Johnny Law

Chapter 1: Bumper's Way of Getting Help

It was a typical day for Johnny Test as he was heading home when suddenly Bumper whom knew Test had super genius sisters needed help. As Johnny innocently walked trying to get home, Bumper leaped right out.

"Test!" roared Bumper.

"Oh great it's Bumper again" sighed Johnny, "oh well, I better run for it."

Suddenly Bumper leaped right in front of Test.

"No, I am not going to beat you up this time Test" continued Bumper.

"Say what?" asked Johnny.

"I got caught by the police for doing Halloween pranks and they're going to force me to" said Bumper.

"Yea, yea, go to the slamer, if you don't want to do the time, don't do the crime" said Johnny.

"Community service!" cried Bumper.

"Say what? You're upset about doing community service?" asked Johnny.

"Yea, the thing is that I have to go to court if I find a lawyer who can get me off" continued Bumper.

"Yea, that's what's parents are for" laughed Johnny.

"I didn't come to you for no reason Test, you got genius sisters, they can make you into the greatest defense lawyer of all time" continued Bumper.

"Oh, so you are kind of smarter than you look" continued Johnny.

"You got that right Test, I'll make you a deal, you get me off from community service and I'll not beat you up for one entire year, maybe two" continued Bumper.

"Hmm, let me think about this, I'll meet you back at school tomorrow" said Johnny.

"Thanks Test!" said Bumper, "Wow, never thought I'd say those words together."

Johnny immediately bursts into the lab as Susan and Mary Test end up doing their typical calculations.

"What's up?" asked Susan.

"I need you to make me into the best defense attorney" said Johnny.

"And why should we?" asked Mary.

"Yea, what's the entire reason, you're a kid only adults can become lawyers" continued Susan.

"What's this I hear about you wanting to become a lawyer, you know that's a tough duty, you have to pass the bar" continued Dukey.

"Hey, I don't need some stinking bar, I got two genius sisters who'd turn me into a brilliant defense attorney overnight, literally" said Johnny.

"Still waiting for the reason" said Dukey.

"Bumper says he'll get off community service if I defend him in front of a judge" continued Johnny, "and he promises he won't beat me up for an entire year, maybe two if I am successful."

"Oh, I am not liking where this is going" said Dukey.

"Hmm, now that you mention it, we'd like for you to try out our latest experiment, it's kind of like cramming for an exam that's scheduled for the next day, we'll gear you to absorb all the smartest ways that a defense attorney can handle when it comes to a criminal case" continued Susan.

"So, who's the best defense attorney there is out there?" asked Johnny.

"Max McMann Jr." continued Mary.

"This will be easy since he has a long record of defending some of the most notorious crooks and fraudsters out there" continued Susan.

Suddenly a helmet landed on Johnny's head which was connected with tubs.

"Time to test this out" laughed Susan as she pulled the switch.

Soon droves of information came through the tubs heading deep within Johnny's brain where it soon became wired and hooked. After a few minutes, it was over and Johnny felt a little dizzy.

"Uh, all those long words, very painful" said Johnny.

"You two better not have done anything to change Johnny" said Dukey.

"Relax dog" said Susan, "Johnny will operate normally, except when let's say he's accused of wrongdoing or if someone else he knows is in trouble he'd defend him."

Johnny soon went to bed after having dinner, hoping the experiment would work with Bumper whom was well prepared to go to court.