AN: And here's part two, Shawn's chapter!

I got your poem, fair Juliet.
And now I will write for you the cooliest
Poem ever about how I love you so.
But before I start and before I go,
I have a confession- I don't know-etry
A lot about the form of writing they call poetry.
So please, fair Juliet, excuse any words
That I may have made up whilst eating some nerds.
Some of them might not be in the dictionary
But I wanted this too rhyme, my darling deary.
To my favoritiest Juliet
You are absolutely the kindest, true-iest,
Beautiful amzing person EVER!
None shall ever be better,
Than you my darling dear.
And my life goal is to always be near
You at every possible time,
I want to be by your side.
And your hair is so pretty
And your jokes are so witty.
Rhyming be darned,
This is what I'm trying to say Jules:
I'm trying to say that I love you.