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"Adjust heading point-two-five-degrees aaand...we're good, well we won't burn up in atmosphere at least, I can't say what will happen once we reach the surface." Nelson leaned back in the chair and stared at the ceiling looking very much like he had given up.

'Why can't we just turn around and go back?'

"Well that's where you fucked us Caleb", Nelson sighed, "the gravity at this point is too strong to simply 'turn around'. Also even if it wasn't impossible to do that we don't have the fuel to go anywhere, not even back to the station. Everyone in this pod is effectively fucked once we touch down, good job Caleb."

That one hit Caleb hard, he had never meant for this to happen. 'Well...that can't be it, there's gotta be something else. Tell me everything you know about the planet, there has to be something we can do.' The pod shuddered slightly and Caleb looked to see that they where still above the cloud level.

"Well I don't know everything but here's what I got", Nelson said as he fiddled with the control interface, "Planet F50-117 used to be a mining colony called Silver Blood, almost two million people live there when the infestation began. From the Intel we gathered the miners broke into a long dormant xenomorph hive, they reawakened the hive and well...you can imagine what happened from there. The colony fell within months and when news reached them The Weyland Company stepped in and covered it all up. It was as if the colony had never existed."

'Enough history, what about the planet in general?'

"Well the planet is earthlike generally, the gravity is only slightly greater and the atmosphere is breathable. A wide variety of flora and fauna unlike earth also inhabit the planet. As for the Xeno's...all we know is that they have massive underground system of tunnels built both by the colonists and the xeno's themselves and while that is all well and good we will be touching down soon, so if you haven't yet kiss your ass goodbye."

Hades was getting really tired of Nelson's shit, 'Ok that's quite enough, Nelson your being irrational. Did you forget who we are? Or more importantly what we are? These are my people you are talking about and I'm sure that we can talk to them. There's no need to worry.' Hades felt a question from Caleb and momentarily let go of Nelson, 'No, unfortunately that's not all true Caleb. We can talk to them, whether or not they listen is another thing.'


"Well, looks like this is our stop", The craft touched down and Nelson unbuckled himself, "Oh and Hades, I really hope that your right."

(Minutes pass)

Nelson had landed the craft in a small clearing surrounded by thick foliage. They where in what looked to be some kind of jungle. With no other shelter in sight Nelson opted to stay on the pod and look after Sarah and Joseph while Hades and Caleb look for any sign of the Hive or a building of some sort. Now that he thought about it Caleb realised that there was another reason that Nelson wanted to stay behind. It was raining. In fact it was raining so hard that Caleb couldn't believe that there wasn't a river forming at his feet.

It was a definite mood dampener, not really because the rain was hitting him but because it made everything look so depressing.

'Wow, I've never seen so much blech in my life.'

'Ah pardon me but I have no idea what this blech is, I haven't seen it in any of the memories I looked over.'

'Well you see Hades', Caleb made a wide gesture to the jungle around them, 'all of this...is blech.'

'...I'm not following.'

'This rain...is blech, the wet ground, also blech. That soggy rotten stump we stepped on earlier is definatly blech. Hell the entire situation is blech!'

'Ok, I think I'm beginning to understand.' They continued moving silently through the undergrowth for a few minutes and, depending on the terrain, alternating between walking on two legs and crawling. Sometimes they had to take to the trees to continue on.

Even at midday the jungle floor was very dark, huge swaths of shadow appeared from time to time as the trees above shifted, in some places the darkness could probably conceal predators...possibly even a full grown xenomorph. 'Ah, Hades? How are we going to find the hive? Or any xeno for that matter, they could be hiding all around us for all we know.'

'Well for one I doubt any member of the hive would hide from us, we are one of them. And we would be able to sence any xeno in the general area.' They crawled across a branch in one of the tallest trees and looked out over the landscape. The sun was setting in the distance making a beautiful sunset, reds, oranges, and even some purplish colors shimmered as the sun dipped low over the horizon. 'Swaths of vibrant light dance as the gold orb falls, the colors so unique that no painter could ever be able to capture their ethereal beauty. Yet the alluring view heralds something even more breathtaking. For after a sunset comes the stars. They look keep watch over our world as the sun is away and shine with a celestial light. They are the sentinals of the night sky.'

'...quite profound Caleb, You really have an affinity for poetry.'

By then the stars where fully shining and they made their way back to the others. 'I'm not that good at poetry, it's just that I spend too much time thinking about that stuff. Back on the station I worked in one of the least used blocks, D-Block. Because of that stuff rarely broke and I had lots of time because of it, even with Sarah I still had several hours a day where I just sat in my room or walked through the station...wow, that all feels like it happened a lifetime ago.' They approached the small clearing and noted no change in the area. 'Oh crap, how are we gonna explain all of this to Joseph?'

'Well as long as he doesn't try to kill us I think we'll be fine, he's still your friend you know.' Caleb mentally aknowlaged him as they approached the pod. He moved around to the entrance, he had givin Nelson specific instructions not to open the pod until either he got back or they where starving. No ifs, ands, or buts. And it seemed that he had done just that, Caleb knocked on the door and he spotted movement inside. 'What are they do-' the hatch opened quickly and Sarah stepped out looking Caleb dead in the eyes. 'Umm, Sarah, what's going-' SMACK!

Caleb's words where cut short by Sarah as she slapped him soundly across the face.


'Hey! What the crap Sarah!'

Caleb took a quick step back as Sarah cradled her hand. "Aaah, note to self, no more slapping Caleb."

Caleb felt a brief flash of anger from Hades but it faded quickly. 'Ok...I probebly deserved that.'

"Of course you did, when I said get off the station I didn't mean take us to the most inhospitable planet in the known Galaxy!" Nelson peeked his head out before quickly ducking back in, clearly wanting none of that.

Caleb was more than a bit irritated. 'Well how was I supposed to know, you just said to get off the station. You can't pin this on me!'

They soon began arguing, in complete detail, about the various levels of fault should be laid on Caleb. Nelson desired to just sit in the doorway of the pod and wait for their yelling to subside. He was acually glad that he could only hear one side of the argument so long as he didn't touch Caleb. Nelson felt something grab his shoulder and jumped, expecting to be attacked. He turned to see a very groggy Joseph behind him. "What's going on?" He asked.

Nelson was a bit shocked that the guy was alive, he haven't moved at all the entire time, "Well, Caleb and Sarah are fighting about Caleb making a dumb mistake."

Joseph squinted at the two of them, "but that's a xenomorph..."

"Oh, you don't know? Caleb turned into a Xenomorph and landed us on a xeno infested planet. Now we're waiting for our food to run out or something to kill us."

Joseph spun on a heel and walked back to his seat. "Uh, security-dude-guy, you okay?"

He sat down and mumbled something about laying off the alcohol.