Chapter 8: Not Too Late for Christmas

Pennywise was in his true horrible form, a giant space spider, Pennywise used his large legs to try to crush Deadpool and the others on the ground, yet they were able to move quickly. It then spat out web eventually catching poor Chucky.

"Yuck, it has me!" cried Chucky.

Jason ended up going up to Chucky with his machete trying to free him from the web, meanwhile, Beetlejuice ended up grabbing Deadpool and gliding right up above.

"Ha, time to do my ultimate move!" laughed Deadpool.

"Toss you like a missile?" asked Beetlejuice.

"You got it!" laughed Deadpool.

Beetlejuice charged up and swung Deadpool around which he was getting sick by doing it, eventually Beetlejuice ends up letting go of Deadpool with his swords pointing at Pennywise. Deadpool goes right through Pennywise and landing on the ground.

"Ta da!" laughed Deadpool as gross juice spilled right onto him.

"Time for my children to go after you!" roared Pennywise as he was fainting.

Soon eggs began to pour on out.

"Ew again" said Zoey as she noticed it.

"Wait, if he's a he, doesn't that mean certain space spiders behave like sea horses?" asked Deadpool.

"No time for trivia!" cried Louis as he noticed the eggs were hatching.

The eggs soon spawned baby space spiders and charged at Deadpool whom was able to slice a few of them at first, Freddy joined in trying to stop the baby space spiders, as for Blade he was helped out by Jason whom had freed Chucky. Jason used his machete to free the others.

"Let's give them a taste of their own medicine" laughed Spiderman.

Spiderman along with Spider-Woman joined in with Flash Thompson and started to subdue the baby spiders. Blade along with the others ended up rounding up the rest of the Killer Klowns and soon arrested Jack Frost and Gingerdead Man.

"Jack Frost has been apprehended" said Blade.

"Just crushing the rest of the baby spiders!" laughed Deadpool.

"Hey this is fun!" laughed Freddy as he sliced through a baby spider.

"I told you'd like teaming up with me" said Deadpool.

"Well don't expect me to do this often" continued Freddy.

"Fair enough" said Deadpool.

As for Santa, he was found in a trance with the elves, Ms. Claus and the reindeer, as they were snapped right back out, agents of SHIELD had arrived in droves to help repair the damages left by Jack Frost and take him along with Gingerdead Man and the Killer Klowns in for questioning.

"Rudolph, you lost your antlers!" cried Santa as he noticed poor Rudolph.

"Oh, that, these are his antlers" laughed Deadpool.

"Don't worry" said the SHIELD agent as he and the others were cleaning up the mess, "Hank Pym will clone you new antlers."

"Now that's what I'd like to see, but in the mean time who's going to take Rudolph's place?" asked Santa.

"Oh, pick me, pick me, I've always wanted to be a reindeer and I can be one again!" laughed Deadpool.

"Well, I don't see why not, Deadpool with your suit so bright red, you'll lead the pack tonight filled with the right toys which my elves will get to work pronto" laughed Santa.

As everything was cleared up, Santa and the reindeer along with Deadpool headed off on the sleigh delivering toys to all the good boys and girls while giving coal to the bad ones. For a certain Jack Frost sitting in his cell on the Helicarrier he got a huge lump of coal along with the Gingerdead Man.

"Merry Christmas, and have a Happy New Year!" laughed Deadpool as he was flying with the reindeer leading the pack.

Beetlejuice along with Freddy, Jason, Blade, Flash Thompson and the others were in the sleigh as well with Santa.

"Happy Holidays and see you all next year!" laughed Santa in his jolly old manner, "Ho, ho, ho!"

The scene ends with Jack Frost trying to make plans for next year's plans in trying to stop Santa Claus, however for the time being he is stuck in his cell on the Helicarrier. Gingerdead Man too is also stuck in his cell but feels he cannot participate this time.

"So, Santa you were able to stop me this year thanks to the help of SHIELD, however next year Santa, next year will be my year to make it my holiday and soon you won't have a holiday no more" laughed Jack Frost.

The other villains in their cells glared at Jack Frost and just shook their heads, where the scene fades from there.