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"Hiro, wake up! We're gonna be late!"

The young genius stirred from unconsciousness, brows scrunching and mouth turning down at the corners into a small scowl.

"Leave me alone," the younger Hamada mumbled. "The college isn't until later, Aunt Cass. I can still sleep in a little more!"

Hiro twisted the blankets up and above his head, turning into a little caterpillar made out of synthetic cotton.

"Hiro, I said... Wake up!"

There was a harsh tug on his makeshift cocoon, and Hiro struggled to hold onto the pathetic remains of his haven. He pulled what was left of it above his head in attempt to block out what little light he could.

It was as the cold air bit at his skin, Hiro realized something: Aunt Cass' voice was not that... manly.

Slowly - eyes wide and a bit frightened - Hiro's hold on the little corner of the blanket he still had in his grasp slackened.

Peeking over his hand fisted in the comforter, the younger Hamada gaped in shock.

There, in all his uninjured glory, was Tadashi Hamada, standing unburned and.. Undead.