Chapter 6: Crazy Whacko Trial

Johnny was reluctant to help out his arch nemesis though his father had insisted he'd drive him to court this time just to prove to Whacko out of attorney-client confidentiality that he'd do so.

"Johnny, I am doing this for your own good and for my own good, you defend that crazy Whacko in court today and prove his innocence, he promises to bring in the money for the rest of your college funds" said Hugh, "don't worry, I'll pick you up after the trial is over."

Dukey ended up following Johnny and his father on a scooter trying to sneak and follow them.

"About time you showed up" said Johnny.

"There's Johnny" said Mister Mittens as he and Howard appeared, "Whacko is waiting for you inside the courthouse."

"Fine, let's just get this over with" sighed Johnny as he headed on inside through security.

But as Mister Mittens and Howard were guarding the outside, a limo popped up with a certain Max McMann showing as the window was lowered.

"Say, you two, you're friends of this crazy Whacko guy, I want to go out and help out someone indeed of some help" said Max as he gave a smile to the two.

"Uh, go right ahead sir" said Mister Mittens.

"Thanks crazy talking cat" said Max, "oh limo driver, you can go off and get some coffee for yourself, I have someone to help out."

The limo driver sped off while Mister Mittens and Howard were frozen in place as Max just walked right by.

"Sir, I believe this wasn't part of Whacko's plan he's going to be so disappointed" said Howard.

"Bah, I couldn't get out a hi-tech weapon and make him stop!" cried Mister Mittens.

"I know sir, I know" sighed Howard, "which means we have to stop him in the middle of the trial ourselves."

As Johnny sat on the bench outside the judge's chambers, he was rather disappointed with his career that he was going to ruin the favorite pizza restaurant that he and Speed McCool had some fun in.

"I can't believe I am going to ruin my favorite pizza place's reputation!" cried Johnny.

"I can't believe my most famous customer is going to ruin me" sighed the pizza restaurant owner whom was sitting on the other bench.

"What else are we going to do!" cried both Johnny and the pizza restaurant owner.

"So, I guess you two are in quite a pickle all over that crazy Whacko" said Max McMann Jr. as he showed up.

"Oh my goodness it's him!" cried the pizza restaurant owner.

"I know!" said Johnny.

"So you must be that rising star, crazy genius sisters admiring my shots" laughed Max.

"You bet, but Whacko is threatening my dad that he won't give me the money for my college fund" said Johnny.

"I'll write him a check" laughed Max, "now let me help you with Whacko on this one."

"You bet you can" said Johnny.

As the trial began, Whacko sat on the defendants seat all suit and tie while the pizza restaurant owner sat on the plaintiff side with his attorney whom wasn't a good one.

"That's Max McMann" whispered the attorney to the pizza restaurant owner, "we can't beat this case, we have to give Whacko whatever he wants."

"Max McMann" said the prosecutor, "I didn't expect you to be in this trial, this gentleman has refused to pay his services to the pizza restaurant, originally your little fanboy was going to defend him."

"I can win this case without having his nefarious plan take hold over my little friend" said Max, "hey that's why I am here for, now let's just have this trial go forward."

The first piece of evidence that appeared was camera recording Whacko's entrance into the restaurant.

"So the guy entered the restaurant" said Max.

"Wait until the entire footage is shown" said the prosecutor.

The footage ends up showing Whacko sitting down.

"Wait, I didn't know there was a camera" said Whacko, "Johnny, you have to do something."

"Hey, it's Max McMann's case now" laughed Johnny.

The sound was then displayed on the footage of the camera of Whacko noticing Johnny and Speed McCool were having a fun time in the other room with him coming up with the plan to get even with Johnny.

"Your honor, I will go no further on this one" said Max.

"What, you're going to let me go to jail!" cried Whacko to Max, "But this is out of character of you!"

"Actually the only punishment we have in store for Whacko would force Whacko to do all the dishes at the restaurant, no jail" said the prosecutor.

"No!" cried Whacko, "I'm ruined, I'm ruined!"

"Wow, he defeated himself without any of us helping" laughed Max, "your honor, I no longer wish to represent my client due to personal issues."

"Granted" said the judge, "I find it in favor of the plaintiff the pizza retaurant orwner, case dismissed."

The scene ends up changing to where Johnny was at the very pizza restaurant again with his father and mother along with Dukey and his sisters along with Max McMann himself.

"I am so glad you came to my son's rescue" said Lila.

"The pleasure was all mine, when I saw that article about Whacko prepared to make it a tough one for him, I decided to step on in, and why not treat you all to pizza along with providing you with the rest of your boy's college education."

"Oh thank you, thank you!" cried Hugh as he gave Max a hug whom backed off the hug, "Sorry."

"No problems" said Max.

"I also gave Bumper a job by making sure Whacko does his job" said Johnny.

The scene switches to the kitchen where poor Whacko is washing the dishes while Bumper oversees him.

"That's right keep washing those dishes it's my job to make sure you do it" said Bumper, "maybe you'll find out why I enjoy bullying those smaller than me."

"Oh, just only a ton of more dishes to go!" cried Whacko.

As the villain cries, the scene ends from there.