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Joe Cable knew that he loved Liat but he didn't know how much until one day when the French navy had entrapped her. Having received word of this Cable rushed to the French barracks and demanded to know why Liat was being held there.

"Que se passe-t-il."

The French army was the one they were fighting for. The Americans were allies of the French.

"She's a traitor," Captain Entrone explained, "We learned she was someone had spread words of our plans and she was caught in the place this had happened."

"Je ne le fais pas intentionnellement"

"Intent doesn't matter," the captain sternly intoned, "She must receive 60 lashes for the error of her ways."

"Que disent-ils"

She knew very little English and was frightened.

"Look," Cable said, "Punish me in her place."

"Are you sure," the captain asked.

"Very sure," Cable replied.

Liat was set free. Cable received her lashes. It was worth it to protect her.