Chapter 23: Piggy Back Ride Race

It was once again time for Hunson Abadeer to give a recap for the last time for the season.

Hunson Abadeer's commentary:

Well it's been quite a season but now it just comes down to narrowing it between Deadpool and Oliver! Yep that's right, Deadpool for some reason wants to win even though he's still alive and Oliver is the one who really needs to win! Will he? Find out here on Survive the Nightosphere 13!

End of commentary.

Deadpool wasn't pleased with Hunson and his commentary.


"Bah, what a cheap entry, hey I am just doing this so I won't actually go when it's my time officially!" laughed Deadpool.

"I wonder what'd happen to Goro and Kitaro" said Oliver.

End of confessions.

As the two contestants slept out in the open, Hunson came by riding on a horse as he used a horn to get the two contestants up.

"Yea, a racing challenge, I love it when I win!" laughed Deadpool.

"Actually you won't be riding horses" continued Hunson, "please follow me to see who'll give you a ride."

As the two contestants headed out for the racing course it was poor Goro and Kitaro dressed up like horses using their four arms and their two legs.

"This is humiliating!" cried Goro.

"Oh, I pick Kitaro, since I beat him!" laughed Deadpool.

"Fine, I'll go with Goro" continued Oliver.

Now you two may command them to go up on their two legs if you want during the race.

"Oh boy, a piggy back style challenge!" laughed Deadpool.

Deadpool leaped on poor Kitaro.

"Getty up!" commanded Deadpool.

"If he says that again I'll throw him off my back" said Kitaro to Goro.

As for the audience the rest of the former contestants showed up, even Hawkeye showed up in the audience.

"Hey, win this one" said Hawkeye.

As Hunson gave the signal to start the race, Oliver was ahead with Goro, poor Goro was doing his best to lift Oliver on his back as he was gallaping like a horse.

"Easy there" said Oliver.

"How embarrassing!" cried Goro.

"Look at him!" laughed Noob Sabiot as he was in the audience pointing at Goro.

"What a loser!" laughed Mindy.

Goro was indeed getting quite angry with the comments by the audience, Kitaro too was being taunted in a similar manner and Deadpool treating him like a horse wasn't helping with his situation.

"Come on horsy!" laughed Deadpool.

"Uh, I swear I'll force you off my back!" roared Kitaro.

"Why don't you try it then?" laughed Deadpool.

But as Kitaro continued to gallap through the course following Goro closely behind, the taunting from the audience increased ten fold as they were all laughing at the two former great warriors now reduced to this thanks to Hunson as punishment for trying to takeover the Nightosphere.

"Loser!" roared Mindy as she was in the audience, "Losers!"

"That's it!" roared Goro as he got up.

Poor Oliver tried to maintain balance as he got ontop of Goro's back.

"Uh oh, going off course!" cried Oliver.

"Same here!" added Deadpool as Kitaro was doing the same thing.

"Hey you two, you're supposed to behaving like horses!" roared Hunson.

"Bah, we prefer our own style of a challenge beating up the audience for mocking us!" roared Kitaro.

"You're forgetting one thing" said Deadpool as he held a bat in his hand.

"Where did you get that?" asked Kitaro.

"Found it" continued Deadpool.

Deadpool smacked poor Kitaro down with his bat.

"Down boy!" roared Deadpool.

Oliver was doing his best to control Goro as he was firing his arrows at his face.

"Get off of me!" roared Goro.

Goro tossed Oliver right toward Deadpool, he then delivered a loud roar to the two. But before Goro could charge an energy beam out of nowhere knocked him out cold as it belonged to Nick Fury of SHIELD who wasn't pleased Deadpool had stolen the Statue of Liberty from the last challenge.

"Wade you're coming with us, we need to talk to you about your little theft of the Statue of Liberty" continued Nick.

"Got to catch me first!" laughed Deadpool as he then headed for the Catapult of Shame.

Deadpool leaped right on the Catapult of Shame and pulled the lever.

"So long suckers!" laughed Deadpool as he took off after pulling the lever.

"How did you guys get down here?" asked Hawkeye.

"Mephisto was kind enough to let us in as he hates seeing someone living like Deadpool taking the win" continued Nick.

"I see" continued Hawkeye, "well good luck finding him."

"I'll be seeing you back on the surface soon" added Nick.

"Well, since Deadpool bailed out, it looks like Oliver is the winner for this season and he can pick someone to have a second chance with" continued Hunson.

"I think I'll choose Hawkeye" continued Oliver.

"Hawkeye it is" continued Hunson.

Soon a light shined on the two and both were teleported back up to the surface.

"Ha, tune in next season for another Survive the Nightosphere!" laughed Hunson.