"That's it I'm done. I have officially given up the battle. I have been whipped, and put through agonizing pain every damn day since coming to this orphanage... I'm just done. It was my fault that the young girl was killed. I offer no excuses. You can have my life. You. Can. Have. It. I'm just done." I take the gun in my hand and walk through the forest.

That's when I hear it. The groaning the rancid smell of rotting flesh I turn. I see a walking corpse approaching me and I scream terrified. I raise the gun that I brought to end my own life, and use it to defend it. I shoot the rotting figure. But I just keeps coming, unaffected by my bullets. I panic and run. 'Is this how I'm going to die?! Eaten alive?!' I feel some one grab me. A deep male voice chuckles. "Hello my dear. My, my what a pretty virgin you are I will enjoy. Defiling you and making you one of my servants."

I start to panic. "What the fuck!? Leave me be you *basterai! You will unhand me at once!" My body is now glowing with an unnatural white light.

The man growls. "An Archangel?! Your kind is supposed to be extinct! No matter. You will die-" An echoing gun shot rings out. "What!?" I realize that there is a huge hole in my chest after hearing the shot. The man releases me and I fall to the ground. Bleeding out and struggling to breathe. The next thing I know there are a man and woman both clad in crimson. They tare out the mans heart in a spray of warm, thick blood. The man burns to a fine ash. Blowing away in the wind.

The man and the woman kneel at my side. The mysterious woman speaks. "I'm sorry child but you're dying. If your wish to live we can help you. But you have to decide. The choice is your own. Do you want to become the princess of the night? Or do you wish to die, swimming in self hatred, and sadness..." I start to reach toward the moon. I'm trying desperately to keep my eyes open. My hand falls, I'm starting to fade into the black.

The man catches my hand and smiles at the woman. They say in unison. "Tonight is a truly a beautiful night." The both lower their mouths to my neck. The last thing I feel is excruciating pain, and my strangled, blood curdling scream. Then every thing goes dark. I am unable to feel, hear, see, or move I am virtually dead.

(*Transation: Bastard)

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