"My lord," Nico bowed "I must leave." He vanished into the shadows surrounding Hades' throne room.

On the throne, Hades sighed. He wished Nico would warm up to him a little. Sure, it was nice to have an errand runner, but Nico was so much more than that! When he had spoken against Hades to convince him to join the demigods, Hades had acted angry, but secretly he was proud. Now, though, Nico was right back to the subservient tone.

Hades needed some advice. Persephone, the only goddess he was comfortable with, was with Demeter again, but this was an emergency. He put on the helm of darkness and went to the mortal world to find her.

Once he found Persephone, he started to think. This had to be handled delicately- Persephone hated Maria di Angelo, and by extension, Nico. He couldn't mention names…

"Hello, Persephone," Hades said "I know that its summer, but I need some advice." Persephone turned around

"What is it? I'm all ears." She seemed to be in a good mood today.

"I know a boy who doesn't know his father well. His father wants to spend more time with him, but he isn't allowed to. What should he do?" Hades asked. "Also, the boy needs to get out more- he's really antisocial."

Persephone's eyes sparkled, and he got the feeling she knew exactly who the father and son were. "Well, start off by telling the truth. Say that you wish- I mean, HE wishes he could spend more time with his son. Then give him a gift to encourage him to interact with other people like him"

Hades smiled "I know just the thing… Thank you Persephone!"

From a distance, he heard Demeter calling for Persephone, his cue to go back to the underworld. "Bye Seph, see you in a couple months!"

Nico stared at the ghost, dumbfounded. He regained control of his expression after a moment, but Hades must have picked up on his confusion.

"His name is Jules-Albert. He's your new chauffer, because I can't drive you places and things." Hades babbled.

Nico fought back the urge to ask Where would I go that I can't travel to? He may not be an Aphrodite kid, but he recognized an olive branch when one was being offered.

"Um, thanks… Dad. I'm going to go show camp my new ride!" he tried to sound enthusiastic. Jules-Albert motioned for him to hop in. "I better go," Nico said.

Hades watched him almost smile as Jules-Albert pulled away from the throne room. It was a start.

Hope you enjoyed reading it! I read about this, and I was like" Must. Write. Fanfiction. Plus, I love father/son bonding.