Survive the Nightosphere 13

Chapter 1: Arrows Down

Both Hawkeye and Oliver Quinn found themselves in cages right next to each other.

"Uh, what hit me" said Hawkeye as he was looking around.

"Don't tell me we're in that warm place" said Oliver.

"Whaaaa!" cried an unfamilir voice, "I've been bad and now I'm in hell!"

As the two gazed they noticed an odd shaped cat with no tail and a big blue nose.

"What's your name kid?" asked Oliver.

"Stimpy" sobbed Stimpy, "I lost my friend Ren!"

"If we could only get ourselves free" said Hawkeye.

"Hey, just what we were going to do" laughed Jake as he came over with the keys.

"Joy!" laughed Stimpy.

Jake ended up freeing the trio.

"Finn is releasing more prisoners, come along with us" laughed Jake.

"Say you're a dog right?" asked Stimpy to Jake, "You won't chase me or anything?"

"No, not really, I hate running" continued Jake.

Finn began releasing Ursela, Two-Face, Starkiller, Mileena and Kingpin.

"About time" said Kingpin, "does this mean I get to see my lawyer?"

"Not exactly" continued Finn.

"It's a reality show, I've been here before" laughed Ursela, "you'll like it big boy."

Poor Kingpin felt disgusted that Ursela took a liking to him, Jake began to free other prisoners such as Viper, Alejandro, Duncan, Two-Face, Mileena and Courtney. As for Ren, he was held up in a cage being next to a very pricey lawyer known as Max McMann Jr.

"So you were a criminal defense attorney?" asked Ren.

"Heck yea, at least there are no Canadians down here" laughed Max.

"I wouldn't count on that" continued Ren.

"Ren!" laughed Stimpy as he ran toward the cage, "Oh Ren, I've missed you so much!"

"Aw, isn't that sweat" laughed Max as he was freed by Jake and Ren freed by Finn.

"Hey you're that pricey criminal defense attorney" said Courtney.

"And you're the annoying Canadian reality television stars, how the heck did you get down here?" asked Max.

"For your information, I know quite a lot about the law" continued Courtney.

"Oh, could any of you two defend us?" laughed Lady Deadpool as she was in her cage.

"How about my friend Freddy over here?" asked Deadpool pointing to Freddy in his cage.

"Don't put me anywhere near him" said Freddy, "he's been driving me mad!"

"Hey, how about a little hand here?" asked Chucky as he was in his cage.

"Oh, free me, free me!" laughed Pennywise.

"You kind of remind me of a client I once had" laughed Max to Pennywise.

"Yea, I have that look" laughed Pennywise.

"There's a creepy guy in green not far beyond here" said Chucky as he was released, "with some other crazy folks."

Shao Khan hated being in a cage again, along with Jason Voorhees, Quan Chi, Sinestro, Lex Luthor and Leatherface, they couldn't stand the Leprechaun.

"Did I ever tell you how many times those pesky teenagers foiled my schemes?" asked the Leprechaun.

"About only a thousand times" sighed Lex.

"Well I am going to tell you a thousand and one times!" laughed the Leprechaun.

"If we get on the same team this season can we try to vote him off first?" asked Shao Khan to the others whom nodded.

"Well about time" laughed Quan Chi as he and the others were freed.

"Come on, Hunson is going to divide you up into two teams" laughed Finn.

As the two led them to where Hunson Abadeer was located, Hunson noticed a few new faces.

"Ah yes, now for the teams, first team will be comprised up of Hawkeye, Oliver, Max, Duncan, Alejandro, Courtney, Viper, Kingpin, Mileena, Ursela, Starkiller, Two-Face and Stimpy you'll be known as the Sleak Sharks; second team will be comprised up of Jason, Freddy, Deadpool, Lady Deadpool, Chucky, Pennywise, Sinestro, Lex, Quan Chi, Shao Khan, Leprechaun, Leatherface and Ren you'll be known as the Lucky 13" laughed Hunson.

"You mean Ren's not going to be on the same team?!" cried Stimpy as he began to sob uncontrollably

"Oh boy, here we go, not only I am on a team filled with Canadian reality stars, but also a cry baby" continued Max.

"I want Ren, at least Ren's a kind skinny jerk!" cried Stimpy as he began to sob.

"Oh, I got an idea, why not we trade can trade the Leprechaun for Stimpy!" continued Deadpool.

"Hey I am beginning to like Deadpool already, we may not have to vote off someone on our team" laughed Quan Chi, "good thinking Wade, uh I mean Deadpool."

"That's okay" laughed Deadpool.

"Joy, I can be with Ren!" laughed Stimpy as he ran off to hug Ren as he gave him a big bear hug.

"Aw, I was hoping to have some fun with the big blue nosed cat" sighed Oliver, "oh well, got to go with a crazy Leprechaun."

"Fine" sighed Hunson, "you two can switch teams just this once, everyone follow me!"