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Chapter 3: Meeting the Sisters

As the chariots, carrying the Mane Six and the Skylanders, touched down at Canterlot, Legendary Spyro was amazed and shocked to see a city on the side of a mountain. The Skylanders were dazzled at the sight of the city (except Whirlwind, of whom was raised in the SkyWing Palace), until a guard approached them.

"Welcome to Canterlot, Skylanders," the guard said. "The Royal Sisters are waiting for you at the castle, the Captain also told me that eight Fire Skylanders arrived and are taking refuge in the Canterlot Library, I advise that you pick them up before meeting the Princesses."

"We'll go to the Library to pick up the Fire Skylanders," Legendary Spyro responded. "Who's looking after them, hoping they won't burn the place?"

"Their hostess is an Alicorn named Cadance," the guard responded. "Ask for her and she will show you to you fellow Skylanders."

"Cadance," Twilight realised, "my old foal-sitter?"

"The very same, Ms Twilight Sparkle," the guard replied.

At the Canterlot Library...

Ignitor was keeping an eye on Eruptor, so he wouldn't burn the place. Eruptor was always burping fireballs, but Ignitor catches them and Cadance puts it out. Flameslinger was just sitting cross-legged and focusing on his precision. Sunburn, Fryno, Smolderdash, Torch, and Trail Blazer were helping Ignitor and Cadance on preventing Eruptor from burning down the Library.

"Are you doing this on purpose or on accident," Ignitor asked.

"Purpose," Eruptor replied, "it's always funny to see you scurry around."

"Ha ha," Sunburn laughed sarcastically, "real funny, Eruptor."

"Burping fireballs to make us run around isn't funny, Eruptor," Cadance criticized him. "The entire library could burn down."

"And we all would know whose head it's going to be on," Ignitor pointed out. The argument was interrupted by the sound of the door opening. When it opened, Cynder walked in.

"Excuse me," she asked Cadance, "are you Cadance?"

Cadance turned toward him and replied, "You must be here for the Fire Skylanders."

"Were they a problem," Cynder asked. Cadance then complimented on how well behaved most of the Fire Skylanders were. Ignitor turned toward Cynder.

"Guys," he called to the Fire Skylanders, "Cynder's here, we can go now. We'll discuss your pranks later, Eruptor." He turned to Cadance, "Thank you for your hospitality, Cadance."

When the Mane Six & the Skylanders reached the castle...

They were escorted to the Throne Room, where Princesses Celestia and Luna were waiting.

"Skylanders," Celestia spoke, "it is good to see that you have arrived." She turned to Twilight, "And I suppose that you had your first encounter with these creatures?"

"Two of them were discovered by Spike," Twilight replied. "The shockwave from the orbs that they arrived in caused him to change into the purple and green dragon that is to my left."

"Are you two," Legendary Spyro asked, "Princesses Celestia and Luna?"

"We are, young dragon," Luna replied. "And judging by the symbols I spotted last night, I had to tell my sister about them. We were curious about the orbs, we went to the Archives to find a Research log that was written by Starswirl the Bearded, the only Pony to set hoof in your world, 'Skylands'."

Whirlwind stepped towards Luna and asked, "Back up. How does one book tell you about Skylands? I mean, when the Demon King and his army were wreaking havoc three million years ago, the Goddess Hylia wanted to ensure the safety of the humans, unicorns, pegasi, and many other creatures from harm. So, she put them on plots of land and raised them into the sky."

"Sorry to interrupt you," Celestia replied; looking obviously disturbed, "but the name 'Hylia' sounds very similar to the word 'Hyrule'."

"I know," Whirlwind replied. "Her reincarnation, Queen Zelda the First, founded the kingdom of Hyrule after Demise's defeat at the hands of the Hero of the Sky five hundred thousand years later. You can now answer my question."

"What we read from Starswirl's notes about Skylands," Luna spoke, "he saw hundreds of unicorns working with dragons and met the Portal Master, Eon. They had a great friendship, Starswirl wrote about Master Eon's info involving the Skylanders' arrival in Equestria. There was a phrase that went with it, 'When the symbols appear, the Skylanders are here'."

Gill Grunt spoke, "You are saying that, your sister spotted our symbols and shown them to you. But when they shot their beams, you two had to find an explanation behind their appearance, including the Magic Element, which oddly resembles Twilight's Cutie Mark."

"Exactly," Luna answered.

Princess Celestia turned to Spike and asked, "Anything strange happened when you got your new form, Spike?"

"I suddenly didn't have the urge to eat gems anymore," Spike answered. "It was like my gem-eating self was expelled from my body after I changed."

"Did anything else occur in Ponyville," Celestia asked Twilight.

"There was an unscheduled thunderstorm last night," Twilight replied. "Soon after Spike turned into what he is now, lightning struck nearby. We went outside, hoping that it didn't strike anypony, and found a dragon that got struck by that lightning bolt. He had purple scales and golden spines, horns and tail tip. Spike ran to Dr Whitehoof to get him to the hospital." When she finished, Luna was astonished.

"By that description," Luna stated, "that dragon seems identical to one of the beings that helped Twilight and her friends free my body from Ganondorf's control, at least according to his memories." At the sound of the Gerudo King's name; Ignitor, Cynder, and Whirlwind were stunned (Ignitor less so than Cynder and Whirlwind).

"That's impossible," Ignitor replied. "The King of Evil was slain ten years ago at the hands of the Hero of Twilight in Hyrule."

"It's not as crazy as it seems," Whirlwind pointed out. "Ganondorf didn't die at the hands of the Hero of Time. That hero used the same blade as his great-grandson even."

"That's true," Cynder sighed. "But Zelda even checked his pulse to be sure that he was dead."

"But," Whirlwind replied, "Ganondorf survived his execution. He might have been playing dead."

"That still doesn't explain how he got to Equestria," Ignitor argued.

"Please stop arguing," Luna ordered. After the argument subsided, she continued. "I will explain. Sister, would you help?"

"I would," Celestia replied.


A thousand years ago, Luna was becoming jealous of her sister because Equestria's inhabitants slept during the night.

One day, she came across a dead body. She didn't know it was from either the future or another world. It had the symbol of the tribe of ponies that worshiped her on its armor. When Luna turned back toward Canterlot Castle, she heard movement behind her. Luna turned around and saw it get to its feet.

"It's alive," Luna said; terrified. The strange creature apparently heard her.

"I am Ganondorf," it proclaimed in a distinct masculine voice. "Who are you?"

"I'm Princess Luna of the land of Equestria," Luna replied; still scared.

"A princess," Ganondorf replied; amused, "amusing." He then turned into pallets of darkness that then charged toward her. They penetrated her flesh as if they were knives, but leaving no injury. Black tattoo-like patterns erupted on her skin (underneath the fur) and she felt an evil presence within her. She harnessed her alicorn magic to prevent it from taking control.

The next morning, Celestia went to ask Luna why she didn't lower the moon yet.

"Luna," she asked, "why isn't the moon lowered?"

"I am pretty much occupied at the moment," was Luna's reply. "I can't lower the moon while trying to prevent an evil being from taking hold of my body." Then her body began to shake uncontrollably. Her eyes changed from blue to yellow and back.

"Luna," Celestia cried, "what's happening to you?"

"He's trying to gain control again," Luna yelled. "If he does, he will harm the citizens of Equestria in searching for a way back to where he came from and enact his..."

Just then, her eyes turned yellow and her voice became masculine. Ganondorf had finally taken possession of Luna's body, turning her into Nightmare Moon.

"I refuse to lower the moon," Nightmare Moon replied. "This world shall know eternal darkness!" Celestia was frightened by the sudden change that occurred. Just as suddenly as it happened, Luna regained control to say one last thing to her sister.

"To protect everypony in Equestria, Tia," Luna stated, "you must banish me inside the moon."

"Luna," Celestia began, "I can't..."

"You must," Luna shouted, "Not as my sister, but as a ruler of Equestria, you have to do it." After she said those words, Ganondorf took control of her body once more.

"I shall claim dominion over this world," Nightmare Moon declared. "All shall know eternal darkness!"

And as so, Nightmare Moon gathered all the ponies that worshiped Luna as their deity and declared war on Celestia. After years of conflict, Celestia used the power of the Elements of Harmony to do what her sister asked of her years before, banish her to the moon.

End Flashback...

"That is the true tale of how Nightmare Moon came into existence," Luna finished. "However, my soul was banished from my body and exiled to a realm of shadows."

"That still doesn't explain how he got to Equestria," Ignitor pointed out.

"We might never know," Whirlwind replied. "Anyway, how did you find a way out of the Twilight Realm, Your Highness?" At the mention of the Twilight Realm, there came a giggle from Twilight's shadow. A giggle that Cynder obviously recognized.

"Midna," Cynder sighed, "come out and introduce yourself to everyone."

At that precise moment, Twilight's shadow shifted and none other than Midna, the Twilight Princess emerged.

"It's quite obvious how Luna got out of the Twilight Realm," the Twili explained; as if it was obvious. "She did the exact same thing that Ganon did: take sanctuary within the body of someone else." Luna nodded her head in agreement.

"When I thought that it was pointless to even attempt a return to Equestria," Luna continued, "I was found by a certain being clad in green." At the creature's description, the Skylanders gasped.

"When he found me," Luna continued, "he told me that not all hope was lost and allowed me to take refuge within him. While inside him, I saw through his eyes that he came face-to-face with the very being that stole my body from me and killed him. After saving Hyrule from that evil man and being rewarded the title of the Hero of Twilight by the princess of Hyrule herself, he went on many adventures to save the world from evil. He still has many adventures that he still hasn't gone through in this point in time. Ones that all of you and many others shall accompany him through."

Soon afterward, the meeting ended. As he was boarding one of the chariots that were taking the Mane Six and the Skylanders back to Ponyville, Legendary Spyro saw the silhouette of a Unicorn stallion wearing purple armor instead of the golden armor the others use. That seemed suspicious.

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