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God, how does her skin still smell like cherries even covered in rain? He thought fleetingly as his mouth descended across her collar bone, and down to the center of her chest, … his mind swirling in a tornado of disbelief. He actually had his hands on Kate Beckett. He was actually kissing Kate Beckett. He was breathing her in, tasting her delectable flesh… He was actually pressing his lips to her creamy, wet skin. His tongue tasted a hint of salt, plus vanilla, plus something uniquely… Kate. He felt lightheaded… His breathing was harsh and jagged; he couldn't get enough air… His senses were overloaded by her taste, by her smell, by her… She was all-consuming.

As his mouth marked her skin with his hot lips, descending lower and lower towards her breasts, it suddenly hit him with immense force how he never expected this moment to ever happen… His greatest fear was that he would never be enough for her, … that he would never mean more to her than her mother's case.

And now, his heart was soaring beyond belief that Kate was allowing him to touch her, allowing him to show her how much he loves her, worships her… He would finally be able to gaze upon her lovely body and touch what he had only ever dreamed about… He was astounded at the overwhelming feelings rushing through his body, … how quickly his smoldering anger over their earlier argument had turned to boiling desire.

His lips hesitated briefly, pulling back away from her tempting chest, his eyes never wavering from her glowing skin. He had to see more of her…

His hands had a mind of their own as they reached for her top button. He pulled aside the damp fabric of her blouse and stared hungrily at her lace, black bra… He almost lost it right then and there.

His eyes were magnetically drawn to her scar, like a moth to the flame. He gazed upon the bullet scar that haunted his dreams.

It looked delicately small, slightly puckered, but didn't mar her ethereal skin in any way. It only added to her immense beauty as it was proof of Kate's determination for life, her determination to survive against all odds. His fingers tingled as her hand slid over his and guided him to the scar. When his fingers found the puckered shape and lingered there, feeling the pulse of her frantically beating heart, he finally felt like all her walls had crumbled and come crashing down.

His mouth lunged back in to capture hers… pressing, sucking, teasing. He was never going to get enough of her soft, sultry lips. She tasted like sweet nectar, the forbidden fruit and Heaven all rolled into one.

God, he loved this woman with a ferocity that he didn't think was possible.


Kate felt like she was dreaming. Castle had just shoved her back against the open door and was mauling her with his lips.

Christ, she had waited so long to feel his firm, satin lips pressed against hers again… She had desired this moment since they had rescued Esposito and Ryan from Lockwood over a year ago. She had envisioned this happening many times in the past year, longed for his lips to devour every inch of her body, but the reality far surpassed any of her fantasies.

Castle's lips were far more intense, far more sensual than she remembered from last time… He seemed to be everywhere all at once. His lips skidded across her jaw line, making her shiver in anticipation, and then he dove to her pulse point and suckled with such tenderness that Kate had to fight back a moan. His large, writer hands kneaded her skin at the base of her skull and then roamed to her shoulders, around her back, and then up to her neck again, pulling her closer as he drug them through the wet strands of her hair, all the while his luscious lips continued their attack on her over-sensitive skin.

He was forceful and gentle all at the same time. . . His hands forever moving, touching as much of her clothed body as he could reach… His lips staking claim over her… She greedily accepted all that he gave, and willingly tipped her head to the side to allow him better access to her collarbone and then, … then he descended right where she wanted him... His hot breath fanning over her chilled skin, lower and lower, causing goose bumps to erupt on the cool flesh.

It was all happening so fast,… too many emotions being thrown at her all at once… His overwhelming love and devotion for her coming through with each and every touch of his lips, every ragged exhale of his breath… The Want and Need for him escalated to an unbearable level as his mouth evoked a long dead spark inside her that yearned to burst into flame.

Kate suddenly realized his mouth had paused in its ministrations, and felt his right hand briefly skim over her breast, causing her lower abdomen to clench instinctively in desire.

Oh dear God, she thought breathlessly, his fingers are at the top of my blouse, and then her hand was guiding his to the bullet scar, giving him permission to touch where he had never touched her before. Her knees suddenly felt weak as the heat from his long, strong fingers seeped into the marked spot.

She couldn't think as her mouth was assaulted again by sweet, tender, lingering kisses; … kisses that promised forever love, … always.

She thrilled at being able to sense his mood changes… first, full of anger that she was on his doorstep. Second, disbelief that she only wanted him. Third, shock at realizing that she was finally in his arms, and fourth, passion and assurance settled into Rick's soul while tracing his lips across her skin.

The fingers of her left hand gently trailed down his cheek and jaw as his manly scent of soap and leather books invaded her nostrils.

They were so in tune with one another, so in-sync, that they both pulled away from the delicate kiss and opened their eyes at the same time.

Kate's lips spontaneously lifted at the corners of her mouth, ... emitting a joyful, hopeful smile as she had never felt more sure of anything in her life... Butterflies battled in her stomach as her hand slowly inched down towards Castle's and entwined with his… She bit her lower lip nervously knowing that this was going to change their partnership, their relationship, permanently. There was no going back, and she certainly didn't want to... Love, anticipation, desire consumed her entire body as she lead him towards his bedroom.

Today, now, right now, she thought, I'm going to show him how much he means to me, how much I need him in my life, how sorry I am for all the hurt and pain I've caused him.

She raised their joined hands to her lips and pressed an open-mouthed kiss to the back of his hand, reassuring him that she was truly there… She wasn't going anywhere. She was finally on the same page as her famous, amazing, incredible partner and she couldn't wait to prove it to him.

Upon entering Rick's bedroom, he quickly shut and locked the door, never releasing her hand. Kate couldn't help the gasp that flew out of the back of her throat as he turned to her with such a fierce, predatory gaze, that it stole her breath away.

Fuck, maybe he's the one who's going to be proving it to me, was her last thought before his mouth greedily slammed into hers.


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