's going on?" Tai asked. "Maybe she can't find her son?" Sora told him. Sora was quite perceptive at anything involving kids. "Sora. Tai. Kari. Stay over here with me until your mother gets back." Mrs. Takenouchi told them, motioning to the bench. The three shared a look, something definitely was going on. The noise of police sirens came down the street.

The little boy, Takuya, had disappeared.

-End of Flashback-

"He was my age." Kari whispered, and let out a sigh. It had always bugged her. She should've gotten off the swing sooner. Maybe then she could've saw where the boy went. She could've at least told his mother or anyone about the light. There hadn't been any leads what-so-ever.

"Who was your age?" Kari looked down at Gatomon, who was watching her with curious eyes. "Well, a boy who disappeared at the park when I was six." She responded. It had always bugged her, even more so upon finding out that the woman, Mrs. Kanbara, was an old acquaintance of Mrs. Takenouchi. That, adding in her guilt of not checking sooner, had pushed her into doing what she was today. Gatomon must've understood that this was a touchy subject to Kari, since she didn't further the conversation.

Kari suddenly pulled open the door to her destination. She was at the flower shop ran by Sora's mother. Sora looked over from putting some flowers on display, "Hey! Kari! It's been a while. How are you?" She walked over, and upon hearing the familiar name, Biyomon came flying out of the backroom. "Kari! Gatomon!" Kari put on her best smile, "Hi Sora, Biyomon. I've missed you two. I actually came in for flowers today, but we'll have to meet up again." Sora didn't seem pleased with her. "Is something wrong?"

Sora laughed, putting a hand on Kari's shoulders, said, "Kari, you know a guy is supposed to buy you flowers. Not you buying them for yourself." Kari laughed as well, "They're not for me, silly." Sora nodded, "Okay then, what do you want?" Kari thought this over.

'If they're for Mrs. Kanbara, I should get flowers with meanings.' "Well, I actually want some different ones, based on the flowers' meaning." Thank goodness she remembered Sora telling her and Yolei about some of the different meanings of flowers. "For when a guy sends you flowers, that way you'll know whether he cares for you as a friend, or something more."

"Alright. What do you want these to express?" Sora had already grabbed a vase and started preparing it. "Remembrance, Faith, and Hope." "So that would be – Gladiolus, and Statice for Remembrance and then Blue Iris for Faith and Hope." Sora had already got them ready and put them in the vase. "That's beautiful, Sora." Kari couldn't help but admire Sora's skills as a florist. With a smile, Sora asked her, "What color do you want the ribbon?" "Red." Mrs. Takenouchi had mentioned that Takuya's favorite color had been red. "Alright. Finished." Kari took the bouquet, "How much?" But Sora was already pushing her out the door. "On the house." With that the florist-in-training had shut the door behind her and took her to "get a move on".

Stopping again after another ten minutes of walking, Kari reached into her pocket and looked at the address. "Here it is. Gatomon –" She looked at her partner, "wait here, okay? I'm just going up to the door. I'll be right back." She left no time for Gatomon to argue.

Making it to the door, she got herself ready and knocked on the door.

"I'll be right there, just a moment." A woman called towards the door from inside.

Kari waited patiently. The door opened up, "Yes?" "Mrs. Kanbara?" A nod. "These are for you." Kari quickly passed the bouquet to her. "I won't turn down flowers, but what are they for, may I ask?" Kari really didn't want to answer this. She had decided that she would give this woman flowers, as a way of silently apologizing, because she was completely unsure of how to answer this.

"Well," Kari paused, and decided to just blurt it out. "I was at the park that day your son Takuya disappeared. I found out from Mrs. Takenouchi, who is my friend's mom, that he was my age. I guess I just felt bad that they never found anything and that you'd had to go through that. I've seen my mother go through something similar when I was hospitalized, a few months before that. It's not something anyone should have to go through." With that Kari quickly bowed, and hurried away.

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