Saving Christmas

Chapter 1: Brainwashing Santa Claus

Santa Claus woke up to find himself in a pickle as he found himself strapped to some sort of a chair in a dark room.

"W-W-Where am I? What is this place?" asked Santa to himself hoping someone would hear him.

"Santa, Santa, Santa, Santa" laughed Jack Frost as he soon appeared, "I am going to ruin Christmas this year, and all I had was some outside help, more like I was literally clowning around!"

"Oh enough with the puns!" cried Pennywise as the lights appeared.

"Who are you, what do you want with me?" asked Santa.

"Santa, I got to say you bring in the kids to your side and believe me, I am kind of like you" said Pennywise.

"You bring joy to children?" asked Santa.

"No, I need kids to fuel me and also people to fuel my spaceship which needs some more extra miles on it" laughed Pennywise, "and you're going to do the job to hand deliver us billions upon billions of people!"

"Gingerdead Man turn on the machine!" ordered Jack.

The Gingerdead Man indeed pulled the switch which a large helmet ended up placing on Santa himself, he was being fueled with a special mind control sugar which can only be controlled by Pennywise and Jack Frost. Santa felt overwelmed and soon his eyes turned to pure red.

"I obey you my master" said Santa in a zombie-like state.

"Master he says" laughed Pennywise as he and Jack Frost both laughed together.

For Deadpool, he was stil busy bothering Freddy Krueger still locked away in his cell.

"Chear up Freddy, I am here, we are going to some reinactments of your deeds" said Deadpool as he brought over shock puppets that looked like Freddy and his victims.

"Uh, this is torture!" cried Freddy.

"Oh, it's such a lovely dream, we're dreaming of a happy dream, oh wait what's this" said Deadpool as he was using the puppet of the victim where he soon displayed the puppet that looked like Freddy, "hey I'm Freddy Krueger you have ever heard of me kid?"

"No, no I haven't" said Deadpool as he continued to play with the victim puppet.

"I am going to end your life today!" laughed Deadpool while using the Freddy puppet.

"No, argghhhh!" cried Deadpool using the victim puppet as he was having the Freddy puppet choke it.

"You idiot that's not how it goes!" cried Freddy.

"Hey you two morons, stop using dolls like that" said another voice.

"Hey who said that?" asked Deadpool as he headed off.

Soon Deadpool came across the cell of Chucky.

"Hey you're a doll!" laughed Deadpool.

"Stop it!" roared Chucky, "I can easily destroy you."

"Oh wait, even if you were out you couldn't because I got a healing factor, yea, who's got the healing factor, me, that's right, Deadpool!" laughed Deadpool as he taunted Chucky.

"Uh, I can see why Freddy is annoyed with you, you've been bothering him too much" said Chucky.

"So how did you get here?" asked Deadpool.

"Tried to waste an old foe of mine, he turned out to sadly be an agent for SHIELD" sighed Chucky, "well that's life."

"All Freddy did was disrupt Nick Fury's dream!" laughed Deadpool.

Suddenly there was some rattling in another cage.

"That's hockey mask boy over there" continued Chucky, "SHIELD captured him awhile ago on some camp ground they were turning into another base."

"Hey he has a hockey mask that must mean he likes hockey!" laughed Deadpool which Jason Voorhees places his hand on his face shaking his head.

"Hey about time someone as nutty as me came to this side" said Bettlejuice who was in his cell.

"I can relate" said Deadpool, "how did you get here?"

"Let's just say I kind of shouldn't mess with SHIELD" laughed Bettlejuice.

Meanwhile, Santa wasn't his typical normal self as he had his workshop filled with elves also brainwashed by Jack Frost and Pennywise. They were making some interesting toys, being just typical straightjackets.

"Remote control straightjackets, I love the idea!" laughed Pennywise to Jack.

"Yes" laughed Jack, "it'd take many people to you and also children too, I've even instructed the elves to build extra straightjackets for their parents" laughed Jack.

"What a brillaintly evil scheme!" laughed Pennywise.

However, a certain Nick Fury was wondering what was going on, up on the north pole.

"Something's not right" said Nick as he gathered with Maria Hil and a few SHIELD agents, "Santa's Village isn't responding to our calls like usual."

"Wait, Santa Claus exists all this time, why have I been so unaware of this?" asked Bill.

"Hey, there are lots of things SHIELD defends that people think are not real" continued Nick.

"Yea, lighten up" added Ellis.

"We are sending you down to the north pole to check things out" said Nick, "Flash Thompson, Spiderman, Spider Woman and Blade will go with you."

"Wait, north pole, Santa Claus!" cried Deadpool as he just came right out of the prison section, "I want to go, I want to go, I want to see Santa!"

"Oh no, Wade!" cried Rochelle.

"Come on, I have always wanted to see Santa Claus" continued Deadpool.

"No, you are NOT going Wade" said Nick.

"Aw, but I met a few new prisoners to bother aside from Freddy!" laughed Deadpool.

"We got reports from Hank Pym that you shouldn't go to the prisoners sectoin anymore in that area" continued Nick, "Freddy needs his rest from you."

"Aw!" moaned Deadpool.

"I guess we could use him on our trip for some laughes" said Bill.

"Yea, I'm useful!" laughed Deadpool.

But what Nick Fury didn't realize was that Pennywise already knew SHIELD was going to get word of his scheme, so he was sending his arch henchman Gingerdead Man, and a few ballon animals as early "presents" to SHIELD. While Deadpool and the others were gearing up, a few packages had arrived in the mail which was express mail, as one of the SHIELD agents opened a present, it was a balloon animal of some sort.

"What the heck is this?" asked the SHIELD agent.

Suddenly the balloon animal attacked the SHIELD agent, and soon other SHIELD agents were attacked by balloon animals.

"Sir, you're not going to believe this, but our agents are being attacked by balloon animals!" cried Maria.

"You're joking right?" asked Nick as he then entered the room he noticed the other SHIELD agents were fighting off the balloon animals.

"Ah, Nick Fury, glad I could meet you in person" laughed the Ginderdead Man.