Chapter 1: Arrival in Equestria


A horse with midnight blue fur, a semi-translucent and purple mane and tail, a horn of a unicorn and pegasus wings that were the same color as her fur was looking at the night sky. Her name was Princess Luna of the land of Equestria and she was an alicorn. As she looked at the night sky, some things just seemed off to her. One was that an unscheduled storm was brewing over a town that was close to Canterlot Castle known by everypony in Equestria as Ponyville. The other was that there were eight glowing shapes that weren't constellations. They were: a leaf, a dewdrop, fire, an eight-pointed star, a gear, a skull, a mountain, and swirling tempests.

"Tia," she yelled. "Come quick!"

"What is it Luna," asked her sister, Princess Celestia.

"That," Luna answered; pointed toward the symbols. As she pointed though, the symbols shot beams of light at varied areas of Equestria. The star and skull shot theirs to Ponyville; the gear shot its at Ponyville and a nearby farm, Sweet Apple Acres; the dew drop shot its beam at the streams that were close to a forest, the Everfree Forest; the tempests shot its beam at a village in the clouds, Cloudsdale; the leaf shot its beam at the Everfree forest itself; the mountains shot its beam in the area between the Everfree Forest and Sweet Apple Acres; and the flames shot a beam toward Canterlot. As the beams shot toward their targets, they split into nine smaller beams of light. The eight symbols formed a circle and faded away.

As the symbols faded away, Celestia said, "We should check the Starswirl the Bearded wing in the morning to see if anything like this happened in Starswirl's notes."

In Ponyville...

A certain purple unicorn pony was having a strange dream, seeing herself and her Dragon Brother, Spike, surrounded by strange creatures, some were identified as dragons. Spike wasn't as she saw him until she was woken by a thump of magical energy. She got out of bed to see that Spike's bed was empty. She saw footprints go downstairs. When she found the origin of the footprints, she found a dragon, it was purple like Spike, it had green horns on the head and green spines down the back, the tail ended in a green point. The dragon also had purple and green wings. It looked like Spike, had the same colors as him too until she realized that it was Spike. He was staring at two unconscious dragons on the floor.

"Spike," she asked, "what happened to you?"

Spike turned around and replied, "Twilight, I have no idea what happened to me. Ever since I saw these two on the floor... I started to change into what I am now."

"Tell me what happened," Twilight asked him.

"I felt unable to sleep because of the recent dreams," he began, "we both had. I got up to get a drink of water. I went downstairs and saw two orbs of light, one purple the other gray, in the center of the room. I decided to go around them, so I could get what I came down here for. But as I was doing that, the orbs exploded, flinging me across the room. As I got up, I was different, I also felt different too, I found a mirror and was in shock... I now had wings and horns. Soon after I saw the new me, I saw two dragons lying on the floor. The blue one looks like me, but the colors are blue and gold instead of purple and green. The Dragoness has a blackish-purple color with a redish-purple mark on her chest, and silvery white horns. I sat down hoping that they would wake up until you came down."

"The storm outside is a bit surprising," Twilight said. Just then, there was a flash of lightning close by. "Hope that didn't hit anyone." She went outside. When she got to the spot where the lightning had struck, she was shocked at what she saw. A dragon that looked similar to Spike and the unconscious dragon inside the Golden Oaks Library but glossy black and had glowing blue patterns covering it. Around the creature was a crater that was ten feet in diameter. As she looked at the dragon, it turned pitch-black and pallets of darkness exploded from it and faded away, leaving a dragon that looked like Spike but with bronze horns and spines. It strangely looked familiar.

"Spike," Twilight yelled. "Get help! Somepony had been struck by lightning!"

Meanwhile at Ponyville's boutique...

Twilight's friend Rarity was in her bed dreaming of her fashions being famous in all of Equestria until she was shaken from her beauty sleep by her sister, Sweetie Belle, who looked like she was going to jump out of her skin in fright.

"Sweetie Belle," Rarity asked, "why do you look scared?"

"A strange creature in scary outfit," her sister replied in fear, "and a skeleton of an unknown creature in armor."

"Maybe it was just your imagination," Rarity assured her sister. That was she thought, until her bedroom door opened and two voices emitted from the doorway.

"Fear the dark," said one.

"Slice and dice," said the other, more masculine voice. Rarity and Sweetie Belle were in the presence of two Skylanders of the undead element, Hex and Chop Chop, the very creatures that Sweetie Belle was talking about.

"Hex," Chop Chop said, "this isn't where the two new recruits are. They are in this town, but not in this building. This isn't where the others are either."

"You're right, Chop Chop," Hex replied. "But we should ask these two about this Twilight Sparkle." Hex looked at Rarity, of whom was holding her sister very tightly.

"You are after Twilight," she asked in terror.

"We have no intention of harming her," Chop Chop replied, "Miss Rarity."

"How do you know my name," she gasped.

"It's written on your bedroom door," Chop Chop answered.

"We also need to find Spike the Dragon," Hex told Chop Chop, "I suspect he is at Twilight's side. If we find him, we might find Twilight as well."

"Your after Spikey-Wikey too," Rarity asked in shock.

"We have no intention of harming either of them," Hex told Rarity. Chop Chop then apologised to Sweetie Belle for scaring her and stated that it was their first time being in Equestria and the latter said that it was okay."

At a certain blue pegasus' house...

Another one of Twilight's friends, Rainbow Dash, was dreaming that she was part of the Wonderbolts, the most skilled fliers in all of Equestria. She was with Soarin' and Spitfire, giving autographs to her fans until she was snapped out of the dream by a flash of light.

"What's the big idea," she said angrily after waking up.

She found out that she was talking to two glowing orbs of light. She got out of bed and moved closer to them and said, "If these things explode, and there's something in it, I better be ready." She assumed her battle stance as the orbs reached the floor. As soon as they hit the cloud floor, they exploded, flinging her backward to her bed. When Equestria's Fastest Flyer got back to where the orbs exploded, she noticed one thing when she turned to her bed.

"A griffin hatchling," she gasped. she turned to the impacted spot and noticed Sonic Boom and her other hatchlings. They, however, were not alone. Right beside Rainbow's Wonderbolt poster was Whirlwind. Rainbow was curious and went to investigate until the SkyWing princess woke up.

As Whirlwind woke up, Rainbow Dash was blasted back to her bed. "I was a rainbow," she said in shock. She noticed the hatchling on her bed go into egg form and hatch again. Whirlwind went to wake up Sonic Boom.

"I think we are in Equestria," she said. "Just like Master Eon told us about just a few weeks ago."

Sonic Boom woke up and checked her hatchlings and realized that one is missing. She asked, "Whirlwind, where's Peaky?" When Rainbow Dash realized what Sonic Boom was talking about, she noticed the hatchling that was on her bed. She picked it up and asked Sonic Boom if it was hers. "Yes, that's Peaky," Sonic Boom replied. "Thank You..."

"Rainbow Dash," Rainbow finished Sonic Boom's sentence, "my name is Rainbow Dash, the fastest flyer in Equestria."

"I am Sonic Boom," Sonic Boom introduced herself, "a griffin that now needs to watch my hatchlings every time they hatch."

"I just saw that one go into an egg and hatch again," Rainbow replied.

"That is a curse that an evil sorcerer put on me," she replied. "My hatchlings hatch for a few minutes and go back into their eggs." Then Rainbow turned to Whirlwind.

"So," she asked, "who and what are you?"

"I am Whirlwind," Whirlwind replied, "I'm a SkyWing with unicorn ancestry and the adoptive daughter of Queen Scarlet of the SkyWings. Most dragons envied me because of my beauty, unicorns shunned me for having the ability to fly. But, they didn't pick on my size because of who my mother was. I didn't mind that I was loved by only Queen Scarlet. I found sanctuary in the clouds where I learned to harness my abilities. But when trolls started to hunt both the dragons and the unicorns, the dragons because they were at war and the unicorns for sport; I couldn't stand around and watch it happen. So I delivered my wrath upon the trolls and protected my kind. They are now grateful to me, especially my mother."

"Well," Rainbow Dash said, "I'm the fastest flyer in Equestria and nopony has ever beaten me in a race. Plus, I can use a sonic rainboom and go super fast."

"So that's what it's called," Whirlwind giggled. "Through my training, I accidentally performed it once."

"So," Rainbow replied, "you are my dragon opposite."

"I guess they will get along fine," Sonic Boom said to her hatchlings.

That Morning at Golden Oaks Library...

Spike was trying to get used to his new form while Twilight was wondering when those dragons would wake up. She was surprised to see a pink blur, of whom she recognized as Pinkie Pie, but the other one was something she didn't recognize.

"Twilight," Pinkie Pie said, "this is my new friend, Wrecking Ball. He is so cute, and blue."

"Ha," Wrecking Ball replied, "new to Ponyville and making new friends already." He noticed the two dragons. "Cynder, Legendary Spyro, are you two okay?"

"As much as I like being in your mouth," a voice said from inside him, "we would like to get out."

"Oh," Wrecking Ball said. He then spat out a blue orb that had butterfly wings (a fairy) and Celebi, "Sorry, Navi."

"The next time we get banished from our homeworld," Navi replied angrily, "I'm going with Spyro or Legendary Spyro." The fairy then spotted the two dragons. "Legendary Spyro, Cynder, are you okay? Hey guys, wake up! Don't be dead." The dragons began to move.

Once the blue one got up he replied, "Navi, you made it."

"I never thought that we'll ever see you again," the dragoness added.

The fairy was happy to see the enchanted statue and dragoness again. Legendary Spyro and Cynder got up, looked at their surroundings, and noticed Twilight and Spike.

"Master Eon told us about you two," Cynder stated, "the pony and dragon that became Skylanders on the day the dragon was hatched."

"The day the dragon hatched," Twilight asked. "Wait, do you mean my entry exam into 'Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns'?"

"That's exactly what she meant," Legendary Spyro replied. "That symbol on your flank-"

"You mean my Cutie Mark," Twilight interrupted.

Legendary Spyro continued, "That symbol also represents the Magic Element in Skylands and Fairy-type Pokémon."

"So," Spike asked, "are you saying that Twilight and I became these Skylanders on the day I hatched and she got her Cutie Mark?"

"Precisely," Cynder answered. Their conversation was interrupted when the door opened and the figures of Hex and Chop Chop appeared. "Hex, Chop Chop, how did you find us?"

"Miss Rarity led us here," Chop Chop replied. "I see that you have already found our new recruits."

Rarity walked in and noticed Spike, obviously confused by Chop Chop's words. Twilight whispered in her ear and Rarity nodded in understanding. "What happened to you," she asked Spike.

"Short story," he replied. "The orbs that were holding Legendary Spyro and Cynder exploded, flinging me across the room and turned me into what I am now."

"Actually," Legendary Spyro cut in, "you are like the original Spyro, as I'm merely an enchanted statue. You are a purple dragon, a special and very powerful creature. As a purple dragon, you have the power to harness many abilities."

"So," Rarity asked Legendary Spyro, "you're saying that my Spikey-Wikey is an extremely special kind of dragon?"

"He has the color to prove it," he replied.

Suddenly, Rainbow Dash flew through a window and crashed. As she was trying to shake it off, a rainbow flew through that same window and struck the pegasus, ultimately healing her.

"Only one Skylander in the entire universe that has the ability to do that," Cynder stated. "And that Skylander is Whirlwind."

The SkyWing princess flew through the window alongside Sonic Boom. She landed beside the disgruntled Rainbow Dash. Soon after that, a message from Princess Celestia arrived via Spike burping (that's just gross) and Spike gave it to Twilight. Once she finished reading, she told everyone that she wanted to talk to them in person.

"I can't go without Spyro," Navi stated firmly. "If the Hero of Time was alive, he would search the entire universe to find his grandson. Not to mention that Princess Zelda would fall into depression if something horrific happened to him."

"Who is this 'Hero of Time'," Twilight asked.

"I'll explain later," Navi replied. "We are on a tight schedule. I need to know where he is now." Navi then explained Spyro's description Twilight told them that he was currently in a coma at Ponyville Hospital.

Back at Canterlot Castle (to be exact, the Starswirl the Bearded Section of its library)...

The princesses of Equestria were searching through the archives for everything about those symbols that they saw last night. Until they found a research book that was written by Starswirl himself.

"Should we read it," Luna asked.

"Do we have any other opinion," Celestia replied. That seemed to erase doubts from Luna's mind. They then started to read. After they finished, they seemed to be astounded.

"We have to tell Twilight and her friends," Luna stated.

"I quite agree," Celestia replied. "The also need to know about the Skylanders."