The Sting of Rejection

Salty tears warmed my face as they flowed mercilessly from my eyes. Vision blurred from the tiny wet demons, I ran down the boardwalk as fast as my feet would take me. All I could see were shapes moving about in seemingly unnatural ways, but I knew they were people and I had to avoid them. The long white fabric that was draped over my slim body got tangled between my knees restraining me. I tried to press through its barricades but it seemed to be trying to push me back to that place of humiliation. I didn't care. This was one battle I was going to win. Breaking free my feet thundered down the wooden path and seemed to be shaking the earth. Finally seeing the rigid outline of the steps I tried to maneuver my way down them. Holding onto the rough, skin-chafing surface of the wood I felt as if I were falling a thousand feet from step to step. Removing my hands from the railing they felt as if they had been singed from sliding along the rough surface.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs I felt a small tear droplet roll off the curve of my cheek bone and land on my lips. It burst, as it hit, giving me the sensation of a small bubble bursting into my mouth and overwhelming me with a salty taste. Suddenly a strong gust of wind kicked up and threw sand that whipped my body. I stood there. Numb to the sensations. Kicking my shoes off I felt the familiar squish of sand between my toes and I heard the 'whoosh' of the ocean echoing in my head. All of the tension in my body relaxed inch by inch, muscle by muscle. I was home. Trying to pick up my pace once again, the sand that I so dearly loved sucked my feet into its vastness. Running in slow motion I felt that I would never reach my destination. This small feeling of doubt left a tiny hole in me. A tiny whole, but it was big enough to allow the empty feeling to take over again and memories to flood in. Giving up all together I fell to my knees into the only thing that I could trust would always be there. I let the sand consume me and shut out the rest of the world.