AN: Yay (sarcasm), it's time for my first romance fic. A happy Shules fic was requested by TheShulesLovinPsycho. So, since I suck at writing regular romance, I filled this request (hopefully) by writing a romantic poem (dang, that sounds sappy). I hope you like it.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Psych.

A poem written by Juliet O'Hara
Given to Shawn Spencer
Sometime during season 6

I thought I knew it.
But I didn't.
All my thoughts about love
Were dead wrong.
That is, until I met you.
You are the best part of my day
The part of my day that keeps me sane
When the pressures and risks
Of my chosen career
Become almost too much to bear.
But you are there.
And you get me through it.
And you get me to it-
That other side.
And I love your laugh
That never ceases
Your smile
That you always show
And out of it all, one thing I know
I love you, Shawn.

They sent you away today.
An undercover operation they said
Why they sent a consultant,
I don't understand at all
But Lassiter was never good
at undercover stuff and they needed a man.
I still don't understand it.
I miss you.
I miss your laugh that never ceases
Your smile you always wear
And if you don't come back alive
I, Juliet O'Hara, solemnly swear
That I will kill you.
I love you, Shawn.

Love doesn't exist.
Love is being with you
But you are gone.
Have been gone for three weeks
And love is gone
It has been gone for three weeks.
Or at least true love has.
Now it is just a word
Just a harsh memory
Reminding me of you
of who you are
And who you will still be
When you eventually reunite with me
But for now I don't believe
In love.
Love is currently extinct.
I still love you, Shawn.

Four weeks.
You have been gone four weeks!
I wonder if you are still alive.
But I know you are.
I know
I think I know
I hope I know.
I really do hope.
But I believe in you. believe in your talents,
Psychic and human both
I believe you will come back
You better come back.
I can't live without you
I've barely been alive
These past four weeks.
Four weeks.
Four weeks without you.
I've almost forgotten
What it is like to love.
I love you, Shawn.

You came back today!
You walked into the station
With a grin on your face
And an answer on your lips
An answer to get the right person arrested.
I knew you'd come back.
I believed in you.
I believe in you.
And you are here.
Here with me.
And as you write your statement,
I write the last stanza of this poem,
This poem I've kept
To give to you
When you get back.
And now you're done writing
So I'm done writing
And I will give this to you
After just one more line.
I love you, Shawn.