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"But Belle-"





"I don't do pink."

North pouted and shook the pink blouse from where she held it by its hanger for emphasis. Belle stood in front of her near the entrance to the clothing store they were currently exploring in the mall, her arms crossed and a firm, monotone resolve in her blue eyes and pursed lips.

Seeing that this was an argument she had no way of winning fairly, the meister let out a defeated sigh and hung the article of clothing in question back up on the metal bar with the other five hundred or so copies. They had gone for the cheapest looking place to try and save what little budget they had from North's low teaching salary, but North had to admit that now that she took a second look at the blouse she had previously fell in love with...

"Now that I look at it again, it is pretty ugly."

Belle's expression turned thoughtful for a moment. "How poetic," she whispered, then proceeded to walk out of the store back into the main trafficway of the mall.

"Jeez, don't go all deep on... me... Belle..." North trailed off. She had scrambled to catch up to her younger weapon, but as she left the store her grey eyes subconsciously surveyed the store across the way. Inside the store, at 2:30 in the morning, was a certain samurai and another certain kiddy witch, who was bouncing around with a basket of merchandise.

"Hey Belle, do you mind checking out the food court real quick? I want to check out more of these stores, and it'd save time..." she trailed off, her grey eyes watering and forming a deadly comparison to the begging expression of a puppy. She didn't have to put so much effort, really. Belle had already started walking.

As soon as her weapon turned the corner, North jogged toward the other store, waving wildly. "Mifune!"

Mifune's head snapped up, as if searching for danger, but he immediately recognized the navy-haired meister currently running toward them and simply rolled his eyes. That is, until she tripped and almost fell on their shopping cart.

The samurai immediately grabbed her wrist and pulled her against his chest to allow her to regain her balance. North was a blushing mess at that and began to stutter. Realizing that he had yet to let go of her wrist, he did so and turned away. North smiled- was that a itty bitty bit of color on his cheeks?

She quickly snapped out of her sly stupor, however, when she saw the offending items in their cart. She held up one of the shirts, nose wrinkled in disgust. "Please, please, please tell me that you aren't actually going to buy these abominations!"

The look on Mifune's face was an answer of its own.

NorthStar groaned and heaved the pile out of the cart, tossing it onto a display table (Which earned her a glare from the employees). She effortlessly hoisted Angela onto her shoulder as she had seen Mifune do, enjoying her adorable squeal of delight, and guided the cart around the store.

"Now, Angela, remember: Black and white can go with any color," she instructed while searching a display.

"Sooo, black and red?" Angela asked while holding up two items of those colors.

"Yes," North replied, and threw them into the cart.

"Black and yellow?" More items.

"Yes." Into the cart.

"White and red?" More items.

"Yep." Into the cart.

"White and blue?" More items.

"Especially with panties."

That snapped Mifune out of his daze. "Why on earth does underwear color matter?!" he shouted uncharacteristically. The two girls froze and slowly turned to look at him with deadpan expressions, and the samurai decided that for once, he didn't want to know.

Exactly one dozen articles of clothing stuffed into the cart later, and the group was waiting in line for checkout. Suddenly, something sparked in North's mind.

"Why exactly are you in a mall?! What if a different meister-weapon team had found you! You could have both been attacked!" she exclaimed. Mifune just stared at her blankly and pointed to the cloak around Angela's shoulders.

"Someone owed me a favor and got that cloak to perform a subconscious Soul-Protect."

North was silent for a moment before replying. "Oh," she stated simply, turning in time for the last person in front of them to retreat from the store. As she began transferring items from the cart to the counter with the help of Angela, Mifune's entire body went rigid with realization.

Why had he told her that? The meister was obviously dedicated to her duty- it would not be at all difficult for her to simply run out of the store and give that information to Lord Death personally. Mifune beat himself mentally, scolding himself for being so stupid... Why was he trusting someone this easily?

"-ifune? Earth to Mifune!"

He snapped out of his thoughts and swatted away North's hand, irked by how she was waving it in front of his face like a small child. He already had one of those in his live, and he did not need another, despite loving children so much. "What?"

North let out a sigh, her fist resting on her hip. "I was asking if you had a new place to stay. We found your old place really easily- please tell me you were trying to make it visible, because if you weren't, you're really, really ba-"

"No, we don't have another base," the samurai cut her off, irritated again. Angela giggled.

North's grey eyes widened, then she blinked. "Oh," she repeated, then smirked. "Well, good thing we're on good terms, huh? I've got just the place for you. Meet me outside Death City at 10 tomorrow night, and cover up your hair, face, and the entirety of Angela-" Mifune let out a snort. "- and I'll guide you to a... secret place."

"Why should I trust you?" Mifune answered, a single eyebrow raised.

"Because you just told me the secret of how Angela's soul is concealed and I didn't run away to tell Lord Death."

"...Fair enough."

Suddenly North stiffened and shoved at Mifune's chest. He barely shifted, but eyed her in confusion. "Hide, hide, hide! GO! Quick!" she was rambling quietly. He got the hint- many meisters had soul perception. Mifune even had a minor ability, but he saw it as instinct. The samurai grabbed Angela and crouched behind a display.


Mifune went rigid and covered Angela's mouth as a somewhat familiar voice called NorthStar's name. It was a quiet, somewhat monotone voice, yet had the traces of femininity and youth to it. North's weapon.

"Yay, you're back! I was just finishing up- this store is a big let-down. So what's in the food court?" North exclaimed, steering her indifferent weapon out of the store. She continued to interrogate the girl, but paused during her reply and gave Mifune a point look.

He sighed- he and Angela didn't have that much to lose, right?


"I'm back~!" North exclaimed as she walked into the Death Room. "Have Maka and my wittle baby brudder finished getting trolled by my favorite zombie parent and mad scientist yettt?"

A flash of light blue lunged at her and tackled North to the ground. As he landed, the blur was identified as BlackStar. "YOU FUCKING KNEW!" he roared.

They began to wrestle. He grabbed her arm and pulled it back, only for her to flip him around and get him into a choke hold. He kicked her backwards in the shin, causing her to collapse, but she instantly flayed out her legs and tripped him, sending the boy to the ground as well. They continued like this for quite a while.

Neither were putting much actual effort into it. Both siblings and all watching them knew that BlackStar wasn't fighting for real- he wouldn't do that to his sister- only trying to defuse his anger and frustration regarding their mission and the fact that he lost to Stein.

"Tooootally! I felt like I shouldn't hurt your pride much more, so I skipped out halfway through your graveyard adventure~! Oooooh, did you use your soul wavelength and give him a grand old surprise?"

"North," Belle stated quietly.

NorthStar paused in her wrestling, easily getting her brother into a lock and glanced at her weapon, who was standing nearby, closer to the guillotines. Belle was not looking at her meister, but straight forward. She was pointing at Lord Death, Spirit, and the man beside him.

The undead man beside him.

Instantly her brother was tossed away, providing a small grunt which she promptly ignored, and the blue-haired meister stood. She walked calmly toward the three men, staring at them with shadowed grey eyes. To them, it looked more like she was stalking her prey than walking over to make nice conversation, but she wasn't going over for all three. No, she walked directly toward her undead, adoptive father and raised her hand.


"You fucking DIED! How could you leave me like that?! Both of us?! You promised that you would always be there! When Lord Death told me, I felt like I was going to die, too! You promised!" she shouted, shaking with sheer rage.

Sid was silent, though his head was slightly turned from the impact of North's slap. Her bangs covered her eyes as she spoke, but after a moment she looked up and sniffled shakily. In the next moment, she was hugging her father, face buried in his shirt, which was quickly turning damp from her sobbing.

"I'm so sorry," he said, wrapping his arms around his daughter. They slowly sunk to the ground. "I'm so, so sorry..."

The room was silent except for his apologies and her tears.


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